Loyalty doesn't pay (Into the Badlands based RP. Looking for Sunny!)

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  1. Yes, yes, I know the show is relatively new and there's not a whole lot of backstory known about the characters. However, I am absolutely obsessed with the idea of Sunny and The Widow! So, I am looking for someone, who would like to take the two characters to create an rp based solely on the two without their history.

    I have an idea of a plot if anyone is willing to take a risk and run with it. :)

    This will be an extremely violent RP! Lots and lots, and lots of fighting. (God I need some damn fighting! I'm getting tired of freaking lovey dovey shit. X_X)

    Romance is optional. I would certainly like there to be some romance, but it's kind of hit or miss. (Although I think it would be an extremely volatile romance given the two characters in question, but it could be fun! I really am starting to hate love that's smooth sailing.)

    I'm looking for someone who can post at least once a week. More is certainly welcome, but once a week is all I really need.

    I'd like someone who can write at least a few paragraphs. My minimum is four, but I tend to write a great deal when I'm inspired. (And believe me, I'm inspired for this!)

    If you're interested, drop me a line on here, or send me a PM. :)

    I really, really, really want to play The Widow! So if you're willing to give it a shot, you might just become my new best friend. :)
  2. @Chrysalism
    Ugh! I've only seen the commercials for this and not seen the show yet! :( Must be worth something for you to already be really inspired to do something based off of it. ^^

    I know it's pointless for me to post this but just thinking out loud. Haha.
  3. It is! I'm absolutely hooked on it. :( Damn me and my damn obsessions. Once they get stuck in my head I can't shake them.
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  4. @_@_@_@_@ i so wanna do this. I'm nervous i might not get his character right ;A;
  5. If you want to give it a shot, let me know. :)
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