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  1. OK, so I work around alot of stuff like this. Like today there was this boy whom had his Lexus less then an inch off the ground at the frame rails. Thus, when it was time to work on it the car was unable to make it onto the lift. The boy then proceeded to get mad when we told him to raise his car back up to be worked on. Now I understand the idea of wanting to be different, however this fad of lowering one's car has left me shaking my head at any given time.

    1. You cause nothing but damage to your vehicle. Being done to the body of the car, axles, rear ends, motor mounts, transmissions, and oil pans.

    2. You have made your car unable to move over simple objects, and have become a burden to anyone behind you in parking lots.

    3. If one was to hit a pot hole you would suddenly stop, or get snagged enough to endanger those behind you.

    4. It ruins the vehicle as most people with these cars run the metaphorical dog piss out of them.

    5. It makes working on the vehicle that much harder. Forcing more work on yourself simply to change the oil.

    Now with lifted vehicles I again am left shaking my head as to spend that much money on something simply to take it off road, and ruin it as well. The large amount of money( anywhere from 2k-10k dollars) one spends on lift kits, and the likes could have been put to much better use. I do not see the reason for such things.

    1. The added height of the vehicle makes it much harder to control. With the added need those see to drive at excessive speeds only makes the danger higher.

    2. The fact some do this to off the lot trucks, and then drive them off road only to beat the body to bits. There are more cost effective ways to have fun.

    3. It is a safety hazard at all speeds, as it allows roll overs to become more common.

    4. It shortens the life of parts on the vehicle as a whole. Making cost of keeping it soar.

    5. You truly gained nothing in lifting said vehicle.

    Now I want to know what the point of any modifications such as these is. Fun is not a valid answer as the fact you endanger others is remarkably selfish in my honest opinion.
  2. There is actually some benefit to be gained from marginally lowering a vehicle. Of course one would still need suspension damping and probably increased downforce from a wing and body kit. This done right can get you increased handling and still fit in with street conditions. Basically you can have you cake and eat it to. Just don't take it to far is all.

    Because honestly who in their right minds keeps that crap factory stock parts. I have yet to see a car design that couldn't be improved in such basics ways it boggles the mind the car companies don't do it themselves. And don't get me started on the recalls. Honestly anyone with a bit of cash should customize their car, if only with better quality parts.
  3. Now see that makes sense enough to understand a few inches. I guess my real problem is the "Kids" where I live, whom take it to the point where you would have trouble getting two fingers between the car, and the ground. The factory uses parts for reliability, however after market parts. The right ones. Are of much better quality. I understand all that. Like I said it's this slam my car to the ground I have been unable to wrap my head around.
  4. Lowering the car in drift tournaments has been well known for many years. It decreases the air flow going under the car and it increases downforce so the car sticks to the road much, much better... also I second what @Hisoka said he/she hit it pretty much dead on... not only do you get increased handling responsiveness you get downforce as I mentioned. Mad Mike a well known and famous drifter has his car laying 5 inches from the ground. Also Hisoka to car companies try to roll out as much cars as possible so that's why they often overlook expensive parts, also I kinda like it that way. Why not spend a afternoon you, a six pack, pair of tools and your car and kit it out yourself? :-)

    On the other note lift kits are certainly terrible, but I guess it's the "rep" you get with your friends more important than anything else.
  5. Doing your own work is always the best when you've got the tools and equipment I agree Nova.

    As for the lift kits I blame country music and too many successive generations of inbreeding.
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