Low-Stress Kinda Silly Fantasy RP?

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  1. Hey errybody! I haven't been able to RP much just because I get sidetracked doing other stuff and I get kinda stressed out with longer posts and such, so I was wondering if anybody was up for a kinda "make the world as you go along" fantasy RP where we work together to build the world as we go. I wanted to keep posts at like, a paragraph maximum. I was thinking we'd play as some group of freelance adventurers/mercenaries or such from different backgrounds, usual D&D-esque fare, but suggestions for something else are cool too.

    I was hoping for a not entirely serious deal, though not like a laugh a minute pure comedy RP.
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  2. Sounds like a great idea to me~ I'm in ^^ (Question though! Does this mean we can go crazy with our characters? Not saying that we can make them OP or anything but just a whole bunch of weird attributes here and there?)
  3. Guess it kinda depends by what you mean by "crazy". What'd you have in mind? =o
  4. I'd be interested in this. Also I like your idea about mercenaries.
  5. Mixing diff. races, unique combined powers, different physical forms (kind of like a shape shifter). Something along these lines ^^
  6. That kinda stuff sounds fine. I mean, like, nothing too crazy like part-elf, part-demon, part-angel dragon-shifter warrior-mage or something.
  7. I'm interested :bsmile:
  8. My interest is piqued.
  9. Okay! I'm gonna change the tag here to Group RP Planning.

    So first of all, just checking if everybody is cool with the Mercenaries idea. Penguin is cool with it, how about the rest of you?

    As for the setting, I was thinking specifically a kinda over-the-top high fantasy setting. Warriors jumping around with big weapons, wizards in flowing robes conjuring fireballs and thunderstorms, gods directly influencing events (well, at least not as a super rare thing).

    Did anybody have ideas for what sort of character they'd be playing?
  10. I wanna go out of my comfort zone and be a mage. Maybe one who is either extremely overpowered or extremely underpowered, whatever one you guys think would be better.
  11. Ooh, I'm interested ;w;~
  12. I think this would be really nice for a change~

    I think it would be fun to play a bad ass looking shape shifter that can only shift into overly adorable things. Like small dogs or a panda. Then proceeds to maul opponents as said adorable animal.
  13. I'm ok with Mercenaries.

    And my character... I haven't even thought about it too much. I like seeing what everyone else is doing to see what I can add to the mix.
  14. Hey I'd be interested in this!
    I'm a new member here, so maybe something simple and easy-going like this will help me warm up my RP skills. :)
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  15. Awesome :D

    So I could make an OOC and we can start discussing our characters and our starting situation. Unfortunately, OOC will have to wait a day because thanksgiving stuff.

    Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. :D
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  16. Hello, another new person here. New to the site at least, as I've been roleplaying for at least 2-3 years by now.

    I figured I would keep an eye on this and join in when it gets going.
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  17. This sounds good. I'd like to join, and make my own weird character to fit in :D
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  18. You have my interest. My guy is going to be rather stereotypical; an orc with a big axe and a dry wit. Also a professional chef. TASTE MY POWER!
  19. This sounds fascinating, and right up the alley of what I joined to look for so far! Mercenaries is cool with me, dunno what, in detail, I would make character wise, but I'm figuring probably a warrior of some sort, either sword and board or some other kind of style. Personality, well, we'll see how everyone else is first!
  20. Sorry everybody, post-Thankgiving stuff has been pretty hectic, I might have to wait until tomorrow to post the thread.
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