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    LOIC: The Unity Solution is a continuation of a multi-series RP originally started on Gaia in 2011, however the passage of time both in the storyline and OOC from parts 1 (and) 2 to 3 now allows new members to join in as they see fit, while encouraging original cast authors to return as well. The RP has been moved onto Iwaku in response to unsatisfactory environment on it's original forum.


    Originally the gears that moved the war machines of the world's superpowers through the constant turmoil of war and conflict, the orbital weapons platforms that once dominated the outer atmospheres and rained devastation down upon the surface have become nothing more than derelict ruins. Decommissioned shortly after the second great war, the resources required to retain the behemoth structures combined with the destruction they let loose upon the world was enough damage to make a majority of it barren and uninhabitable to all but those creatures which thrived in the ionizing radiation that was left in the wake of the nation's warfare. Now, the ion cannons and their supporting stations glide silently on their circular paths in orbit of earth, blotting out the stars with their imposing silhouettes even after their deaths.

    The unity project, enacted Circa 2075, created 'havens' high above the surface, arks where the rich and influential were able to escape the troubles and threats that lurked in the scarce 'green zones' of the surface world. Colonies remained rebelliously on the brink of life and death, scavengers and militia left after the larger superpowers retreated into the skies running about like ants, constantly fighting for survival against bandits, warlords and the all-too common beasts that wandered out of the red zones in search of food supplies. Deeper into the green zones, capital cities still organized by the nations above turned into little more than militarized fortresses; where those who could afford the outrageous taxes found mass labour in factories and sweat shops and soldiers oppressed those who rebelled against the rich 'ambassadors'.

    LAPs, Light Armament Platforms, the giant mechs that won the first great war and acted as elite forces in the second, have now became legends of the past, the stories of the pilots alike those of knights in shining armour. A few working models still exist scattered throughout the surface world, mostly in museums or bunkers deep beneath the red zones, though those who can interface with them are even rarer. Most military forces that exist on the surface now employ a combination of slower, cheaper walkers and armoured infantry, yet strong air-forces remain the elite of the elite. Smaller, less complex versions of the last-age's LAP's have become more and more common among the arks and capitals, although are still considered prototypes, their operators chosen from among the descendants of the great war's pilots, as well as top-ranking airforce captains. Called 'Angels', these machines are used to crush rebellion and enact the will of the ruling corporations above.

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    For the last fifteen years, the subjugation of the colonies and cities on the surface by those on high has continued, the balance of power effective in retaining the illusion of 'peace' within the walls of the capitals. Pockets of mercenary and rebel groups are slowly rooted out and killed by the enforcers of the havens' corporations, remnants of the former governments. Shards of peace and independence remain on the borders of the green zones, out of the reach of the capitals, though the lives of these poor colonies are constantly threatened by stray monsters that emerge from the radioactive wastes of the red zones. Bandits and warlords prowl the plains and deserts farther away from the forces of the capitals, screening the front-lines of the formal military, while harassing those colonists that don't have ample protection against the walkers that are used to ensure their protection money is paid.

    Whispers of the prototyped 'angels' becoming more and more common farther outside of the corporations' sphere of influence has formerly powerful foes pledging their allegiances to the conglomerate. Outdated and weakening military strength of city-states are becoming less and less capable of holding off the modern forces of the haven's puppets. Rebels, while ranking in the tens of thousands, lack the funds and materials required to raise much more than vocal attacks against those who sit high above the clouds. The unified forces of the previous governments have turned from a sword to protect into a sword to control, used to ensure compliance under a tyrannical leadership.

    However, the wheels of fate have been turning, the one thing that the corporations cannot put down. The titans which orbited alongside their 'havens' inconspicuously becoming the brewing pot of what the corporations feared most. Splinter groups that remained from the previous great war harboured and made home in the humongous weapons platforms that caused the world's scarring, basing resistance in the place the corporations least expected it. Utilizing the stockpiles of functioning equipment left behind on the stations, the former soldiers of the URN, Mesa Sovereign and Armen Empire now came together as a truly unified force, rallying the rebels of the surface behind them and providing the weapons necessary to fight. Cruisers and destroyers that dominated the skies above the planet in the previous wars now turned their mass-drivers together against the haven's air-force.

    In the immediate attacks that followed their rallying calls, two of the six havens were lost to the masses, as well as one of the capitals on the ground. Although heavy casualties were taken in their push, the victories were enough to bring hope to the public, and it was this hope that would allow them to endure. The response of the corporations was on a scale unforeseen by the newly re-enforced rebellion and their walkers proved no match for the more mobile and modern 'angels' that descended from the skies. It was only after they had lost one of the two havens they captured beforehand to the retaliation that the discovery of a single angel was found locked away in the depths of the first. It was with this discovery that weaker and cheaper reformatted versions of these mechs, called 'fallen angels' ironically by the corporations, became a prominent elite force behind the rebels. Although made of scraps of broken down LAP's, they proved to be a competent threat when wielded by the proud and determined pilots picked from the rebels.

    Even with this new and revolutionary weapon, the rebels still faced overwhelming odds and a more modern enemy, their only advantage the vigour and endurance of a people who demanded freedom. It is with this that our story begins, and the question is asked; for which will you fight? Glory and power under the command of the Union Of Corporations, or freedom and independence alongside The Resistance?

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    Posts and Grammar
    I expect great things out of great authors, grammar and punctuation is a must. Typically, the average I hold up to those who join this RP will range from 2 to 4 paragraphs; this can and will change under circumstances such as during times when there simply isn't enough to write about, or when there are issues such as requiring to use an I-pad or the like to compose your replies. At the least, I ask that all the authors that join this RP be considerate in your responses and make sure that you are able and willing to give your collaborators something that you, and they, can be proud of. Grammatically, punctuation and proper use of voice (syntax, detail, imagery) is a must; while I understand that at times this can be challenging, I am not asking for every post to be wrought with poetry or symbolism, no-one should expect their RP to dominate the lives of it's members.

    It is understandable that people have lives other than the internet, even if I don't; it is for this reason that I am more lax with my expectations as far as posts go. While enrolled in the RP, I give every member two days to compose each post, anything more than that is grand. In the case that an author does not post at-least once a week, those who are interacting with their character will be notified directly and the author will be given a warning. If they do not respond to that warning within another week, their slot in the RP will be opened up. In the case that an emergency arose or that the author was unable to contact myself or another member to request grace from the one-week restriction, their position will be renewed once they return. It is of-course, preferable that I am contacted before any short-term disappearances.

    Slots & Characters
    Slots are reserved before a profile is submitted, this is to avoid cases where an author submits a complete profile only minutes after someone else submits a profile for the same slot. After your reserve is put up on the main page, code for the profile will be sent to you in PM. Once the profile is done, a PM containing your profile should be sent directly to me, and will be linked to your reserve image. Reserves will be used to assure your position in the RP, as well as short-listing, should it be required. Characters are to be reasonable and power-play is forbidden; that is, controlling anyone else's character without their express permission, or generally godmodding the environment. Any and all 'unmentionable' activities are to be blacked-out or timeskipped for the sake of the innocence of any authors not yet desensitized to such things. Also, I would request that all images used be of anime/manga style characters.

    Anthros, Androids and Unleashed AI's ARE ALLOWED. For more information about these character races, please contact me.

    Respect & Fair Play
    My rules are the same as most any other GM's as far as respect goes, even if you don't like someone, you need to respect them. Issues should be brought directly to me or solved in a calm and civilized manner; this excludes hosting a duel at ten paces. Plotting is encouraged, however, please remember that your choices, and those of your character, may affect the development of another's. I like my post layouts FANCY~ That is to say, I LIKE them fancy, but you shall not be judged upon your GFX abilities. Post layouts must contain certain things however, in particular: a character image, state (who, what, where, why?), and something to contrast the image and state to the text.

    Conformity to the rules is expected and enforced; there is no secret 'code' to toss into your profiles or reserves, because if you didn't read the rules, it's your loss.

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    ███ ▌2/10 slots filled ▌███
    1/5 Resistance ||| 1/5 Corporations


    xxxxxx ▲┈ ȾђєҸ шɨʟʟ Ȼɑʟʟ ϻє ┈▲
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Nickname)

    xxxxxx I шɨʟʟ bring victory toxxx (Faction)

    xxxxxx Age: (here)
    xxxxxx User: (here)
    xxxxxx Gender: (here)

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    [imga=left]http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd228/killa7177/Gaia Online Pictures/LOIC - The Unity Solution/150x150placeholder_zps7d217e5b.png[/imga] [color=black]xxxxxx [/color][size=3][size=16]▲┈[/size] [color=color1][i]ȾђєҸ шɨʟʟ Ȼɑʟʟ ϻє[/i][/color] [size=16]┈▲[/size][/size]
    [color=black]xxxxxxxxxxxxxx [/color] [size=1][i][color=color2](Nickname)[/color][/i][/size]
    [color=black]xxxxxx [/color] [size=1]I [b][color=color1]шɨʟʟ[/color][/b] bring victory to[/size][color=black]xxx [/color][size=1][i][color=color2](Faction)[/color][/i][/size]
    [color=black]xxxxxx [/color][size=1][b][color=color3]Age:[/color][/b] (here)
    [size=2][color=black]xxxxxx [/color][/size][b][color=color3]User:[/color][/b] (here)
    [size=2][color=black]xxxxxx [/color][/size][b][color=color3]Gender:[/color][/b] (here)[/size]


    xxxxxx ▲┈ ȾђєҸ шɨʟʟ Ȼɑʟʟ ϻє ┈▲
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx The Menace

    xxxxxx I шɨʟʟ bring victory toxxx The Union Of Corporations

    xxxxxx Age: 25
    xxxxxx User: Edge100x
    xxxxxx Gender: Male


    xxxxxx ▲┈ ȾђєҸ шɨʟʟ Ȼɑʟʟ ϻє ┈▲
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx The Blade

    xxxxxx I шɨʟʟ bring victory toxxx The Resistance

    xxxxxx Age: 25
    xxxxxx User: Nino Notachat
    xxxxxx Gender: Female

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  5. Wow you've put quite the amount of work into this, kudos to you friend~

    I myself am quite interested, and might just drop off a C.Sheet soon or later. Haha. :3
  6. Pleasure to hear that it appeals to someone, I am glad to see that someone takes an interest in it enough to apply.

    Thank you for your input and kind words. ^^
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  7. xxxxx████████████████████████ ████████████ █ █████ ██
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThey all call me Leo '[The Menace]' Ambridge
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThey all call meMale 25 The Union Of Corporations - Flt Lt.

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxYou will want to know...

            • Biography: Leo grew up the heir to the extensive fortune owned by his father, Hardy Ambridge, the fourth owner of APEX warfare, the most successful weapons developer in the URN. Typically, this meant he lived a relatively luxurious life, attending private schools and spending his father's money left and right. Being the leading contractor for not only the URN, but even a scattered group of smaller nations meant that the money kept flowing so long as there was a need for guns and ammo. Every war, feud or skirmish meant another stack of hundred dollar bills into Leo's allowance. The second great war ended when the young heir was only five, so he missed out on the most prestigious time of his family's company, however it by no stretch meant that war was done for.

              Until he was ten, Leo's father continued to run APEX as the largest private military and weapon dev. group the world over. Selling walkers to the colonies and cities coupled with security fees kept their family in with the richest people in the havens. However, the unity project's completion brought about radical change, and when the union finally seized the company's assets and brought them into the fold, it meant that they now needed to adapt. Sales turned into conscription and contracts into requisitions, every walker, gun and bullet made or soldier hired was immediately turned over as union property. Of course, all the costs of manufacturing were handled by the council, of which they were part, but it meant that they now lived off of the money they were allotted by the organization, and while it was extensive, it was nothing compared to their previous fortune.

              The reason for this meagre fortune was due mostly because of the lack of war, no-one opposed the union for the sheer fact that no-one could amass a military large enough. This meant that APEX, it's manufactories and it's resources, were hardly of any necessity. Leo found himself struggling with the sudden change, and continued to be upset by the alteration to his lifestyle until around the age of eighteen. The rise of rebellion and crime on the surface meant that the need for a military once again arose, and APEX Warfare began to skyrocket in popularity. While still developing the walkers and armoured units that had been the staple of war ever since the second great war, the council desired something more, something that would shock and awe the masses, putting down any resistance. It was at this point that the Angels began to be prototyped, Leo himself testing them alongside other Union pilots. Unofficially recruited into the air force in order to test the systems and train other pilots into the smaller LAP copies, his unofficial rank gained chevrons as 'testing' turned into 'field testing'.

              When the rebellion finally came full-force and a number of the Haven's were lost, the Union had an immediate need for Angel pilots, and this meant that all who could use the mechs were conscripted. A majority of them were around Leo's age, it took nearly four years to master the controls of such a complex machine, so it made sense that pilots were taken fresh out of the academies and trained immediately after recruitment. What started out as a fun way to show off turned into a severe problem, as his unofficial rank became official right under his nose, and he was shipped off to the front-lines.

              Personality: Hot-headed and overconfident, Leo tends to be the first to jump into a fight. This translates in his interaction with other team members, his entitled upbringing shining clear through. Unlike those who were conscripted to the surface or were required to serve to ensure their family's place on the havens, Leo has no love for organization, discipline or command.

              Likes: Mangos, Machines, Maidens and Money.

              Dislikes: Kids, Anthro's, Androids and Fish.

              Skills: Because of his extensive experience and hands-on involvement with the development of the Angels, Leo is an ace pilot within the cockpit. While dangerously eager to fight even the most skilled opponents, his rank is not just for show, and his history has even brought him to fight against rampant AI's. A close-range and melee weapons specialist in a mech, his agility and quick-thinking enables him to rush his enemies, catching them off-guard or simply putting the pressure on until they make a mistake.

              Mech: Reaver is the type 1 of the angels, the first of all to enter active service and the second to be created by APEX, the first being type 0. Compared to the more filled-out versions that followed, it is a stripped down and minimalistic construct that sacrifices a majority of it's armour for speed. Typically armed with melee weapons or short-range and low-recoil automatic weapons, it has proven one of the most effective hit and run vehicles in the Union's arsenal, it's only rival the shrike fighter bombers. When utilized by Leo, it's speed becomes it's greatest weapon, striking it's enemy repeatedly before they can even get a shot off, and then retreating to escape incoming attacks.
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