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  1. He was sent to get her life back on the right track. But what could happened between the two?

    -Character Sheet-
    Name: Maximilian Lucas Cage
    *Goes by Max*

    Age: He was 21 when he died

    Height: 6'3"

    Body Type: Muscular/Athletic built.

    Hobbies: Drawing, Working Out, Listening to music.

    Personality: Goofy, outgoing, smart, talkative, protective, and enjoys helping others. However he is stubborn. He is tough yet gentle and will go the extra mile to help someone in need even if it means breaking a few rules... thus why the Boss has had about enough of him.

    Bio: Max was in the army during World War 2. He had a younger sister, a twin brother who was considered the black sheep of the family and a single mother. One day when he finally came back from the war he found his 8 year old sister dead and his brother was no where to be found... he knew instantly his brother was responsible for her death... him and his manipulative girlfriend. He avenged his sister by beating the hell out of him. However what he didn't know was that his brother was in a gang. The gang came to his aid and shot Max, cause of death was loss of blood. Since he died doing a selfless deed he instantly became a guardian angel.

    Looks: Pic Below (Except a little more built and fair skinned XD. And of course doesn't wear this lol.)
  2. Are you looking for someone to RP with?
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  3. Yep!
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  4. I am interested ^^ Would you like me to fill out a similar sheet?
  5. Yes please! :D
  6. What age range are you looking at? Wanting someone in their 20s or is 18 cool with you? Dunno why but I just like that age, i can go 21 though~
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  7. 18-20 is fine ^^
  8. oh no...... the post didn't hold th information I typed up....... *groans* I will retype it up ^^:;
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  9. Name: Lisanna (Lisa) Thronis

    Age: 17 going on 18

    Height: 5'7"

    Body Type: Petite and slightly hourglass figure

    Hobbies: Playing music

    Personality: Quiet and reserved when you first meet her not willing to say more than one or two words, but as you open her up you find that she is rather strange X9

    Not much has happened in her life, but at the same time a lot. Moving all over the world from one country to the next Lisa never was able to settle down anywhere and find herself comfortable with any people. Always seeking comfort with the animals around her, Lisa is pretty much your modern disney princess without the whole singing thing going for her. But due to her moving around all the time she has given up on making true friends and trusting people in general. Her studies as well have dropped significantly and she has no urge to do anything but her music.

    (hope this okay for a somewhat bio =///=")

    sorry this took so long~!!!!
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  10. Awesome! I'll have a starter up in a bit!! :)
  11. Sure thing~!!! Mind making a new thread for it~?Just so we can keep this for OoC ^^
  12. That was the plan lol.
  13. haha okie dokie~ some people tend to just use the same thread for posting ^^:;
  14. That's weird xD
  15. UHm quick question where exactly are we setting this? In a high school or......??
  16. Well considering your character is 17 she should be a high schooler. But Max looks like a 21 year old so there is no way he can enter the school unless he acts like a teacher of hers or a janitor or something which might work. But another option could be her house 'mysteriously' starts breaking apart and Max takes the roll of a handyman in order to get close to her.
  17. How about we make her have a job~! Uhmmmmm it could be a part time job at a bakery or at a kindergarten or something~? That would work....?
  18. Whichever job you would like sure! Would you want him to become a coworker or something. Of course the first thing I want him to do is save you from something like getting mugged (Which was why I made it night) ... Or getting hit by a car... Something. Whatever that part is is all up to you!
  19. *nods head* okie dokie I will think of something~
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