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  1. Aaron's brown eyes were averted from the harsh face of his teacher, and to the floor. The eighteen year old simply stood there as his teacher scolded and yelled at him. This was nothing new. So, he zoned out like he did so often when he was being forced to hear something he didn't want to hear. Though, he smirked at his classic and smart-ass retort, which got him into this situation in the first place. Oh yes. He remembered it clearly.

    "Hello everyone, I'm your new science instructor and I'll be teaching this class," The man said.

    "And I'll be disrupting it," Aaron smirked.

    Probably hadn't a good idea to say that. Damn, if it hadn't given him satisfaction, though. Either way, none of it mattered now. This time was going to be different. Instead of tuning out his teacher's rant and going back to his seat afterwards, he was sent to the principal's office. Suspension? So what. A few days off school sounded like a plan to him.

    That's not how it went.

    "Mr. Matthews, you were called down here due to your constant poor behavior as well as your low grades. I don't understand. Your test grades are phenomenal but your homework and other classwork is below average concerning our standards. I'm afraid if you keep this up, we won't pass you and you won't graduate. It's extra credit, pulling those grades up in a few months, or going through another year of High School. I'm sure that last option isn't cool among your friends, hmm?" The principal discussed with the senior, whom payed attention for once. More worried than he let on, he managed to keep his careless attitude and body language.

    "So? What can I do, teach?" Aaron shrugged, "School's not really my forte."

    "It's everyone's 'forte', Aaron. Get your ass in shape and get your head in the right mind," The elder man said sternly, surprising Aaron. There was a pause and the room was tense, that was, before the principal went on, "You're getting a tutor. It is mandated and you can't weasel your way out of this one. Extra credit and you'll be able to pull up your grades."

    Aaron narrowed his eyes, "That isn't fair!"

    "Life isn't fair, Aaron. You of all people should know that."

    "Don't even," Aaron snapped.

    "She'll meet with you in the library during your gym and extracurricular activities," The principal said, waving his hand with dismissal, as he turned around and put his back to the student, returning to important computer work.

    Aaron stood quickly, and stomped out, slamming the door behind him with rage. NOW was that time. Science had been his last core class of the day. Sighing, he gave up and trudged to the library. Who was this she?
  2. Sydney bit her lip nervously and sat at the table, looking through book after book until she found the one that this Arron guy needed help on. She wasn't exactly looking forward to teaching him, but she didn't have much of a choice if she wanted to graduate, and plus, maybe it'd look good on the 17 year olds college applications.

    Sydney opens the math book and starts looking at some problems before she heard the loudly door open and sees a tall, dark haired teenager walk through the door, not looking very pleased. Apparently she wasn't the only one NOT looking forward to the "tutoring". She sighed and walked over to him."Aaron?"
  3. Aaron simply arched his eyebrow. "No. Just another guy pissed off about a different reason," he snorted sarcastically. The dark-haired male rolled his eyes and walked past her, heading to the table and sitting down, slumping back in his chair and putting his arms on the arm rests.

    "Can we just say we did this and then don't? I don't know about you but I'm not wanting to do this. Especially with a goody-two-shoes such as yourself."
  4. "Yeah? And what am I suppose to tell the principal when you don't pass your senior year because I didn't tutor you like you we're suppose to?"she says. She sits down and can already tell that this guy is going to get on her nerves a lot. She takes a deep breath and looks him in the eye."I promise you, I have a whole lot better things to do than to tutor you, but you're not he only one that needs this to graduate, an I, unlike you apparently, do plan to graduate. You don't know me, or my life, so how about we just get along for two hours everyday while I tutor you and then we can continue pretending like each other don't exist? Okay? Okay. Great,"she says writing down a math problem.
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