Loving the Bad Boy (Kronas17 and Alison)

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  1. As Cheyenne Pierce made her way down the hallway at St. Brownsville high school, the blue eyed brunette clenched her books closer to her chest and took a shaky breath. Although she knew she wasn't guilt of anything and had done absolutely nothing wrong, Cheyenne always hated getting called up to the principals office just as the final bell rang.

    Thankfully her name wasn't the only name called, but she barely recognized the other names, and the one she did recognize, she couldn't stand. As she walked slowly to the office and through the clear door, she looks being the desk at a short, chubby woman typing on the computer. She looks up from her work and greets Cheyenne with a small smile."Hello. Cheyenne correct? The principal will see you in just a moment,"she says turning back to her computer.

    Cheyenne sighs and takes a seat on a hard chair seated by the door and waits as she sees a familiar face walk through the office door. She turned her head and held in puke as she saw Nathan Douglas flop down into he seat next to her. She jumped slightly at the wooden chair creaking and the brush of his arm touching hers. Cheyenne pulled her arms into her lap and crossed her legs, waiting for the principal to come out of his office.
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  2. Nathan had just woken up from his nap during his last class only to be called up to the office for most likely skipping school a few days prior. Stretching he looked around at the clock and then his classmates who all had smirks planted on their faces. The notorious Nathan Douglas back up to the principle's office once again. He stood up and slung his backpack over his shoulder, strolling out of the class with not a care in the world.

    As Nathan walked down the hall towards the principle's office he wondered what exactly the man Mr. Samson was gonna say. He didn't do anything serious to get suspended ( although he wouldn't mind) and he didn't "Not" do anything because he was being called to the office. Making it to the office Nathan plopped down on the chair in Principle Samson's office and waited.

    When a girl walked into the office Nathan looked up and raised his eyebrow. He had seen her around before. Cheyenne was her name. What in the hell was she doing in the principle's office? She was too good for that. As soon as Cheyenne sat down Mr. Samson walked in and plopped down rubbing his bald head and staring down at Nathan.

    " Well Nathan it seems like your in my office once again. Tsk, such a shame you know. It's hard to believe that you are related to Kevin". Principle Samson shook his head before smiling over at Cheyenne and Nathan cursed under his breath and looked away. " Well Cheyenne I must start out by saying you are not in trouble by any means. This has to do with your honors program. It seems that you are short and in order to get that scholarship then you will have to tutor Mr. Douglas here".

    Nathan's jaw dropped and before he could even protest Mr. Samson was back at it. " Listen here Nathan your grades are average but your failing math and at the rate your going your going to fail the class which means no graduation. This isn't a choice you are to go to the tutoring and I don't care where it is. I expect you to pass the class with a B+ . I don't expect higher but then again I'd like to be proven wrong. You two better get acquainted.,Dismissed.

    Nathan made a sound of disgust and then walked over to the door and Mr. Samson's voice stopped him. " You think Kevin would be proud of your behavior?". Nathan didn't even look back but out the office and down the hall to head to his car.
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  3. Cheyenne knew that there was no point in arguing with the principal, especially because he had already left his office. Cheyenne quickly jumped up and raced out the office doors, and towards the back of Nathan's head. "H-hey. Wait a minute,"She called after him."We need to talk,"she says slowly, standing a few feet behind him as he opened his car door.

    Cheyenne watched him look back at her and then drive away like the jerk he was. She groaned and threw her hand up in the air before she started walking down the empty sidewalk and towards her small house.

    As Cheyenne walked through the gate to her backyard, she climbed up a tall tree beside her bedroom window and slowly slipped her window up. As she slid her tiny body through the window, she tossed her backpack and books on her neatly made bed and sat at her desk.

    When Cheyenne got nervous, she often turned to music or writing. In this case, which she was more stressed and worried than she had ever been before, she turned to both. Slowly turning her radio up, she tapped her foot to a familiar song and began writing in her journal.

    She couldn't believe that she had gotten stuck with Nathan! Of all people that she could've had to tutor, it had to be him! She never understood why he acted like he did. He had money and fame and was popular with the school and the town, then all of a sudden he started acting like like a complete jerk and doing things just for attention. Even though Cheyenne didn't understand him, she didn't judge him. She knew that she didn't know him, so maybe something had happened.
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  4. Nathan was already at his car and inside it when little miss sunshine called out to him. He simply looked at her and then drove off too pissed off to even speak. How could principle Samson bring up Kevin in front of Cheyenne, yet alone compare him to Nathan. Just the mere thought made his hands tighten around the wheel as he pulled into the driveway of his house. The first thing he noticed was his mom's car in the driveway which meant she was home for a few days before leaving again to work.

    Ever since Kevin died his mother poured herself into her work which meant barley coming home. I guess that was the plan, anything to forget Kevin. His father cut back on the excessive working and actually began to accept Kevin's death unlike his mother. Nathan and his dad did become closer. Nathan climbed out of the car and into his house. The first thing he did was look up at the last family picture they had took two years ago.

    It was his parent's smiling, actually happy and Kevin with that bright smile of his and his arm around my shoulder as I smiled in that picture too. Nathan shook his head of the thoughts and walked upstairs to his room and closed the door behind him. Kevin wasn't just his older brother but his best friend and when he died a part of Nathan did too.

    ~ ~ ~

    The next morning Nathan groaned as his alarm clock woke him up. He rubbed his eyes turning off hid clock before taking a shower and getting dressed. His mother was downstairs talking to his father and they actually sounded happy. He missed that, being happy. He greeted his parents and then ate his mother's breakfast quickly before getting his car and driving to school. As soon as he pulled up to the school Principle Samson was standing on the steps.

    Nathan groaned and climbed out the the car hoping that for once in his life Principle Samson would let him get through the school day in peace. Yeah right. " Mr. Douglas pull up your pants and please make sure you attend all your classes today. I hope that you and Cheyenne came up with a good study time, but knowing you I don't think so therefore you shall be meeting Cheyenne after school in the library. Have a good day".

    Nathan's jaw dropped. The man never seemed to fail. He ran his hands through his hair and then proceeded into the school.
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  5. Cheyenne dressed into a pair of dark skinny jeans and a turquoise shirt before letting her brown hair fall down below her shoulders. As she walked to school with her backpack on her shoulders and her books in her hand, she saw Principal Samson waiting on the steps, talking to Nathan. Cheyenne rolled her eyes and continued walking up the steps just Nathan walked into school.

    "Wait. Principal Samson I have things to do. I can't just drop everything and help him study today,"cheyenne argues. The tall thin man looked at cheyenne shocked. Yeah, Cheyenne wasn't someone that tends to argue with people, but she did have things to do and she wasn't going to sit around in a library for two hours while Nathan refused to work with her.

    "Well I'm sorry to inform you but you are indeed helping him study today whether you like it or not. If you would prefer, I could call your father and ask him if he is okay with you tutoring, but you have to get your hours in. If you don't before the end if the year,then you'll have to go to summer school and you won't be eligible for the solar ship," Principal Samson said with a small smirk showing on his face.

    Cheyenne took a deep breath and let it out before she nodded slightly and walked past the principal. Sure, she didn't want to stay after school to help some guy that was rude to everyone, but she didn't want to have to stay home next year with her father either.

    Cheyenne simply walked past all the lockers until she came across her first hour class and walked in, sitting in the far front corner and waiting for class to begin while she thought. Sure, she got there quite a bit early, but it gave her plenty of time think things through about Nathan.
  6. Nathan made sure he attended all his classes for the simple fact that he didn't want Samson on his case to bother him with more of his nonsense. He didn't really pay attention in class because it was boring but because he knew what was going on. Nathan knew that Principle Samson was not fooled by his lack of focus and slaking in his classes which his why he was putting him in tutoring just to prove his own high and mighty point.

    The last class of the day was math and Nathan had no problem falling asleep. The sound of the bell woke him up and he groaned before grabbing his backpack to head out the school. He stopped midway to the door only to remember that he had to meet up with Cheyenne for tutoring. He made his way into the library and looked around briefly until he spotted the girl. He plopped down in the chair across from her and took out his notebook, pencil/pen, and math book.

    Removing the hood off his head Nathan looked at the girl and then down at his phone to check the time. She was cute, he'd give her that. " Look neither of us wants to be here so lets get this over with. I'll try to to me much of a nusince". A smirk formed on Nathan's lips as he twirled the pen between his fingers.
  7. Cheyenne jumped slight as the young mad sat down in the chair across from her. She looked up to meet his eyes and quickly looked back down embarrassed."Okay. Um, so what do you not understand about math? Anything specific or just everything in general?"she asks opening her math book.

    Cheyenne bent over slightly to dig in her back for her notebook, pen, and calculator. She flipped to the first lesson and started writing down an equation. She turned the paper around and slid it in his direction."Try this problem and see what you need work on with this,"the brunette says pulling her hands back into her lap.

    Cheyenne simply tapped her foot against the floor and chipped at the blue paint on her fingernails. She waited patiently as Nathan concentrated on the equation.
  8. Nathan watched as Cheyenne wrote down an equation and all he could think about was the party that was supposed to going on later at Jimmy Foulker's house. He was the party king and his ex-girlfriend Trisha Wells was the queen. Those two together through the most intense parties with unlimited weed and drinks, and excitement that anyone could ask for. Everyone was invited to Jimmy's parties including the lamest of the lames, it was a party for everyone, and I mean everyone. I picked up my pencil first examining the problem and as quick as Cheyenne passed the paper to him he returned it with the answer.

    Principle Samson knew that Nathan used to be an honor's student with not only athletic potential but academic as well. He used to tell Nathan not to throw away such talent but things happen. Nathan smiled slightly at Cheyenne and then leaned back in the chair. Tutoring was definitely not needed. He slacked in class and then passed his major test just to keep his grades just above failing. His mother wasn't home to lecture him and his father didn't bother him, just as long as he was planning on graduating and going off to college.

    Nathan ran his hands through his hair and then eyed the girl. She was cute, really cute now that he got a good look at her which was shocking. He thought Samson would put him up with some four-eyed freak but nope, the guy gave him pure and utter temptation. He was somewhat surprised that he never saw her around with guys because he had seen a few guys looking at her. Nathan figured she was the daddy's girl with her nose in her book. That was gonna have to change. " You want to come to a party with me? Its Jim's party and everyone is invited, you look like you could use the relaxation". A grin formed on his lips and he leaned forward slightly. " How about this you give me your hardest problem and if I get it right then i'll sit here and be bored to death but if I get it right then I take you to the party and give you the best night of your life". Nathan smiled before leaning back into his chair to resume twirling the pencil in his hands.
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  9. Cheyenne looked over the problem and kind of looked confused at first. Why had Samson made her tutor him when he could do a problem like that in just a minutes time? It took her longer than that to solve that problem. She sighed and pushed a strand of hair behind her ear as she looked back up at Nathan.

    "Um.. I'm N-not a big fan of parties,"she says stuttering a little. She listened to him all as he kept leaning closer, making her slowly lean back. "You know what? Okay. Fine. If you get it right then I'll go for maybe thirty minutes, but if you get it wrong then we have a few more hours of studying to do, although you don't seem like you need it,"she says confidently.

    Cheyenne flips through her math book looking for a difficult question. As she searched the pages for a good equation, she nibbled on her bottom lip and tapped her foot as she began to get nervous."Okay.. this one,"she says pointing to the problem.
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  10. Nathan grinned at her confusion and then made a slight beat with his hands and the pencil before releasing a sigh. The library was somewhat empty except for a few students studying, some just to hang out which Nathan didn't quite understand and then the librarian who glanced up from her books a few times just to check ad make sure nothing was going on before looking back down at her book.When Cheyenne looked down in her math book to find him a problem and slid the book over to him Nathan stared at the problem for a few moments. " Well i'm impressed you gave me a problem that actually requires me to use my brain a bit".

    He looked over the problem showing some of the work before a small smirk formed on his lips and he began answering the problem. When Nathan was finished he slid the paper and book back over to Cheyenne with a victory look on is face. " Well looks like me and you have a party to attend". Nathan stood and then slung his backpack over his shoulder and then headed over to the door. " Were taking my car". As Nathan walked down the hall principle Samson exited his office. The principle looked at Nathan and raised his eyebrow. " Where do you think your going? Is your tutoring over?". Nathan slung his arm around Cheyenne and kept on walking. " Yeah well were heading to a new place to study, don't worry Sammy you will get your A...erm I mean B+".

    Nathan didn't have to look back to sense principle Samson's frown from down the hall. When they reached his car he unlocked the car doors an walked over to the passenger side to open the door for Cheyenne. Guess old habits die hard. He climbed into the drivers seat and then drove off the school lot and towards Jimmy's house. He could hear the music playing as he pulled up to the guys house. Tons of people from school were there and Nathan smiled. This was going to be great. " Okay princess what time do I have to get you home to your parents? You don't have to do anything you don't want to. I'm sure you have friends here anyway so just lighten up for once and have fun".

    Climbing out the car Nathan was immediately greeted by a couple of people who tried dragging him away into the house but Nathan backed away and reached for Cheyenne motioning for her to come. " Relax this is going to be fun, just let loose".
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  11. Cheyenne flinched slightly and pulled her small body away From Nathan as he slung his arm around her. She took a deep breath and shook her head, not believing what she had gotten herself into. As he opened the door for her Cheyenne slid into the seat slowly and buckled her seatbelt.

    "Um, no don't worry. I can just walk home,"she says getting out of the car slowly. She shuts the door behind her and walks towards the huge house. She looked around as people danced to the songs and drank beer. She could see a few people in a far corner smoking. She walked by each one as people walked around already drunk and splashed beer and other alcohol onto her clothes.

    "For some reason I don't think I'll be relaxing here,"she mumbles quietly. The brunette turned around and saw a few people she recognized that had bullied her walking towards them. She turned her back to them and groaned, knowing at that instant that she had made a mistake ever coming here.
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  12. Nathan shook his head at Cheyenne's comment. " Nope I'm driving you home and there's no and if or buts about it". He was waving over to one of his close friends who was bringing him over a cup to drink. It was only after he received the cup that he looked over at Cheyenne to check if she was behind him when he noticed her facial expression as three girls made there way over to them. Amber, Rachel, and Destiny the trio. They smiled warmly at Nathan as Nichole wrapped her arms around his waist. " So Nate I thought you were never going to show. Whats with her?". Nichole snickered motioning over to Cheyenne as Amber and Rachel eyed the girl.

    He shook his head before moving a step away from Nichole which resulted in her making a pouting face. " Look she's with me so play nice, whats your problem with her anyway? Mad cause all the guys gawk at her and she dosen't notice while you guys flaunt your goods to get some". Nathan wasn't smiling anymore and the girls knew he wasn't either. " Oh whatever Nate, your just mad cause you stuck in your brother's shadow, your hot but Kevin was hotter. Too bad he's gone right?". Nathan sucked in a breath and then grabbed Cheyenne's hand leading her through the crowd to that he could get a much needed drink.

    After chugging down a few shots he turned to Cheyenne. " Look im sorry you had to be there for that, look I know this isn't your thing so if you wanna go we can leave". Nathan sighed and then ran his hand through his hair before shoving his hands into his pockets. This was supposed to help him forget and now all he could do was think about Kevin.
  13. "No it's fine,"she says shyly, sitting on a chair."I'll be fine. I don't live far from here so I'll just walk or get someone else to drive me if I really want to leave,"Cheyenne says looking around at everyone. "And thanks by the way. You didn't have to do that."

    The small brunette twisted in her chair as she looked around people drank, danced, made out, smoked, or snorted. She sighed and tried to take in what a real high school party was. Although everyone in her grade had gone to one every year, this was the very first one she'd been to. Cheyenne nibbled on bottom lip against as she searched for other people and tried to stay out of people's way. She turned back towards Nathan's direction and found him gone.

    Cheyenne jumped up and looked around, unsure of what to do now that he had left. Sure, she knew that he was the party king and wouldn't want to stick around with her, but she just didn't expect him to just walk away. Figures, I mean, he was Nathan Douglas for crying out. What else could she expect?

    Cheyenne knew right then and there that she had one of two choices: she could leave the party right now and go home to get yelled at by her father for having alcohol spilt on her shirt, or she could stay at the party, maybe even losses up a little, and have a drink.

    Cheyenne thought for only a small second before she shrugged slightly and took a small drink of beer from a cup and spitting it back out. It was one of the nastiest things she had ever tasted. She took a small breath and tried it again, this time finishing the cub in one gulp and grabbing another, not caring what her father had to say or do about it anymore.
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  14. Nathan went from being right next to Cheyenne to being in the hectic crowd of wild teenagers dancing like there was no tomorrow. He drank a few more before chatting up with a couple of his good friends and acquaintances. It was only after a short while did he realize that he needed to figure out where Cheyenne was. He knew that the whole party thing was not her scene and god knows what she was doing or where she had wondered off too.

    He moved through the crowds carefully eyeing everyone and also trying not to get distracted in the process. Nathan made his way to where they once were together and spotted her chugging down some beer on after another. Nathan squeezed through the crowd and then gently removed the cup from her grasps with a smirk on his face. " So miss innocent can hold down a drink? Look your my responsibility since I brought you here. God knows the punishment Samson would give me if I brought you home and your dad finding you drunk off your ass".

    Nathan wasn't really the one to judge but in this case he was doing them both a favor. He chugged down the rest of the liquid in the cup and then placed the cup down, this time he grabbed her hand ad lead her outside the house and past Amber, Nichole, and Rachel who for once didn't have anything smart to say. He walked down the marble path and then stopped. Fresh air was definitively needed. He knew those two drinks that she took did nothing for him but to her it probably would have her tipsy.

    " Look you need to get some fresh air and Im gonna give you some water". Nathan jogged back into the house momentarily before returning with two cold bottles of water. " Here drink this".
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  15. "No,"she arguing stubbornly."Your not my boss and I don't gotta listen to y-you,"she says pushing the water back into his hands. She sighed and laid down in the cold grass and stared up at the stars as she let everything race through her mind. She was mad but at the same time she was sad and hurt. It felt like every feeling she had ever felt just wanted to explode back in her face right at that moment and she had no idea what to do.

    Cheyenne surprisingly didn't feel sick, but she could still taste the disgusting liquid on her tongue and lips when she nibbled on it. "You need to not touch me or talk to me. Because your a jerk,"she says slowly, saying every word in her head before speaking aloud."You act all tough and big but your not,"she pokes his chest with her finger and then gives her finger a weird look. She lays back down and spreads her arms and legs out."You know what? I hope my dad does see me like this. I'm going home,"she says standing up.

    As Cheyenne starts to walk down the side walk towards the direction of her house, she stumbles a little and almost falls but regains her balance. She mumbles under her breath and continues walking a little ways before she stops. She takes a look around and sees the house were the party was just a little ways from where she was, and noticed that the road was empty. She smiled slightly and stumbled out to the road as the alcohol began to kick in more and more with every breath.

    Cheyenne sighed and stood in he middle of the road and laid down, laying her legs out, and laying her arms to her sides."You know something? I feel funny,"the brunette giggles as she turns her head to look over towards Nathan."Look watch this,"she says poking her cheek. She giggles more and stares up at the sky, her smile disappearing and she goes quiet.

    "I miss nights like these. It's so quiet and peaceful. I use to take a lot of pictures of the stars with my mom,"she says softly to herself, forgetting that Nathan was beside her. Cheyenne yawned a little and hiccuped before she turned her head over and closed her eyes. When she opened them again she saw Nathan staring at her."What?"
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  16. Nathan groaned in frustration, she was not helping the situation one bit. Now it was Nathan who regretted bringing her in the first palace. In his mind she was going to come loosen up and have a good time but not get semi drunk and want to drag herself home so her father could blame him. "You need to not touch me or talk to me. Because your a jerk,You act all tough and big but your not,". He frowned and then looked over where the sound of laughter and utter fun was going on. She was right he did put on a tough act but the one thing he wasn't was a jerk.

    When Cheyenne began walking down the road to her house Nathan was almost tempted to let her so he could see the look on her father face but she was a vulnerable underage drunk girl and Nathan was positive that there would be guys who were not as nice as him waiting for an open opportunity to get at her. Nathan's jaw dropped as he watched the girl lay in the middle of the road. She must be crazy. He shook his head and walked over to her slowly trying to contain his laughter. He kinda liked the drunk her. She let her guard down and she wasn't so shy, she was bold.

    As she began talking it was only then that Nathan realized that something must have happened with her mom and if he was right then she was probably no longer with Cheyenne. Nathan helped Cheyenne off the floor and then held her up so that she could re-gain her balance. " Look I know how it feels to loose someone you love. I lost my brother two years ago to some drunk driver when we were on our way to our house to celebrate us winning the state championship. He was about to go to a great college and play for the NFL but instead he's dead and the drunk drivers alive in jail. I looked up to Kevin and we did everything together from games, sports,working out. It still hurts ya know? Everyone just expected me to live in his footsteps and continue to play football but I couldn't. I stopped caring about a lot of things after that.. I couldn't carry that weight.".

    Nathan sighed and ran his hands through his hair before placing them in his pockets. " Look don't go home drunk okay? When you sober up your going to regret it. And its my fault for even bringing you".
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  17. "Don't say that. I won't regret anything,"she says pushing away from him and stumbling back a little. She regained her balance quickly and turned around and continued walking towards her house. As she tried to relax her body and sober up like she wanted to, she began thinking about what he had said and wondered if she would remember it tomorrow when she was sober.

    As Cheyenne stumbled up the steps of her house and walked inside, she was greeted with a loud slap to the face as her drunken father saw that she was also drunk."What the hell do you think you're doing?"he asks angrily. She stepped back and gave him a dirty look before stumbling up her stairs. As she lifted her foot up to take another step, she felt her weight get pulled out from under her as her face collided with the floor and she felt the blood spewing in her mouth where her lip had busted.

    Cheyenne quickly stumbled up the stairs and slammed her door shut and locked. She walked to her mirror and wiped at her bloody lip as she heard her father banging on the door. As Cheyenne felt herself get dizzy, she laid on her bed and fell asleep, the next morning remembering nothing.
  18. Nathan sighed as he watched Cheyenne proceed towards her house. It was like everything he just said went into one ear and then out the other. He grunted obviously frustrated he headed back to the party to continue to have a good time and get that girl off his mind. When Nathan was tired of the party and he was drunk off his ass, he asked his friend Ralph to drive him home. His parents were obviously sleep which was a good thing so he didn't have to hear his mother's concern followed by a lecture and then taking blame to his father who knew he smoked and drank.

    He quietly entered the house and closed the door behind him and headed upstairs and passed out on his bed. The next morning he woke up with a slight headache and groaned before dragging himself into the shower and then taking some meds for his head. Nathan greeted his father whom was sitting in the living room watching a football game and Nathan noticed that his mothers car was gone. Off to work like always. Grabbing his backpack Nathan got in his car and drove to school. When he got there all he could hear was the talk of the party and how fun it was and all that jazz. The party was fun but next time Jim was going to have to throw a party on a Friday.

    Principle Samson was on the steps as usual and Nathan groaned in annoyance but to his surprise Samson just nodded his head and walked over to talk to a student. Nathan walked into the school and then sat down and waited for the bell to ring. He was exhausted and today he was planning on sleeping in class. The party was still kicking in him.
  19. Cheyenne slowly walked down the stairs and held her head in her hands as she looked around and saw that her father had left already. Sighing she walked don't the bathroom and took a cold shower. Afterwards she changed into a pair of jeans and a tank top, she pulled on a jacket and took some medicine for her headache. As she looked in the mirror she saw a bright black and blue bruise forming on her cheek and her lip was swollen a little from the night before.

    As Cheyenne looked for her makeup and not finding any to cover her bruise, she pulled her hood up on her jacket and walked out of the house. As she got to school she sighed and walked past Nathan with her head down to hide the bruise and sat in the far corner.

    She knew she had gotten to school early so It would at least be fifteen minutes before the teacher got to class. Cheyenne kept her hood up until one of the jock guys walked over to her and flipped it off, pulling back as it pulled on her neck. She pulled it back against her and tried to keep from tears spilling down her face as she ignored them and looked out the window and towards the woods.
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