Loving the Bad Boy (Jollybrit and Alison)

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  1. As Cheyenne Pierce made her way to her final class of the day, the tiny brunette clenched her English book against her chest and took small breathes, ignoring the people around her. Cheyenne was shy. Not your normal shy, but actually shy. She use to be very outgoing, but then she came to the point in her life were nothing seemed to go right, so instead she became the girl she is today.

    The blue eyed girl walked to the front of the classroom and took a seat in the far, front corner just as she heard the bell ring and heard Mr. McKinley get on to the rowdy boys for taking and tossing a football back and forth. Cheyenne simply sighed and looked out the window and towards the woods only a hundred feet away, and started to think to herself as Mr. McKinley started taking role.

    Cheyenne said a quiet, "Here," when she heard her name, and then listened silently as the bald 60 some year old man gave directions."Today we will be starting the semesters big assignment essay, and since it is only October 4, you will have until December 19 to complete this project with your partner."

    Cheyenne listened intently as the teacher went over instructions, and started to call out names of people who would be paired together. She listened closely and waited to hear her name."Jackson with Elizabeth. Conner with Sidney. Hayden with Hannah. Thomas with Cheyenne. Dylan with Casey...." the voices faded as Cheyenne heard her name be called right after the schools player. She took a deep breath and turned her head to find none other than Thomas Harbook.

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  2. Thomas, white
    It was the last class of the day. Thankfully. Thomas let out a low groan as he slumped himself into a seat at the back of the classroom. Resting his elbows on the table and his head in his hands he waited for Mr. McKinley to enter. That bastard was always out to get him. To his surprise, when the old man did enter, it was not to Thomas his attention was turned, but the guys playing football in the opposite corner, Bradley, Harry and the others. Thomas had decided against sitting with them today as he felt his descent into madness would only be accelerated with those guys.

    He knew he should have stopped drinking last night. The night before also, and two nights ago? He didn't remember. He remembered being with Hannah, his girlfriend, not much more than that though. ''Hayden with Hannah.'' his attention snapped back to the classroom, tapping his girlfriend on the shoulder and smirking, she had just been paired with the nerdiest guy in the class. He completely missed his name being called.

    ''Dylan with Casey....'' The croaky voice continued. ''Thomas! Thomas are you even paying attention? Why are you here? Move next to your partner be-''
    ''I'm on it.'' He cut in, throwing himself up.
    ''There, next to Cheyenne.'' The teacher pointed.
    ''I know, I know'' Thomas replied, although of course he wouldn't have known, shuffling his way to the front of the class room and sitting next to the petite girl.

    He sat in silence for a couple of minutes, as the Teacher explained their assignment, Mr. McKinley's voice grew fainter and fainter with each word he said. Thomas turned to his partner with a smile. ''So I guess we're stuck together right? I have to write about you, and you about me... Great, I bet you're not all that interesting.''
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  3. Cheyenne scooted closer to the edge of her chair away from the brunette as he talked to her. She turned her head to look at him and scrunched her eyebrows together slightly. "Maybe Mr. McKinley made a mistake. I am NOT working with you,"she says hasty as she turns around and stands up from her seat. She walks towards the teachers desk and sits her notebook down softly.

    "I-I'm sorry Mr. McKinley, but I think you might be made a mistake. Thomas and I can't be paired together... we can't even stand to have classes together.. How do you expect us to write papers about each other?"she says chuckling awkwardly a little.

    "No I'm afraid I did not make a mistake. I put you with the most opposite person in this class, and although that was difficult for other pairs, I knew right away that you and Thomas were complete opposites. I'm sorry you don't like your partner, but I suggest for the sake of you passing this class, you get along with each other,"the short bald man said in a matter-of-fact tone.
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  4. Thomas, white

    Thomas's smile quickly faded in response to Cheyenne's reaction, which frankly, had caught him off guard. He never expected her to be so up-front about not working with him. ''I'm actually looking forward to it.'' He called sarcastically after her as she made her fruitless complaint to their teacher. Hopping up from his seat and standing behind her continued ''Sucks, right? Looks like you are stuck with me for a month.'' The smile returned to his face.

    Most of the other pairs had quickly arranged themselves and started asking each other questions. How would you describe your personality? What's your biggest fear? Have you always been this much of a douche? That was one he expected to hear from Cheyenne, to which he would no-doubt reply with a ''Yes''. There were still a few people complaining about their partnership, seeing if they could swap, with even less success than Cheyenne had.

    ''Everyone, sit! And shut up.'' The teacher bellowed across the room, the muttering died down but didn't vanish entirely, it never did. Cheyenne's sudden burst of confidence before had caused Thomas take a slight interest in her. He decided to take the seat where she had been placed before, next to the wall, and as she made her way back to him in defeat his grin grew wider. He wasn't going to give the seat up for her, and she knew it.

    ''Shouldn't we get started?''
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  5. Cheyenne walked back over to Thomas with a frown on her face. She might not get to switch partners and he might have stolen the one seat she has always sat in, but she was not going to lose her full ride to college so that this jerk could make a fool out of her. She sat down beside him and didn't even look at him as she grabbed her bag from beside him where she use to sit. As she pulled out a notebook and pen, she sat back in her chair.

    "What's something you want to do before you die?"she asks writing the question down on the paper and waiting for his response. As she tapped her foot against the floor patiently, making a soft beat, she thought about where she would more than likely be in just less than a month.

    Getting away from this God forsaken town was all she had ever wanted to do, and now, that's what she was going to do. Everything she had ever had and ever loved had been taken away from her in this stupid town and she couldn't wait to get away from it.

    "I'm suppose to ask you questions and you ask me questions. That's how this works,"she says sighing as the bell rings and Mr. McKinley stands up. "I expect that you all work on this with your partners outside of school to actually get this done before the due date. This will be the only day you will get to work on this in class, so make sure you get it done! Other than that.. have a good night,"he says flopping back into his chair to finish the last of his book.
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