Loving One Direction (Four female spots open)

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  1. jhasj.png Harry Styles sighed. Hee was exhausted after continually going on none stop tours and concerts and finally him and the band could just chill. They were all now in California and HollyWile High.

    Niall Spoke"Finally were allowed to attend a high school with.."

    "Girls," Louis wiggled his eye brows.

    "Oh shutup Louis. You just want a screw." Harry chuckled with a smirk.

    "At least the school has a pool.." Zayne muttered. He hated school.

    Harry shrugged as they stepped into there first period class: Biology
  2. [​IMG]

    Poppy, as per usual came into her class late, coffee in one hand phone in the other.
    "Poppy your late again" The teacher scolded and Poppy glared "Put the coffee in the bin" He scolded and Poppy laughed "Give me the money and I will put it in the bin" She said and went to walk in her seat. She stood infront of Harry and placed her hands on the desk and leaned close to him "Your sitting in my seat" She said with a cold and hard stare.

    Poppy had transferred to America from England when she was 15 and had quickly made the school her own, the three years of being the schools 'Regina George'.
  3. Harry smirked lightly raising a brow up at her. He'd been leaned back in his seat boredly balancing a pencil on his nose. "Excuse me love?" he questioned. The blonde in front of him was small compared to himself. A small curvy petite form she had and mentally he was drooling while truthfully he was trying to be a smart ass.
  4. Poppy's expression didn't budge "You see this seat your sitting on? Yeah it's mine now get your ass off of it before you loose your dick okay hunny" She said and everyone he knew her knew that he was being extremely stupid to try and cross a line with her "Either your on my good side or the next year of your life is hell, choose sweetie"
  5. Harry laughed. "Alright love." he grabbed his back pack before seating in the back beside Louis.

    "Hot." Louis smirked as he muttered.

    "You forgot to add headed at the end." he sighed. Being the more sensitive one of the group he didn't fight. Nor argue. He gave up fairly easy. He leaned back in his chair as the teacher began his lecture. Harry stared up at the ceiling. He wondered what her name was He was too afraid he'd lose his baby maker if he asked.
  6. Half way through the lesson Poppy turned around to look at Louis and playfully bit at her bottom lip as she did "Do you have a pen I could borrow?" She asked as she leaned back on her chair and played with her hair.
  7. "Sure." he raised a brow handing her his pen. He wasn't doing anything anyway. He shrugged. Harry chuckled. "Youre a waist. Youre totally slacking and you don't even care."

    "Im here for the ladies." Louis winked at Poppy,

    Harry snickered and went back to his work
  8. Poppy smiled "Thanks" She said and blew him a kiss before looking at Harry and shrugged "You can't have sex with a stupid grade on a biology paper can you?" She asked with a smirk before turning back to Louis "I'm going to a party this weekend, come and bring people" She said and wrote down the address and the time.
  9. Louis took the paper. "Hey, wheres your number?" he raised a brow. Niall and Liam snickered behind him. "What? Im searious." he frowned at them
  10. Poppy laughed and wrote her number down on the paper and passed it back to him and laughed at them sniggering before turning back to the class, finally glad to hear the bell go.
  11. Harry grabbed his bag him and the rest of the crew following behind. They all had different classes now so they said bye and split. Harry had Algebra so he seated in the back. Zayne was with him looking smug. Harry was in the same mood. Of course he loved School but math? He wanted to die. He began scribbling on his paper.

  12. Poppy smiled and blew Louis a kiss as she walked to her next class, her worse class of all, maths. She walked in and sat down in her seat at the back next to Harry "Please tell me your not gunna be a geek in this lesson too? I need someone to talk to throughout this hell"
  13. Harry flushed. He was seriously getting tired of this girl harassing him. “Look, whatever your name is. If a ‘geek’ is what you call a person who’s never really attended high school because of tours, concerts and , record deals.” He was averting his gaze from the girls as he played with his pencil. “So you cant judge me because unlike you I like Biology more than sex.” He felt self-conscious to admit it but he was still a virgin. But that didn’t mean anything. He respected females and knew to move slow. His mother had once told him the special girls were always attracted to the ones with no history, with respect. So, he shrugged it off. He could get any girl in this school so he didn’t pressure it. Obviously the girl beside him had some self-esteem issues to not respect herself and openly admit that she’s open for sex. He didn’t want a slut if that’s what she was.
    Zayne leaned back to look thee girl up, then down. He thought she was pretty hot. Why was Harry being so weird? Personally he would be hysterical if he was Harry. But, he wasn’t. He was quiet ‘bad boy.’ Zayne. He shrugged turning back to his own phone.
    Harry’s phone buzzed. He pulled out the Iphone to view a message from Liam.
    Liam- I have a new gf ;3 ;3
    Harry chuckled silently shaking his head. Liam was such a play boy. Not the way you would think though. He was the type of guy who found out a girl liked him and gave her a chance right then. He wasn’t shy about it either. He would go right up to her and start a conversation then ask her out. Of course he gave his heart away too easily but Harry always thought it was maybe because of his parents divorce. It made him very insecure so he’d always assumed that if he had a girl interested In him, he felt loved.
    Harry- Nice
    Liam- Wbu?
    Harry- I want to get to know a girl first.. ya know.
    Liam- You’re such a geek
    Harry- Don’t call me that.
    Harry turned his phone off in irritation. People these days.
  14. Harry had seriously touched a nerve for Poppy. Instead of being what she'd normally be like and sass back she fell quite and her head fell down as she looked at the page. It took a few moments before she looked at him "You wanna know a secret?" She said quietly to him "I've never done it, not once" She admitted "I've made everyone seem like I'm comfortable with it so they don't pressure me into it, if I admitted I haven't everyone would try and get me too and I don't want that" She admitted "But I swear to god if you tell anyone that I will kill you!" She said seriously.
  15. "Me either." Harry raised his green eyes in surprise. She was just playing off to fit in is all. Harry blinked at her. "You know, not all guys are like that. I refuse to do it until im positive im in love. I want to find the right person. " he muttered leaning back in his seat. He sneezed. Damn this cold.
  16. Poppy passed him a tissue and smiled "You know, your not that bad" She said softly and gave him a very rare smile.
  17. "And you're not as big as a bitch I thought you might be." he laughed poking her. He felt pretty comfortable now. She was actually a little nice. And she was beautiful too... He flushed looking away. God, sometimes he hated being a guy. His 'little friend.' just got the smallest bit of excited. He held his book over his lap blushing and avoiding Poppy's gaze. "Im Harry.."
  18. Poppy rolled her eyes at what he said before smiling a little "I'm Poppy" She said softly and passed him her number "Come on Saturday" She said softly and smiled at Zayn "Bring your friends with you" She said softly.
  19. Harry nodded before typing the address I and saved the number in his phone. This would be fun. A party, that was tomorrow just about. Harry grinned at her. "So, what's your favorite subject Popsicle?" he liked the nickname he gave her. He ran a finger through his hair
  20. Poppy couldn't help but smile, she trusted this guy a lot and wanted to know him better. So she had made it her mission to get him and his friends to the top of the school with her. She rolled her eyes and laughed at her new nickname and shrugged "It doesn't really have a name, it starts around about 3'oclock" She teased with a giggle "I cheerlead if that counts" She said laughing.
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