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· • • •༺ 《 introductions 》 ༻• • • · ​
Hello Lovelies, You can call me Lovi or Zero, I respond to either. I've never done a roleplay on this site but I used to roleplay for a long time on Quotev before my account got deleted. So I'm starting else where and getting the hang of the layout, so please be patient with me.​
I'm a descriptive 1x1 doubling up roleplayer. I usually do up to ten or more lines, I write a lot. I love plotting and coming up with ideas for the roleplayer either before it starts or as we go and I'd appreciate if my partner was the same so the roleplay would be more enjoyable for both parties. ​
Depending on the fandom I will or will not do NSFW stuff but I have no limit on that, I'm perfectly fine with swearing and perfectly fine with gore. My only triggers are depression and other topics along those lines. ​
I'm also a professional ballet dancer during the days so I can be very busy during the weekdays, but I will try my best to respond when I can.​
I can't think of much else right now to add so we'll move on.​

· • • •༺ 《 Fandoms 》 ༻• • • ·​
Here is a list of my fandoms and my love interests​
The ones in bold are the fandoms I'm most interested in roleplaying as of right now​.​
I'm mostly dying for a good long term DOCTOR WHO roleplay​

The Arcana — Muriel​
DC Universe — Dick Grayson​
Doctor Who — Nine or Ten
Fairy Tail — Gajeel Redfox ​
Good Omens — Crowley
Harry Potter — Harry James Potter​
Miraculous Ladybug — Luka Couffaine​
My Hero Academia — Undecided​
Mystic Messenger — Zen​
Persona 5 — Akira Kurusu/Ren Amamiya​
Red Dead Redemption 2 — Charles Smith
Rise of the Gaurdians — Jack Frost​
Sweet Home — Pyeon Sangwook​

World of Warcraft — Own Character
Still looking!
Still looking