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  1. Nymphadora Tonks shrugged her bag over her shoulder, and left her dorm after checking her hair in the mirror - yep, bubblegum pink, the same as always. She smiled, and headed down the stairs.

    As she left the Gryffindor Common Room, her thoughts turned to her next class -Defence against the Dark Arts - or more accurately, a certain boy in that class. Remus Lupin. Tonks sighed as she thought about the tall, brown-haired braniac whom she had been crushing on since they had met in first year.

    Maybe this year she might get him to notice her as more than a friend....
  2. Remus Lupin was happy that day, he was messing around with James and Siruis, well was mainly keeping them in check and out of trouble like always, Lupin looked at himself in a window and sighed seeing the scars he had and how they would never go, he hated them but then his face lit up

    his next class was his favourite out of all of them; Defence Against The Dark Arts, he loved that lesson but also he liked a certain girl that was in that class, he loved the colour of her hair which no one ever has a part from her, a bigger smile formed on his face that she was going to be in the same room

    the girl who he was in love with.......Tonks
  3. Tonks walked down the ever-changing staircases, and finally made it to her Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom. She walked in and sat down in her seat by the window.

    She glanced around, but sighed - Remus wasn't there yet.......
  4. Lupin laughed at James and Sirius and pushed them towards the Defence Against the Dark Arts room "Jeez, guys calm down and grow up a little" Lupin said and walked into the room getting hit by James, lupin turned around and raised a eyebrow "Did you really just push me" Lupin said and pushed him back taking his seat where he could see Tonks and smiled before looking down and getting the things needed out his bag
  5. Tonks watched Remus enter, joking around with his friends, and she smiled. He had the perfec balance of life - studying hard, but also having fun with his mates.

    She took a deep breath, and chucked a ball of paper at his head. "Remus!" she hissed.
  6. Lupin laughed at James as he sat infront of him and was annoying him by kicking his chair "Stop it Moony" Jame shouted and pushed his desk into him, he laughed and then a bit of paper hit his head and he raised a eyebrow and heard his name and looked to see Tonks and his mouth turned from confusion to happiness just by seeing her "What?" Lupin asked kindly and smiled at her
  7. She grinned. "I think I need some help with the essay that Professor Link set for Monday - could you maybe help?" She had actually no problem with the essay, but it was a chance to get him alone with her and possibly a chance for her to reveal her feelings for the tall, brown-haired boy.
  8. Lupin smiled at her and thought about it for a bit, if he done this with her then that means that they would get alone time and he could maybe tell her how he is in love with the, Lupin smiled "Yeah sure i can help" Lupin said kindly knowing that he could do the essay easy but didn't want to go for that, he wanted to go so he could get to know Tonks more
  9. "Thanks." Her smile was wider than ever before, and she nodded happily before turning to face the front again. The professor stood up and began the class, explaining about Grindylows and Hinkypunks.
  10. Lupin chuckled a little "Any time Tonks" Lupin said and watched as she looked back at the front and the Professor start the lesson and knew what they was about and didn't listen, all he could hear was Jame and Sirius smiling and him and making kissing noises, Lupin hit them on the back of the head "Shut it" Lupin said a little annoyed and the Professor turned around "Mr Lupin we do not do voilence in this room, i suggest you go and stand outside" The professor said and Lupin opened his mouth "So you are going to blame me and not them" Lupin shouted and got annoyed, pushing the desk a little too hard making it fall over and his chair and went outside the door cursing under his breath
  11. Tonks watched the whole commotion, and she scowled. The professor should really have sent James and Sirius out as well as Remus. Nonetheless, she took double notes during the class, keeping her mouth shut, and at the end, she hurried out, and caught Remus before he went up the corridor. "Hey there. That was really unfair when he sent you out of the whole class. I wrote up notes for you." she held the pages up to him.
  12. Lupin was surpised to be out there for the whole lesson and got some looks of professor's that walked past and was leaning against the wall and listened to the lesson with his good hearing from being a werewolve and sighed "This is boring" Lupin said and heard Tonks and looked at her "Hey" Lupin said with a smile on his face "Should of, but they wasn't really doing anything" Lupin said shrugging and took the notes and kissed her cheek "Thankyou" Lupin whispered into her ear and went back inside to get his bag and things
  13. Tonks blushed at the kiss, and she smiled happily. "No problem." She drifted off down the corridor, smiling broadly and happily, floating on cloud nine.
  14. Lupin was going to walk out but saw Tonks blushing and smiled to himself, watching her walk away and put his bag on his shoulder and his grin was from ear to ear that he had actully just kissed her cheek and wasn't shy
  15. Two hours later, it was lunch time. Tonks bolted out of her Potions class, and hurried up to the Great Hall. She paused at the doors and glanced up and down the Gryffindor table. She could see James and Sirius, sitting with Lily Evans and a scrawny boy called Peter Pettitre who always hung around that little group.

    She couldn't see Remus anywhere though...
  16. Lupin groaned as he was being given a lecture about not giving in his Herbology homework "I forgot Professor, it was the full moon last night and i couldn't do it" Lupin said annoyed that the professor knew that he was a werewolve and it was the full moon last night "Still isn't a excuse Mr Lupin" The professor said and Lupin was still angry, he noremally got angry easy when it was a couple of days before the full moon and a little after "You set it on wednesday, the full moon was yesterday" Lupin said and groaned just walking out the door ignoring that if he didn't come back he would have a detention and just walked into the great hall and sat next to James and put his head on the table
  17. Tonks caught sight of him finally and she smiled. She walked over, and tapped him on the right shoulder. "Hey Remus." She smiled at him. "You ok?" She heard Sirius snickering and she shot him a look which immediately shut him up.
  18. Lupin felt someone tap him on the shoulder and looked up to see Tonks and smiled a weak smiled "Yeah i'm brilliant" Lupin said and knew that Tonks didn't know about him being a werewolve so couldn't mention it and looked at Sirus "You better watch it Black, i'm not in the bloody mood" Lupin said threw his teeth that were clentched together and anger in his face, Sirius knew then when he saw his face to be quiet
  19. Tonks grinned, "I see you are brilliant." She enjoyed using sarcasm at times. "Would it help if you helped me to practice my Cheering Charms for Flitwick? I could practice them on you, and you would feel better." Cheering Charms had the effect that they made the person extremely happy and optimistic.
  20. Lupin looked at her and knew she was using sarcasm "Really showable isn't it" Lupin said and then shrugged "If you like, i don't mind" Lupin said and had some water from a cup
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