Lover's threat

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How long do you think you will survive?

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  1. 1 year?

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  2. 1 month?

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  3. 1 week?

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  4. 1 day?

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  5. No days? Hehe

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  6. Or some time around those times? :P

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  1. Ok. Your some guy (or girl) who just one a trip to an exotic island! YAY! While your on the plain, you find that there is no pilot! You crash, wake up and find yourself on a stranded island with lots of other people. You all then find an old abandoned cabin with a note book saying that the year is 3456! You then later realize that you are the only humans left on Earth! Yay, oh wait.......[​IMG]
    TO START OFF: you will wake up on the island with a small concusion.
  2. With a groan, Sara opened her eyes to the beautiful sky above and the sound of waves crashing along the shoreline.
    Beautiful and smart, that was the way to describe this young woman. However, with the small concussion she couldnt remember anything about herself...not even her name.
    "Hello? Hello is anyone there?" She asked slowly sitting up wearing a black tank top and combat pants with sneakers.
    Cheyenne rolled over in the sand. It felt as if many tiny blades were piercing her skin. It had to be... bits of the plane! There was smoke. and turbulence. they must have went down.
    "Crud. Kshhhh! Ah. Ow." She sat herself upright, feeling groggy. She checked herself over, seeing splinters here and there. She looked at the others around her. Most looked perfectly fine, and others were injured with very minor scratches.
    She stumbled to her feet, finally realizing that she was on the beach. The sand as warm between Her toes and the wind ran through her hair. She heard someone else sit up. It was a pretty girl, who she had seen before take-off while waiting in line for the plane.
    The only reason she was on a plane in the first place was she was in a concert. She had promised some people to do a charity concert and she was going home. But now, she had no idea where she was.
    "Hello? Hello is anyone there?" The girl asked.
    "I am." Cheyenne said.
  4. Waking up, Josh felt like he had smacked by his mom, again. He saw that there was two girls but he couldn't remeber much. All he knew was, there was a crash of some sort. He stood up, then puked a little in his mouth then fell to the ground again.
  5. Lucas slowly began to stir as he felt something mark and wet on his. "God what happened" he stated as he began to rubs his eyes. He looked around and realized he was still in the plane. Or what was left of it. He pulled picked up a piece of nearby shrapnel and cut the belt. He slowly made his way out of the plane and onto the beach.
  6. "H-hello," Sarah said getting up quickly and brushing herself off, "do you know where in the world we are?"
    The young woman walked towards Chyenne and held out her hand to let her up.
  7. Cheyenne accepted the help up. "Thanks." she groaned as she was lifted up, and doubled over slightly. "Oh dear god." She felt sick to her stomach in an instant. She straightened out, though it was still painful to stay standing.
    "I honestly have no clue where we are. I think the airplane we were on crashed. And i thought i was going to go home to my puppy doggies." She sighed.
  8. Jode helped her keep steady, as she listened...believe it or not she was an archeologist who had trained for surviving in harsh or any type of climates...however she didnt know why or how she had knew about what things to eat but she did.
    "I wonder if there are any others, but i think we should build a shelter first..."'
  9. Cheyenne steadied herself, but her head was light and dizzy. she had very little blood loss, but it was just enough that it threw her for a loop. She put her palm to her forehead then pulled her hair back with a hair tie from her wrist.
    "I think I heard someone in the plane's wreckage, and we could probably find useful things in there. As a heads up, there may be dead people too..." Her voice trailed off. The thought of death disturbed her slightly. She regained her composure. "But we not have to right now if you don't want to." The pain she was feeling started to dull somewhat. She was starring to get used to it.
  10. In the light of the sun he could finally see what was on his face. It was blood, he was was bleeding from his head. He looked around to get his bearings. He was on his way home from the marine corps, so he was used to surviving. He noticed two girls on the beach but made no moves towards them. He had to find his bag.

    Bruno slowly stirs awake and tries to sit up. "Ugh, wha-what happened?" he groaned out. He surveys the surroundings and sees that aside from a few other people he's in a completely isolated beach. 'Why am I at a beach? Wasn't I in a plane flying to....wait, did the plane crash?' the smell of smoke in the air confirmed his suspicion. "Great, just great." he muttered as he stood up, still feeling a bit groggy. "So, does anyone have any serious injuries?" he asked to everyone awake, thinking that checking and possibly trying to treat such things should be the first course of action. He has a feeling that he's gonna be here for awhile.
  12. "Oh! I saw movement!" She said, rushing past Sara to the wreckage. She ignored all the pain signals her brain was receiving.

    "So, does anyone have any serious injuries?" Someone said. It was a man's voice.

    "A few people have come around. We were thrown from the plane." She looks a few feet from her and sees Lucas. She drop to her knees and checks up on Lucas. "I just found someone. He's in pretty bad shape." She grabbed a suitcase, which was flown from the plane during the crash, and used it to elevate Lucas's head.
    "Are you alright in there?" She asked, then seeing another person, yet again not too far away, checked on him.
    "And another living one." She said to herself. "Bruised but not as bad as the kid over there." She stood up. The only reason she was good at this was that she would normally hang out around and help out the first aid tents at concerts. Those injuries got pretty rough.
  13. Bruno walked over to Lucas a bit slowly since he was feeling pretty light-headed. Once he got there he assessed the mans injures. There seems to be a lot of blood coming from a gash on his head. Bruno decided to take the suitcase and open it for anything that can be used to wrap his head. He found an extra pair of clothes. He grabbed a white shirt and wrapped around the wound tightly. "Hey, are you awake sir?" Bruno asked.
  14. Lucas looked around. "I'm good look for a green bag with usmc on the side."
  15. "Um, alright sir." Bruno looked around the wreckage for the bag. 'This is a really big plane.' he thought. 'Come to think of it, is that guy a US marine? I should ask once I find the bag. Which might take a bit.' After searching for about ten minutes he finally found the bag Lucas was talking about under some shrapnel from the plane. He picked up what he then realized heavy bag carried it to him. "I believe this is the bag you were asking for. What's in it anyway? It was fairly heavy." he asked.
  16. Cheyenne was sifting through the wreckage for important things and luggage. The pain of all the miscellaneous splinters was coming back again.
    "Oh, ow." She muttered, struggling slightly to stand up. She finally did get up, then stumbled back to her original place and sat down, really tired.
  17. Lucas opened up the bag after sifting through he pulled out a backpack that had a small pouch attached to it. He opened up the ouch revealing a combat first aid kit. He looked at the other male. "Could bandage up my head."
  18. Slowly fluttering her eyes open, Yvonne felt like her head is being smashed by rocks. "How long was I asleep?" she wondered, slowly sitting up and feeling the sand beneath her. "sand?" she said out loud, now realizing that she isn't in the plane anymore and that she's in a beautiful island with such magnificent sand and such clear blue waves. She was stunned for a moment before snapping out of her trance, looking around and trying to stand up slowly. "Oh.. there's my tote bag" she murmured, pulling it out of the sand and saw a group of people ahead. Not knowing what to do, she hid behind a palm tree beside her, hoping that they won't assault her or anything.
  19. "Ah, okay." Bruno undressed the wound and re-bandaged it with an actual elastic bandage instead of a shirt. "That should work for now. Are you well enough to walk? It'd be the best course of action to build a shelter or find drinkable water next. Since it seems like everyone else isn't too injured." he said.
  20. Cheyenne was sitting on the ground at the moment, checking herself for the major cuts and bruises. She had finished checking Josh, making sure he wasn't too injured, though it would be a while until he came back to consciousness. Then, she stood up.
    "We should find and or make a shelter. We have no clue where we are, so lets be careful where we tread. We can come back once we have something made up." She surveyed the wreckage. It'd be a while to get something ready.
    "And we should make something like a fire. So if any search parties come by. It may be a while though." She limped over to the treeline, picking up some dead branches. "There is a surplus of wood back here." and when she said that, she tripped, and fell through some bushes. She struggled to push herself up, but she decided to just sit back. She stared at a stump a few feet in front of her. It looked like it had been chopped down rather than it falling on its own.
    "And i think i found something. We aren't the first ones here." She finally found the strength to stand up, and look over the stump. The growth in that area was shorter than the rest of the forest. As if it was remnants of an old pathway.