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  1. Name: Kelsii Amber Difazio (AKA, Princess Kelsii or Princess Kel)
    Age: 20
    White blonde wavy hair, thick, pale skin and wide bluish-gray eyes. Thinner yet slightly curvy in build, with a bigger chest and smaller hips.

    Name: Luciana "Lux" Serling
    Age: 21
    Lean build, B size breasts which she binds, about 5'7 height.
  2. Kelsii ran her fingers over the smooth dark wooden railing as she descended down the steps. The staircase was large and spiraled up to the top floor of the castle where sky guards kept watch over the green filled lands. As she stepped carefully because of her small white heeled shoes, her lace white train behind her followed. She wore a gown, made of silk and fine lace, always a bright pure white color. Not because of her own choice but because of her fathers, violet, white, and silver were the main colors of the land. They made up the royal crest and all the flags into battle were these colors, so the entire castle of stone and dark wood were also decorated in these colors. Her father always dressed in fine violet velvet and silver jewelry demanded Kelsii wore white and silver in tone. So when together for jury or in public, they would look unique. Her mother was dead, and her father a playboy. So it was only Kelsii and her father left in the kingdom now. Well them, and many illegitimate children of her fathers.

    Tossing her pale blonde hair back as she reached the last step, Kelsii reached behind her to pick her own train up before a small stroll through the gardens. Today was a dry, warm, sunny day. Perfect for a small stroll, although she never often did so, and could only be out for short amounts of time. One because royals were always pale, farmers were tan, not that of the kingdoms leaders, and two because it was not safe to be out long. Because of her fathers playboy tendancies, many royals with wives he had slept with wanted him dead. It was only by god's sweet miracle that they weren't yet war ravaged lands. Walking smoothly across the front lawn, Kelsii timdly tried to hide herself. Dressed in bright white it was hard to be sneaky, but if her father caught her, or her father's right hand man were to, it wouldn't be pleasant.

    Slipping along the stone wall she carefully made her way to the back. When she could she hid behind the tall shrubbery that dotted the royal grounds. When she made her way to the back without too much notice, she let down her trail and walked across the soft grass. A painter was sitting in his chair, veiwing the orchids and painting them with a light hand so she slipped behind the rose bushes to thumb over the soft petals instead.
  3. “Warm today.” Leo remarked, crossing his arms over his chest plate as he leaned slightly against the castle wall. “Won’t be long now before the ladies of the court start showing a little more skin. Their necklines scoop just a bit lower, their dresses become just a bit airier…” Lux, who was only half-listening to Leo smiled and waved at some of the ladies walking out of the castle. They giggled from behind their fans. They were pretty, perhaps some of the king’s potential mistresses. There were quite a few visiting today under the guise of some political occasion. They were swarming all over the castle, all anxious to gain the devotion of the opulent bachelor king.

    “Tell me you haven’t bedded a single woman to arrive through those gates.” Leo demanded, not letting the flirtation go unnoticed.

    “I haven’t.” Lux replied frankly.

    “Why not? They seem to like you well enough.” It was true, the noble women did eye Lux from time to time. It had to be the boyish charm, or the way that none of the other guards were as fresh-faced and handsome as bright-eyed firm-chinned Lux. What those women didn’t know, of course- what nobody knew- is that Lux was actually a girl.

    “Perhaps no one has caught my eye.” Lux offered. Leo scoffed.

    “Well come summer your tune will change, I’ll promise you that. A woman in translucent silk is far harder to ignore than a woman in wool.”

    “Perhaps you’re right.” Lux humored, scratching her neck as she pushed off of the wall. As a woman in chainmail, she wasn’t entirely sure what to think of that statement. “I think I’ll take my perimeter round now. Enjoy the view, Leo.” She gave him a playful punch in the shoulder before heading off.

    It was the warmest day they had received in some time and she smiled broadly as she walked, feeling the light heat against her face. Her hair had a healthy golden glow and her skin, although light, had a warm undertone from many days in the sun. Ground perimeter was not such a bad post. There was always a lot to see, watching people come and go at the front gate, or skirting the grounds admiring the nature. Lux had been stationed at the palace five months now. Not quite long enough to be assigned to the front gate or any of the royal family’s personal detail, but long enough to know the castle and its grounds frontwards and backwards.

    As the palace was huge, it took her several minutes to make it to the back lawn of the castle. There was a row of rose bushes and a man painting some feet away. Then something glinting from far above caught Lux’s eye. It was a vase, imported from the East, heavy but very breakable. It was sitting on the ledge of a window four stories up and it seemed to be moving. Yes, it was most definitely inching forward. Perplexed, she traced her eyes directly down and noticed something white and silver glinting behind the rose bush.

    Lux wasn’t particularly clever, but at that moment something in her gut just… understood. A low scraping sound came from high above and she leapt into action. Shoving the man out of the way, Lux grabbed the freshly wet canvas off of the easel and darted for the bushes. She reached out, pulled Princess Kelsii to her, wrapped an arm around her waist, and threw both of them to the ground at the base of another rose bush a few feet away. Her left hand and forearm held the canvas up as a shield. As if on cue, the heavy vase smashed into the ground right where Kelsii had been hiding merely a moment before and several deadly sharp shards flew out and lodged themselves deep in Lux’s makeshift shield. The painter stood aghast.

    Lux waited a moment in case of a second attack and then tossed the gored canvas aside before unwrapping her arm from around the princess’s waist. “Princess Kelsii... My lady, are you alright?” She asked, blue eyes wide with adrenaline. Lux had a few cuts on her face and arms from the rose thorns, her blonde hair was disheveled and she was covered in leaves and dirt. The princess looked much the same. They looked as if they had been rolling in the leaves together for some time. It occurred to Lux that this was the first time she had ever seen the Princess at a distance of less than 500 feet. She was... absolutely stunning.
  4. Admiring the roses, Kelsii ran her long, manicured finger over the red petal softly. It had a nice scent, which was very similar princess Kelsii's own perfume. She was scented of roses and sugar though, a soft syrupy scent that was personally created by her beautician, or rather, maid. Most of the maids were darker skinned women from the southern nearest kingdom closer to her own. Not because they were taken as slaves, but the kingdom below them had a cruel and unjust leader, so many escaped north to the nicer one. This though was much harder for the men, because women were welcomed much more kindly by her father than men. Men needed to be farmers, work hard, women just needed a pretty face or hair and suddenly the King would offer them a job in the royal kingdom.

    In thought about her father, she automatically was reminded of her mother, how disappointed her mother would be to know about her fathers alcoholic and women affairs. Her mother though, died with the plauge when Kelsii was a young girl. The last time an illness was to sweep the country. She understood that her father was in pain from the incident, and he loved her mother very much. Without her though, he had nothing else to take the pain away but booze and women. A pang was in her heart as she thought of it, her father really was a good man. Kelsii delt with her problems much differently than him.

    A loud noise of a gasp and a sudden swirl of air caused Kelsii's eyes to widen and her scream to get caught on the back of her tongue. As she was jerked back, she saw nothing but swirls of green and glints of shine in her terror. Her head spun and when it stopped she was staring at shards of jagged porcelain in a large canvas. Startled her grayish eyes slowly flickered from the canvas to the man holding her, he was a handsome man with blue eyes and golden hair. Blood streaked across his cheek and dirt and leaves in his hair. Bringing her hand up she lightly touched the cut on his face before realizing what he said.

    "I- think so. A-Are you injured?" Her voice was soft and an undertone of worry lasted. It wasn't exactly rare others attempted her demise. But it wasn't exactly 'normal' either.

    It took her a moment to process everything, the beautiful vase broken and the painters canvas ruined right to the fact that it was her father's night that had got her out of danger. Standing and brushing herself off she looked upwards to the window. "Who was that?" She asked eyes up, but no one was there. "What did I do to make them hate me already?" Her voice was slightly frusterated, could she not even go out for a stroll in the garden anymore? Was she gonna be forced to stick in her room for the rest of eternity?
  5. Lux stood and helped the princess to her feet, panting a little as she came down from her adrenaline high. “Your father has many potential mistresses in the palace today.” She placed her thumb and pointer finger gingerly on Princess Kelsii’s jaw and tilted her face upward to check for cuts or bruises. She also liked having an excuse to look at and touch the arresting woman in front of her. “Perhaps one of them thinks she’s already won the king’s favor and has decided to take you out so there won’t be competition for the throne.” Lux took her hands away, picked up the wrecked canvas, and wiped her cheek. The blood smeared a little across her face. “I pray that your Highness will forgive my brashness, of course. It’s only a theory.” She paused for a moment. “Oh, and I’m fine. Just thorn pricks.”

    “What is this?” A voice called from behind them. A tall, intimidating looking man, clearly noble, stood there with a company of guards and maids. The painter stood in the back of the group still looking flabbergasted. The maids ran at once to Kelsii, checking for injuries, and fruitlessly attempting to brush the dirt and leaves off of her once beautiful dress. “What have you done here knave?”

    “I’m a knight, not a knave.” Lux retorted with a fire in her eyes. “And I just saved your princess.”
  6. Kelsii blushed when the knight touched her face, turning away slightly. "It sounds reasonable." She murmured, nodding her head, the fire in her cloudy sky eyes dulling. She licked her lips and nodded again, as if she was thinking it out in her head. And she was, as her father had many women, and that who was too woo him would sit on the throne next to him. Kelsii would get the throne when her father died, even if the queen was still alive, so that may have been the reason another would have wanted murder.

    Suddenly maids were around her and her fathers short figure was in sight. "Father. Do not be rude. One of your mistresses tried to kill me!" She brushed off the rushing maids and went back to the knight, pointing at him with a light finger. "He deserves a raise for his honor. He knew he could have been hit himself and still he saved me. Up his position at once." It was an order, a demand, not something to argue about. Her fire came back to her eyes and she stepped forward, brushing a leaf out of her silk white gold hair. "It will make up for what you've done here, with your wenches." She added, as if it was deserved and not to be argued ,

    (Sorry if it doesn't make sense, I'm a little drunk)
  7. (Haha you're fine.)

    Lux tried to smother the smile that was quickly stretching across her face when the princess stood up for her. Who knew that her highness could be so commanding? And here in front of the king himself. Meeting two members of the royal family within one hour… who would have thought?

    The king harrumphed and turned to Lux. Lux straightened her back and eyed the king boldly. “What is your name, son?”

    “Lux Serling of the Smaltlands, sir.” Lux puffed out her chest proudly when she said it. She did not care about the king’s slightly disapproving demeanor. Lux was indeed from the Smaltlands, a distant and agricultural region of the kingdom that royals never visited. In the past knights had come only from noble families, but the plague had ravaged the population to the point that skilled commoners such as Lux, and Lux certainly was skilled, could rise up into the knighthood.

    “And you are a member of my guard?” It took a man with great resources to not know the names or faces of his own protectors. The King was one such man.

    “Yes I am.” Lux replied.

    “My daughter seems to believe that you deserve a promotion, knight of the Smaltlands.” He smirked about when he said it. “Given that she is so confident in your abilities, how would you like to become a member of her personal guard?”

    “I would like that very much, your highness.” Lux replied, clenching her jaw so as not to break out in a silly grin. She didn’t bother to mention that knights who had been on the grounds for only five months typically did not receive such promotions.

    “Very well then. By my official order you are now a member of my daughter’s own guard. Maids, clean my trouble-making daughter up. It’s seems I have things to attend to within the castle.” The king then turned and walked away. As soon as he was no longer watching. Lux broke out in a huge grin and slapped the center of her chest plate. “A promotion! Can you believe it?” She shook the distressed painter’s shoulder joyfully. “This is the greatest day of my life!” She turned to princess Kelsii, who was still being picked over by the frantic maids, and dropped down on one knee in front of her, bowing her head. “Thank you, princess. I promise no one will lay a hand on you so long as I’m here.”

    “Into the castle.” Pronounced the eldest maid, who seemed to possess some decision-making influence. “We must get this mess taken care of.” The procession moved on towards the castle doors. Lux, indifferent to the leaves in her hair and the blood on her cheek followed after feeling as lucky as a prince.
  8. "Troublemaking?" Kelsii fumed, standing taller. "Atleast I'm not fucking every girl in this kingdom." The vulgar words were whispered under her breath harshly, enough so the maids around could gasp but her father could not here.

    She was brought back to earth when she peered over at the knight who was celebrating. "It is nothing." She claimed, shaking her head, the joy from him too contagious to stay mad. One of the maids took her hand softly as if to lead her and she pulled her hand away. "Painter sir! My father will buy you a new canvas of silk, and paints of pure dye. Tell him I told you it was so, and if he denies you, I will personally make sure he gets a speaking to."

    The painter looked up with a surprised "Ah! Thank you, there's no need!" He said, but again the maids were leading her away, the knight toeing behind.

    Kelsii responded with a quick, "There is every need!" In a call back.

    Kelsii did not appreciate her father's view that because he was born royal he suddenly got all these privledges to be a total wanker. "Well you'll have your work cut out for you. Although these attempts aren't often they aren't exactly rare either. You'll have to meet Jeff, my nighttime guard. He doesn't like walking around and guarding me in the day because I'm fairly boring and like to shop and such. So you can be stuck with that awful job." A small smile fell over Kelsii's lips, it was a bit twisted and rueful. Oh what she'd do for a little sister that spent time with her in such things she enjoyed. The poor knights would feel dull or feminine doing such things. "I cut off my last knight who did this because of his complaining, so if you really hate it I can give you a new job of course. But if you don't mind boring things, you get a bigger pay raise because of your uncomfortableness. Do you have a family that needs to be fed?"
  9. Lux listened to Kelsii's description of her day to day life. It didn't sound so boring. It had to be more interesting than wandering the grounds all day. Lux thought of Leo and how he would be absolutely fuming when he found out about the unexpected promotion.

    Lux didn't care much for shopping herself, but to spend her time in the company of another woman sounded delightful. Lux missed women and to finally earn the company of one as alluring as Kelsii was a great victory. When it came to keeping Lux happy in her new job the extra pay was completely unnecessary.

    "A family?" Lux repeated, her eyebrows jumped a bit at the question. People, let alone princesses, rarely asked guardsmen about families. Of course if the way she had treated the unfortunate painter was any indication, she was an uncommonly empathetic woman. "Well, I do have a family. Five siblings. Of course if you mean a wife or children," Lux chuckled "No I can't say I have either of those."
  10. "Ah if you take care of your family, it is a family none the less. I was thinking about the heavy hours you'd have to work. As I can only trust certain people around me, I have few guards. You will have to taste my food and drink to make sure it is not poisoned at every meal, you'll have to be outside the room when I change and the maids are tending to me, it's a heavy job. Which you may always opt out of." Kelsii added, nodding to herself. "It's really the only place you can fit right now though."

    Kelsii walked around the gardens, the maids kept quiet. "And I didn't want to take you away from your family, as this can also be a very dangerous job but I'm sure you know and your family knows the risk being a knight and all. If you aren't raising kiddies I suppose it won't be too bad though. As a child needs there father much more than you need to be there for your siblings. Atleast you'll be able to live comfortably and help your family out when needed." She said softly, nodding to herself. "And do you like to be called Lux, or Mr. Serling?"

    She would have to go through basics first, though she barely knew him she figured she could trust someone who would put their life in danger to save her own.

    As the reached back around to the front gates, Kelsii gave a nod to the knight standing by the doors and a small smile. She didn't know them as well as she did the maids, but it was always polite to give them a hello or a wave for doing their job and doing it well... After all she was still alive.
  11. Lux walked with her hands behind her back and listened to Kelsii’s description of the job. Long hours would be no problem at all. Lux knew from a young age that she was born to protect people. She lit up, thinking of the new job that had just been handed to her. Protecting a princess, a kind and beautiful princess, it was like a fairy tale. Lux was absolutely glowing.

    “So long as you need me your highness, I will not leave your side.” Lux told her as they entered the castle. The nearby guardsman looked on in shock as Lux followed the disheveled looking princess into the castle. Oh, to only know what they were thinking. ”My family lives far away in the Smaltlands so they will not worry after me much. And please do call me Lux.”

    Lux looked around the great entrance hall. The ceilings seemed as high as the clouds and everything was shimmering and beautiful.
  12. "Lux. I like that name. Like Luxury." Keslii smiled and nodded, although it didn't make too much sense. There weren't very many people who wrote and read in the community, but she was one of them.

    Heading up the dark wood stairs the princess held herself up with the railing, heels weren't the easiest to walk in. Although she wore them most places, her feet had high arches and she was more comfortable in the inconvenient shoe. The walls were painted violet, with strong silver accents, picture frames of silver, roses dipped in silver held in white vases. It was all very a limited pallet. Dark wood, violet, silver, white. This was her fathers OCD. Opening the door for her, the large room decked out in a similar pallet was in view. "I must change, please stay here." She nodded, letting the maids take her. "Sorry I'll be quick!"
  13. "Oh, thank you." Lux replied, not entirely sure what Kelsii meant. "My family says it's a very old word that means 'light' in some dead language."

    Lux's birth name was actually Luciana, but her family did call her Lux. They saw it fitting to her vibrant personality and golden hair and skin. The gender neutral nickname had made her male ruse that much easier when she was in training and eventually submitting herself for the knighthood. Kelsii apologized as she disappeared to get cleaned up. Lux marveled at a royal apologizing to a knight such as her, especially one of common birth. Kelsii was not like any other noble woman, that was for sure.

    Lux glanced around the room that surrounded her. Was this Kelsii's bedroom? It was absolutely lovely. She stopped by a silver-framed mirror and mussed her fingers around in her hair causing several twigs and leaves to fall to the floor. After this job was done she looked at herself in the mirror, tilting her chin this way and that, examining her own features. She made a very convincing boy, pretty, but convincing indeed. Her bright blue eyes glinted with satisfaction. The charade that was Sir Lux Serling was her greatest achievement. She couldn't help but be proud.

    Growing bored of the mirror, Lux wandered over to the window and looked out over the vast grounds, breathing in the fresh spring air. Her mind wandered to Kelsii changing just a wall away. She was like a lily, soft and white, the type of girl boys by the dozen would fall for. Lux wished briefly that she had the appropriate gender and station to be one of Kelsii's courtiers, but she didn't and that was just a fact she would have to deal with.
  14. Kelsii slipped into the room, the maids unzipping the long zipper out back of her dress, grabbing warm water and ringing out towlettes to wash her face. She sat down in her simple undergarments as they did so, brushing back her white gold hair and pressing warm cloth to her face and arms. A maid smiled warmly, "So a new knight huh?" One of the girls behind her giggled. "Single too." Kelsii rolled her eyes, knowing they were speaking more for themselves than teasing her. A maid came by with a compact and lightly pressed a moisturizer to her lips so that they didn't chap. Blinking she looked up as the maids pulled her up once more. It was so difficult being man handled all the time.

    A new dress was placed over her hands, and she stepped out of her white heels. This dress was also silk and lace, her favorite thing to wear. Different though, As it had lace on the corset like top, and silk flowing downwards. Less 'modern' as 'modern' times could be, and more royal, more princess-like. Placing her tiara on her head and pinning it in place, Kelsii winced. The maid gave the shoes that was supposed to be with the dress, and she already knew what they were. Flat footed. She hated them. But beauty was pain and she stepped into them without a word.
    Sighing, the maids touched up her hair and dress, tugging at her this way and that and making sure she was left without bruise or scratch before opening the door back up and letting her out. When she got out, she went and opened the door politely, in her mind rather rudely though, and said "You are dismissed." In a polite tone. One of the maids gave a wave and wink to Lux before shuffling out. Kelsii did her best not to slam the door behind them, although the eldest ones eyes flicked between Lux and Kelsii with a disapproving look before leaving. She was a loud mouth and Kelsii already knew the king would hear of anything she did around that woman. She gave Lux an exasperated look. "They hurt me more than you did." She laughed, shaking her head.
  15. Lux turned around when she heard Kelsii voice dismissing the maids. She thought she caught a wink from one as they paraded out and left her alone with Kelsii. She chuckled along. "I'm sorry I had to hurt you at all, m'lady." Her eyes combed over the princess, admiring the new dress, especially the bodice which clung to Kelsii's small waist without diminishing the plush and inviting softness of her breasts. She bit her lower lip as she smiled. "Although, it did work out quite well for me, didn't it? I'm here now with you." She met Kelsii's eye, still biting her lip. "Tell me Princess, do you have any gentlemen courting you that I'll have to look out for as your bodyguard?"
  16. Keslii shook her head lightly with a laugh, "I jest, I jest." She pulled all her hair over one shoulder, taken aback by the question. Her eyes met Lux's for a moment, and then heat pooled in her cheeks and she looked away. "Ah. No." She responded, "I have an arranged marriage by my father, but I have no interest in the man and he is very far away and does not come by often. My father, he let's me do much of what I like, and continues to push back this wedding as I wish nothing to do with it." She sighed softly, thinking about it. The man she was to marry was large and not to pleasant, a man with a temper and a quick hand. But he was wealthy and her father thought it good for the kingdom to have good relations with them. "I have other men that come around once in awhile to attempt courting me. But they annoy me, so I'd rather not see them anyhow."
  17. A fiancee... Lux's couldn't help but feel a bit crestfallen. But why? It does not matter if she's engaged. Her brain berated her. You're a woman! Remember? And one of common birth at that!

    You did make her blush, though.
    Pointed out the other side of her brain. And Lux's heart swelled a bit at that thought.

    "Well, I'll be sure to keep them at bay, then." Lux replied confidently. "Any other enemies or nuisances I should be aware of?"
  18. "Mistresses tend to be a nuisance. Oh, and Alec." She remembered, "Alec is short, black hair with really, really green eyes. He's tan and muscular. He comes around a lot. He tries to court me now and again and it's really annoying. He isn't an enemy but I'd rather not have to see his lewd looks and hear his vulgar talk. It's annoying and I feel bad telling him off because he must have some kind of mental issue to make him so blind to the fact I want nothing to do with him."
    She thought about if she had a picture of him, "He's in town a lot." She addd, wishing she had a painting of some sort, he really bothered her. One time he had put his hands on her and... Luckily he went away with quick words and the sound of footsteps down the hall. But it had been close and it was scary. "Also Liam is my 'fiancee' he's blonde and very tall and wide. He's loud and demanding, a rough skin and big lips. If you see him, just warn me I suppose so I may hide away or find my father before the man finds me. Also very annoying. No one though other than the mistresses I don't think that actually want to kill me. The rest are annoying and I just don't want to deal with them. I'm too... Shy? Not really, I dont know the word. But I cannot tell them to go away for some reason. I feel bad. But not bad enough to ask you to do it for me i suppose."
  19. Lux raised her eyebrows. "You have quite the burden, what with all of these men pursuing you." She experienced a minor twinge of guilt for the way in which she too looked at Kelsii. She hadn't lived as a woman in so many years she had nearly forgotten how much that had to endure of predatory men. Of course, Lux had been lucky enough to be able to beat up her harassing courtiers from a young age so she hadn't needed to be as alert. Kelsii, on the other hand, was fragile and stunningly beautiful. Yes, she surely had to put up with a lot. She took a moment to memorize their names and descriptions. "Alec, dark hair, green eyes. Liam, blonde hair, rough skin... Alright, I've got it."

    "So given that there's so many mistresses here today, your would-be assassin among them, it would probably be best to stay out of the way. Is there a quiet place you like to go to?"
  20. "Yes, I can read and write so I like to read in my study I also like to go out to town and shop. Either of these places are fine for me, although I think it may be better to stay in the castle if I've already had problems today. Theres stuff to paint with and play cards with in there too." She thought warmly, picking up her diary off the side table. It had no lock or key but she figured she didn't need one, as her father never came in the room and the maids only did while dressing her. She liked to be rather private in the places she spent, but guards were necessary.
    Walking over to the large dark wooden door she looked back over her room. The desk and mirror, a walk in closet, a window bigger than the door with a balcony. She was definitely privileged Her bed could fit maybe four of her comfortably and had a large canopy of white and violet gauzy material floating down from the top. She felt bad for the knight. "If you decide you dont like your post and want to go back to your knight friends you always are able." She added, smiling and nodding. "I won't force you here." She stepped out into the hall, a passing of two royal women down the corridor made her glance and shake her head. Her damn father.
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