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    It can be so easily to fall into the pattern of thought that has you picking apart your own flaws. We all fall prey to it from time to time. Sometimes, it can be good, keeping us from getting hyper-inflated egos. Other times, however (maybe most of the time for some people) all it does is drag us down.

    With that in mind, I want you to take a minute and consider your good qualities.

    What do you like best about yourself physically?
    What do you like best about your personality?

    Don't be the whiny, self-deprecating person who replies to this with 'nothing'. The Space Kittens will look down upon you and in their hearts, there will be loathing. Don't make the kittens hate you.
  2. Don't make the kittens saaaaaaaaaad!

    Physical quality? My hair perhaps. I lucked out with the genetics lottery and have nice dark hair that isn't too thin, too straight, or too poofy. It's thick enough to put pretties in for the most part and waves ever so slightly so I have nice body to my locks. I also enjoy it as it gets longer.

    Personality trait? I am a well of perpetual optimism. Now don't get me wrong, anyone that knows me knows I have my mood swings; anger, sadness, pensive, doubt, fear, loathing. These are normal. However my normal mode is one of always seeing the better, knowing this too shall pass, and how can we creat what we desire. Life is good damn it, even if it's not good all the time. After all we can learn lessons and grow if things were never challenging. Striving for a better tomorrow by living today to our fullest, that how life should be. And if you fall, cry if you need to, but then get back up and smile cause look, you can still stand!
  3. What do you like best about yourself physically?
    I've always love my eyes. 8D I've got a very expressive face and they're a badass color. I always want to learn how to do fancy eye makeup so I can make them more prominant.

    I also really love my natural hair color. >:3 I feel like it suits me, and though I enjoy experimenting with other colors. That's always just for the fun of something different.

    What do you like best about your personality?
    I like that I can make a whole room of strangers/friends/family feel more comfortable and less awkward, by being a total awkward weirdo myself. XD Even when I was a teenager and turbo insecure, I'm that person who knows how to say just the right thing to get a room full of people ranting, talking, or turning around to look at me like I am crazy. I am that flexible individual that can bring a bunch of totally different people together by being a common denominator and balancing factor.

    I am also totally cool with the fact that I sing all the time. About everything. ALL THE TIME. At random and especially when I am nervous. It's whimsical and ridiculous and I don't give a fuck. 8D I'mma sing myself out of any situation.
  4. Pick one thing for each, chyes?~ CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.


    - w- You all know me, you all know this is hard.
    I shall go with... My eyes! ^^' Out of everything, I can always say I do like my eyes..~ They express so much throughout the day and can say things I can't even say in audible words. They sometimes look more green with a pool of caramel brown in the middle, and sometimes they look more brown, with a copper shine.
    They're usually warm, and just kind of fun to watch change throughout the year.~ LIKE A CHAMELEON. CHAMELEON STACI. o ^o!
    But yeah.~


    My personality is something I like a lot bettur. - w- hmmmm.~
    One thing I would say is
    I like my ability to empathize with someone in person, and sometimes through voice, even text.
    It helps to naturally focus on someone and get a feel for how they are emotionally at that moment. By being in touch with such a connection, I am able to respond accordingly, politely, so not to go out of line and offend or hurt someone on purpose.
    Another way of saying this is I guess I like the fact that I tend to listen, really listen/read, to people. -nod.-
  5. I feel like I'm repeating what everyone else is saying. XDD I think my best physical trait are my eyes and my hair. I love the shape of my eyes and the color of them. The funny thing about my eyes is I hate putting make up on them a lot of the times because I feel like it masks the natural shape of them. I love my hair... When it's behaving. When it is doing what I want it to do, it frames my face awfully well and I just love it.

    I've come to love that determined aspect about me. At first I never noticed it until my boyfriend pointed that out to me. No matter how scared, or nervous or apprehensive I am about something, if it needs to be done, I will get it done.
  6. Best physical trait... my mustache. Of course. I groom that shit every day.

    Best Psychological trait? This is a toughie... My ability to remember the way I cooked anything ever?
  7. What do you like best about yourself physically?
    i like my whole damn body...its mine not yours so why shouldnt i love it but for the most part i love my feet because feet gross me out because they are ugly but mine arent that bad they will be soon because im starting to wear heels more offten and they are starting to point -_- why stripper shoes do that i dont know ((yes i have stripper shoes they are clear and 6 inch heels))
    What do you like best about your personality?

    i think me and diana are kinda the same i say the stupidist shit just so people can feel alittle normal around me
    and the fact that i can find myself singing songs that dont go with where i am or what im doing like one time i was caught myself singing oasis by amanda palmer in a kids store ((yeah abortion songs dont go over well in kids stores saddly)) or i can goof up and sing the right song at the perfect moment...thank god im pretty by emilie autumn in the middle of a dressing room.
  8. Physical? Teeth!

    Personality? My ability to fake confidence!
  9. Physical -- Me. I'm not perfect, but my body works without excessive complications and I'm purdy overall. *shrug*

    Personality -- I have the peculiar talent of distracting people from almost anything. Tragedy, rage, teachers (( >.> )), etc. The love of and desire for fun is contagious, and I practically sneeze it onto people's faces. That was a disgusting metaphor.... I like it.
  10. What I like about me physically would have to be my legs. xD

    As crazy as it sounds, I can run REALLY fast and move really quick against obstacles. After I took up free-running it just added on to how I love my legs, because they've carried me through all of my hard times, stay strong no matter what, and make me feel so.... free. ^_^

    What I like mostly about my personality is that I barely feel shame in certain things I say. Or at least about the crazy things I do with my friends. We laugh, we play, we curse, we have a good time. And we do it all with no regrets.

  11. Physical Trait: I'm cut like a diamond and chisled like granite. I'm built like a jack of all trades: strong enough, tough enough, agile enough, fast enough without compromising anything else. Ideal for someone who studied 9 martial arts with wildly differing training regimens and physical demands.

    Personality Trait: Efficiency. I get the job done and I have no patience for you bullshit. Cut the crap and lets get down to business, because that's how we roll.
  12. Physical traits:
    My favorite part of myself is actually my shoulders. I have no idea why, and I know it sounds weird but yes my shoulders are my favorite.
    I like my hair, my eyes, my neck, my shoulders, my hands are okay, my calves, and my ankles. Very specific, I'm aware, but there you have it.

    Personality traits:
    I really like the way I've evolved over time, I think back to how I reacted to things years ago and how I would have handled it better where I am now. I've been through a lot, who hasn't, but overall it's made me a lot tougher and even though I've got a lot of scars (physically and mentally) what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I am very flawed, but I know that eventually I'll be able to handle anything and everything.
    However, my favorite part about me is that I am a wonderful friend. I am reliable, dependable, I have never failed anyone who needed me and I never will. I am fiercely loyal to the point where I will kick the shit out of anyone who would dare hurt a good friend. I am a great listener although I know I complain a lot to my friends, too.
  13. For physical, my arms. I'm Mexican and Italian, I have thick hair in many places. My arms were made fun of the most when I was a kid. It would always break my fragile little heart. My therapist those ages ago told me to embrace my arms, though. To deem the hair a quality, not a flaw. It gave me the strength to resist ever shaving them or feeling like an ugly monkey. [Monkey was a negative nickname kids gave me. T__T;] So since that day, I've made them my favourite part of me. When I look at them, it reminds me that I'm damn beautiful when I'm feeling depressed.

    Additionally, they're helpful. Us lanky limb folk can get hard-to-reach objects for you!

    For personality, I'll go with my general calmness. When disaster strikes, I'm the one that's not freaking out. Instead, I jump into action or analyze the situation so I can make solutions. I want people to know that they can depend on me, so I keep my cool at most times. Plus, it makes me hard to read. I prefer it when people don't know what I'm feeling or thinking.
  14. What do you like best about yourself physically?
    My eyes, they are a dark brown and can look almost black sometimes but in sunlight they get flecks of gold in them.

    What do you like best about your personality?
    Hmm, I don't panic in dangerous situations easily, related to that I can relatively easy keep my emotions in check when needed.
  15. What do you like best about yourself physically?

    1. [*=left]My dark, deep-set eyes that are always either setting hearts aflame, or scaring the shit out of people when I look at them angrily.
      [*=left]My stout, tall, frame. Few things make you feel more bad-ass than being a full head over most people, and being able to double as a brick wall that insta-repels bullshit with a quick crossing of the arms.
      [*=left]And, because someone had to say it, other assets which aren't normally discussed in mixed company.

    What do you like best about your personality?

    1. [*=left]My easy confidence when dealing with situations/other people.
      [*=left]My quick wit.
      [*=left]My mostly unflappable good charm.
      [*=left]My innate ability to slip innuendo into all occasions.