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    A tale of two lovers

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  2. Josphes bar sound really good to Kia right about now considering her long hard day at work. She had already been to three weddings and was planning to go to another in the morning. Kia looked at her wine knowing if she drunk this now there was no telling if she would wake up on time or not. She mover the glass from one side of the table to the next thinking of if she should really drink it or not. If she really was just tired of all the moving around or was she just really emotionally tired from all the stress. either way Kia started to enjoy her drink. besides she needed it. Maybe it would help her sleep tonight

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  3. Shen decided to walk around a bit today. He'd been teaching classes since the day of his transfer and hadn't had the chance to take a tour of his surroundings yet. Now, his teaching class was over and the university decided to give him a break from classes. He had the night to himself.
    He ran into some of his students on the way to town and he greeted them with his usual wordless salutations. They're really no more than his age.
    He saw a swanky bar in the corner of the street that caught his eye. Why not? He flashed his ID to the man at the door and stepped inside.

    Just as he was about to settle down in a booth and try to give his cellphone a reprogram, he spotted a young lady sitting quietly by herself. She looked tired and restless about her drink.
    Maybe I can put her mind at ease...?

    "Excuse me, miss, but is anybody taking this seat?" He motioned to the stool beside her, giving her a sheepish serious face, as if he were trying to mind his own business.
  4. Kia didnt even bother to look up. she finally took a sip of her drink and waved her hand as a gesture letting him know it was ok to sit down. She took out her phone checking some emails. All of them were filled with thank yous and honey moon pictures. Some of them made Kia smile.
  5. Shen gave a grateful half-bow and took the seat. The lady didn't seem very interested in talking, so he went ahead and ordered himself a drink from the bartender. After a moment, she began to check her phone. Shen got a peek of her screen out of the corner of his eye. Pictures of couples... LOTS of wedding pictures. It made him wonder what she did.
    Taking a sip from his glass, he said, "I'm afraid that drink won't do you any good. Perhaps I can get you one that I think you'll prefer?" He hoped she'd take the hint and let him buy her a drink. He really hadn't tried to talk to a stranger outside of work in a long time.
  6. Kia looked up and saw shen. He looked kind of like a teacher but she didnt bother to ask. She thought he was maybe trying to hit on her and she didnt have time for that

    "Um i would say yes but i think you would just be watsing your money"

    She looked down at her drink and picked it up

    "As you can see" She laughed and thought about a conversation she had with a client that said maybe kia needed to loosen up. She smiled and smaked her lips

    "you know what you sure can..what do you have in mind cause my drink isnt worth it right now"
  7. Shen grinned upon hearing her laugh. The lady was in conflict with herself, that much he could see. He motioned for the bartender.
    "A blood orange cosmo for the lady please, and another round of... whatever you call this lovely liquid in my glass." The liquid was milky and purple, and had a trace smell of rum. He'd never seen or tasted it before, but whatever it was, it works.

    "I just arrived in town not a week ago. It's such a contrast from my quiet old city. It seems that there are so many places to go all at once!"
  8. "Yeah its nothing like Georgia and this might sound weird but i like it"
    Kia smiled "i've always wanted to be inclosed in busy people and sounds". Kia looked at Shen and stuck out her hand for a shake
    "My names Kia..Kia Welsh and thank you kind sir for the drink"
  9. Shen took her hand and shook it firmly. "I'm Ling Shen Ming. My students call me Shen... or Lingy-poo or Ling-ling - but I am quite partial to just Shen, if that's all right."

    He looked around. "All this bluster outside gives me a constant cabin fever. The trouble is, I don't know where to go. The streets here are all very confusing and I can't seem to find any of the good places."
  10. "well what are you looking for Shen...thats the question but the real question here is who do you know here that'll really show you what this place has to offer"

    Kia Looked around and spotted out a guy. She looked at Shen

    "You see that guy over there with the grey shirt on...well he owns several night clubs and one which only host celebrity events"

    Kia took a sip of her wine. "Since i know his daughter in-law she invites me sometimes to the events. Its just like high school who you know and what you know makes the diffrence"
  11. Shen was pleased with her offer. "Well I know you now. I hope that's an invitation, because it sure sounds like fun! By the way, may I ask exactly what it is you do?"
  12. "I'm a wedding planner" the waiter came and placed the drinks on the table. Kia sipped her drink Shen got for her. The zest of the orange made her pucker up a little. The drink was refreshing.
    "But Im not like some big name wedding planner...though I am working on it" Kia stirred her drink a little. "What about you...what do you do"
  13. "I'm sure you'll be a great success someday. I'm a professor down at the local high school. I was transferred here from Rome, where I was also sent to teach. Honestly, all the moving around is tiring."
    A song went on that Shen felt the beat to. He held out his hand. "Care to dance?"
  14. Kia looked around and blushed "are you sure...I mean no one else is up" She danced all the time at the receptions but it was different when your the only one up dancing.
  15. Shen laughed. "Does it matter?" He reached over the counter to where the controls of the small stereo were and turned it up. "Let them suffer." He stepped over to her and offered his hand again with a tilt of his head.
  16. Kia took a deep breath "sure why not" she got up and took his hand. Dancing in public with a man Kia just met was out of the norm but she liked it. It was refreshing and her life didn't refreshing
  17. Shen could tell she was out of her comfort zone so he tried to make it as easy for her as possible. He took her to a less conspicuous side of the bar and began to move to the music. He'd done ballroom dancing and some hiphop, but honestly, he just wanted to feel the beat right now. He waited for her to get comfy before he'd try anything more elaborate.
  18. Kia smiled Shan was being nice but they all are in the beginning aren't they. You could smell kia's perfume as they swayed. The clanking of her hills in rhythm with the soft music. "So Rome sounds nice...always wanted to go there"
  19. Shen took in Kia's features, being careful to be subtle lest he make her uncomfortable. She was a very lovely lady.
    "Rome is a beautiful place. It's so full of culture and history. People there just take their time with things, you know? Spending an hour for coffee and whole evenings to dinner. It helps you appreciate the little things, I guess. The students were serious, too. School wasn't just a place to sit down and be bored. It was a place of knowledge. The places, the sights, the smells - all full of life...
    I think you'll fit right in." He smiled at her.
    "Do you like what you do, Miss Kia Welsh?"
  20. Kia could feel herself getting into the groove" why yes I do...I never really knew there where so many different ways to love a person...and i also so learned that everyone doesn't ride off into the sunset either" Kia had a lot of happy stories to tell but sad ones as well.
    "For example one of the couples i have now. The bride shes a sweet girl very cute but two days ago she told me that she had an affair with the grooms good friend back when they were in college and of course she was thinking about taking this secret with her to the grave but she wants to tell him now since the best man has pressured her into coming clean and decided to tell him together which we all know how thats going to go. One of them is going to try to beat the other to the punch. try to make there side of the story seem a little better then other. So we have a groom who will have to with no question pick his best friend who was here for so many years or his fiancee who he has a growing business plan with."