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  1. I would like a male partner for my female character in a romantic drama role play. The role play is basically set in a big city like New York. I would like for the role play to start off with us meeting in a cafe. from there we just go with the flow. so if your interested just post your character. I really up for anything but dont read this and just go away. i know im new here but how will i learn and gain experince if no one will give me a try



    Name: Kia Walsh
    Age: 23
    Sex: Female

    Bio: Kia Walsh grew up in the south. Shes has southern charm and manners. Which makes her perfect for the job she does. Being a wedding planner is fun until you relize you want what your clients have. Love, trust, and passion. Kia has always had options in men and of course she takes them. It never works out and Kia is broken hearted again. Of course it isnt her fault. Well atleast she thinks not.
    Occupation: Wedding Planner
  2. I just put in my resume that I don't do romance, but I want to try something new so...
    If you don't mind, I'll submit several characters and ask you to please choose. That way I think, the flow will be a bit easier for a compatible character~

    Name: Silenus "Lenny" Nightingale II

    Age: 25
    Sex: Male

    Appearance: Dark brown hair slicked back, brown eyes, 6'6", broad shouldered and trimmed, well-dressed usually in slacks, wears stylish glasses, well groomed

    Bio: Silenus was born into a well-to-do British family, but was always very adventurous and questioning. He challenged boundaries and usually managed to overcome them due to his resolve and his parents' influence. As a teenager, he enjoyed reading about other countries and trying exotic food. After graduating from university with a prestigious medal and tons of job offers, he decided he'd already given his dues to his parents and chose instead to travel the world in search of some real answers, and hopefully meet some nice folks on the way. He really is just a simple guy; more of a Lenny than a Silenus...

    Occupation: Main source of income is his own network of businesses scattered all around the globe and the occasional birthday present from Mum and Dad.

    Name: Kelvin "Ken" Gray
    Age: 23
    Sex: Male

    Appearance: Wavy blond hair that falls into place, violet eyes, 6'3", well-built physique and toned, casual biker/denim jacket type fashion, horizontal scar above his left collarbone, usually smiling

    Bio: No one was ever really sure where Kelvin came from, since he never really takes the time to talk about his childhood. Truth is, it wasn't very pleasant. His scar had been there since ever, and no one really mentions it. You can't really tell how terrible he had it back then though, because he's always really easygoing and humorous. He's always first to crack a joke or laugh at himself when he slips up (which is often). He's also really scatterbrained, occasionally going so far as to completely forget about his responsibilities then running up a while after with a sheepish grin to finally finish it. Some of his closer friends say it's a defense mechanism from long ago to forget his terrible situations. Most people just find him endearingly quirky. He's trained to listen, guard the house when you're away, and doesn't destroy the furniture; please feed and pet him regularly or he'll start barking for some attention.

    Occupation: Works odd jobs as waiter, cab driver, or mechanic. Rumored to have gang connections that supplies him a constant stream of cash for fighting battles and teaching rookies self-defense.

    :i'm asian so this isn't racist heh:
    Name: Ling Shen Ming (or Shen Ming Ling, following English order) [grace-god-intelligence]
    Age: 18 (can age him if this is awkward)
    Sex: Male

    Appearance: Neck-jaw long black hair that falls around his face in locks, deep brown eyes - almost black, slim and fit, casual button up or untucked uniform and jeans type, usually working on something when not engaged in conversation

    Bio: Shen was born into a family of 4 brothers, and the other 3 are all older than he is. Most of the things that can be done had already been done by them, and a lot of expectation was placed on him. He took their expectation and left it eating his dust. He is the epitome of collective intelligence (calculated IQ: 174); skilled in most things and fast to learn others, he graduated university at 17 and is now working on his masters degree. He plays most common instruments, but his favourites are the violin and the saxophone. He speaks 6 languages (because I do), and loves tinkering with little gadgets to make them do things that they were never intended to do. He doesn't really enjoy rules, but he usually doesn't have to follow them, even in the university, due to a high demand for his smarts. He's generally jokingly smug around people. He can be very charming and eloquent, but under all that, he's still just an over-intelligent teen brat who knows too well how to get what he wants.

    Occupation: He obligatorily works part-time as a professor in the university's sister high school, teaching science and mathematics. He doesn't generally follow the rules there either, which is why the students find him pretty cool.

    (that's right! I made the ASIAN of all asians!! :forgive me...:)

    I can also play all three throughout the course of the rp if you'll have them. Please be gentle with me, I'm new to rp forums~~
  3. [MENTION=4580]OnyxTrumpet[/MENTION] #3 please lol i never really did an rp with an asian attraction lol...and all three would be good if we could thank of way to include them all
  4. Hoorah! Shen it is then~ I suppose I'll find a way to sneak Kelvin into the scene (he's pretty easy to manipulate), not sure how it'll work with Lenny though.

    So yeah, how do we do this? Cafe in New York~~?
  5. Here's Shen~~~

    Here's Kelvin~~~
  6. Here's Silenus~~~