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  1. ​Name: Jacques Loius

    Jacques, had just arrived back from a mission. He has to kill a mayor, it was elementary for him. He put his horse away and went back to report his headmaster. He waled in and saw his master sitting a the table looking over a paper. He cleared his throat and bowed lowly as his master looked up at him. "Ah Jacques enter, i am glad you are back, I assume things were easy for you as always?" Jacques stepped closer and nodded. "Yes, it was simple, he barley bled. Jacques smiled. "what is my next assignment?" The Headmaster looked at Jacques and smiled, his face was unsure. "Have I done something wrong?" The head master shook his head. "Oh no, I am just unsure about this is all, you see your next assignment should be walking through that door any second now." Jacques drew his hidden blade the sound of the sharpness drew eyes. "Oh no, that wont be nesscacary, you see, this boy, is your next assignment." Jacques picked up the paper and looked at the boys face, he looked about Jacques age maybe younger.

    "What do I have to do with him?" Jacques looked at his master very seriously. "Train him Jacques, we need more like you in this organization, you are the best we have, and we need more, like I said." Jacques refrained from crumpling the photo. "Then clone me, I'm a master not a Trainer!" Jacques set the image down and turned away from his master to face the door. awaiting his "new assignment"to enter. "Don;t worry, Jacques, you will still have other assignments while you have this young one with you."

  2. Name: Kale Whylde
    Age: 19

    Walking down a long hallway, Kale tried straightening his clothes. He wasn't nervous, he kept telling himself, but in truth he was, both to see the man who was to teach him and to attempt to live up to his expectations. Stopping before a large wooden door, through which he had been told both the headmaster and his trainer were going to be, he heard two distinct voices talking, only hearing muffled noises through it. Taking this as a moment to examine himself in a hallway mirror hanging above a table, he brushed back his hair, so that it didn't look quite as messy as it did. Grey eyes looking back at him, he tries to make his heartbeat return to normal, feeling how fast it was beating.

    Taking a deep breath, the voices now silenced, he turns back towards the door. Making sure his posture is correct, he pushes open the door, striding into an office. Seeing a relatively young man, though older than him, staring back at him, rather reproachfully, he turned his gaze to the man sitting behind the desk, who seemed more...calm. Trying to appear more confident, he said, "I am the trainee, Kale Whylde."
  3. Jacques looked at the young boy who looked very small, which was good. Jacques walked over to him, walking around him, touching his chin and lifting his head. "eyes, are dark, that's good, you will be hard too see at night," He walked around touching the ribbon hanging from his clothing "for swiftness" he walked behind him."Skinny, that's good, but are you quick, can you predict what your enemies are going to do before they do it, before they even know?" Jacques grabbed Kale's neck and flipped him over his shoulder and onto his back onto the hard ground. "Guess not." the headmaster stood up quickly to make sure that Kale was okay, staying behind his desk just looking. "You need to be more quick, even if you cannot predict, you can counter. that is your first lesson, stand up and follow me." Jacques Turned away from Kale who was still on the ground and walked out of the office of the headmaster.

    The headmaster looked at Kale. "He will get easier....leave."​
  4. Kale resisted the urge to pull away or jerk his face from his trainer's hand, wanting to make at least a halfway-decent impression. Trying not to fidget as he walked behind him, commenting on his size, he nodded just once when he asked about his prediction skill. However, he wasn't prepared to end up on his back like he did, the breath almost thrown out of him. His eyes flashing when he, almost dispassionately, told him to get up and follow, he forced himself not to say something snarky before pushing himself to his feet, frowning. Practically ignoring the headmaster, he sighed before turning and leaving.

    Catching up with his trainer, he asked, "What was that for? You could've just told me what I needed to know," he added, not afraid now to speak his mind, even if it was 'disrespectful'. He wasn't angry because he had gotten thrown onto his back, dazed, but because he had felt like he had somehow disappointed his trainer, and by transition, failed himself.
  5. Jacques, walked out of the double wooden doors and into a courtyard, filled with other assassins training and towns folk that were married to assassins, Jacques stopped as he heard Kale running after him, he waited for him to catch up and listen as he spoke. "That was to prove a point, I could have just told you, yes, but that would have not proved a well enough point now would it have? You have too get used to being in combat, because its going to happen a lot, right now we do not have a mission, except to deal with your training." Jacques continued walking and lead Kale to an opening in the courtyard below was a body of water, above the body of water, planks at different levels stood, straight up out of the water. Jacques looked at Kale. "Hi have not properly introduced myself though, My name is Jacques and I am your master, i have been an assassin since I was 15, i am the head assassin here, the master of many masters. Today we will be testing your agility and weaponry skills, I hope you are prepared." Jacques turned away from Kale without bowing at all, showing little respect, and hoped three planks out and stood perfectly balanced. "Your turn." Jacques waved his hand out. "Jump three out to meet me and balance for as long as you can, if you fall in the water then just climb out on that ladder and try again."
  6. Kale looked out to the water, biting the inside of his cheek. He wasn't afraid to do it, but didn't like the idea of falling into the water. He knew from experience that he wasn't a very graceful swimmer, and he didn't fancy having to do so. Swallowing his misgivings, he jumped out to the first plank, wobbling slightly. However, he didn't fall, throwing his arms out to balance himself.

    The next jump wasn't as easy. He overshot it, and as soon as he noticed it, he tried twisting around in order to save himself. The fingers of one hand grabbed onto the plank, and he hung there for several seconds, swinging his other hand up to help him stay on. His feet had gotten wet, and were still underneath the water, but the rest of him remained dry. Pulling himself up onto the plank, he breathes heavily for a moment while he recollects himself.

    Getting his breathing under control once more, he frowns slightly, trying to figure out how to get to the next plank, which was farther out than the other two had been. Taking a deep breath to steady himself, he jumps to it, but misses it by half a foot. Not even having time to yelp, he fell into the water, resurfacing a second later. Cursing loudly, a hand reaching up to brush his now-wet hair from his eyes, trying to keep his head above water.
  7. Jacques watched, Impressed with the first jump, most beginners were afraid to make the first jump and he seemed to jump without hesitation. When Kale jumped the second time, Jacques was also impressed with his reflexes, how fast he was able to catch himself, and he had the strength to pull himself up. When Kale missed the third jump Jacques was slightly surprised with how well he had made the first two, he figured he would have slightly missed this one, but have been able to catch himself.

    When Kale rose from the water Jacques smiled down at him, losing his frown when he cursed. "Do not loss your temper so quickly Kale, you did very well and I was impressed. Let me give you a pointer, I want you to try again, I noticed how well you are with reflexes, and your strength. When you make the third jump, jump and stretch your body out and catch yourself, keep your hands on under your chest and push yourself up that way, try it, if that doesn't work, stretch your leg out slightly and then jump, the choice is yours." Jacques let on of his legs fall and rested slightly on the other waiting for Kale to make it.

    "I am impressed with you though kale, most trainee would not even of made the first one out of fright." Jacques smiled at Kale and watched as he continued.
  8. Starting his ungraceful swim back, to start over, he pulled himself back up, his clothes heavy now from the water. Wringing out a side of his shirt with his hands, he recollects himself while doing the same to his hair. Finally feeling like he's ready enough to try again, he smiled slightly to himself, glad that he proved his master wrong.

    Before he had been recruited to be an assassin, he had spent most of his childhood running about the city nearby, chasing the other children and climbing up along walls. That had followed into his teen years, when he'd used his knowledge of the city for other things, he had developed speed, strength, and damned good reflexes, though he had never lost his fear of being a failure.

    Leaping out to the first plank, barely wobbling this time, he didn't waste any time in getting to the next one, not overshooting it this time. Looking towards the last one, he bites his tongue, remembering Jacques' words from earlier. After a moment, he jumps, reaching for the plank, not wanting to fall again.
  9. Jacques waited for Kale to jump again and once he did, Jacques was not surprised at how well he did. When he landed on the third plank out Jacques couldn't help but smile at Kale. "Very well, Kale, I'm impressed. Now finish and we will continue." Jacques finished jumping across the water and landed on the solid ground across it. " Cross this and met me up top, but be cautious, at all times." Jacques ran up a wall to a ladder hanging down form a window in a tower. He climbed another wall and sat silently in the dark in a corner where he would be unseen and unheard, from Kale. waiting for him to enter.
  10. Watching Jacques for a moment, seeing the path he took up the wall, Kale tried not to get discouraged by how difficult it looked. Finally jumping to the next one, pulling himself up when he caught himself on the edge, nearly falling again. Having no other problems until he got to land once more, he looked up the tower, shielding his eyes against the sun. Not knowing how he was going to do this without killing himself, he tried to figure out how his master had done it. "Okay, okay," he muttered to himself, backing up so he could get a running start. Sprinting forwards, he tried to mimic what Jacques had done, but fell down on his back, winded.
  11. Jacques sat inn the same spot waiting, he knew that the walk was hard to climb, but if you got a running start and the brezze was good, it was rater easy, which the brezze was good, because there always was one. So Jacques jumped down from his spot and looked over the edge too se Kale lying on his back. "well quit lollygaging and get up here would you, I was gonna test your reflexes again, but we are gonna have to save that for later, now won't we. If you try again and you still cant do it, there is alower ladder near were I will be waiting for you." Jacques poitned towards the ther side of the tower and waled away to a ledge pointing over a hay stack, quite high off the ground. Looking into the sunlight thinking of his past life.
  12. Setting his jaw defiantly, Kale stood up, disliking being talked down to. "I'll show him," he muttered to himself darkly, taking another moment to figure out how he was going to do it. Backing up again, he tried imagining the exact process it would be to get up there. "Right," he said, thinking he was ready now.

    Sprinting again, he started up the wall, his hands reaching up to grab the bottom rung of the ladder. His right arm going through the hole between the first and second, catching at the elbow, his left hand didn't quite make it, fingertips barely grazing the bottom rung. Crying out as all of his weight was thrown onto the crook of his arm, he hung there for a moment, cursing softly. Bringing up his other hand, he grabbed on the rung and and started to untangle his arm from it.

    Getting past that part first, hanging by both hands now, he worked on reaching up to the second rung, but, as he was reaching, the hand holding himself up slipped, and he fell again, his curses reaching up the walls of the tower.
  13. Jacques listened to Kale trying to come up the wall, he heard the first curse and the or course the second one when Kale fell. Jacques walked away from the lank and back too the the edge of the wall jumping down and landing with he knees bent. "We are done for today, we will resume tomorrow, I have things to attend to and your taking to long for my liking, you did well for the most part, you have potential...but enough...i am not so sure." Jacques began to walk away form Kale.
  14. "Come off it--really?" Kale shouted after him. "I almost had it there. It's just--just my hand slipped when I was trying to get up there, and..." he trailed off, realizing it was pointless. If it had been any other day or with any other person, he would have stormed after them, ready to pick a fight. Balling up his fists, so he wouldn't do something brash, he walked in the other direction, hating how he'd been only given two chances. He was sure he could have gotten it the next time, if he'd only been given the chance...
  15. Jacques stopped walking as he heard Kale speak. He turned started walking towards him, but Kale walked away. Jacques ran after him. Jumping over and flipping to land in front of him. "Then do it right now, prove me wrong. If you have the guile to talk, then do it." Jacques glared at Kale hated that he dared to talk back or question him.
  16. "I. Will." Kale stated, pushing past Jacques, backing away from the wall, refusing to look at him and get psyched out. Taking a running start again, he gets three fingers on the rung, swinging his other arm up to pull himself up before he could fall again, his anger fueling him. Turning around, sitting on the bottom rung, holding onto the ladder, he smirks down at Jacques, simply saying, "I think I proved you wrong."
  17. Jacques smiled at Kale as his ego began to show..but Jacques had a plan, it was almost as if he wanted to see how angry he could make Kale. Jacques jumped up the wall not needing the ladder to climb and cut the rope where kale sit with a hidden blade and watched as he fell on his ass. "I see no proof...your but is till on the ground and I am still up here, its were we left off." Jacques jumped down landing over top of Kale, his face inches from Kale's. "You have little reflexes and you have a must get better if you plan to become something." Jacques lifted himself up and once again began to walk away from Kale leaving him to sit there in self pity and anger.
  18. Kale was seething. Muttering curses to himself, both about himself and Jacques, he forced himself to remain seated, so he wouldn't do anything he'd regret. His dark eyes following Jacques as he left, he tried to lessen his anger, to not much avail. "Arrogant bastard," he said to himself, pulling himself to his feet and walking away, deciding he'd had enough of it, too. Walking to the trainee barracks, where he had lived the past week or so, waiting to be assigned a trainer, he went to his room. Still wet from when he had fallen into the water, he changes, leaving his wet clothes hanging over the chair that sat in the corner of the room. Lying on his bed, glad his roommate wasn't there for now, he worked on calming down, gradually losing his steam.
  19. Jacques walked awya, hearing him called a bastard, Jacques became angry and decided he would pay for it tomorrow, for now he had business to tend too. Before Jacques left he approached a thief that was in training. "I need you too do me a favor, My trainee needs to be taught a lesson, go to his room and take something you think is valuable to him, and bring it too me. Thank you." The trainee listned and took off towards Kale's room. Jacques walked to the horse stables and readied his horse for departure. He had to kill a trader today, this trader would be harder to kill, seeing as he used to be an assian, but Jacques could do it with ease.
  20. When he felt like he wasn't going to hit the next person who spoke to him, Kale got up again, rolling his shoulders. Falling like he had so many times made them stiff, and probably bruised, as well as the rest of his back, and he knew he'd be feeling it tomorrow. Right then, he was just glad that he hadn't gotten any broken bones. That would probably have made Jacques already-low view of him lower, if he'd gotten injured the first day in.

    Sighing, he unclasped the silver chain that hung around his neck, a circle-shaped pendant on it, with his father's name engraved on it. It was all he still had from him, and was probably worth more than anything else he owned. Setting it down on his bedside table, he lie back down, deciding to get some sleep before he went and ate.