Lovely Dark and Deep

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  1. Darkness. It spreads throughout the courtyard like a velvet curtain obscuring the solemn beauty of the manors garden and bringing a bleak mood to the spots single silent watchman. In hushed whisper he asks the world," Does this darkness call me to service as well? It has yet to show itself. This master of darkness that bids me come." With a sigh he quits his dark musings just as another presence arrives. The watchman turns to study this newcomer. A man of middle years, large and strong, his hair cut short and slicked back, and a dark mahogany suit of the finest cut. The watchmen nods a greeting," Father. Did your meeting go well?"

    Miles Signova looks his son up and down with a critical eye. Eyes as cold as ice judged the boy. Nothing left unchecked, hair immaculate, pulled back into a tight ponytail, hard trained muscles tight with controlled violence, emerald eyes constantly alert, even now combing the area for hidden dangers. He smiled still cold," Yes my boy the lord will see you now."

    The boy stiffened at his fathers words. At last he would know his purpose..... the life he had trained his entire 18 years in preparation would finally come. His steps were swift as he walked the corridors of this large manor, walls muraled in scenes of blood and strife, carpets as red as the blood painted across the walls. His heart pumped a steady beat as he walked into his future, head held high.

    The corridor ended in an intimidating door, inlaid with images of faces twisted in sick parodies of agony or lust or rage all of them staring out looking to him for succor. His hand was still steady as he rapped upon its gouged surface and his step was steady as he made his way through the doors gaping maw. Momentarily blinded in the light of a hundred candles he heard a voice boom out," Vir Signova, Servant of the dark crown!"
  2. Several heads turned in his direction as he entered. Genevieve (Gene for short) was his age and the daughter of the Dark Lady. Gene had long curly black hair that bounced when she walked, and dark green eyes that looked almost black. She was the Princess in waiting. Her skin was deathly pale, like her parents, and her fangs were sharp and deadly, though she looked like an innocent girl of 18. She watched him enter, as did every one else in the room.
  3. He stopped dead in his tracks as the heralds voice echoed throughout the room, "Servant of the dark crown!" He had heard the title before but never had he understood its true meaning... as his eyes adjusted to the candlelight he was hard pressed not to take a fighting stance. Pale faces, eyes colder even than his fathers, some licking lips in apparent anticipation, some looking at him with wolfish smiled, and in the center of the room a giant of a man as pale as all the others, but with a stare of steeled ice. Pierced and held by those eyes Vir could only bow," My lord, I beg your pardon." A dark smile played across the mans face as he replied," You may enter boy.... come stand before me."

    Cautiously he strode to stand before the lords desk, all the while searching the faces of those in looking for some sign of attack.. of any danger. The lord chuckled as he saw the mans expression," Do not worry they will not attack you... unless I give the word that is. Why have you come?" Vir's eyes focused once again on the man before him," I have come at your request my lord.. to fill the duty given me at birth."
  4. "You are to guard my daughter, Genevieve, as well as other duties regarding her vampiric nature." He commanded, a little quieter now.

    Genevieve straightened in a bit of surprise. Upon him entering, she had looked at him with little interest. After all, he was just another human guard wasn't he? She thought, glancing at him.

    "Do you understand your duty?" He asked.
  5. Vir bristled he knew he was being trained as a soldier... he had not known he would be a personal guard to royalty... Even so he gave a firm "Yes lord" but even with his agreement not all were sure. His eyes darted around the room as hisses of disapproval stirred. A young vampire in a black suit stood up," My lord! He is but a mere human how could you entrust your daughter to one such as he?" Whether he wanted such an assignment or not this mans audacity irked him. Virs hands clenched and unclenched in annoyance and his eyes pleaded with the lord for a chance to prove himself.
  6. Lord Vognar rolled his eyes. "I have other duties besides merely guarding my daughter regarding her Jacovis. Now pipe down. However, later tonight we will discuss the other duties in private."

    Genevieve stiffened. Her father must have figured out that she hadn't been drinking human blood. But did he know her secret to sustaining the thirst? She looked over Vir with a bored and uninterested expression, and then back at her parents, whom she hated the most in this room.
  7. Th lord made a small gesture and the young vampire sat back down apparently satisfied for the moment and turned back to Vir," Now for introductions." He gestured to the chair two seats down from him,"My daughter." And with some trepidation Vir turned to look. His heart skipped a beat as he looked upon the woman he was to protect. Raven black hair encompassed a face as beautiful as it was pale, eyes the color of the forest by moonlight, a gown as elegant as any he'd seen, and an expression of utter boredom changed only by a flash of... something as she looked at her parents. With steps barely his own he walked over to stand before her chair, and with a respect he had not even shown to the great lord himself, kneeled as a knight to his liege," My lady. Virres Signova, your humble servant."
  8. Annoyance flashed in her emerald green eyes when he bowed. She waved a hand absently, her long red finger nails flashing in the candle light. "You need not bow to me." She ignored the murmurs of surprise around the room. Even her parents seemed taken aback.
  9. He quickly stood, a slight smile playing across his face," Yes mistress." He could hear the little sounds of the outraged vampires around him and stifled a chuckle. His job might be harder than hed hoped.
  10. Gene sighed and leaned against her chair, though her back never slouched even so much as an inch. The other vampires in the room still seemed surprised and continued whispering among themselves.

    "Father I beg leave." Genevieve said suddenly.

    Her father nodded. "You may." He seemed troubled by her attidute towards her positison as princess. "Everyone else but Vir may leave as well." He commanded, and everyone followed Gene outside and the door thudded shut behind the last person.
  11. Virs grin continued as the other vampires slowly filed out of the room.. some hissing as they passed, still hostile. He just smiled and returned to the lord," What is it you require of me my lord?"
  12. "Other then guarding my daughter, I would like you to try and make her aware of her duties as Princess. Also, be sure she starts feeding regularly. I don't think she has been feeding like she should. Offer her your blood. Force her to drink if she refuses." He sighed and ran a hand through her black hair and glanced at his wife, Lady Victoria, and then back at Vir. "Can you do that for us?" He questioned with a slightly raised eyebrow.
  13. "My lord, my lady, as you say I shall try. She will have my blood if she so wishes. I will do all I can." He bowed low then and stood awaiting the lords final word.
  14. "Thank you. You may leave as well now." He said, waving a hand absently.
  15. Vir nodded," Very well lord." He quickly slipped out the door and stopped. His father waited right outside for him," So boy how did it go?" Vir smiled slightly," It seems I am to attend the princess Genevieve." For a moment his father only stared then, slowly a smile spread across his face," You must have made a good impression on the lord. Well done." Vir was struck dumb. His father had never smiled before, nor had he ever praised him thus.

    Vir could only nod again," Father I need go. I think I shall go to see how fairs my mistress." Once again his father smiled," Yes boy you do that. Her rooms are down this hall to the left. Its the royal wing." With an uncomfortable glance over his shoulder Vir headed down the indicated hall in search of his new ward.
  16. Gene was in the royal eating area, talking casually with one of the thousands of servants they had. Unlike everyone else, Genevieve treated the slaves a little better and even tipped them with a coin or two. They often offered her their blood but she always refused. She was talking with a rather round slave woman, who was fairly old with white and gray hair and black eyes who was dusting all of the paintings on the walls.
  17. As he walked the splendid corridors of the royal halls Vir couldnt contain his interest. He flitted from one ancient painting to another. From mural to tapestry to vase all of exquisite make and artistry. Enraptured by the artistic beauty of the place he almost didnt notice when a young serving girl walked up to him broom in hand and said indignantly," Are you a servant of the royal wing? No? Then get out!!"

    She swatted at him lightly with the broom and he laughed openly," Madam madam please.. I am the personal guard of the lady Genevieve. I only search for her." The serving girl stuttered slightly and bowed,"P-please forgive me sir. I was only...." Vir shook his head amiably," Only your duty lady. You must keep out such uncouth louts as myself yes?" He laughed a bit more as her face paled but stuck out a placating hand," As I said do not worry. If you would be so kind as to point me in her direction all will be forgiven." With a smile of thanks she gestured to a large pair of doors a little ways down the hall," She sits in the dining hall sir. I hope you can help her mood." With a twinkle in her eyes she looked him up and down," I doubt shell be displeased."

    With a nod of thanks he turned to the door and opened it entering the dining hall.
  18. "Do you need blood Princess?" The woman was asking.

    Genevieve looked horrified. "No!" She gasped. "I would never dream of taking blood from a human." She sighed. "And you musn't call me Princess. Please. My name is Gene."

    Now the slave looked horrified. "Ma'dam it wouldn't be proper!" She squeaked.

    Gene rolled her eyes but said nothing more as she saw Vir enter the room.
  19. Vir nodded slightly to the princess as she noticed his presence and trotted up to stand before her. With a mischievous grin he bowed low to the servant she was speaking with," If I may interrupt madam?" Surprised the servant only nodded and stepped back a bit. He then turned on his mistress and said with a respectful inclination of his head," My lady, a pleasure to find you here. You fare well?"
  20. She straightened at the question. "I'm fine." She said, almost automatically. She turned to the maid. "Good night Mindy." She mumbled, before starting to walk away from Vir and to her sleeping quaters.

    "Good night, my Lady." The maid replied, returing to her work.