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Jalen Crisis, Age 26, Lesbian, Human

Personality: This biker loving gal is really aggressive, but if you're someone she cares about she's aggressively protective. Though she keeps it under control for the most part she has a temper like no body's business.

Basic Plot Idea: This beauty is a gun for hire, and a really good one at that. I'm looking for a character to play one of these roles which you can have your pick of.
  • *TAKEN* Your character was at the scene when she was killing off some bad drug lords. (could be their daughter, employee, maid, anything) so you end up sticking with her for one reason or another
  • *TAKEN*They meet in a bar and go back to Jalen's room at the hotel and have a hot (possibly drunk) fling. Something could happen that keeps your character with Jalen when she goes on business
  • *TAKEN*Your character is a captive of who ever it is that Jalen was sent to kill. Jalen would be ordered to bring you back to your family safely and on the journey back and feelings develop

*none of this is set in stone, it can all be discussed, and there can be compromise if need be*
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