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This is my first rp in this forum, so I am a tad bit confused on what I am supposed to do, but what the hell, I might as well post this.

In the year 3666 AD, an disease was spreading.  This disease mutated all it's subjects into... Demons.  Monsters with no hearts, but only tremendous power.  This disease was known as infectous.
Or at least that's why THEY want you to believe.  In actuality, we are perfectly human.  Sure, we're deformed and have "magic", but we're still human.  The corporation known as "LOVE" (life, opulence, veracity and eradication) invented all sorts of weapons to help the military, eradicated diseases, increased the life expectancy of the majority of surgical operations by 20%, and much, much more.  Now here's the part which no one knows about.  They infect a large amount of the human population with this disease!  They told people that this disease could travel from person to person with only a touch, but that was bullshit!  Everyone who loved us left us... All our friends, our lovers are wives, EVERYONE!  Because of all of this, we were nicknamed "LOVELESS".
5 years after the infection
A man and a woman were infected.  Once they learned about this terrible crime, they rebelled!  The two greatest LOVELESS, the woman with BIO powers beyond belief, the man with TELEIUS powers greater then any other.  After a terrible fight, the woman was bombarded with missiles, almost all of her body destroyed.  Only her regenerative abilities remained.  The man, after being blasted with a gun called the MD eradicator, had his powers destroyed, with only enough strength to teleport him and the woman away.  Unfortunately, with his mind broken by the MD, he messed up the teleportation.  Both the man and the woman were teleported 2 years in the future, both having nearly all their powers destroyed, and both having all their memory wiped.  This story takes place in the time when both the man and the woman were christen the king and queen of LOVELESS.
Extra Info:
BIO: a bio power is one which is physically made into.  Like a tail.  Bio powers don't necessarily have to exist in reality, but they have to be hypothetically possible (ie you secrete a liquid which is flammable, and your scales can create a spark with your complete fire resistance you can set yourself on fire.
TELEIUS: this is apower which originates in the mind.  Telekinesis, anything is possible with TELEIUS exept powers which change your body.  No matter how impossible, such powers are considered BIO.
Women: women have powerful BIO powers, but weak TELEIUS powers.
Men: men have strong TELEIUS powers, but weak BIO powers.
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Women always have BIO powers
Powers: no one LOVELESS has the same TELEIUS power as any other LOVELESS, although they sometimes have similar TELEIUS powers.  They also can have similar BIO powers and sometime even the same BOI powers.  All LOVELESS have both BIO and TELEIUS powers, although their gender changes it power.
Inversed: some loveless are inversed, instead of being female and having strong BIO powers they are female and have strong TELEIUS powers, same thing with the males only in the opposite fashion.  This is VERY rare.
Type: you can be either someone from the corporation, or a loveless.  People from the corporation fight the loveless, loveless try to live.
Weapons: the corporation may not have powers, but they have weapons designed to fight the loveless.  They are;
1. MD eradicator: the MD is basically a power stun, TELEIUS powers are deactivated for a time.  It shoots needles, which inject the target with a liquid which does the stuns the powers.
MD eradicator 2.0: similar to the MD eradicator, only it shoots a constant beam of energy which stuns the target's TELEIUS.  It may only work for as long as the beam is targeted on the loveless, but it can continue indefinitely.
BB cannon (blast boom cannon): a huge and slow missile launcher.  It locks onto the biggest temperature in the area.  Designed for BIO loveless, as they have extremely high temperatures.
AK87: the newest AK, it fires big enough rounds to blow a hole in the toughest of LOVELESS, standard gear for all of the corporation.
Light Blade (nicknamed light saber): a extremely hard, bright and share sword.  Used for both lighting the area up and cutting LOVELESS, also standard corporation gear.
Giga Wat blaster (nicknamed the GIGA): the GIGA shoots electrical balls, which latch onto targets and let's a steady stream of electricity into their bodies, stunning them.
Flame  Blade: similar to the light blade, except made of fire.  Although more powerful then the light blade, some LOVELESS are immune to fire which is why it is not usually used.
Flame Broiler: a flame thrower, only with better range, so hot that the fire is blue (FRIKEN BLUE).  Can extend up to 8 meters.
PB shurikens: stealth throwing stars, they reflect light away from them so they are impossible to see.  Are just as sharp and hard as a light blade.
Dessert Eage V. 29: the 29th dessert eagle, packs a hell of a punch, almost as dangerous as the AK87, also standard gear.
Gattling BB: a machine gun that fires BB cannon rockets.  Rare, due to frequent misfires and weight.
Gather 5600: fires AK87 rounds, only really, really quickly.
Armor and other gear: corporation units wear really good armor, here are some of them;
Stealther: the stealther reflects light off your body and can also blend with the environment.  Minamal armor, just about any loveless could kill someone wearing this with one shot (note that light reflection and environment blend can be turned on and off).
Tank: armor like a tank.   Most loveless can't put a scratch in this thing.  Unfortunately, most can outrun it too, due to it's slowness.
Jetter: with small and controllable jets on your feet, you can fly and move quickly.  Your armor isn't special, but it's a lot better then the stealther.
Mainframe: this baby can hack into almost any system, and by that I mean any.  Slightly better armor the slteather.
Upgrades: armor can be upgraded (mainframe get 1, tankers get 2, jetters and sleathers get 3):
Free comm: free comm allows you to connect anyone wearing armor with anyone else, allowing communication.
Thermal Goggles: really good night vision goggles.
Grappling gun: a gun attached to your arm.  Shoots a grappling hook.
EX space: a backpack which condenses stuff into smaller stuff (non organic stuff), can turn a truck into the size and weight of a toy truck.
Claws: you have claws, good for scaling buildings and slashing stuff.
Squads: there are 10 squads in the corporation, with 10 generals for each one (ex. Squad 1, squad 2 all the way to squad 10)

Type: (loveless or corporation)
Status: (inverses or not)
TELEIUS powers:
BIO powers:
Short History: (what you did when you became a loveless, what your life was like before being loveless etc)

App for corporation:
Weapons: (choose from the list)
Rank: (private, corporal, sergant, lieutenant, captain, major, colonel, general, private is the lowest, general is the highest)
Squad number: (Check the list)
Short History: