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  1. Darkness descends on my mind and the visions come.

    I am what one might call a clairvoyant. More specifically, I possess the gift of foresight-- what some call “precognition." I was raised with my older brother by a single and decidedly conservative mother. While my brother did his best to support me, my mother was mortified to hear that I had such a gift and she blatantly rejected it. Because of this I learned at an early age to differentiate between fantasy in my dreams and visions of things to come so I wouldn’t make mention of them as not to upset her.

    I’ll spare you the particulars of my gift and what I've seen, but suffice to say that my visions have been alarmingly accurate though at times a bit vague on details. Nevertheless, most all of my visions have come to fruition in reality.

    It was my first year of university when the dreams began. They started in passing, no more uncommon than any of the other bizarre fantasies my mind conjured in sleep. Slowly, they became more and more frequent until they became recurring nightmares from which I would wake in cold sweat. They were, however, just nightmares.

    Then the fevers took hold.

    Like the dreams, the malaises began slowly and irregularly and at first were accredited to anxiety brought on by stress from my studies. Unfortunately, as my nightmares worsened, so did the fevers. By my third year in university it was not uncommon for me to be stricken four to five times a month.

    Throughout those three years I saw various therapists and doctors that diagnosed me with numerous ailments and pushed countless medicines through my unreceptive body. Deemed too unwell to continue my education at the university, I dreaded returning to live with my disparaging mother.

    Knowing this, my brother graciously requested I take up residence with him.

    There was a small lapse of time following where the dreams subsided and I felt that I might be at last free of the crippling nightmares.

    Sadly, this was not to be.

    What had once been dreams turned to visions-- and despite my best efforts, my attempts to convince myself they were nothing more than figments of my, apparently, fraying mind were in vain. The visions I experienced were becoming more intense. At times my body would seize and I would be stricken with a burning fever; I would writhe and scream and call out foreign words or plead for help, while other times I would merely collapse and remain in a trance-like state murmuring to myself for hours at a time.

    Upon waking from such conditions I found I was incredibly lucid and my mind was calm. I tried to relay my visions to my dismayed brother, to explain what I had seen and help him understand my abject horror at the visions, but it took little time for me to realize the impact this was having on him. Clearly concerned for my well-being, he was losing touch with his life, committing far too much time to the care he believed I required.

    Not wanting to continue burdening my brother and needing a place to conduct research (as my visions have become an unyielding obsession), I began traveling in desperate attempts to unravel the mysteries of my visions. Ultimately, I have been drawn here to Arkham, Massachusetts. Happenings here in the past seem to allude to the scenes in my mind and I cannot help but disclose that I am drawn here for another reason as well. I've seen in my visions a dark future-- one full of unspeakable horrors. In this darkness, however, I have also seen myself with others who share an understanding of things to come.

    I am not yet sure why I must meet these people, I know only that it is of utmost importance that we convene in the immediate future. Our very existence may depend upon it.


    As the title states, I'm looking to put together a Lovecraft-flavoured RP group for more advanced writers. If you are wholly unfamiliar with Lovecraft, this may not be the ideal RP for you, but I won't outright refuse you as a player. I would, however, encourage you to familiarize yourself with some of his works, which are all available to read online. This may also incorporate the greater Cthulhu Mythos.

    You may have noticed I have a vague idea in mind for the RP. The above text would serve as a letter or notice from my character to kick off the RP. Likely, it would be published in a newspaper as this RP is going to be set somewhere in the 20s-30s. I'd like to have the RP start with a small gathering of strangers, brought together in response to the letter/notice. They know something is going on, and they have to work to find out what-- while the outside world remains largely skeptical. I'd like to incorporate monsters (deep ones, shoggoths, other horrors) here and there, but they would be somewhat isolated events, especially at first. We could definitely advance to having to combat them (or trying to), but that should probably come later in the story.

    The RP is intended to be dark: mental illness, possible drug use, language, violence, gore, madness, monsters, and general adult themes. While there will be no outright smut in the IC, I would be most comfortable with all the players being adult members. There may be exceptions, but I'm not sure just yet. Probably not.

    This RP is intended for more advanced writers. It's actually quite imperative that players be able to help develop and move a plot, as well as create dynamic and interesting characters that develop with the story. I know Iwaku briefly defines writing levels, but I'm going to outline my expectations to avoid any confusion.

    Writers for this RP should be able to:
    • Post multiple paragraphs
    • Have a firm grasp on the English language
    • Understand forms of words (they're/their/there)
    • Use proper punctuation and grammar
    • Spellcheck their posts
    • Write interactive posts that engage other characters
    • Understand how to use dialogue and quotations
    • Develop their character(s) as the story unfolds
    • Adhere to general rules of physics
    • Respect other players
    • Use OOC to help keep the story moving
    I also want to state that this will be a smallish group (at least at first). I'm looking for 4-6 players who are comfortable committing to this RP. It's not going to be a breakneck pace, but I would like players to be relatively active. Please try to get in at least one post a week and stay in touch via OOC. I do understand that life comes first, and if you will be gone for a time or need to drop, that's completely fine-- I just ask that you let the group know before vanishing.

    The reason I put this under "Group Plotting" is because I want input from the players. While I will maintain a position as the GM to keep things organized, I want this to be largely player-driven so everyone can contribute ideas. That said, I'd love to hear your suggestions and ideas thus far. Once I have enough interest and a more developed plot in mind, I'll make the OOC/Sign-Up.

    Things to keep in mind:
    • Set in the 1920s-30s
      • Technology and science will adhere to the time period.
    • Realistic, original characters
      • A diverse cast is encouraged.
    • Some supernatural elements
      • No vampires, werewolves, or zombies.
    • Possible injury and decrease in sanity
      • I will not kill your characters, but you are welcome to do so.
    • Characters do not have to have supernatural abilities; if they do, please keep them reasonable
      • No flying, no super strength, no invincibility, no pyrokinesis, etc.
    • Absolutely no anime or fandom characters
      • For any reason.
    If you have any questions, suggestions, ideas, or would like to discuss going Co-GM work, please let me know!

    Thanks for reading!
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  2. You had me at Lovecraft.
    I likely will help out with a few potential plots, at the least...

    And to fit the roaring 20's setting I'll give my character a Colt 1917. I Just have to think of a reason why he has one now, as well as their history and speech pattern, but whatever. That'll come when it comes.

    Once someone else shows interest I'll throw out some ideas that merge into that story quote.

    Oh and no need to classify me as a kiddie when writing, go all out.
    I'm more than prepared for gore and mindfucks.
  3. Wow. Like srsly WWOOOOOOWWWW★★★!!

    This is like one of the most thorough Checks I ever seeeeeen! Expectations laid out up front and in detail!! Like I think the only thing I dont see is if multi~charries are allowed but wooooooow!! ★★★ GOLD! STAR!★★★ ~~BOOOOOOOM!!~~

    But ummmmm... I don't like cthulhu stuff.
    Boo finds its too... not Boo's style. But!! Good luck with your very well put up RP~~^^!!
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  4. I know right? It's very well done. ^^
  5. i would commit to this.

    would play an absentminded librarian.

    why yes, ive played the call of cthulhu tabletop game.
  6. Before we go any further, I feel I should clarify that this RP may not actually involve Cthulhu. Depending upon what people are interested in, I'm totally willing to go with any variety of Elder Gods, Outer Gods, Great Old Ones, etc.

    Please do not be angry if there is no Cthulhu. .__.

    That said, thank you. c: I tried to include as much as I could with the ideas I had. I may allow multiple characters once the story is in full-swing, but I think I'd like everyone to just have one starting out.
  7. Going to bump this as I still need a bit more interest before I commit to an OOC. c:
  8. I will be very angry if there is no Cthulhu.
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  9. Wonderfully thorough Interest Check. I might take pointers from it, if I ever get around to setting up my own RP.

    I would love to join - though I'd have to do a fair bit of research to familiarize myself with Lovecraftian Mythos before I can commit myself.
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  10. I'm just going to leave this here...

    EDIT: not joining, but I'll b watching this thread 0_0 (just fyi)
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  11. Soooo very very very interested in this one. [This thread actually gave me the courage to finally join Iwaku in the first place. ... I've been waiting for registration to open for a while oTL]

    I am wondering just how much development you intend for this one and how much player input you require or desire.

    Lovecraftian Horror just hits all of the buttons for me, so I'm crazy excited to see where this goes.

    Aah! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ​

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  12. Well, I want to focus on character development in this, so I (hope to) expect a fair amount. As for player input, I'd really like to hear ideas of what elements of the mythos people would like to see, along with where the general story of the RP goes.

    Also, I'm glad you were able to join! Welcome to Iwaku. c:
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  13. Oh, thank you for the welcome. You're too kind! (๑•́ ω •̀๑)

    Am I right to assume that you'll be playing the person that published this letter? Or is it just a starter?

    As for mythos, I'm really fine with creatures making very minor appearances. How do you feel about cults and the whisking away of children for horrible sacrifices?

    My god that question sounds horrible without any context
  14. Count me! Can't wait to have characters go insane from eldritch horrors!
  15. That is correct. Poor guy doesn't even have a name, but he has a pretty solid history worked out.

    There will be cults and, quite probably, child sacrifices. Goats probably aren't safe, either. Or cows. Or, well, anyone, really.

    And, I believe there is enough interest to merit creating an OOC. However, I will ask everyone to hang in there as I'd like to wait until the layout is changed on the 28th.

    In the meantime, what sort of elements would people like to see? I'd like to include creature here and there, but I'd also like to include something a bit more immediate that helped draw people together. Perhaps a peculiar copy of the Necronomicon has surfaced and it is drawing certain people to it?
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