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  1. Reaching into his inner-coat pocket, Baron found a sealed holo-envelope, which he clicked open, that deposited 100,000 Credits into his account. He grabbed his phone, threw on his most elegant trenchcoat and stuffed his pockets with as many useless trinkets and valuables as he could find. No deodorant, no toothbrush, no soap and no shampoo would fit though. The young man, draped in trenchcoat, rode his hover board out of the grimy and claustrophobic room, on the 200th floor of his one-room apartment. Crammed into his apartment complex were hundreds of decrepit and downtrodden shady individuals, much like himself, all struggling, but all surviving.

    In a world where Warlords reign supreme and are in charge of vast empires, power is but a passing glance that comes and goes just as the changing streetlights. A mostly derelict city, hundreds of miles wide, lay in the center of a vast desert. But the desert or its location is unimportant, all of the action happens within this skyscraper-riddled city. In this world, power of all sorts is a commodity, which is to be traded for under-the-table deals or taken by force from your enemy's hand. The city's name is Metroplex and it is a bio-dome of epic proportions, housing approximately 1 billion citizens under it's crystalline roof.

    The glass dome surrounding the city keeps visitors out and those wishing to leave in. Life in Metroplex is not-quite-dystopian, but the denizens of the city would claim that dystopia is right around the corner. The city is ruled by Dons, essentially mob bosses and warlords who hold quite a great deal of sway in the functioning and puppeteer-ing over the city. 10 major investment firms, all with Illuminati ties, contributed the funds necessary to build Metroplex.

    Metroplex used to be known by another name - New York City.

    The city complex is rife with all manner of problems, socioeconomic, political and cultural in nature. Rather than outright invading territories, most of the Houses attack each other covertly through political blackmail, forming alliances, intimidation and assassination attempts. But the cityscape holds a darker secret than the quarreling delegates of the wasteland that is their city. Underneath the grime and warring factions, Metroplex is more than just a lone and decrepit city in the desert.

    Will you reign over your enemies before they reign over you?

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~

    So basically, you (the RPers) been recruited into a very ancient, powerful successful corporation by the name of Illuminati, Inc. Your job's with this organization will range from everything to assassinations of important political rivals to assassination attempts at unstable warlocks. Your place in the sun is secured if you follow the commands of the organization. As long as you are within the ranks of this organization, even on the bottom rung of the ladder, you have attained freedom. You are no longer susceptible to arrest, financial slavery or whatever problems the Illuminati decides it must enforce upon humanity to accomplish its mission objective.

    However, you are not to speak of your membership to anyone except other members. The Illuminati corporation asks that you not abuse this power and needlessly kill humans - humans are the Illuminati's pets and you wouldn't kill someone's dog, would you?

    More will be explained in the OOC. Any questions?

    Agartha (open)

    Agarthan Transportation
    Agartha: Agartha is your nexus, your hub. Follow Agarthan laws for your own benefit.

    The root of all dimensions, locations and time periods. Timeless, ageless and spotless. It is a collection of hundreds of portals which lead to different locations on Earth, different dimensions occasionally and even different time periods. There are portals here leading to 17th century Versailles, London, New York City, San Francisco, Bavaria, Russia, Israel, the year 1776 and many more. Agartha is to trans-dimensional travel as elevators are to pedestrian travel.

    All Illuminati are taught or given means to travel to Agartha using “Agarthan Wells” or gates of ghostly yellow light which transport the user into the Agarthan realm, from where they can travel to and from places in seconds. You can get from New York on the Eastern Coast of the United States, to San Francisco on the West Coast.

    Tech (open)


    In 2020, the A&DTC (Android & Drone Technology Consortium) was formed, which set into motion major advances into biohacking, techno-biological tampering with human bodies. In 2030, the Android was created, with real human skin and human hair. This creation was hailed as the most significant advance in science in the last 50 years, setting rise to advanced technology such as cybernetics.
    Benefits: Personal implants, neural chips, various defensive gadgets, prosthetics.

    Benefits: Tweaking, adding, taking away and modulating genes has become possible for every man and woman to do in the privacy of their own home, otherwise there are Gene Clinics that offer therapy via injection of dangerous cocktails of synthetic genes aimed at improving everything from eyesight, joint strength, muscle strength to spiritual and intelligence.

    Only available to Black Thelema practitioners. Cogs, gears, Tiny Golden Pyramids.
    The "atomic bomb" of the Magick world, sometimes called Eden-Tech, mostly by those in Hell. A type of Technology developed in Atlantis/Eden, that has now sunk to the bottom of the sea. Atlantis became the realm known as Hell. The architecture in Hell may surprise some on their first visit, as many first expect a medieval sort of gig, but that is far from it. Hell's architecture has mammoth towers and ziggurats of metal skyscrapers. Huge cogs and gears litter the mountainous realm, with visible molten lava flowing out from beneath veins in the terrain, like Earth's rivers. Hell has such as deep relationship with metalwork, in fact, that humans who stay in Hell too long find that their blood oxidises to metal, so they must retreat back to Earth; In Hell, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. A black sun is situated in the sky, much like Earth's golden one. In fact, in Hell, there's a sun shining (darking?) all day long, for there is no moon. Telling time in Hell is impossible, since the next day never comes and time is slowed down drastically while in this realm. The reality is that nobody who gets sent to hell for committing sin gets tortured for ALL of eternity, but since time is slowed down in Hell, they find their torture taking few millennia in Earth's time. Before the fall of Atlantis, skyscrapers, pyramids, and aircraft crowded the skies, but after their great demise, their technology was kept alive, mostly by those who co-mingled and visited the depths of Hell.

    Benefits: Damned machinations are crafted using Hell-tech, like androids, but with a genuine hunger for blood and flesh. Often times these hell-machines are covered in flesh, giving the appearance of something ghastly organic, but still artificial intelligence-ey.

    Tiny Golden Pyramids are utilized by those learning (nobody ever masters Hell-tech, but you can learn it if you follow the Black) Hell-Tech. Pyramids, about the size of a jelly bean, are held in the hand or on some other part of the body and the user casts and conjures through these Tiny Golden Pyramids. Nobody knows how to make these, why they're made, and how they contain such great magicks. They magically appear in the pockets, purses and satchels of Black Thelema followers, like gifts from Santa every few days.

    Magick (open)

    Technology in Metroplex has reached such a personal and accessible level that Technology and Magic are indistinguishable now. Both have the power and feasibility to accomplish things and conjure effects that seem unnatural to this world, and most would have a difficult time telling the two apart. In many ways, this is why the continent of Eden (known to the Greeks and Plato as Atlantis) was split from the mainland of Gaia, Earth. All things in the future

    Since the dawn of civilization, Black Magick/Magic has been persecuted and disallowed in all societies. Due to Human and Mage (Magi) intervention throughout the centuries, Black Magick was heavily-oppressed and pushed into obscurity. The natural good in everyone's heart ensured that such anathema knowledge remain locked away, fortunately for them. However, there are those whose curiosity brings them too close to the edge and they fall over, and what they fall into is more powerful than anything previously known, but also more difficult to control and with infinitely more variables to keep track of than is humanly possible. Very few possess the knowledge, required to venture into this Dark territory, but every being in recorded and pre-recorded history who has managed to train themselves in the arcane Dark arts, has managed to acquire a negative reputation. It is not uncommon for Black Magic to outright kill the mage or wielder if he is not of strong, pureborn blood.

    All Magic falls into 3 categories known as Thelema; Black, Gray, White
    The breakdown of magicks and where they fit within the 3 Thelema are somewhat complex.

    Blood Magic – Active. (Not much is known about Active Blood Magic other that it can have all sorts of strange and unpredicted effects. Also it does really require blood, either the caster's or someone else's.)
    Necromancy/Golemancy/Creation Magics (Different from Conjuring, which requires access to a source Grey or White spiritual energy, such as a tree, rock, river, wind or field of grass. Whereas Necromancy requires access to any object which is either lacking a soul or whose soul has departed. Thus, Golems fall into Creation Magic as well.
    Hexes (Permanent, always malicious, often nightmarish, can not be dispelled by Blessings.)

    Blood Magic – Passive
    Telepathing/Telekinetic Magics –
    (Uninvited telepathy, Jedi Mind Tricks, moving objects around with your mind. Telekinesis is limited by the Karmic Law of Threefold - only to objects which are equal to/less than the amount of weight the Mage could lift if there were 3 of him. )
    Conjuring (Self-explanatory.)
    Curses (Used far more often for mischief rather than as malice, but curses wear off over time and can be counteracted by Blessings.)

    Healing - Self-explanatory, use is restricted by human law to clergy and medicinemen.
    Elemental – Active Bolts of thunder, fireballs, etc. These are extremely difficult to conjure up, even for veteran mages, everyone who chooses White Thelema will begin with a WATER spell, a FIRE Spell, an ELECTRICITY spell and an EARTH spell.
    Elemental - Passive/Supportive (Defensive/offensive Buffs rely on the elements to work and are ineffective during the nighttime or when the sun is hidden from view.)
    Blessings (Blessings only work with the mindset of altruism and compassion, you can not Bless yourself or others to make more money as that would qualify as Greed and Reliance.
  2. No H. P. Lovecraft fans here? ;_;
  3. I'm a Lovecraft fan. I'm not sure what I'd do in a sort of cyberpunk-y Mythos game, though. I could do something utterly stupid and try to play some sort of mythos beastie, but I imagine that's not what you're looking for at all.
  4. I like Lovecraft but I'm not really seeing much of a Lovecraft influence here.. I like the cyberpunk conspiracy angle, but the whole mythos seems more Judeo-Christian than Lovecraftian.
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  5. Actually, the Thelema thing is not derived from Judeo-Christian sources, but rather an Occult freak named Aleister Crowley who was born in the 1870s and died in the 1940s who developed a philosophy of Thelema:

    RP itself is actually going to be Lovecraft-heavy, (both Lovecraftian themes + mythos of Cthulhu/possible characters from that universe) just...not set in New England or the countryside. No plagiarism though . I'll give more info in OOC, but I wanna give away much story plot.
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