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  1. Humans,are very complex creations of God...They could express or suppress emotions at multiple aptitudes.
    One can not simply label a person as bad or good, for humans are far from what meats the eye.One thing is certain though, humans are social creatures.A human could go insane if placed in absolute isolation-they could become lonely and sad if left out.

    All that aside, there is this one mention that can drive humans to extreme measures, that one emotion that both good or bad can feel,that one emotion every human is called LOVE... is past complicated, nor math or science- let alone logic can explain this emotion.

    Today,we find ourselves observing the bounds and relationships formed amongst 20 human beings..Humans that are so very different form one another ;yet, they all seek LOVE.

    (You guys dont need to type anything like this-its just for me to keep the role play flowing in one common direction.Ill post such narrations every now and then)


    Zachary(The obsessed )
    Zachary- The obsessed (Tooru).png

    It was a night like any other in futuroppia...Cold yet bustling with people.Zachary was out in his daily walks in hunt for his beloved Cornelia.His lover who passed away in a car accident that accorded over a bridge.Her body was long lost in the sea, the police never retrieved it.Zachary who used to live and breath Cornelia couldn't simply come in terms with the idea of her seizing to exist.Therefore, he simply denied her death and is to this very day searching for her.

    'I will find you my love-it wont be long now'

    a statement he repeated to himself countless times without losing a bit of enthusiasm despite finding no trace of his lover what so ever.Everywhere he looked were people, yet they all were of no interest to the boy who is single mindlessly looking for that one girl.Zachary appearance on public is that one thing that really freaks people away from him(and he really doesn't care). He would have traces of blood remaining on his clothes from patching up one of his patience .He would also walk with a mask cover his mouth and nose which just made him a whole lot creepier.

    As he was aimlessly yet purposefully wondering the streets he came across a sight that made his body shiver down to his bones.A car accident- one of the few scenes that scare the hell out of Zachary.
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  2. The one-sided love.


    Lacey had just departed from school after receiving a detention from one of her teachers earlier on in the day, for altering her uniform. Yeah sure belts made out of ribbon weren't allowed to be on skirts, and sure the school didn't want lace to line the bottom of the skirt, and maybe they didn't like for Lacey to turn their collared shirts into of the shoulder shirts with no collar. She turned the school ribbon into a ribbon choker, ditched the schools shoes for a nice pair of boots, got rid of the buttons on the shirt and figured out a way to hide the old seam that was specifically for the buttons, and she ditched the school bag for a cute purse she'd created a few weeks ago. Now Lacey was headed to the fabric shop that was located in the downtown area of the city, Futuroppia. She was walking among the sea of people upon the sidewalks of the busy and overpopulated city when she heard a(n) ear splitting "SCREECH" of some cars wheels soon to witness the large crash of vehicles. She felt somewhat bad for those involved in the crash, but not completely bad, because afterall it was someone's fault and the person who didn't cause the accident most likely just got a taste of Karma. She continued walking as the shouts of the two drivers rose into the air, Lacey knew they both were fine so she simply became disinterested. As she continued walking she noted the strange individual who seemed as if he'd left his Halloween costume on for too long standing in the middle of the sidewalk staring at the accident. She watched as so many others moved away from him while Lacey continued her straight path towards him, only to stop and tap him on the shoulder,

    "Hey you ok? Your just plain standing there when you should be walking."

    She stated rather simply hoping that he heard her.
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    Tercoise sat in her classroom with a massive migraine. she was quickly trying to grade papers and fill out the paperwork for that day so she could go home. It had been a long day with on of her students acting as if the rules didn't pertain to her. She pulled her hair from the loose bun she always work it letting the long brown strands fall over her back. It was nice to let loose for even a little bit.

    The strain of the papers were beginning to get to her so she stood up to take a five minute break. That was when she heard the crash. Horror washed over her features as she rushed to the window to see the accident from a distance. Despite her concern for the drivers she couldn't help but moan as she realized that her path home was now blocked. Which meant she was stuck there until the mess had been cleaned up.

    Maybe she would go for a walk to get some fresh air before she returned to her tedious job of grading. She locked the classroom and walked towards the nearby park with one of her favorite books wishing the mundane schedule of her life would soon change.
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  4. The Widower

    Upon returning to his office after a smoke break, Jason sat at his desk, and leaned back in his chair. It'd been a pretty dull day and would be a little while before his last patient. He had time to just sit quietly and relax. Sighing softly, he soon sat up straight and began sifting through the papers on top of his desk. He hated sitting quietly and/or relaxing. It gave him time to think. He hated thinking...

    He didn't have many patients today, but his brother-in-law had insisted on eating dinner together, when the time came... Not that he had anything against Julian, Jason appreciated the man's efforts, he just... Well, he didn't have much of an excuse, really. He knew it was better to go out and have something to distract him from his thoughts, but... Well, even he could admit that he was a very hypocritical therapist. He knew exactly what he should and shouldn't be doing in times of grief... He just didn't give a damn.
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  5. McKenzie 'Mickey' James, Yellow
    | The Stalker |
    Humming quite loudly, McKenzie happily sipped on his drink that he just bought from Starbucks, maneuvering around the many people who inhabited Futuroppia. As always, the city seemed to be buzzing with life, even if it was late at night and pretty chilly. A breeze picked up, causing the young teen to shiver and pull his coat tighter around himself.

    As he continued walking, not having a clue where his destination should be, he was met with a throng of people, who seemed to be very intrigued by something. Curiosity spiking within him, Mickey wiggled and pushed and excused himself to the front, where he could take in the scene. It was a car wreck and a bad one at that. It seemed like the two drivers were safe, but the sight still made him wince and his heart to beat rapidly.

    Not wanting to stay so long standing in the cold, McKenzie wiggled and pushed and excused himself out of the throng of people, beginning to walk once more. At that point, he knew exactly where he wanted to go. Grinning, he fished out his phone and decided to text his best friend, Damon.

    To Bestie:
    gonna come over 2 ur house :3

    He hit the 'Enter' button and watched it go through before stuffing it back into his pocket, along with his hand. Sipping on his drink, he changed course so he was heading in the direction of Damon's house.

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  6. Aria smiled as she walked down the street, per usual. She always did this on her way to work, greeting people with a friendly smile and a wave. It was easy to loose track of how many people she saw. But today was different. Up ahead there where two cars, who had defiantly gotten in a car wreck. She stopped in her tracks, thinking about something that might give her inspiration for her next character.

    She tugged on her bag as she tried to find a sketch pad. She found it at the very bottom of her bag and whipped it out, finding a pen as she began scribbling down words on the piece of paper. She was writing furiously, the ideas streaming though her brain faster than she could write. But eventually, she got them all out, sighing as she leaned back and closed the book, tugging on her jacket slightly.
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  7. The Free Faller

    Aleksandr squealed as the sounds of the crash filled the air, the incident having happened on the street just a few feet behind him. Twirling around to see what it was, worry took over his expression as he hurried over to make sure everyone was okay. Even as the drivers got out to start yelling at each other, he was still looking them over to make sure they didn't have any serious injuries.

    Sighing softly in relief as it seemed they were fine, he gave the wrecked cars a sympathetic glance before turning to continue on his way. He would have been sad all day if those poor people had gotten seriously hurt... But all was well, so off he went to the nearest bakery to get himself a snack. Who didn't love muffins before dinner? It was probably silly, but he always got a few extra, in hopes to share them with someone... It didn't look like there'd be anyone to eat with, today, so he'd most likely just have a few extra muffins to snack on throughout the night. It was as win/win as situations could get, so he sure wasn't complaining.
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  8. [​IMG]
    Damon had been up till 3 Am last night, had been walking around the city all night. His face was dead in the pillow blocking all the loud sounds of the outside. His hair was messed up with hair standing up and his mouth wide open drooling. He then heard a loud sound coming beside him that woke him up, he glanced his left eye over at the left side of his bed. It was his phone and most likely McKenzie Texting him. The boy sighed not wanting to get out of bed.

    He then sat up with his hair fell over his face, the boy then blew the hair off his eyes and stood up almost falling over. He grabbed his clothes off his bed, a black t shirt and blue jeans. He walked over the the bathroom where he took off his clothes and went for the shower. After he finished, he dried off and put on his clothes. He then walked down stairs with his phone in his hand checking the alerts, apparently Mikey had text him that he was on his way, which was no surprise because he came everyday.

    After getting a bowl from his cabinet and pouring his cereal, he put the milk inside and began to eat the cold cereal. He almost fell asleep eating it from having barely any sleep.​
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  9. Zachary
    Zachary- The obsessed (Tooru).png

    Seeing that the people involved in the accident are both totally fine and are now just screaming their lungs out at each other relived him . Nevertheless -it really pissed him of at the same time;They manged to freak him out shitless.

    was the first thing that came out of his mouth when a girl has tabbed his shoulder asking if he was okay.He turned back to her and eyed her from top to bottom, he thought HER get up was messed up.
    "what in it to you Missy? do you work in the road traffic deportment or something ?-think you can just tell a fella what he ought to be doing?...huh?"
    He was bending his back to be at the same eye level for her.Not everyday did a girl walk up to him and just talked to him like that.He thought this was interesting.
    He was smirking- not that she could tell.

    " oh well- ill let cha off the hook since you kinda cute missy"
    No he didn't mean to flirt- to him that was just stating a fact.One thing Zachary never realize about himself is that he looks scary to the general public.
    "tell ya what- if you ever break a bone or get in a fight or somethin- not that a missy like you would do something so barbaric"
    He took out a sticky notepad from his pocket ,and wrote down his number on a sticky
    "you can call little old me and ill fix ya up nice and quickly"
    Zachary posted the sticky note on the middle of her forehead.

    "toddles cutie- no funny calls at night ya hear?"
    he said to her as he turned around stuffing his hands into his pocket walking off.
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  10. McKenzie 'Mickey' James, Yellow
    | The Stalker |
    On his way to Damon's, McKenzie had stopped by a small sweets shop. He was overwhelmed by all the different pastries and took a while to choose what to buy. In his mind, he etched the name of the shop in the back of his head, telling himself that he was definitely going to become a regular costumer. Even better, it was near Damon's neighborhood, too! Ah, how things worked out sometimes.

    Munching on the cake that he had bought for himself, he had entered the all too familiar neighborhood. He was certain the almost everyone knew him. And, if they didn't already know, probably thought he lived there as well, which wasn't true. As he made his way down the sidewalk, he smiled and waved to the people he knew of, heart swelling when his smiles and waves were returned, sometimes accompained by a "Hello, McKenzie. Going to visit Damon again, I see." The whole neighborhood knew how close the two were.

    Before he knew it, he was in front of Damon's house. That's what happens when my body's on auto pilot, he thought as he rapped his knuckles against the door. Knowing Damon, he might be half-asleep and Mickey knew that his knocks would wake him up fully. In the meantime, he tried his best to keep the older boy's pastry from getting too cold, rocking back and forth on his feet and humming some tune while finishing up his cake.
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  11. Julian (The hopeless romantic)
    Julian-The hopeless romantic (Tooru).jpg

    Sitting in his bed room- which was more of a painting gallery than a bed room really.He had the latest track released by Safire's band playing on the background as he spread colorful strokes from his brush across a canvas. Julian was drawing a portrait of someone important to him, someone who unfortunately no longer walks this earth- his sister.
    "Today, I made plans with Jason to eat dinner together"
    Julian was talking out loud to his painting as if having a conversation with the person he is drawing - this was a habit he repeats every time he drew a portrait of someone.
    "I hope he woke up feeling better today- even if just for a tiny bit!sister"
    He smiled genitally as he was placing the final touches on the painting.He took a deep breath and looked at it
    " so beautiful you are!"
    He took the Canvas off and walked to his scattered pile of frames.
    " now which one to use-aha!"
    He spotted a golden gentle frame which he believed to work very will with his sisters beauty.

    After sitting it on a frame, Julian sat down at the sofa staring at the portrait " should i take you to Jason? or would that make things harder on him?..just because this makes me feel better about losing you- it doesn't necessary mean it would have the same effect one him....i mean he wouldn't talk to you would he now?"
    Julian tilted his head not sure what to do.He initially drew it for himself ,but half way through drawing it he figured he might give it to Jason thinking it might cheer him up.

    After taking a deep breath Julian stepped outside his studio apartment ( Julian is not one to go out frequently- he was a 'homey' person who like staying indoor)with the painting inside a eco friendly paper bag in hand(yep his the go green type). Still debating wither to give it to Jason or not, he made his way out to Jason's office.Initially ,the plan was to meet at the restaurant(an Italian restaurant). But, Julian couldn't wait anymore and decided to go earlier and pick up Jason from his office.

    Finding himself present at Jason office before his work finished made Julian stand outside waiting for Jason to come out.As he was waiting he took out the painting and kept staring at it with a faint smile. His sister was beautiful inside and out, to this day he never met a woman or a man like her.He smiled as memories of her flashed through his head like it was only yesterday that she was with him.Part of the reason why Julian cared to keep in touch with Jason so much is cause he was lonely without his sister by his side.He also thought Jason was the only one who knew how important and precious she was.
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  12. [​IMG]

    Safire had felt elated about her new gig. the band was returning to her home town for a week which meant between shows she could finally see him again. She felt once more like that giddy girl she was growing up with him. Her band members gathered together for a rehearsal. "Alright everyone I want to make this show special. Maybe we can start with Hidden love."

    The members nodded their heads in unison preparing for the song. soon her soft but strong voice filled the room as she sang the love song she had written for him. When she had first recorded it she had wondered if he knew it was for him, but when she next saw him he had no reaction. which either meant he didn't love her or he was playing dense.

    Once rehearsal finished she decided to revisit her home. It had been a long time since she was back and their next show wasn't till tomorrow. She walked to her favorite park wondering if anyone would remember her.
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  13. Lacey Bellrose

    Lacey bit her tongue as she listened his words her anger bubbling within her but the moment he stuck a sticky-note smack dab in the center of her forehead is what almost set her off, then something told her to let it go until she sees him again, but in fact she didn't listen completely to her conscious for she spun around on the heels of her feet and walked behind the strange man with large strides to shorten the distance between them as she removed a pen from her purse and scribbled, 'Have a nice life Mr. fils de salope.' In all capital letters, she stuck it on his back before continuing her journey to the fabric shop, praying that if she ever saw him again she wouldn't have the urge to wring his neck for disrespecting her after all she did was try to help him before one of the following events occur: A. He gets arrested by a officer for looking like maniac , or B. Somebody who isn't paying attention bumps into him, gets scared out their wits, and end up getting hit by a car, causing him to be accused of murder.

    But since he was so rude she simply shook her head and hoped the stupid âne wouldn't end up dealing with either scenario. After walking for another 5 minutes and crossing a small intersection Lacey had arrived at last at her destination. As she stood before the shop pure joy flooded her face, her heart fluttered with light whimsical beats as she raced excitedly into the large store. She entered the colorful shop filled with materials ranging from cotton to the finest silk. The teens eyes shone with happiness as she raced around the store to get some of the best deals.
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  14. Taylor Haunting, Maroon
    •The Hard To Get•
    It was another normal day in Futuroppia. Taylor had just decided to get out of her apartment and go out. During her little walk throughout the city, she let her eyes scan her surroundings, taking in new things and smiling softly at familiar things. The peace that surrounded her was soon shattered as she heard what sounded like metal crashing hard against itself. It made her jump and her eyes to go wide, body tense and alert. After a while, she began to make her way towards the scene that people were beginning to crowd around, getting a good spot to survey the damage.

    It was bad, yes, but the drivers seem to be okay. In fact, they had gotten out of their damaged vehicles and started yelling heatedly at one another, saying a few choice words and making wild gestures. The sight made Taylor let out a relieved sigh, but also made her grimace. If they weren't injured in the accident, they were definitely going to become injured in the upcoming fight. The tension and anger between the two seemed to continue building and building and building. It wouldn't be long before it combusted and someone threw the first punch. Then, a full out brawl would occur. Something Taylor could live without witnessing.

    Grimace still in place because the two drivers were acting like children, the young adult made her way to a nearby bakery, happy to get out of the cold. She sighed blissfully when she entered the shop, enjoying the tingling sound of the bell above the door, indicating a new costumer. Upon her arrival, her gaze landed on none other than Aleksandr Keys, someone who she's quite close to. The sight of him and his many muffins brought a grin to her face.

    "Well, if it isn't my little brother," she said, walking up to him and plucking a muffin from his grasp. They weren't blood related, but their relationship could be described as a sibling one. She took a bite out of the muffin; its flavor bursting over her taste buds and making her hum in pleasure.
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  15. [​IMG]
    Damon took another bite of the cereal, still half asleep from staying up. The boys eyes almost behind his head. He then passed out with his face in the cereal, it was a few minutes till he heard a voice, someone was waking him up. He then sat up his hair wet from the milk, the boy stood up and walked over to the sink were he turned the water on and run his head over the water to wake him up. The boy then pushed his head out of the water, the water had woke him up and was fully awake now. He then faced McKenzie who was standing behind him.

    His good friend he knew for a while, McKenzie had come in and haven't knocked for about a few years, he would most times wake him up at school days when he was up late and didn't wake up from his alarm clock. He knew him for a while ever since his sisters death, which Mikey helped him coop with. "Why are you here so early" The boy hadn't known that he missed school again, he then grabbed a rag and wiped his face absorbing the water.

    The boy then grabbed his T-shirt he forgot to put on and slit it over his chest. He then grabbed his dish and put it in the sink, his mother had left for the month with her new 'boyfriend' on a cruise. She left him two hundred dollars for occasions and he still had a job at a coffee shop down town. Even though he never told him that he appreciates Mikey being there for him, he does care a lot being his closest friend.​
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  16. Aria was quite startled by the fact that there was a man over in the corner with blood on his shirt, but it only gave her more ideas. She smiled and pulled out her sketch pad and briefly sketched the man down on her book, making sure to get the surgical mask and everything else included. She smiled, adding a bit more deranged craze to his eyes and she laughed at it, shutting the book.

    She stared at him for a while before turning to the cars and writing down even more words in her journal before shutting it and put it inside her bag. She put her pen and stuck it in her pencil pouch along with the assorted colored pencils as she turned and headed off to her classes, passing right by the man with blood stains.
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  17. The Widower

    After finishing the session with his last patient for the night, Jason blinked as he stepped out of his office to go for another smoke and noticed Julian waiting. Though caught off guard for a moment, he soon re-established himself, putting his cigarettes away and approaching the man.
    "Morning, Julian... I thought we would be meeting at the restaurant. Did something come up?"

    He asked lightly, glancing towards the bag. He could tell it was a painting, but he couldn't see what it was of. Perhaps he had been on the way to a gallery and decided to stop by.
    "Finished another painting?"

    He asked politely, offering a small smile. He did like seeing Julian's paintings-- They were always beautiful.

    The Free Faller

    Standing at the counter, Aleksandr was all grins as he waited for his muffins. They were truly the light of his nights. As he was handed the bag, the boy thanked the cashier before taking a muffin from the bag to begin his snacking. Before he could take a bite, however, the muffin was plucked from his hand. Blinking a few times, Aleksandr glanced towards the culprit, his grin instantly returning as he was faced with his best friend. Of course, he didn't mind her taking his muffin one bit.
    "Ah, TayTay! It's been a while~!"

    He chimed, clutching the bag to his chest.
    "Do you wanna eat breakfast with me? I was thinking about walking to the park and sharing some with the ducks, too~"
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  18. [​IMG]

    Today was an especially good day for everyone favorite and most adored student council president, Hisae. Today she had not simply sent one, but two people to the front office for dress code violation! Hisae got the most satisfaction from being able to do this. She actively scouted for students out of dress code just so she could see the over joyed look on the principals face and hear the relieved sigh from his mouth whenever she appeared at his door with a restrained student. To Hisae, it felt great to do her job! The tear of the detention slip was music to her ears.

    So, because she was so happy, she was humming a sweet sweet song to herself as she marched down the halls. The time was just a bit after the school day had ended so most of the students had gone on their way by now, but not Hisae. Hisae made an active effort to take on many jobs after the school day was over. She normally stayed so long that she would have so few hours to do her homework, but she always got it in perfect condition and to her teachers on time! She was able to do this because she did not exactly have what one would call a "friend" or whatever those things were. Whatever they were, Hisae didn't want or need one.

    All Hisae wanted and needed was authority and power. She had this, in her student council status. However, to keep it she would need to do a good job, which is what she did on a daily basis. She studied the student handbook every night and convicted students who broke even the tiniest of rules! It was her job, after all.

    So as Hisae marched along the halls, she stopped for a moment because she heard the sound of a car crash. She looked outside, but could not see it. It did not really matter much, so Hisae kept on walking.
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  19. Hana Utau

    It was after school but Hana was still there. She was in bok club. They'd been kicked out and told to go home ten minutes after the club ended but since a lot of the freshmen didn't have cars or phones and were waiting for rides Hana was staying with them to make sure they got home alright. Thats when she heard the cars. She ran to the window around the same time as the president, looking outside to make sure everyone was okay. She bit her lip, lingering at the window.


    Hiro was outside, walking when it happened. He looked in the building where he saw Hana who he knew. He waved hi to her but she was busy looking at the crash. Hiro really didn't care. Those things happened everyday. He begun walking again when he heard a knock. It was Hana knocking on the window and saying hi to him. Hiro waved and gave a brief smile. He then decided to be the first one to dial 911 with his phone. Minutes later cops and ambulances came swarming in.​
  20. McKenzie 'Mickey' James, Yellow
    ~The Stalker~
    "Early?! I'm here quite late, actually. You missed school again today," McKenzie informed the other boy, watching him for a bit before sitting at the table that Damon was just sitting at. He got comfortable, placing his pastry down before glancing back over at his best friend. "Are you okay? I haven't seen you in a while so I was just worried....," the blond trailed off, squirming in his seat. He knew that the older boy didn't like being worried over, but he couldn't do anything else. That's just how he was, how his nature was. To worry over his loved ones. Eager to change the subject into something more jolly, his sadden mood immediately brightened up into its usual happy-go-lucky one. Clapping his hands together, he jumped to his feet, eyes shining like the stars in the night sky.

    "You know what we should do, Day? We should go out!" Mickey suggested, inching his way closer and closer to the other boy. Being the shorter one of the two, he had to slightly crane his neck to see his expression. It was rare that McKenzie was successful in getting Damon to do anything fun with him. He was rejected more than he was accepted, but that didn't stop him from constantly trying to get him out and about.

    "We can go roam the town. Maybe we'll find something to do! Or meet some people~!" McKenzie continued to ramble, eyes becoming glassy as his mind began to wander. Images of the two of them exploring the town until who knows how late popped up into his mind and filled it, making him beam as bright as the Sun, maybe even rivaling its brightness. "Won't that be fun, Damon~?"

    [Meh, I was struggling with this. Plus, I'm watching Winnie the Pooh XD]

    Taylor Haunting, Maroon
    *The Hard to Get*
    "Yes. A long while," Taylor agreed, continuing to munch on the muffin that she had snagged from the younger boy. His care-free nature did nothing less of putting something akin to a permanent grin onto her face, eyes shining with joy. At his suggestion of walking to the park and eating breakfast with him, she agreed, nodding. It wasn't like she had anything better to do. To be honest, she didn't have much of a life. Two words to sum it up: Free. Time. It was something that most people would kill for and she was grateful that she had a lot of it. Because of it, she was able to spend time with Aleksandr, which she enjoyed immensely.

    "Not like I have anything planned for the day. A walk in the park always sounds relaxing~," she said as she finished the muffin. Her grin seemed to grow a bit as she thought of Aleksandr feeding the ducks in the pond. The boy was always being caring and sharing with others. It was rare to witness such a thing nowadays and Taylor hoped that he stayed that way. The brunette turned on her heel and made her way outside of the bakery. When she reached the door and pushed it open, stepping out, she looked over her shoulder and asked, "Well? Are you coming or what?"

    [Goodness, this took longer than I'd like >.<]
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