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  1. sccGihj.png
    "True love is eternal, infinite, and always like itself.
    " - Honore de Balzac

    The story revolves around relationships formed in the name of LOVE...we all desire LOVE..we all want to be loved...But truly, is love always a good thing?Love comes at many different forms...some are good some are not.

    -love themes-
    (you guys can pick one of these or make your on!)

    the stalker- the childhood friend- the father/mother like - the one sided- the perfectionist - The emotional romantic- the suicidal/mental - the possessive - the passionate - the forceful- the love triangle- the criminal mind- the opportunist -The kind heated


    <3Each person can have up two to characters( choose wisely)

    <3 pairings must be made up of characters from different users( its more fun like that really)

    <3 I know we are talking about love here-but please avoid extremely mature themes( if your dying for it-take it to A PM or something)

    <3 Have fun ppl! yay

    (err..fill the character sheet okay?)

    Character sheet:

    appearance : (picture please- no real people kay?)
    Love twist:
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  2. name:Zachary


    bio:Zachary,the only son of a famous heart surgeon who grew up seeing his dad patch up bodies.Zachary grew up in love with the field of surgery -but his love was twisted.So he decided to become a black market surgeon(works with illegal people and such)

    Love twist: OBSESSED LOVER. Zachary had fell madly in love with a beautiful naive young girl who loved life.She loved him back,and their love seemed to be perfect..until the day she died in an accident drifted away in the ocean- the police couldn't retrieve her body . Zachary simply could not accept her death-to this day, he is searching for her.and perhaps..perhaps one day he would come across a look alike...
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  3. name: Spectra
    appearance : Sophie.(Tales.of.Graces).full.1034622.jpg

    bio: Spectra is the daughter of a veterinarian who lives with her father, her mother passed away after giving birth to her. Once she is a caring person who likes to help animals and others but she always thought no one would like her to She stays to help with her dad in the shop.

    Love twist: The Kind Hearted: When she was little she was always the naive girl who never really thought about things such as love, she thinks of things as if everything is caused for a reason. She kind of doesn't know the feeling of love but she loves to encourage her friends and she is always so kind and sweet to everyone.
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  4. [​IMG]Name: Hana Utau
    Age: 17
    Bio: Hana was born an heiress under a strict family. She had 14 brothers and sisters- a lot of them simply adopted. She learned to share at a young age and always hated it. Though she seems kind and innocent and is in most ways she can become a completely different. She can break easily. She loves life and sees the beautiful side of everything. She gets really anxious in large crowds or with people she doesn't know but she's not particularly shy.
    Love Twist: POSSESIVE She's a yandere in disguise. If one were to even look at her lover a way she didn't like they might find themselves in a bad situation.
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  8. [​IMG]

    Aleksandr Keys


    Aleksandr has always been an awkward boy with too much love to give. At a young age, he discovered he was adopted-- something his non-biological parents had wished to keep a secret. Rather than being upset and throwing a tantrum like most children might, Aleksandr was fascinated with the idea that these strangers could love him so completely as their own. He loved the feeling. He wanted everyone to know it, and he wanted more.

    Unfortunately, this second pair of parents was soon lost to him, as well, a bad car wreck being the cause to the first of many heartbreaks for Aleksandr. Until he recently reached the age of eighteen, Aleksandr had been stuck in the foster care system, being passed from house to house like a door-to-door salesman.

    Love twist:
    - The Free Faller -
    Since childhood, Aleksandr has had the most horrible habit of falling in love with anyone he becomes friends with. As the road to his heart is a mere few steps, and the door is missing from its hinges, Aleksandr has been through years of wear and tear from various people using his love as they please before leaving him devastated. Still, the many failures to find the true perfect one for him has only made the need stronger.​
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  9. Appearance:
    age: 16
    Bio: Marie lived in a small town with her mother and younger sister, her father leaving them at a young age. She was mostly alone her whole life since people bullied her and beat her up most of the time, but she never hesitated to fight back.

    Love twist: the suicidal/mental- Marie grew up to find love fake since her father left, making her cold and bitter to others. She hurts herself and is very suicidal also growing up with some medical and mental problems.
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  10. [​IMG]



    Hisae is the type of girl who likes to take charge, whether she is asked or not. She is the type of girl who runs for class, school, and club president. She is actually a very good decision maker, so this is not really a bad thing. She has a good face to rule a population. She seems kind and fair, yet slightly form. In truth, she would stab someone in the back for power, but it's not like anyone can tell. She has a goal to one day rule the world, even though that may be cliche and above her head. She wants to create a perfect world, one in harmony. A kind of world where there is no crime or sadness. Hisae also dabbles in art a bit, and her creative focus is her Eden. Other than this, she has a generally normal background. Her grades aren't exceptional, but are no means bad. She does not have many star talents either other than good public speaking skills.

    Love Twist:
    Hisae would be the opportunistic type. Hisae is always looking for stepping stones to climb the ladder of power. She would find it quite convenient to fall in love with someone who could help her goals.
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  11. (I also want to join so can you reserve 'The Stalker' for me, please?)
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  12. sure~ your MORE than welcomed too!
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  13. So far we got :

    Males: Zachary (Tooru)
    Aleksandr Keys( Kaz)
    Mckenzie 'Mickey' James Kitsune
    Julian (tooru)

    Females : Spectra (Takani Watashi)
    Hana Utau (Brøken_Serenity)
    Marie (Marie katelynn)
    Hisae (Lyra Meiko)

    Once 12 characters are present ,we will discuss the role play shortly together and then kick off.

    I want this role play to be an enjoyable experience for all of you.For that, I am not enforcing any complicated rules
    or anything like that.You guys do you thing and have fun (while providing each others with decent posts).

    This thread will be used for all OCC discussion's ,I will make another thread once our 12 characters are ready for the role play it self.

    You guys have any suggestions, questions? ;3
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  14. [BCOLOR=#0b0b0b][​IMG][/BCOLOR]

    Mckenzie 'Mickey' James

    16 years old


    Mckenzie grew up with a large, loving family. He had five siblings, two older brothers and three younger sisters. He was what people considered 'The Middle Child', along with his sister, Kandi. Because his family was really close, he grew up becoming easily attached to things. It wasn't helpful that he was so full of love either.

    [BCOLOR=#0b0b0b]Love Twist:[/BCOLOR]
    | The Stalker |
    Mckenzie is the one that you would find sitting at your doorstep, even when you know that you didn't tell him your address. Mickey believes that, to show someone you truly love them, you have to now everything about them. Of course, he doesn't go about it the normal way like others do. He'll (sometimes) sneak around corners and follow you around to find things out about you. He'd eavesdrop on conversations to see what's your favorite color and stare at you like you're the only other human in the world. But it's all with good intentions, he promises.
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  15. Oh, I just had a thought. You said 6 male and 6 females for 6 pairings, but what about same-sex relationships? Should there be an equal number of bi/gay people in each gender, too?
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  16. will, 6 pairs is the basic frame BUT that doesn't necessary mean that each girl will match with a guy ,really. Plus there might be love triangles and stuff so dont stress on the pairing ;3

    Also, everyone can have up to two characters ,so the number might end up odd (we might have more males than girl or the other way around).
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  17. Can I join?
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  18. Umm, of course~ :3
    We would love to have you on board
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  19. name :Julian

    bio:Julian is a man extremely passionate about love.He Cherishes love and believes it to be the most important emotion in the world.Unfortunately , love seems to betray this passionate hopeless romantic.He never seem to find the love he seeks and always ends up with a broken heart.(He is a artist who draws anything that portrays beauty in his eyes )

    love twist: Hopeless romantic - The guy who loves more deeply then anyone could, he fights for his love, protects his love and is unrealistically madly in love. He dreams night and day about them being together, what it would be like, but it's met with shattered dreams due to the simple fact there's another man in the picture.His a tragic hero who would always be second and never first in his lovers eyes.​
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  20. Tooru, umm, I have a question

    So, when it gets started what are we, like, doing? Are you putting us in pairs and then we somehow meet eachother or do we find our on pairs and stuff or what?
    Also I was thinking about making another character. Do we need more boys or more girls?
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