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  1. This is not necessarily a angry or negative rant but felt that is was mostly my own opinions and become something personal to me, the thoughts are a bit broken up and it feels Ranty to me. I decided to listen to a song and free write with that song. I am going to share both of those with all of you.

    What is love?....

    What is this pain, this joy, agony? bliss?

    What is it and what does it mean, how does it work, is it good or bad, new or old?​
    What is...Love....but moment to moment compromised existence. In accordance to one another, like two galaxies situated below a black hole that propels itself through the universe. Love. That deeply settled illusion that can only bare thick, twisted roots, and with primordial purpose, burrow inward to the deepest reaches you posess. What keeps us craving this invasion of ourselves that we always desire that which is not us. That makes us believe that Love is separate from what, and who we are. Why do we deny it, diminish, and delude it? Glorify and worship it? Am I not love? Are you? Why do we control it and define can anyone define Love the same way?

    Love has never been so...defined by a society then right now in my eyes.

    Love for me, extends beyond all I have had, all of me and all I have ever known.

    I can't touch it but it burns me, scorching my flesh like the sun and I have felt this with all the love I have felt for others. The pain it causes me to love them so intensely but know they are destroying themselves, the pain when you hurt by their words because you valued their opinions more than most, or the pain you feel when they lie to you.

    I can't touch it yet it consumes me, leaving me winded, in awe of its rapture of the helpful caring words of a friend, the embrace of loving arms. The joy it causes when they smile and laugh with you, the bliss it enduces when they show you support, and the veil that lifts, when anyone assures you that you are....never truly alone.

    I can't....

    I can't.........

    I won't listen to the nay Sayers or believers and what they say...because to know ,I just have to look within and there you are, all of you, safe in my heart, well beings within my thoughts and so utterly and extremely loved....with every ounce of love I posess.

    I sometimes feel like nothing can love more than I can...and No one can love like I can...and I suppose that is true to some extent. I suppose...I've been manifesting these intense chambers long before this soul entered this flesh. That the universe knew long before and prepared me then for the velocity of emotions, capable of managing them with communication. Some people aren't even as cut off from me as they believe to be....and yet I love them....the most...


    I don't even know...If this is making any fucking sense.

    I am...constantly reaching out to people, because...for the longest time, I remember having no one. No one to help me survive, no one to help me understand, no on to offer insight into a situation I didn't need to be in. No one.

    Now....I am suddenly surrounded by good, honest, true, most Human being of the beings I have ever met, and my chambers are being tested. Their beating, on trial, and to the rhythm of unheard frequencies. I express everything I am, If I am doing something....I put EVERYTHING I AM INTO IT, UNTIL I GET IT, UNTIL IT IS ME....or I don't do it at all. Love comes to me not at will, emotions aren't something to turn off and on of and on off an on they are REAL they do as they please. So when I feel, I feel that with all I have ever had. I follow it through.

    Love stays forever, it NEVER goes away, they things you love about another are the things you come to love about yourself....loved pets, a dear friend, lover, family. Permanently marked with the best of them we are changed by them, enjoyed by them, and guided by them, now matter how short or long their presence in our lives, their love and your love for them is...eternal.

    In the end what are we but organic data, collected through flesh to be later transferred to that vast collective external hard drive. If what I return to is 'all' and 'everything', I want to go back with the most intense feelings. Especially Love.

    ...Especially Love....

    it is the only thing I have ever felt for everyone, and ensured that I felt every damn emotion there is to feel. I owe all I have had to love, and I that I am, for that matter.​
  2. Love is the soul. It bends us to the will of compassion for even those who we dislike, because without that love we lose all sense of humanity. Love is that feeling you get when somebody reaches out for your help and you cannot help but take that person's hand. Love is what drives us to do better by our peers.

    Love is also painful. It hurts when we lose it. Once the love is ripped from a person, they stop showing signs of their soul ever having been there. We all have love seeded into us, because I do not believe in a truly bad person that still holds compassion and love of some shade.

    And because, Fijoli, you love others so much, pain might be a common thing you run into. But never forget that you yourself are deserving of that same love that you show to us all constantly. You've gone out of your way to pull others out of the gutter, as has @Brovo, and @Jorick with their advice for others.
    We don't just define it; how do you let it define you? That is the true question here; how does love, your love, define you? How does it work in your everyday life? When you see someone cold on the street, what is your first reaction to do? What about if you see that one post that you know that person is hurting bad, and you talk to them?

    Love takes many, many forms. Whether it is a romantic kind of love, love for the world, the being she holds, the universe for it's many lessons and beauty, and love for oneself.

    People who said love is an easy thing to do obviously never known what the pain of having to shut the door on someone because while it was a painful thing to do, it was needed to show that person the right kind of love they needed. sometimes, love is hard enough it tears the soul apart, but we must let love build back that tear, and we'll become stronger for it. Whatever the case is, never let yourself drift into the abyss of not loving because of hurt; beings aren't meant to live without love.

    Emotions can be fixed into love itself. Without all those emotions, the fire that would light your heart would never have been lit. Basing your life on love isn't the worst thing a person or being for that matter can do. It has to be the hardest life someone has ever lived, because loving the unlovable is a very hard task. Loving someone who has hurt you so badly is....hard. I know I found it hard to say I love you to my mother most days because of how she treated me, and how she does. But I'll let you in on a secret of mine; Love overpowers the darkness in the world and lights that beckon for others to do the same. While I understand where you are getting at in your rant, I do also see that leading a life with love is a great way to live and be remembered.
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  3. It does. It should be noted one of the most powerful forces in the universe portrayed in fiction all across the planet, one of the greatest motivational drivers, is love. Love can fell the strongest warrior. Love can corrupt or purify the most holy or vile of hearts. Love can destroy cities, or create empires. You can love anything, and anyone, and be shunned by anything, or anyone. It is a feeling we have evolved to crave, as it implies both the utmost of trust and care, which is good for procreation and survival.

    As for love, to answer that question you posited: What is love? Well... Not an easy task, but I will try.

    Love is, first, an emotion from within. Understand that no matter how significantly you feel about another person, that emotion isn't instantly shared. You can love someone with all your heart, but not have it be reciprocated. Therefore, love is not magic, and it is not the cure-all: A human who feels love for another but cannot stand on their own is a human trying to offer someone a ride on a sinking ship. It is a human emotion, one of the best you can feel, but not something to sacrifice your individuality for, your passions for... Because...

    Love is happiness shared. When you really love someone, you try to cheer them up when they feel depressed, no? You do your best to make others smile, to make them laugh, even if you feel terrible you do your best to elevate those you care for to such the utmost degree as to call it love. Whether that love is familial or sexual is beside the point: When you love someone, you try to ensure their happiness even when yours is dwindling. An act of love, therefore, is inherently sacrificial: From something as minor as giving your time to listen to someone, talk to them about their problems, try to help them work through their issues and reach a better mental state in life, to something as dramatic as taking a bullet for someone.

    When two people are in love--when love is reciprocated--you can tell the difference between a couple lost in lust, or happily in love. When you can see two people sitting down and not ogling each other, not making out, or spelunking into the depths of certain caverns upon couches... When they can just laugh and play games together, or watch a movie together, or leave each other alone to spend time with their friends with the utmost trust in one another? When they don't even have to think if they can trust the other person, when that answer is always automatically "yes, absolutely, without a doubt"? That's love, romantic love, to see another and not just be attracted to them, but to find their flaws not just tolerable, but outright endearing. In essence: Go into a relationship of that nature with someone if you could describe them as your best friend.

    To summarize: Love will not save you from bullets, love will not cure deadly diseases, love will not "fix" you. You have to love yourself enough to fix yourself before you can be an equal pillar in holding up the bridge known as a loving relationship... What love can do though, is make you feel weightless. Love can take the loneliness you feel and melt it away in the arms of trust and care, undivided and generous, without any end. For example: I love @Tempest and she loves me. Don't get me wrong, it's not sexual--she's a lesbian, so, you know, haha, good luck with that--it's familial. We've been best friends for over eight years, we've stood by each other against mobs and depression and when we were younger, suicidal thoughts and poor choices of lovers. When she was on pain medication for three months because of a broken leg, I stayed up into the wee hours of the night all the way into the early morning whilst doing a day job to ensure she wouldn't feel alone. Whenever I've felt broken and recluse away from the public eye to lick my wounds, she's always been there to help cheer me up and just be there for a while until I finish healing.

    In essence... I don't use her as a crutch to keep myself up, she simply volunteers to be there and to make the load lighter whilst I pick myself up. We're both still functioning adults, we both have our own lives, passions, ideas... But at the end of the day we know we have each other's backs. Against one person, or a hundred, or a thousand, we've got each other's backs.

    Does that make sense? Love isn't magic, but love is important to life. After all, we came from primordial ooze--we exist, but not in the sense of being perfect beings. We were born, and we will die, and by all accounts of evidence, there is no sign that there is any greater purpose to life than simply to exist. Therefore, life is only what we make of it, and love is... An all too important motivator, healer, a beacon of human ideals. Without love we're just organic machines that consume to survive, that devise better and faster methods of consumption to survive. Love is what gives purpose and meaning... Love for another, love for an art, love for a game, love for work, love for... Anything. Passion is what makes life worth living, not existence.

    As for being the only one that loves like you do... No, I assure you, you're not alone. There are others who love unconditionally and do their best to help others, even when they don't reciprocate it. I do my best to be one of these people despite my inner nature. If you ever need to talk, you know I'll be around. For better, or for worse.
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  4. Thanks guys, I love reading your thoughts and opinions. Such grounded reasoning is...foreign to me. Not quite the responses I was expecting and to be honest...I wasn't sure what to expect...but I feel misunderstood in my reasons for sharing this rant so publicly...I'm not looking for answers...or seeking advice, I'm just expressing in the raw, unedited, version of myself. But you both bring up good points and...wondrous questioning.

    Love has absolutely defined me and it is very apparent in my art...and as an artist, or no. Personnally, the most best compliment I can receive is when someone sees my work and it makes them cry. I don't wish to for others to be sad, but It will prove to me that my expression has been truthfully realized and even with an is hard to accomplish. The things that give me peace are things that make people sick, things that shock and scare bring me comfort and security. Love has defined me through pain after pain but I am not sad, I do not hurt. Love hs defined me through pain and I embraced that ideal....maybe too young. But don't worry, I am not sad or hurting. I am just feeling something very deeply.

    This made me think, I have seen you say so before that Love is happiness shared, but I...digress, for I have not experience that shared-like notion, I don't need another to share in my emotion because I had to create it on my own from the start. I was lucky and privileged in so many ways, but I was taught very young that love takes an inward step before it can be cast outward. I feel like...words do not even begin to... I and now I feel silly again.

    It's like a clog, I'm trying to relay messages of color through means of touch, I'm getting my senses mixed up because communicating like this is scary, public, and new to me. I've only been on a forum community for a year. RP forums are a dime a dozen but Iwaku has...something particularly extra that, like most of us, can't be expressed through words. I have to show you what I am feeling...telling you will get me no where.

    Give me a while I'll be back with something better than words and Thank you guys for entertaining my train of thoughts. Motivating me to express it and delve deeper into it.

    The simplest words from you two are the ones that have spoken the loudest to me.
  5. Hmm... Something appears lost in translation. "Love is happiness shared" still speaks only of the person who is feeling in love, such as when I spent three months comforting my best friend, that was me attempting to share happiness to her, motivated by the feelings of love I have for her. Regardless of whether she was in love or not or whether I was getting my intent through is beside the point: Love is when I try to share my happiness. I'd like the other person to respond positively, but sometimes, others don't. That's life.

    I also think that love has been made too inflated in importance. People look at it as the be all to end all: The prince kills the dragon and marries the princess, the end. One of the major life goals every person thinks about at some point in their life is getting married. It's good for you, but too much value in it will hurt you, nobody else will be able to achieve that value.

    As for "love from within", that's what I said (at least intended to say) when I said...

    You have to be able to care about yourself and love yourself before you can love someone else. You can't reciprocate a feeling you do not have.
    Don't thank me. Just try to pick up the pieces of your inner thoughts, figure yourself out. All I did was offer you advice, which is like a week old fish. :ferret:

    See you when you've done a little more traveling within the heart, I'll be around if you need anyone to remind you to wear your sunscreen.
  6. Love is patient, love is kind
    It does not envy, it does not boast
    It is not proud, it is not rude
    Etc, etc. Fairly standard, but true, wedding vows.


    What is love
    Baby don't hurt me
    Don't hurt me, no more
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