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    This. This THING.
    What does it MEAN?!
    What IS IT?!

    Honestly, I can't even explain it myself.
    I was just thinking about the term "
    Love". I can come up with many different definitions behind it, but,
    I was curious.

    what does "
    Love" mean to you?

    I mean,
    when you see the word,
    hear the word,
    speak the word,
    think the word,
    what immediately pops up in your mind?

    Side note:
    Please, do not bash some one else's opinion/view on the word/meaning.
    Everyone is different, there is no right answer.


  2. Love is wonderful, love is awesome, I love so many people...


    ... But being in love? Okay that shit is scary. It is like all of the sudden thinking rationally isn't the first response, and there's this reaction to little things that's just insane. How are you suppose to function like that?
  3. - w- I agree with that. <3
    Ocha-san SO WISE. SO WISEFACE. * ^*

    It's like,
    but good scary too.
    But weird scary.
    But good weird scary.
  4. Love, I think, is partly some willingness to do whatever it takes to help another person succeed and caring, without any thought for gain, about what makes them happy. The other component that I think is highly important is being happy and trying to make sure that the other party is happy. The object of your love should make you happy to be around, talk to, and think of. Maybe not always, but most of the time. If you're usually unhappy, it's not good.
  5. ​^ that too, I believe. -nodnod.- <3
  6. Love.

    To have and to hold until death do you part. Literately. Love keeps one there through thick and thin, good or just plain weird. Not to mention that its a ninja that can sneak up on you at the weirdest times with the strangest people. I think its fun, something never set in stone, something you can give and receive with no regrets or remorse, whether it be family, friends, and more.
  7. Quoted for truth.

  8. ​- w- You guise just made this thread A KAZILLION BILLION JATRILLION TIMES cooler. <3
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    Truly, a question for the ages.

    Love is amazing. Love is the thought or idea that you could trust another person unquestionably.

    Love is all that is right, and wrong, with the world today.

    Love is the expression of complex emotions, whether you'rte sharing your life, passions, or even your taco with someone else.

    *shares tacos with all*

    Edit: What would a forum post from me be without a song? Maybe it doesn't say what love is, but it does describe what "Love Ain't."

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  10. Love makes you very happy, and very warm and fuzzy inside. It makes life perfect. :)
  11. Now because Patrick Stewart is moving his head in this thread, I am distracted from the topic at hand. D:

    Fantastic contributions.~ :3
    I really am enjoying taking in all you have opinions on, you guise.
    It makes me smile.
  12. I have a much more sober opinion of love, mostly because it is commonly accepted that post-marriage and past the heady, lustful days of infatuation, you adapt to your new level of happiness and it becomes the norm. That is, euphoria cannot exist in the long term. The ... love that I have is something that gradually grew on me over the past few years. It's similar to taking something for granted - you don't know it is missing until it's gone.

    The love one gets from tranquility and peace of presence is a much sweeter drink overall than what one imbibes from the fountain of being in love with the idea of being in love. I never rolled in bed, pined, or felt lovesick. When we started dating our feelings were much weaker than now. But the weight of dates, conversations, holding hands .. that builds up to something you never, ever see in TV, movies, books, or anything else. It is extremely rare for fiction of any form to address what happens after the breathless first kiss, and that is one of the great frauds that is being thrown upon the general populace who gobble that up. Afterall, who is interested in the day to day life of marriage and dating after an hour or a whole season of chasing the other around, shy awkwardness, and the confession? In fact, the only fiction I can recall that ever addressed what happened past the first kiss is probably Clannad.
  13. I'm sorry, all I can do right now is stare at my three fave guys, in thrall. <3 That, that to me is love. *nodnodsrs*

    (Yeah, Ocha and Iliana have the good answers.)
  14. "We love what we love. Reason does not enter into it. In many ways, unwise love is the truest love. Anyone can love a thing because. That's as easy as putting a penny in your pocket. But to love something despite. To know the flaws and love them too. That is rare and pure and perfect."

    This was something I read in a book a while back. After finishing it, it was kind of a book that had some weird similarities to my life but everyone gets that now and then...but I haven't had one that could summarize my thoughts on something as clearly as that passage. It might be a cop-out to not use my own caveman grunts but after going through the all the years of events and various relationship tidbits of my more foolish years that are best left unsaid, I think this does the job pretty good.

    You can fall in love with someone for all of the because reasons: because they're nice, because they're kind, because they're so handsome/pretty, because they tell me things that make me feel good...and that's just fine.

    But when those things aren't there and you see the things that are inside them? The things that come out on a bad day or the things that come out when they've been dealt a hard blow emotionally or otherwise? Sometimes having to witness something like that scares someone away after they realize that this person they're with is just that, a person. A living, breathing, feeling creature.

    ...that's when the despite reasons come in. It seems kind of mean or cruel to focus on someone's flaws (well not really focus, but ACKNOWLEDGE)...but after you see someone at their lowest...and DESPITE that...your heart still reaches out to them? I think that IS rare. To honestly care about another person's well-being? That COULD be pure.

    For it to all be perfect though? No, I don't think so...and I don't think it should be, either. Love can't be perfect just as life can't be perfect. Just like the two people involved, love is a living, breathing, evolving thing. There'll be ups and downs and all the other kinds of moments...but if there wasn't? Then I just don't want to live on this planet anymore.

    Also, Ampoule totally just didn't post and reply extensively to a thread about love. Fuck you.
  15. Oh jeez, what can I say about love. It has hurt people and it has also made them the happiest person in the whole entire universe. To me, love is a strong feeling capable of making anyone go far for the object that is most important to them. That is love. In its many face, love can do unimaginable things.
  16. Amp-sans answer wins the ultimate prize. - w-

    A GIANT CUPCAKE of Shaco:

  17. Love just make you do crazy things (hence Alma:fear 2) She rapes you while your'e knocked out from near death while she herself... is dead.
    Or it can sometimes be nighmarish...Catherine.

    So what is love?... I dunno
  18. Love is a verb. A verb often mistaken for lust. A word often abused and thrown around like cheap liquor.

    Love to most is just a word. A word they attach to whatever relationship they are in. And often realize it was not love.

    Love is often intangible; a delusional construct forged by human intellect to coup with our inner need for partnership as well as to pass on our seed and quench our sexual thirst.

    Though intangible for most of our lives it is all around us. Everyone is capable to love though some choose not to. It is a medicine for the soul; as well as a corrosive toxin. It is pure; yet vicariously dark. It may endure all of time; but wilt in the changing of a single season.

    What is love? Love is all these things and more. It is as finite as it is infinite. I do not believe such a choatic emotion can be properly explained with frail words alone.
  19. Love is the ability to see someone and know their beauty. It is when you think you cannot feel anymore than you already do for a person and then, one day, they tilt their head, or laugh, or do something simple, and you feel more. It is knowing that your heart will just keep growing to accommodate that feeling, no matter how many years you are together. It is being annoyed or angry or fed up but knowing that you would miss those little annoying habits if the person were to go. It is being willing to die for someone, but, even more importantly, being willing to live for them, no matter how hard life is.

    Love is sitting in the sun on a weekend and reading the newspaper together. It is dancing in the aisles of the grocery store. It is fighting to make sure that, even though you can't give them the best, you can still give them what they need. Love is hurting when they hurt, laughing when they laugh, and sitting up all night long when they are really sick and need you or are too afraid to sleep. Love is getting a child a glass of water. Love is a moonlit stroll. Love is knowing when to just listen. Love is.