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  1. Excuse the crappy title >_> I'm tired.

    She didn't want to go outside. Her master had told her the outside was dangerous, that she should never venture out again. She'd been told dragons would fly out of the sky and scoop her up to feed their hatchlings for a snack. She did not want to be an overgrown lizard's snack. No, no, no.

    Yet here her master was, telling her that she had to go outside with him to a gathering. If she protested, she would go without her rations for the day, meaning she would be too weak to complete the majority of her daily chores, which would result in more punishment. Reluctantly, the girl slave nodded to her master. He smirked. "A good girl, Evelina. Tonight is the party, which will begin shortly before sunset. Have all of your chores completed by then,", he ordered, turning to leave her to her chores.

    The bronze-haired slave bowed until the tips of her hair touched the floor."Yes, Master. Everything will be done by this afternoon, as you wish." She bit her lip nervously as she straightened and dashed for the door. Her bare feet smack-smacked on the dirt floors as she hurried to get a holder for her hair to keep it out of her face. With the cloth tied at the top of her head to keep her hair back, she gathered buckets and cloths so she could begin her cleaning.

    As she scrubbed the walls, she tried not to think about what dangers lied beyond the tall structures. Dragons that would eat her and use her bones for toothpicks, or gryphons who would eat the eyeballs of a man before his body. These horror stories were all she knew of the outside world, and she was much too terrified to go out into it like her master wanted her to.

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    The sun shined brightly on Luther, sweat falling down his face, his master worked him to death everyday, in this hot weather. Luther's master wouldn't let him work at night he said that the night sky made people sick, if they were out in the sun as much as he was. He said that huge gryphons came out at night and feed on the helpless, and the weak. None of it scared Luther, but he had to listen to his master, weather he wanted to or not.

    Luther was given away to slavery when he was first born, his parents said he had some type of disease, because he had a birthmark of a moon behind his left ear. Luther had always prefered the night time. His master walked up to him in the field and patted his back. "I need you to finish harvesting these vegetables before the party tonight."Luther nodded his head he wasn't sure what this [arty was about or why he had to be there, he just knew he had work to do.

    Luther worked and worked, the vegetables just seemed to keep coming. He never got peace, not from the screeching of dragons or the wings of birds or anything, and the masters daughters found him very attractive for some reason, so they never left him alone either. Luther just ignored them, like he tried to ignore everything else.

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    The chores were done, as her master had ordered, before the party that evening. He made sure she was clean and had fresh rags on, and put a metal collar with his brand on it. He fixed her hair into a low ponytail. "Stay close to me at the party tonight, Eveline. There will be guards to keep the dragons and gryphons away," he said with a little twist of his lips, as if her fears amused him.

    "Yes, Master," she said with a bow of her head. She did feel slightly better, but she couldn't remember the last time she'd been outside the walls, or even looked out the windows. She stood to gather her courage as her master went to go ready himself. She repeated his "comforts" to herself mentally, and slowly felt better about going with her master to the party this evening.

    He came out a while later, dressed in his best clothes. He gave her thin shoes to keep the other party guests from seeing her forever-dirty feet and offending them, and ushered her to follow him. The sun was setting behind their home so she couldn't see the fiery ball in the sky, but the open sky itself froze her stiff as she took her first step outside since she'd been purchased by her master. He looked at her impatiently. "Eveline, come," he ordered. The slave girl swallowed and forced herself to move forward to her master. Impatiently, he pulled her inside the carriage and sat her down across from him. "You will exit before me," he told her, and she nodded to show she understood her orders.

    She felt like she was in huge trouble now, seeing the unamused frown on his face. When he said they had arrived, she exited and waited patiently for her master to exit, her eyes on the ground to offer some kind of comfort from the huge open sky above them. Her master stepped out of the carriage and it drove off as he offered greeting to the host of the party, and the others attending. He never introduced her, though she hadn't expected him to. She fixed her hair to go behind her ears into the ponytail. Behind her right ear, was the birthmark of a sun. She didn't know it was there, though her master did and he liked to keep it hidden. She didn't like her hair as free as it was; she preferred headbands to keep the tendrils of her bangs out of her face.

    She kept her gaze to the ground as she followed her master around the party floor. Finally, he turned to her. "Eveline, there is a refreshment table over there," he pointed to her right and her gaze followed his finger. "Get me some punch." She bowed her head to him, deeper than she normally would, as the elder slaves told her that it was customary at public events. "Yes, Master," she said and left to get his drink. He had made sure to scrub her hands clean, but her skin still looked dirty compared to her pale face. She kept her eyes focused on her task, her ears never stopped listening for the beats of dragon wings or the cries of the gryphons. She returned with his drink with another deep bow of her head, and resumed standing close with her gaze to the floor.
  4. Luther worked, until the sun had begun to go down, His master approached him and told him it was time to get ready. Luther was lead inside and was immedatly washed off. He was dressed in a white suit. His master always made sure he looked his best, even though he was a slave he wanted him to look suitable, considering that his master was a female, he always had to be her occupant. "There, Darling, you look ravishing, now stand up straight and look cute for me." His master and always treated him. "Yes, Ma'm" Luther stood tall and proper, never slouching and never looking down.

    his master soon was pulling Luther into a carriage. His master took him everywhere with her, it was like he was all she had. His master was polite, so he was ussualy allowed to talk. "If I may ask, where are we going tonight?" His master looked up at him. "hm, oh, we have a party to go too, being held by one of the other slave holders, he is very big is the company so you have to be on your best behavior." Luther smirked and nodded.

    Once they had arrived Luther helped his master out of the carriage and hooked his arm with hers. Once they walked in, his master was immedatly talked too and smiled at. "Luther will you do me a favor and go and get me some punch and a cookie?" His master asked him as she pointed at the table full of assorted snacks and refreshments. Luther nodded and walked over noticing a girl standing there as well pouring some punch. When he returned he saw the girl standing in front of him and his master talking to a man. "who is this? The man asked glancing over Luther.

    His master chuckled and patted Luther's back taking the punch and the cookie from him. "This is my..." She paused, why? did she not want to say what he was, everyone probably already knew. "Sorry this is my, boyfriend, we met at a slave trade that we went to a week back." Luther glanced at his master, he wasn't her boyfriend they had never had relations of any kind. The man looked curiously at Luther. "You always have liked the young ones." The man chuckled. Drew being confused as to why the girl refused to look up Luther took it in his own hands to introduce himself. Luther bowed slightly. "Luther Weston sir." His master smiled at him and Luther stood continuing to listen to his masters conversation, wondering what was wrong with his slave.