Love Under the Light of A Blue Moon

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  1. Derek walked along the empty roads of his slumbering town, his body in the form of a large brown furred, blue eyed wolf that could go from walking on all fours to on his back legs. The town had grown used to werewolves passing through but that didn't stop them from retiring to their beds a little earlier then normal. As he trudged through the streets an old but familiar scent began to prick at his nostrils and he slowly raised his head, standing up to his full height to look around the starlit street.

    Derek's head turned in every which direction before he took off, following the strangely familiar scent on all fours.
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    Autumn was sat in the depths of a never ending forest. She was in her light brown wolf form, she was curled up by a tree, head on paws as she stares out into the town. It had been raining, and was incredibly gloomy as always. She was shielded from the pelting rain from the large tree she was beneath. Soon, her rested eyes snapped open as she scented someone nearby. She say up, ears pricked up. She makes a soft whining noise.
  3. As Derek made his way through town towards the forest he began to slow down, the scent getting stronger as he walked, his tail swishing behind him as his foggy memory started to pick up the scent and match it to something. He let out a soft whining sound as a hello before he continued to walk towards the forest, stopping in his tracks when he saw the sandy brown wolf watching him. The male gulped before lower his body as a way of showing he was no threat to the... Female? Yep, defiantly a female from the scent.

    'Another werewolf in this sleepy town?' Derek thought to himself as he began to walk towards her slowly, 'that's practically impossible, normally werewolves avoid this place due to its history.'

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  4. Autumn props herself up to look at him. She was a little taken aback, because not many werewolves but herself came around here. She leans forwards and sniffs his nose lightly, then stood, moving over and leaning her body against him, nuzzling his side softly to greet him in a friendly manner. She looks over to him, her eyes were soft and warm, friendly. She sat down beside him, then nudges him under the tree so he wouldn't get wet.

    'What brings you out here? I've never seen you before'.
  5. Derek didn't muzzle back, despite his inner self yelling at him to, his natural shyness despite being a werewolf was showing and he was positive beneath all his fur he was blushing like a teenage girl who was talking to her crush. He sat down under the tree when she nudged him under, chuckling slightly, "I live here." was his reply before he tilted his head to the side, "Sooo, what's your name? If you don't mind me asking."
  6. 'Autumn, how about yours?'

    Autumn gave a light smile to him and then flickered her ears lightly. She sat and awaited his answer whilst she focused on his appearance. He seemed like a large and handsome wolf with dark fur. He seemed mysterious, and she was interested to find out more about him.
  7. "Derek." He responded with a smile before the sound of lightening and thunder caught his attention, he looked into the distant for a moment with a slight frown before turning back to Autumn, "Lovely name you have but you might wanna get inside soon, looks like there's gonna be a big storm." He said before standing up and stretching out his front paws.
  8. Autumn nods gently and then nudges him in her direction. She lived in a medium sized den, so both of them could stay dry in there. She curls up in the den and looks up at him, whimpering softly as she watches the rain pelt down further.
  9. Derek curled up next to her, resting his head on hers and letting out a purring sound as his tail swished, his eyes focused on the storm, "My mum used to sing this lullaby to me when it stormed and I couldn't sleep..." His voice was hushed as he stared out of the water that hit the ground rapidly. He lifted his head to stare out of the den before resting his head on the ground.

    "Doesn't matter now though..." He muttered, ears pinned back against head before he turned back to look at Autumn, "Anyway! I've never caught your scent before are you new here?"
  10. Autumn nuzzles his forehead against her and purred aswell, then looks to him. 'No, I'm not new here. I travel around a lot, but I'm quite shy, so I never get to meet hers, and you rarely see anyone out here' She explains to him, she looks out at the rain and sighed.
  11. "Oh, that sounds awesome!" Derek replied, his tail beating against the den floor before he got cozy, "I have a friend who travels." He yawned, letting his eyes droop shut.
  12. Autumn had called asleep too, because when she awoke again the rain stopped completely, despite the dampness of the forest ground and the slightest bit of sunlight was at it's peeks. She smiles, with pure joy. She got up slightly and stretches her body, moving out of the den and taking a look at the sunshine, sheilding her eyes. She switches into her human form and runs a hand through her brown hair, her eyes moving around the forest.
  13. Derek awoke not to long after, stretching and shifting into his human form as he stumbled out of the den, his brown hair ruffled and messy from sleep. The boy bit his lip when he saw Autumns human form, god she looked beautiful, "Morning." He greater with a deeper and slightly husky voice due to sleep.
  14. Autumn looks over at him and then smiles, "Hey. Morning. How'd you sleep?" She asks and moves over to look at him, wrapping her arms around him in a friendly hug. She released from the hug and then looks at him. He was so handsome, she was so lucky to have a friend like him. Friendly, kind and good looking.
  15. "Good, you?" He replied, running a hand through his ruffled hair as he looked around. Rain glistened on the blades of grass, trees stood tall and their leaves swayed in the breeze as birds chattered above them. He stretched again and looked at Autumn, god she was pretty. Her brunette hair went lovely with her tanned skin and eyes, and she was kind. Lucky him.
  16. Autumns nods. "I slept well, despite the rain" She says, blushing then giggles softly. "What do you want to do? We can go for a walk if you like. It usaully looks really beautiful when it's sunny and not raining" She says and took hold of his hand, gently.
  17. Derek looked down at their hands, an obvious blush covering his cheeks before he looked back up and nodded, "Y-Yeah a walk sounds nice. I know a really good park we could go to." He started leading her towards town and started heading towards the park, humming slightly.
  18. Autumn held onto his palm as they walked. "It sure is so beautiful out here, especially when it's not rainy and gloomy" She comments as she looked around. The sunshine really complimented the tree and wonderful nature. Once they reached the park she smiles. "Wow, it's so beautiful! I've never come across here before, maybe because I'm always wandering endlessly around the same area" She giggles softly and smiles up at him, then moves around the park to explore it more.
  19. Derek smiled and followed her, looking around himself as he walked, glancing towards the children's play area when they passed it before continuing on the track, his hair falling over his eyes as he watched his feet. Too nervous to look at the gorgeous girl he was with. His nose twitched and he looked up, his gaze falling on a man who was stood watching the two, he stunk of alpha male and Derek whined at that.

    'I make one friend then suddenly the town is overrun with werewolves?' He thought to himself.
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    Autumn sat around and then took a stick, gently looking in the streams to see if there was anything interesting to be found. There were a few rocks, some different sizes and colours. She soon scented another wolf nerby and looks over to it, her ears twitching with curiosity.
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