Love triangle anyone?

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Anyone interested in a drama filled love triangle rp?

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  1. So I wanted to see if a love triangle rp sparks enough interest before coming up with a cs.

    I'm thinking a boy is already promised to marry his childhood friend, due to an agreement with their grandfather's before they were born.

    The boy is happy but feels something missing, the a transfer student comes in to their sleepy country school. She is from the big city, she's a trouble maker and he falls for her immediately.

    The rp would be about his feelings for the new girl growing. The child hood friend growing more possessive posibly Yandere. And the new girl showing him a new light he didn't know he wanted.

    What do you think. If there is enough interest we can make this a school life rp w established best friends, other couples etc.
  2. I be interested
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  3. I'd like a little more interest for this before I create a CS.
  4. Who would be playing who? As in, who will be playing the male? If nobody's taken the role yet, might I have it?
  5. I was planning on doing the male. However since there is 2 males and a female already we could. Do a love triangle with two males and one female.

    What do you think

    @mr_pibbs @Scorpio Queen
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  6. K just waiting to hear from @mr_pibbs

    If it's cool with him I'll throw together a cs.

    Spots may still be open if we generate anymore interest. Possibly for best friends, siblings etc.
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  7. I'm not sure just yet, but I'll probably be down depending on how the discussions roll out
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  8. Ok so I'm thinking since there are two guys we just reverse the roles.

    Male character 1 - a country boy whose in line to inherit the family business in there sleepy town. He has always been with his best friend (female character 1) so one night their parents decide to keep the family businesses future safe and set up an arranged marriage between the two families. When male character is told he is happy he asks female character to be his girlfriend and they have been together since middle school.

    Female character 1 - a country girl in line to inherit her family business. (should be a business that is benificial to the male characters family) she has always had dreams of leaving the town and seeing the world. When she is told of the arranged marriage she saw how much male character was excited so she just allowed it to happen and she's been with him since junior high. She still dreams (sleeping) of adventure and she finds country life dull, she spends alot of time on the Internet (can have her be a Internet idol, or cutting edge blogger. Something Internet famous.) She keeps her Internet time a secret so she doesn't hurtale characters feelings.

    Male character 2 - son of a famous couple (up to user who they are and what they do) who has travelled the world. His parents have decided to have him live with some good friends, the female character's parents due to him being caught making out with a celebrities daughter. He finds the country boring that is until he finds out about the girls Internet secret. He becomes interested in her and tells her stories of world travel all while trying to kiss her, touch her etc. He doesn't care about the boyfriend and always brags about their nightly chat sessions.

    If we get anymore interest I would love to add a sister to female character that sees all of the drama unfold and wrestles with the dicision to tell male character 1 or not.

    Let me know what u think.

    @Scorpio Queen @mr_pibbs
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  9. @Scorpio Queen thanks now we just need to see what @mr_pibbs thinks. Also do you know anyone that would be willing to play the little sister?
  10. Might be fun, but would you care if I (my participation seems pretty likely at this point) played the farm-boy?
  11. I think I'm going to pass on this one, thanks though
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  12. had to ask, my best buddy
  13. @Scorpio Queen thank you for trying. @mr_pibbs Definetely. I could have played either or. Ok now time for the tough questions.

    1. what rating do we make this rp?
    2. what age are we?
    3. what business do your parents run?
    4. is the female character a net idol? a net famous blogger?
    5. do we include npc's?
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