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  1. Tilly woke up at her normal time. She was the boss at a fashion magazine called Tulisa. She had been in charge since she was 23, now being 28, that would make it 5 years. She has had the same staff for about a year and has grown accustomed to them. She particularly liked her secretary, such a pretty young thing and was quite the good girl. She was always on time and always did her best to make Tilly happy. Tilly liked that. Tilly got dressed in a black dress that hugged her curves. It was a long sleeve lacey dress that hung open in the back. Her black platform heels completed her look for the day. Her black curly hair hung over her shoulders and to the middle of her shoulders. Tilly walked into her building, saying hello to everyone she passed. When she got to her office door on the 5th floor she walked right in, not looking to see if her secretary was there. She sat down at her desk and pressed the beeper to tune in her secretary. "I need my coffee doll." No answer. "I need my coffee..." Still nothing. Tilly stood and walked out the desk where she was supossed to be...the desk was empty....Tilly tapped her fingernails on her arm and sighed. Turning to return to her office. She would make sure this never happened again.
  2. Iris knew Tilly was going to be pissed with her coming in late. But it wasn't her full fault...she had too much of a fun night..and got a little hungover. 'Dammit Dammit could I sleep in!' She thought to herself as she ran in her 6in heels perfectly mastering running in them and stop straighting out her short pencil skirt with a completely black laced out shirt with a black T-shirt underneath itit as she knocked on her bosses door with her free hand as she held two coffees in one hand "Hi Boss" she said timdly with a bright smile.
  3. Tilly looked up at Iris with a smirk. "You're late hun" Tilly looked back down at her papers, she had to go over some new designs to approve for the new winter line. Tilly waved over Iris to retrieve her coffee. "Don't let it happen again or it will be the last coffee you ever deliver." Iris took her coffee and sipped it. Her mocha chip latte, just like she wanted. "Sit." Tilly motioned for Iris to sit in a chair in front of her. "So tell me why you were late love."
  4. "U-wm well I...." Iris had started as she sat down in the chair biting her life and her face turned a tint of red. She loved it how Tilly called her Love, it made her heart flutter every time she heard her slimy voice say it. 'Stop it can't think that way...she's your boss...and that's all she'll every be' she bit her lip harder trying to think of a way to tell her boss why she was late "My sister kinda had her bachelorette party last night and I couldn't refuse so we went to this new club that just opened up and I kind of got hungover" she smiled trying to !make the story seem a little better. But she left out the huge part where she woke up with some women she didnt know in her bed...and hoew she had to put on extra makeup to hide the hickey she got. That was why she was really late.
  5. Sliky voice*
  6. Tilly listened to her story. Tilly loved to hear the cute little stories of how Iris was attempting to be a party girl, however Tilly knew that she could out party Iris without lifting a finger. "Sounds fun, meet any guys, have any one nights stands?" Tilly looked up at Iris and smiled. Hoping Iris would say that she actually went home with a woman, Tilly had though Iris was attractive since the day she was hired. It was part of the reason she was hired.
  7. "W-well I kinda had a one night stand with a women but-" she looked up quickly blushing as she bit her lip again 'why did I tell her that...I mean it was nothing she needs to know and what happened if she hates bisexual people considering she knew about the jerk I dated a month ago' she looked into Tilly's eyes hoping she wasn't upset that her secretary like girls she was just looking for any type of reaction her blue eyes reflecting light as her heart told her to cry.
  8. Tilly smiled as Iris blushed. "A woman...that's cute." Tilly looked at Iris a slight amount of list in her eyes. That was so cute. "So I hope you are awake now though because we have work to do. What do I have to do on the agenda today hun?" Tilly smiled and thought for a moment "besides you.." Tilly giggled and looked at her biting the edge of her pen.
  9. She was surprised by her response and she smiled softly standing up and walking to her desk in the corner of the room loging into her computer and pulling up today's agenda "Well you have a meeting with the with the writers of the magazine,then you have a group meeting with the staffstaff for the cover of the magazine, and then another meeting with Mark Mcleain from upper board he wants to see what we have so far" she looked up at Tilly her red hair covering her eyes.
  10. Tilly smiled at her. "Week sound like a busy day. Good thing you ate here sweets or is be screwed." Tilly picked up her coffee and stood, her note book under her arm. "Let's get started then." Tilly smiled at iris and turned to leave for her meeting. Turning back to Iris. "I need you to make copies of those designs in my desk, and text me if you get bored, cause you know I will be." Tilly always had iris text her during meetings. Most of the time she would ask Iris to come up with a reason as to went the meeting should be closed sooner, but this meeting was rather important, however it didn't change the fact that Tilly would be bored.
  11. "Alright Alright now get going I would hate for you to be late...and you will get those copies as soon as you get back from your meeting" Iris and gave Tilly a bright smile and she stood up from her desk and looked at her. She was always happy when Tilly and her had exchanged messages while she was busy, it mad her feel really special, like someone actually cared for her as more than a f- 'No Iris.... No thoughts like that, she's your boss,she's tour boss' she repeated in her head looking down as she blushed.
  12. Tilly walks into her meeting sitting their as everyone began to talk about the budget and how the magazine for this month was to be laid out. Tilly pulled out her phone and turned on her camera snapping a picture of her thighs she sent it too Iris with the message 'do my thighs look fat? Be honest.'
  13. As she was working on getting the copies she was half way to the copy room when her phone buzzed in her over the shoulder purse. She always ended up carrying this purse around because she always knew Tilly and her were going to text during her meetings. Pulling her phone out she unlocked seeing Tull's tighs was the first thing that sent her into blushing overload then she read the text breathing out heavily but the blush didn't go away. 'No not at all but do you think its appropriate to send me texts like that durning your meetings' she sent the text and ventured on to the copy room, but not without everyone asking if she was okay because of her red face.
  14. Tilly opened the message as her phone vibrated on her legs. Smirking and looking up at the others in the meeting. They had just asked her if she thought the color scheme was good. "I don't like it... Its too dull, we need something that says, look I'm pretty read me...not, oh its fall so let's use fall colors and be like everyone else and boring" they all nodded and wrote it down then started discussing color options. Tilly looked back down at her phone. 'I needed your opinion. I don't want to look ugly. Its only innapropriate if you feel like I'm harassing you or trying to come one too you, whether I am or not is up to you though ;)' Tilly hit send and placed her opinion on the converaation .
  15. As she made her way back to the desk she took her purse off hearing her phone vibrate once more. As she started to unlock the conversation she was interuppted but another employee which cause her to quickly put it down. "Hello there beautiful" she heard a raspy voice enter her ear and she quickly turned around seeing her best friend Luka. "God Luka what the hell" she hit his shoulder playfully as they started a conversation making her completely forget about the text message Tilly had sent.
  16. Tillg sat in her meeting which soon came to an end. She hadn't heard from Iris in a while. Thinking to herself as she left the meeting and continued on with her daily plans she wondered if she had said something to offend Iris. Tilly walked back to her office just to drop by. She walked in and Iris was talking with Luka. "Hello Luka." Iris had talked about Luka here and there a few times. Tilly wasn't one to be ignored. "Luka I appreciate you dropping by. But I am afraid Iris has much to do so I need you to leave. Thank you." Tilly walked back to her desk and grabbed a stack of papers, walking back to Iris desk she flopped them down. "I need you to look through these, they are ideas for this months articles that need approval, trash the boring ones and put the other ones in order for most interesting to not to shabby. Thank you. I have to go meet with the designers to look at some new dress designs and fit them to models. I'll be back later." Tilly smiled at Luke and Iris. "Luka. Nice seeing you. Goodbye." Tilly left slamming her office door behind her.
  17. She was offended by Tilly when she had slammed the door 'I wonder what's wrong with her?' She thought to herself a thoughful look on her face "I wonder what crawled up her panties and died?" Luka turned down to look at Iris "Hey so is our lunch date still on beautiful?" She aid as she gilled slightly blushing "Yes Luka its still on now get out of the heard Tilly" he smiled and gave her a kiss on the cheek before walking out. 'Still what happened?' Picking up her phone she saw the unread message by Tilly 'she couldn't be mad about that....' Opening it up she set a text to Tilly 'Hey you seemed upset...what happened? :c' after she sent that she starting sifting through the pile
  18. Tilly took the elevator down to the design floor. Her phone buzzing in her pocket and she flicked the screen on and read the message. Tilly hated to be ignored. She really hated it when she really wanted that persons attention. She really like Iris, and tried to make it obvious, she figured that Iris knew that, so ignoring her for some guy made her even more upset. 'You have work to do.' Tilly responded and turned her phone screen off. Walking into the design room with a smile on her face. The models were already in the room, one that looked somewhat like Iris was standing shyly in the corner. Tilly kept her eye on her. It had been awhile since Tilly had gotten any, and models loved to put out. Tilly helped with the designs, fitting and measuring the girls. Tilly had slept with models before, but no one had ever found out about it. Tilly did her best to keep it that way. Slidding a piece of paper that read 'My office, 5th floor @ 10 p.m' to the model that looked like Iris as she shook her hand goodbye. The model smiled at her with a slight blush. Tilly cleaned up her mess on the design table and got back on the elevator and went back up to her office.
  19. Seeing her text she didn't even want to respond. She sighed loudly and put Herr head down on top of her desk. 'What so you do when the person you really like is upset with you?' She thought to herself as she stood up from her desk wantingsomething to drink.grabbing her wallet she went to the elvevator wanting to go down to the cafe. But in the back of her mind she prayed to god that Tilly was still with the models so she didn't have an awkward run in with her since it was clear that 'Tilly is upset with me....great' she got one more sigh in as she pressed the button waiting for the elevator to come up to her floor.
  20. The elevator door opened and there stood Iris at the door. Tilly looked up for a moment smirked and shook her head, then looked back down at her phone walking out of the elevator, turning back to Iris. "Did you get those articles sorted?" Tilly waited for an answer. "If not, I will just do it myself. Bring me up a water. Thanks." Tilly said turning back in the other direction and into her office. Tilly closed the door behind her. Walking over to her desk and starting on the articles. Tilly sat there for a moment and then looked over at Iris's desk over in the corner. Tilly raised her eyebrow. Looking out of her office to see if Iris was coming, she wasn't. Tilly scampered over to Iris's desk and opened up her agenda. She had a lunch date with Luka. 'They must be a couple now, weird considering iris was with a girl last night.' Tilly thought to herself as she looked through the agenda. Tilly heard footsteps coming down the hallway. She closed the agenda and quickly got up to go back to her desk, hitting her knee on the table and knocking a stack of papers off of Iris's desk. "Shit." Tilly said, squatting down to pick them up, her back to the door.
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