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  1. Fumiko (15) is as shown below.


    An au naturel beauty with a sophisticated air that throws people off the scent of her money troubles. After Fumiko's younger sister Kei (12) was born, their father left their mother for another women and travelled to America. To support her children, Fumiko's mother worked two jobs for the next of 14 years. This made her very ill and so could not work any more. They lived in near-poverty for those 14 years, giving up the luxuries that other kids their age had every day. Despite having such an unfortunate life, Fumiko had a wonderful gift- the gift of song. To save her family, Fumiko took up the job of singing in a club after school on weekdays. The audiences loved her. At first, she was uncomfortable, at only the age of 14, but over the next year, she grew to love singing on the stage, singing songs everyone knew.

    The only thing troubling Fumiko is keeping it a secret long enough to finish school, so she can get a more permanent job to pay for Kei's schooling. It wasn't long until then. So what could go wrong in that time?

    More than Fumiko could imagine.

    It was Monday evening, 7:00pm. The sky was amber with the setting sun and the air was cool. A back door opened into a narrow dead-end alleyway and out stepped a long-blonde-haired girl in sailor uniform, carrying a school bag. She sighed and proceeded to walk home at a brisk pace. About 15 minutes later, she stopped outside a rather run-down house, pushed the creaky, peeling gate open and up the path to the door. She fumbled for her keys and opened to cheap door. Closing it behind her, she yanked at her hair, pulling off the blonde wig. She threw back her hair, revealing long, flowing, black locks.

    "Kei?" called the girl.

    "Yes?" A cute girl dressed in pyjamas appeared from behind a close-by wall, clutching a teddy.

    "Kei, could you reheat my dinner for me? Thanks." said the girl, setting down her bag and putting the wig inside. Kei went off to the kitchen and put a plate in the microwave. "How's Mum today?" she asked, slipping off her shoes.

    "Better, I guess." answered Kei. "How was work?"

    "Well, I got a lot of tips from the audience, and payday's on Friday, so we should be OK for the next month." She put the tips into a glass jar labelled in crude handwriting 'Savings'. A ding! came from the microwave, and she sat to eat.

    After eating and washing up, she went to check on her mum. She slid back the door and stepped into the darkness. Kneeling down, she held her mother's hand. She stirred and opened her eyes.

    "Oh, you're home. What time is it?" she asked.

    "8:00, Mum. I just came to say goodnight. I'm going to stay up and study for a while- I have a test tomorrow. You get some rest." she said, kissing her on the forehead.

    "Goodnight, Fumiko." she said, smiling. Fumiko got up and walked to the door. She turned around at the door and looked back at her mum. Fumiko sighed.

    'Mum, I promise you, I will bring us a better life. You deserve better than this. Both of you.' she thought to herself. Fumiko slid the door shut and headed to her bare room. She sat on her futon and studied with a small light- it was cheaper than using the main one. At 10:00, she turned off her light, changed clothes, brushed her teeth and curled up under the duvet. It took a long time for her to fall asleep.

    'I am their last hope.' was the last thing she thought before drifting off.

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  2. ((I can't see the fist picture you linked atm due to China internet restrictions, but I'll look at it later when I get home o-o))
    Manami is an estranged child, often venturing away from his foster home; his real parents had passed away about 8 years ago during a car crash... He remembered the details all too clearly, although he never really wanted to reflect on them that much, they had been burnt quite harshly into his memory. Manami is 16 now, and to his dismay, his memories of his life with his true parents were starting to fade despite his best efforts, slowly becoming nothing more than a history that had come to pass. When he couldn't spend his time at school, he just hung around the city seeing what he could see until eventually the time rolled by when he had to go home: 8:00 PM, otherwise his foster parents would start giving him trouble once he eventually arrived again, pestering him non-stop about why he wasn't home on time. It was something he had to experience once to know it would be better off just coming home on time, his life home was rather dull but bearable, he often liked to read, study, draw, or just play the few video-games his foster parents would give him. Nothing like any of his classmates had but it would at least pass some time. He started to head home knowing the deadline was 9:00 PM, and he would have a good amount of time to get there. Traveling through the town was a rather easy task to do this late in the day, but he still had to watch out for the occasional shady looking person laying around the dark alleyways. Something caught his eye this time around, a club with a poster talking about a girl, she was apparently very popular here for her singing voice.,.. She was said to be very pretty, even without make-up, which intrigued him, since most "celebrities" that are spoken of around here rarely go without make-up. Manami looked at the hours she was there, and realized he had been too late to get here, the club wasn't closed but the girl had already gone home... "I guess I'll come back tomorrow then... I really need to head home anyways." He thought with a small sigh, walking the rest of the way home, his mind now filled with a turmoil of different thoughts about that girl. As he finally got home, walking quickly past his step-family before anything could be said and into his bedroom, he knew one thing was certain; he needed to visit that club tomorrow after school. With that thought, he closed his room door wishing it had a lock, and lay down on his bed slowly drifting off to sleep. Tonight instead of dreaming about that dreaded car accident, he dreamed of what that girl he had read about might have looked like...
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  3. *Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!* went the alarm clock, waking Fumiko suddenly. She grabbed the clock- 8:30?! She'd overslept by half an hour!
    "How on earth am I going to get to school on tiiiiime?!" was all she could manage. A couple of minutes later, Fumiko stumbled out of her room, pulling on the last shoe, finishing brushing her hair with the other hand. She raced past the kitchen. grabbed the slice of toast Kei had holding in her hand for her, shoved the corner in her mouth, grabbed the bag by the door without even stopping and was out of the door.

    Fumiko ate as she ran, giving herself painful indigestion. It was 10 minutes to school- she could make it in 5 if she ran fast enough!

    "Let's go, FUMIKO!!" she shouted, speeding off down the road.

    Turning the last corner, she gazed upon and empty road. They would be shutting the gates soon! Fumiko sprinted up the hill and, just as she got to the gates, she ran head-first into a rather large, strong object. She fell backwards onto the pavement, clutching her nose. When she opened her eyes, she saw a boy, about the same age as her, sitting, knocked over, on the pavement in front of her.

    "Wah! I'm sorry!" cried Fumiko, kneeling over in front of him, looking into his eyes with her own, large violet ones. She was genuinely distressed "Are you alright?" It was phrased more of a hope, than a question.
  4. The day came rather quickly, and soon enough Manami opened his eyes slowly, waking up and coming back to reality after the quite abnormally peaceful sleep he got. One key thing he noticed that was missing was the familiar beeping noise of his alarm clock was missing, he looked at the time and shot up out of bed realizing it was 8:30 in the morning, his step-parents had already gone off to work so he needed to move fast. Figuring he'd skip breakfast, he burst out of the door running as fast as he could hoping that he'd made it on time. Soon enough, the school gates were visible in front of him, but he realized they'd be closing soon... Picking up speed he dashed towards the door but suddenly felt another person bump into him. His ears began to ring and he ended up toppling over backwards, quickly regaining his senses again as a girl was asking if he was okay and apologizing to him staring down at him with large purple eyes, clearly worried. They were almost mesmerizing to him, and he looked a little zoned out for a moment before he shook his head and got up. "I'm fine... But we're about to be late!" Manami told her quickly, grabbing her hand firmly and running towards the gates tugging her along, perhaps he wasn't the only one who had woken up late here.
  5. 'Ah, good. He's OK.' thought Fumiko when he replied. Suddenly, she was grabbed by the arm, pulled to her feet, and they were sprinting for the school. 'Wah! I forgot we were late!' As they were running, they passed a frail old man carrying the keys to the gate.

    "Good morning Mr. Tsukahara!" called Fumiko behind her as they ran in the opposite direction. Just as they got to the main door, Fumiko stuck out her hand as they opened their lockers and changed their shoes.
    "I'm Akiyama." she said, smiling as they walked quickly down the corridors. If they were caught running and late, there would be trouble.

    (OOC: Akiyama is her surname. The stage name she uses at the club is Trixi.)
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  6. Manami turned towards the girl, just a little surprised she had decided to introduce herself "Tomachi." He told her quietly as they made their way to class, his eyes drifted towards her eyes for another brief moment before he forcefully averted his gaze to avoid being mesmerized again. Looking down the hall towards the classroom they were heading towards, he was glad that they'd at least made it in before the gates closed, but he needed to be cautious not to get spotted by a teacher. Being caught wasn't an option here, otherwise his step-parents wouldn't be letting him leave home except for school for a good month or two.
  7. 'He seems a little quiet...' thought Fumiko. She suddenly remembered she was trying to be inconspicuous, and shook the thoughts from her mind. They crept against the wall at the sound of footsteps down the hall. 'I wonder what class he's in?' They turned the corner.

    "Ah, this is my room." says Fumiko, nodding to the right.
  8. "O-oh! It's my room too... I guess we're classmates then." Manami spoke looking a little surprised realizing he was classmates with this rather pretty girl; Akiyama... "How did I not notice?" He thought to himself giving her another glance and thinking about it for a moment, he figured he just hadn't been paying enough attention to his fellow classmates too often... Usually he was just doing his work, lost in his own thoughts, or just sleeping when he could so it was plausible really.
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  9. 'We're in the same class?' thought Fumiko. 'I don't think I've seen seen him before. Maybe he just sits near the back and isn't a retarded jerk like most of the guys in my class.' thought Fumiko, as she perched her head at the window.

    "Yes! Sensai's asleep- as always." Fumiko whispered to Manami. "We should be able to sneak in before he does a role call." Fumiko reached for the door and began to slide it slowly open. The heads of the class turned instantly. They were crouched on the floor. Everyone started to snicker, but Fumiko put her finger to her mouth and shushed them. As soon as Manami was seen, everyone started to become suspicious. Why was he coming late to school with the class'- if not school's- idol?

    Slinking round the back of the class, Fumiko lightly sat down in her seat over on the right of the class in the middle of the column. She composed herself as sh sat, and once again looked like the idol everyone knew. Fumiko shot a glance over at Manami- guys were looking at him cruelly and asking him odd questions by the look of it. Fumiko clenched her teeth- it was pissing her off!
  10. Manami nods, he tried to remain hidden behind Akiyama, but with little success as their class snickered at them both... Glancing towards the seat he usually sat at, he noticed the boys near it were giving him some particularly nasty looks. Deciding to brave it anyways, he slowly walks over to his chair and sits down instantly getting bombarded by all sorts of rather annoying questions. It seemed they've jumped to conclusions way too fast for his own liking as a good number of them thought he was in a relationship with Akiyama or something and were asking questions about it, which he just blushed and slumped down in his chair in response to. He was beginning to regret helping that girl, but he was glad she at least got to class in time, though the price he paid was a rather hefty one; he was no longer the estranged and barely noticed boy in the back of the class. Rumors about him and Akiyama would spread like wildfire, but now that he's already in this situation, he'd have to figure out a way to get out, though he didn't have any ideas at the moment. Glancing at Akiyama who was a few desks further from him with a pleading look in his eyes, he wondered if she would be able to do something, but she did look a little angry about something so he wasn't so sure about that...
  11. All of a sudden, Fumiko stood up, her chair clattering loudly. The whole class went quiet, and Sensai woke up. But instead of shouting, she simply walked over to the boys hanging around Manami and slapped one in the face- the one being the most annoying. She walked back to her seat, not saying a word. The class sat in complete silence until the bell rang.

    On the outside, she looked completely fine, but on the inside was a totally different matter. 'Please, bell- ring! Don't let me get sent to the Principle's office, don't let me get expelled! I still have to finish school so I can get a proper job, so Kei can have a future!'

    To everyone's surprise, Sensai said nothing. Not while the class were sat down, not when they were leaving for next period. The whole day, Fumiko was expecting some dramatic trip to the Principle's office, but it never came. It was only when Fumiko was at her locker, changing her shoes, that she realized, nothing was going to happen. She didn't know why, but she was safe.

    Fumiko set off on her way to work, along with the other thousands of students filing out the doors.
  12. In a brief moment, Akiyama stood up quite abruptly and slapped the loudest boy who had been pestering him. The room practically fell dead silent after that to Manami's relief, though he was quite shocked, and a little confused at whas Akiyama had done. "I guess she was bothered by them too..." He thought with a sigh, and looked towards her again, she seemed surprisingly un-phased despite what she had done "Wouldn't she get into trouble for that?" He wonders, but his thoughts were cut short by the class starting, and eventually the period ended. The remaining periods went by without much out of the ordinary happening, and before Manami knew it, he was at his locker putting his school things away and heads out the school doors. He remembered that club he was meaning to stop by today, and decided it would be for the best to head over there soon; the performance he had missed yesterday was supposed to be starting soon. Walking quickly, and getting lost a little every now and then he eventually arrives at the club and looks at the entrance; it was quite crowded from what he could see from the inside, but he didn't mind. However what he was a little concerned about was how much he needed to pay to enter that club... Without dwelling on that particular thought too much, he approached it's entrance looking for any place where he'd be paying his entree fee at.
  13. (OOC: sorry I haven't replied earlier!!! *waaah!* I got a new phone and I have been extremely absorbed! Forgive me!)

    Inside the changing room in the back of the club, Fumiko unhooked the costume on the hanger. It had no straps, a white lace, body and a thin, super short pink skirt. The shoes matched. Fumiko held the dress in front of her as she looked in the mirror. She posed in cute positions for a second and then gave up. She sighed.

    "Trixxi has become more of the real me than the 'me' I show everyone else at school. I used to love wearing cute things like this when Dad was around. We had enough money then." Fumiko was talking to herself quietly. Suddenly there was a knock on the door to backstage. Fumiko was startled.

    "Ten minutes 'till you're on Trixxi!" came a male voice.

    "O-OK!" she called back and got changed. Finally, she tied up her long locks, pulled the wig from her bag and placed it on her head. She put a white lace choker on her neck and some pink earings in. She then slipped the white heels on, did up the straps and unlocked the door.

    She walked out the door that lead backstage and waited just behind where the stage began. The man on the mic introduced her:

    "And now, without further ado, the girl you've all been waiting for- Trixxi!" He walked back, his hand outstretched in her direction.

    The audience roared and she walked on from the right (as you look at it). The audience quietened down and the backing track began playing and Trixxi waited for her queue. The song was We Are Who We Are. She began to sing and the crowd began to cheer. She walked around the stage enticing the audience with almost dance moves. When the chorus kicked in, she began to do more vigorous dance moves. The crowd roared and Trixxi couldn't help smiling. She was really enjoying herself. A lot of the audience were joining in, and just about all were pumping their fists into the air to the beat.

    'I can't deny it.' thought Fumiko. 'I do love my job!'
  14. ((It's ok o.o I was just waiting here patiently XD internet on my end's a little wacky now that I'm in a different area of china, but I should be home in about 11-12 days from now >.< so sorry about the weird posting "schedule" I have till then :P PS: because I'm in China I can't watch youtube videos here so idk what the song's like till I listen to it at home ;-; ))
    Finding an clerk behind a glass window as he drew close enough, Manami deposited just a little over the amount of money the entree fee was "keep the change." He said rather softly before walking inside, it seems he had arrived just in time as the announcer on the stage that was quite a good distance from him introduced someone named Trixxi. Presumably she was the girl who he'd come here to see, he turned towards the singer in almost perfect synchronization with the rest of the crowd and saw... Akiyama? "Definitely didn't see that one coming." He thought just before she began singing, her voice practically entranced him the moment it reached his ears, it was like a thousand angels singing at once. Every word, every note, every dance move she made began to captivate him, carrying away to his own world as he began to lose track of how much time had passed. From an observers point of view however, Manami just seemed to have a far away look on his face, standing still in the crowd with a little smile on his face rather than jumping about and cheering like the rest. He thought back to his childhood briefly in his moment of peace, remembering the songs his mother used to sing to him... Though her voice didn't even compare to Akiyama's, it had brought him peace and happiness back then, nights when he dreamed of those moments of his childhood were the nights he longed for his parents back.
  15. With the crowd cheering, Trixxi took one last bow, waved and left the stage, going to her changing room.
    As she changed, Fumiko had a big smile on her face. No matter how tiring it was, she still loved doing this. It had been her dream when she was little. Fumiko stopped and smiled distantly as she remembered playing in the sun as a family, before they had split up.

    Fumiko, when changed, headed out to the club owner's office. She collected her pay plus the tips that had been left for her and walked home in silence, thinking about money transactions to be made. Tomorrow was Saturday, and there was a lot of things to be done. But at least she didn't have to worry about school until Monday.

    (Two days later)

    Fumiko had made sure she got up on time and headed to school quickly, in a good mood. The bills had been paid, so had the rent, and her mother seemed to be making a recovery. She sat down in class, and began reading her book.
  16. Manami came into the class a little later than Fumiko had, he looked around quickly and sighed in relief realizing no-one was around except for the teacher of course who was sleeping as per usual. He had been working up the courage to talk to Fumiko about her singing which he had been listening to ever since that first day he had seen her do so. Walking up towards her slowly he taps her on the shoulder "U-uh... Akiyama? T-there's something I'd like to ask you..." he stopped and looked around one last time just in-case someone was about to come into the classroom and after a moment continued what he was saying. "When d-did you start singing?" He asked looking just a little nervous about the possible responses she would have but he needed to know if that girl he had seen singing in that club was really her. It sure looked like it and definitely sounded like it, but perhaps it was just someone who conveniently looked and sounded like her... Right?
  17. (OOC: I am so sorry for not posting! There was a storm and it knocked out my internet!)

    While engrossed in her book, Fumiko felt a light tap on her shoulder. Finishing her sentence, Fumiko looked up to see the boy from the other day. She looked slightly puzzled, but straightened her face instantly. As he timidly spoke her name, she thought ' He remembers my name. What was his? Manami? Yes, that was it.' Then suddenly, Fumiko froze. 'What did he just...?' Fumiko's eyes were wide. 'Did he just ask when I started singing?' Fumiko looked desperately into Manami's eyes. 'He doesn't seem that sure of himself. Maybe I can fool him.' She composed her face and glanced at the clock- almost time for homeroom bell. She closed her book and placed it inside her bag.

    "I don't know what you're talking about." she said, plainly. It was almost convincing.
  18. ((It's fine! :3 I'm very patient myself but I do have odd times where I post because of my wierd sleeping habbits o.o))

    Manami looked more than a little confused at what Fumiko just said... "W-well... Wasn't it you at that-" He managed to cut himself off before he said anything and looked around again, he was a little worried that he'd accidentally end up revealing a secret. "How else do I word that..." He thought to himself staying silent for the moment as he went through the various ways he could ask her the question he had wanted to without doing any harm. "I-I mean..." "Shit." Manami thought realizing he really didn't know what to say beyond those words... He wondered if Fumiko would get what he was saying despite that though.
  19. 'Damn, he's not letting go.' thought Fumiko. She gritted her teeth- about to do something she was not going to enjoy. She leaned in closely to Manami and whispered.
    "Now is not the time to talk about it. Meet me on the roof at lunch." She pulled away and went about her business as the bell rang and people began to file into class. Fumiko paid no more attention to Manami.
  20. Manami just nodded his face flushing just a little red but he managed to pick up the textbook on his desk and cover his face with it before it became noticeable... It was as if time had slowed to a crawl as he waited for class to finish really and he wasn't too sure if or when their teacher would wake up.
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