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  1. Cadence sat in her seat, watching the clock. Tick, Tick, Tick, and then Ding! The bell sounded, causing everyone to pack up their things and begin to head out of the classroom with their friends. Some were going home, while others were either going to their clubs, sports, or hanging out somewhere with their friends. Cadence, she quickly put all of her things into her bag and rushed out of the room heading down the couple of halls to a door. She placed her hand on the cool knob and opened it up to see a large room with…many interesting things in it. Where was she? She was at the Extracurricular Activities clubroom, one of the largest club rooms in the school where many things had a home.

    There was a large round table in the middle of the room, with chairs around it. There were also bookshelves with books, video games and DVDs and a computer and TV in the room. There was practically anything someone could come up with, considering Cadence always got whatever she asked for. Even the couch when she thought they needed something more comfortable that was against the wall and still barely took up room in the clubroom.

    Cadence took a seat at the table and placed her bag on the tabletop, waiting for the other members of her club to start coming. She was always excited to be able to see everyone, this club was something that made school interesting for her and she enjoyed the company of all the members. Plus, they always did seem to have fun with everything they did, at least, that’s what she tried to do and what she hoped they all felt.
  2. Ana Cecilia hummed as she sipped on her chocolate milk carton, swinging her legs under her desk while the old teacher drawled on about the war. She knew this stuff already. She had been advanced back in Brazil, and knew what her current teachers would be teaching. The Brazilian yawned and jumped when her black Chinchilla shifted inside her bag. Luckily the bell rang just in time.

    Once the teacher turned around to ask about the noise, she was out. "Hello President~!" Ana greeted the President of the club with a grin, Niko squeaking in greeting while she went to take a seat at the table. The next thing she did was wave in the direction of the books and couch. "Hey Kuroko~! When did you get here~?" To the President's surprise, Kuroko was already seated at the couch reading a book. There was a small pile besides him on the table, and he put his book down to nod at Ana. "Domo... I've been here for a while.. Basketball practice was cancelled..."
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  3. As the final bell rang, the young teenager was just about to throw her Gameboy at some kid, since he had tried taking it in the first place. But sadly he was saved by the bell, so she quickly grabbed her bag, showing him the finger before rushing out of the room. The teacher had already left so she wouldn't get yelled like ever other time she had done something bad. Cinder quickly walked down the hall, slowing down once she knew he hadn't followed her. She climbed Down some stairs before walking across a few hallways, passing people's hat would either wave at her and smile, or glare and ignore her. It was all good, whatever anyone had decided to do- It was honestly their choice. But finally, after what seemed like forever, she finally came across the only room in the whole school where she wouldn't really get into trouble for doing anything, the place where she could be herself. Then again, she never changed, so during school she acted normal. Most just didn't like it. The room was a club room, only used after school. A wide, cheeky grin came across her face as she opened the door and stepped inside.

    The club leader, Ana, and Kuroko was already in there. Cinder easily waved at all of them before plopping down on a small beanbag that was in a corner of the room, her bag now set beside her. She grabbed her headphones and slipped them on so that they were on her shoulders just in case anyone wanted to talk to her, and she turnied on her Music player and putting on a playlist. Cinder usually didn't have the music loud, so no one else could hear it and complain. She listened to a variety of things, and some people didn't like some of those things at times. But without another thought, she moved around on the beanbag so that she was almost completely on it, her body lay on its back, eyes staring at the ceiling.

    The young female brought out her Gameboy, turning it on and playing an older version of Mario Brother's, a game that she had owned for a very long time. The little orange light cascaded on her face as she started playing, awaiting for more members to arrive. It always got a bit louder, but since not many were here, it was a bit quiet. Usually Cinder would be talking, but she rarely ever spoke to the three that were in the room. They were all cool though, she didn't have a problem with them at all. Maybe they didn't talk because she was usually all around the place, jumping off walls, tables... People. In reality, she actually just got caught up in everything else- Sort of. The other three people- all somewhat different from one another. That's one thing that helped make this Club different, and honestly, it was the best. Many sterotypes would come and go from the Club, some would stay. They would either enjoy it, or they would absolutely hate it.

    The young female wore a long, black Sleeveless top that had a Skeletons body on the front, almost looking like a baby. She had on some black shorts, followed by black and white tights that were under the shorts. She had on her usually light grey/brown boots on, and her usual piercings. One on her right eyebrow, and three on her ear., plus her usual red glasses. This was her usual attire, but sometimes she would mix it up. Today wasn't one of those days, having been this morning when she awoke, she was too lazy to do really anything. It was hard enough to put on her clothes, having been completely willing to come to school in her Pajama's. But alas, her Aunt wouldn't allow her to do it and made Cinder get ready.
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  4. It was the end of classes and as most students couldn't wait to get out of school to play until the day ended, one particular student had just arrive and was seen exiting a yellow ferrari driven by a very attractive woman. "You sure you want to be dropped here and not home?" the older woman asked the young student.

    "Yeah. Here is good." the young student replied before giving the older one a playful peck on her cheek and taking out a pizza box from the passenger seat.

    The older woman frowned, she had hoped she'd take him home but instead the student model wanted to be dropped here of all places. Why though? Takumi is a rather odd fellow. As everybody else couldn't wait to get out of school, he couldn't wait to get in. The older woman wondered what was so great in this school anyway? It didn't look anything extraordinary. In fact, it looks just like any other school in the area, so why the eagerness to come here?

    "It's already the end of the day anyway,"
    the woman tried one last time to convinced Takumi to go home with her, "Why do you insist of coming here anyway? Come on, Takumi, ditch school and play with me instead."

    Takumi almost laugh at the certain eagerness of the older model's plea of making him come with her instead. Sorry. But despite Takumi's image as a famous model, he is actually a diligent student and actually liked going to school to study. And then, there is that place which is always something for him to look forward to at the end of the day.

    "Club activities." Takumi said with a grin then waved his goodbye to the older woman and started to head inside the school.

    Takumi Renè Tanaka, a second year high school student and part-time fashion model for YSY magazine, popular both inside and outside campus but still remained quite humble despite his popularity. As he entered the school building he was greeted by his fellow students as they walked passed him towards the exit. After a few walks down the hall he finally came across the room where there was a sign written "Extracurricular Activities" was posted on the door. He removed his sunglasses and opened door where everyone was waiting.

    "Good afternoon." he greeted as he entered inside. Then placed the pizza box on the table for everyone else to enjoy.
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  5. c a s p e r .

    Through bustles of students and tight-knit groups chatting away the time, a quite noticeable figure walked through the halls with a calmness to his stride. Heads did turn when he walked by, simply due to the fact that he was a massive kid - six feet and seven inches was quite a height for a mere seventeen year old. However, Casper had gotten used to these eyes following him, and the older kids who had been with him for all his high school years were used to him too - only the fresher, younger first years really looked to him in shock. He was humble and quiet though, and could empathize with what they were feeling - he certainly would have been surprised too.

    But anyways, there he was, wearing a pretty typical and simple outfit - gray jeans and a black, long-sleeved shirt. The sleeves were currently rolled up to the elbows, as it was instinct for Casper to do that with long sleeves. His black hair was shaggy and soft, as usual, and blue eyes meandered around the hall, observing peacefully. His shoes were old and worn, Converse sneakers that looked like they'd fall apart at any second. It was a style he had adjusted to over his high school period.

    Casper, today, had a destination set - his usual little club. It was quite simply just a small group of kids who hung out together a lot, but there was a president and vice president and everything for it as well. It was a nice place to go, and he knew everyone there, which was a big plus. He sometimes had trouble making friends, due to a naturally shy and quiet disposition, but people accepted and talked to him there. It was an uplifting place to go.

    Eventually, the tall boy spotted the usual door number and strode towards it, feeling a wave of familiarity washing over him. He reached out and touched the handle of the door, pushing in and entering the cozy little room, where some club members already were seated and talking. There was Cadence, Ana, & Kuroko hovering near one area, Cinder sitting a little off to the side with her Gameboy - As usual, he thought in amusement - and Takumi appeared to be setting down a box on the table. The smell hit him just a little after he entered - pizza. Oh man, he could go for a slice. He glanced up from the table and around at the others, offering them a soft little smile and saying to all of them, "Hi guys." His deep voice contradicted the gentle tone, but coming from this kid in particular, it was normal.

    Casper glanced to the table again and took a couple of steps, reaching out and slowly lifting the lid of the pizza box. He wasn't a very picky eater, so practically any kind of pizza toppings were fine with him. He reached in and took a single piece, lifting it carefully and taking a small bite from the end. As always, it tasted delicious. Pizza could never get old for Casper. He did a small grin, sliding one of the straps of his bag off of one of his shoulders. "Mm, man .. where do you get this pizza again, Takumi? It's so good .. " The boy took another bite and cast a glance over to the blonde, tone now a little more casual.
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  6. Shortly, it seemed the members of the club were now starting to enter which brought a smile to Cadence's face. Though, hearing Ana's comment made her turn to the couch. Since when did Kuroko come in and sit on the couch, sometimes he really was like a ninja. "Hey." She said to the two, giving them her cheerful smile then watched as a few others started coming in one after one. She enjoyably watched Cinder come in as she took a seat on the beanbag chair, she looked over comfortable.

    The smell of pizza came to her as Takumi entered the room, placing a box on their table. "Pizza, great idea Takmui. Thanks. I barely got anything to eat during lunch today." Just as she was about to take a slice, Casper came into the room and began to take one for himself. He was such a tall boy, but a sweetie and it made him very adorable. Though, she found everyone in the club adorable whoever they were. "Glad to see you guys. Once everyone gets here will discuss a few things." She grabbed a slice of pizza after pulling out one of the paper plates that was hidden away in a cabinet. The club room always seemed to have everything they needed. She took a bite from the pizza then placed it down onto the plate for a moment as she waited for more members to come.
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  7. "Mm, man... where do you get this pizza again, Takumi? It's so good." the tallest guy in school asked him. Casper Jeanan was freakishly tall making him which was six feet and four inches (and that's considered as taller than average) look short. What was his parents feeding him? And can he have some? Not that he wanted to get even taller than he already is.

    "Leftovers from the photoshoot."
    he answered to Casper. Funny thing about Takumi is that he may be a model but he eats... And boy he eats... Alot. Most of his co-models are actually jealous of how much he can eat but never gets fat--thanks to his metabolism. And everytime he comes to the club after his photoshoot he always brings whatever leftovers or untouch food they had he brings them all here. He wasn't the type of person to waste food like that and everyone else in the club didn't seem to mind eating leftovers which was cool. They say people who likes food are the best people afterall, that's why he joined the club in the first place and comes here everyday, despite how busy his schedule was. He was comfortable here.

    Takumi then sat down on one of the empty chairs surrounding the circular table when Candence said that they were going to discuss about something. He wondered what was it about.
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  8. The young female noticed two more come in, Casper and Takumi. She smiled a bit bedore going back to her Game, not wanting to die. It was until she heard that they would have a discussion about something- what? She didn't know. Cinder could smell the Pizza, but the 5'2" Female didn't eat so much, so she wasn't necessarily. Casper and Cadence seemed to get some, the tall male made a comment, causing a small little grin to form from the smile. He was so adorable. Since everyone seemed to begin to arrive, Cinder sat up normally and put her Gameboy back into her bag- Keeping her headphones on her shoulders but she stopped the music. The club was probably the only place she enjoyed being at when she was in school, everyone was so different and nice. Usually. There had been a few times when someone would burst, but that's what humans do so it was totally fine.

    "Hey Casper, Takumi." She finally spoke, her voice sounding almost velvet like, yet still came out strong. The girl stood up and stretched slightly before moving her short blue / Multi-Colored hair from her face. It didn't take long before she plopped back down onto the Beanbag, it toppling over with her weight so she was upside down, her head somewhat resting on the wall that had once been behind her. Her legs were the only visible thing, they slowly kicked around as if she were just regularly sitting. 'Wow, this is just lovely. Love you too Beanbag.' She thought to herself, not bothering to move. It was actually somewhat comfortable, for some strange reason. Cinder let out a soft sigh before trying to roll off the comfortable beanbag, hardly having any success. It took a few minutes before she was off the Beanbag and just sitting on the floor.

    Her black eyes glanced around, noticing that her glasses were off. Everything was only a little blurry, her hands reaching out and patting the floor around her. Since the room was a bit messy and cluttered, she couldn't seem to find her glasses.

    "How are you guys? Good? Great." She asks curiously after a few minutes. Cinder's hand finally grazed upon her glasses, picking them up and slowly putting them back on her face. She could finally see clearly again. The young female's legs laid spread out in front of her, still on the dirty floor. She was lazy and didn't feel like getting up. Cinder grabbed her bag, setting it behind her before falling back, her head hitting her backpack as her back hit the floor. This was usually how she ended up when at the club, on the floor, never really moving. Well, that was sometimes. Cinder would end up on the floor, but she would usually get up and sit by someone else, or sit on someone else. Today she had Gum though, so she was too tired and her body ached.
  9. Veronica walked through the hallways, her shoes tapping against the tiled floor with every step. The classes just ended and she cannot wait to attend the club. She is the vice president and she can't wait to share them the new shipment of tea she got from England.

    Opening the door, she saw that some of the students have arrived and straightened her posture, controlling her excitement but failed miserably “Hey guys!!" Veronica greeted rather cheerfully, bouncing up and down with a bright smile on her face, almost blinding anyone who could see. "I just received a fresh shipment of Lady Grey from England!!!!" she squealed, but quickly scowled at the sight of the pizza box, her nose being filled up with the scent of cheese and pepperoni. "Takumi!!!" she whined, leaving her bag on an empty chair and pouted cutely, crossing her arms around her chest "I baked a chocolate devil cake for you guys and all of you like that greasy abomination!! I'll eat the cake all by myself!!!” she declared, walking to the small kitchen to brew some tea and clearly upset that all her hard work was gone to waste.

    As she came back with her tea and cake, she sat next to Cadence who seems very happy to eat the pizza slice "I swear all of you will get fat, especially you Casper" she mumbled, lightly poking her cake before popping a raspberry garnish onto her mouth.
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  10. "...Takumi." greeted Cinder. Ah, Cinder Sparrows. He always wondered what was so interesting about the games she plays that she couldn't put her damn game console down? Not like there is anything wrong with appreciating a good plot driven game once in a while, but still, he couldn't imagine himself staying put in a couch all day playing games. He actually thinks its kinda sad.


    And then there was Veronica Fairchild. She tries so hard to be cute and girly, he almost finds it annoying. Maybe because he prefers girls--no women, that are mature and can take care of him rather than girls who "appears" to can't take care of themselves. Not like there was anything wrong with girls like that, she is just not his type, that's all.

    "I baked a chocolate devil cake for you guys and all of you like thatgreasy abomination!! I'll eat the cake all by myself!!! ...I swear all of you will get fat, especially you Casper.” he heard her commented. Pfft... Yeah right. Atleast he was sharing the fat with everyone unlike her; she was going to eat the whole cake by herself! Who is the one who's getting fat here? "Well, I'm sorry, Victoria." he said refering to Veronica. "Next time when I plan to share my pizza with everyone but then I saw you sharing your cake with everyone already, I'll just eat the whole box by myself since it's impossible to eat cake and have pizza at the same time for you." Takumi playfully snarled. He doesn't get why she was whining about it in the first place. Like it was such a big deal that everyone ate pizza before eating cake. Does she ever heard the word 'dessert' before? It's not like pizza--which is an entree--was meant for desserts anyway. And they were all sharing one measly box. Of what? Twelve slices? So why all the fuse? He sware this girl has some issues. Although she means well. He just don't get her way of thinking sometimes.
  11. Katherine Olivia Justice
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    As usual, Katherine found herself counting down the minutes for school to be over. After what seemed like ages, the bell finally rang, and she was out of her classroom before anyone else. Kat used to go straight home, but lately she's been going to the Extra Curricular club. Truthfully, she only went because it made her father happy. He had insisted she joined some club at school, and art would have been her first choice, had she not gotten herself kicked out and banned from it during her freshman year. So, this club seemed like the only reasonable choice for her.

    It wasn't long before Katherine arrived at their clubroom, where several people were already waiting. As soon as she opened the door the wonderful scent of greasy pizza invaded her nostrils, and drew her closer to the table. "Sweet!" She said with a huge grin, reaching out for a piece eagerly. She took a bite as she slid into the seat beside Takumi, who she suspected had brought the treat. "You're the real MVP," she told him with a playful wink.

    Holding the pizza with her mouth, Katherine took her backpack off and set it on the table in front of her. She then fished inside for a hair-tie, and once she found one she gathered her curly brown hair in each of her hands and put it up. Today, Katherine wore her usual dark purple jacket, with a plain black tank top underneath. Her light jeans contradicted with the shade of her jacket, and her feet were dressed with mismatched socks and black Vans. This was what Kat typically wore, what she felt most comfortable in.

    Once her hair was no longer bothering her, Kat took the time to actually eat her pizza and look around at everyone. Her blue eyes landed on their Vice President, Veronica, and then on the cake she had before her. It was obvious something was upsetting her, so Katherine nodding her head towards the other female and asked, "What's wrong with you?" It wasn't until that moment that Katherine felt the tension between Takumi and Veronica. Had they been arguing? It wouldn't surprise her.

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    Jaxon Axel Bayne
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    When school was finally over for the day Jaxon took his time getting to the Extra Curricular club. Her walked slowly down the hallways, spent more time than he needed at his locker, checked his phone a few times. So, it wasn't a surprise that there were already people in the room by the time he got there. "Hey guys," he greeted with a friendly yet quite tone. Instead of joining them all at the table, Jax went over to sit on the couch by himself.

    He wasn't exactly avoiding them, he just didn't feel like sitting at their table right then. He did take notice of the people that sat in the center of the circular table, but it didn't interest him. He had gone out for lunch only two hours ago, so the teenage boy could definitely wait to eat.

    He tucked his cellphone safely in his front pocket, angling his body so that he was at least facing the table where most everyone say. A gentle and hardly noticeable smile appeared on his lips. When he first stared going to this club he had just done it to have some kind of extra curricular activity on his college applications, but now he found himself enjoying it quite a bit. People came, people went, and the ones that stayed were always very friendly.

    It was odd to think that a room full of clashing personalities would work so well. Sure, he didn't spend every minute talking to somebody or doing something productive. But, whenever Jaxon was in this room he felt involved. It was a feeling he had grown to appreciate, and was glad he made the call to start going to this club.

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  12. It seemed things were getting a bit heated and not in a good way, plus she hated seeing her adorable vice president upset. "Veronica, we can eat cake too." She said, "I spent all lunch break talking with the principle. I'm starving. Plus, there's no reason someone can just work off the calories if they feel like they are going to get fat but I think we'll be good for just one day." She gave them all a cheerful smile, not wanting them to get too upset with each other. This was a place to enjoy each others company, not have feuds.

    "Anyway, I think I can start talking about my news I have for you all now." Cadence began to say as she continued to smile brightly, excited for what she was about to tell her members. "As I said I spent some time talking to the principle and now we are going to be taking a trip. We're going to the beach but to be exact a private one where we'll be staying the weekend in a fancy Villa. I hope you're all free, it would be so upsetting if everyone can't come."

    Cadence had been trying to get the chance to go on a trip with the club for a while now, she just had to wait for the right time to talk to the principle and get everything set up. She was waiting to be able to tell them all, she didn't want to get their hopes up if she couldn't get the trip to happen. Though, she usually got everything she wanted.
  13. “It’s Veronica” she glared, stabbing her cake as Takumi snarled at her. She was about a say her witty comeback but immediately kept her mouth shut as Cadence took her offer for the cake. Standing up without a word, she went back to the kitchen with her unfinished cake, her appetite already lost and grabbed a slice of cake and brewed tea for her president.

    She always hated arguments but Tamaki just gets on her nerves. It just irritates her how inconsiderate he is. “Does he have any idea how hard it is to bake a cake? All I wanted was for them to be happy but it seems like he really hates me…bringing that greasy old pizza instead appreciating my efforts” she mumbled to herself, plating the cake and pouring the tea in one of her finest china.

    Calming herself down, she heard Cadence talking about a trip as she served the cake “Ooh, a trip!!” she exclaimed, her anger suddenly gone out of thin air “Shall I bring tea and sweets then? I’ll make sure that it will be perfect for the beach!” she suggested with a smile and sat back down to her seat, bouncing up and down out of excitement. “How long is the trip? Will there be a sleepover? Oh, please let there be a sleepover!!”

    Remembering something, Veronica fished out her yellow sparkly notebook and pen. “We should bring a watermelon… Ooh, also some citrus fruits…yeah…a pineapple maybe? or perhaps some strawberry shortcake?” she said to herself, writing down every food and snacks she can think of that will be perfect for the trip. “We also need some lemon tea, or maybe a wild orange blossom tea blend? Ugh! Why is there so many tea blends?!”
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  14. Nori Akiyama

    The pounding of feet echoed throughout the mostly empty hallways, except for a few stragglers. Sneakers squeezed against the tile floor as their owner made share turns, almost falling in the process. It would seem that they were rushing for something. And, indeed, rushing is exactly what Nori was doing.

    Turning another corner, this time actually falling before scrambling back to his feet, ignoring the gasps and snickers and stares directed towards him, Nori picked up his pace when he saw the room that he should've been in ages ago. He was so late and it made him run even faster. Soon, he skidded to a halt in front of the door, sliding it open with so much force that it slammed on the other side, bouncing back slightly.

    "Gomenasai! I completely forgot about club today," the snow white haired teenager said in one breath, eyes wide as he stared at everyone. Slowly, he made his way inside, still feeling a bit guilty for being late. That all changed when he saw the pizza box on the table. Like a moth to a flame, he drifted towards the box, grabbing himself a plate and two slices. Munching on them, he turned to Cadence. After swallowing, he asked, "So, what are we talking about?"
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  15. Klarissa Accardo

    Klarissa skipped the last hour of the school day, preferring to lay down on the roof.
    She was supposed to be hearing for the bell, but her eyes began to drift.
    Lucky for her, she sat up only five minutes after the bell had rung.
    Looking down at her watch, she remembered that she was supposed to be heading to the club room. "Dammit," the young teen muttered under her breath before getting up and quickly heading down there.
    By the time she made it to the door, she realized Nori wad also a tad bit late.
    "I lost track of time," was Klarissa's excuse as she walked in and shut the door behind her.
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  16. "Great, you two are here." Cadence said after a few who were missing finally entered the club room. "No worries, we were just getting stared. See, we were just beginning to discuss a trip. Here is the information for you all. The weekend coming up, we are all going to be meeting at the school in the morning and taking a bus to the villa and private beach where we will stay the whole weekend overnight together until late in the evening the next day. Of course so we can have as much time there as possible." She gave them all a smile.

    "You can bring anything you want." Looking over at Veronica, "and snacks would be great to have since it will be a sleepover with all of us. I hope you all can come. I know it's sudden but that's the way it's going to be and what I could get from the principle. But, it will be great. We have the villa all to ourselves along with the beach and no one else will be showing up. We'll be able to do whatever we want with just the members of this club around."
  17. Going on a trip actually sounded quite fun, since she hardly ever did get out unless it was for school or the club. She had friends, and of course she hung out with them, but they usually went out by themselves since she was just a wee bit too hyper for them. That was understandable, so she never got mad. Cider smiles happily, slowly finally deciding to get up off the floor, dusting the back of her pants off slowly. "I'll gladly go. Thank you for doing that doing that for us, Cadence." She spoke calmly, but a bit of happiness laced with the back of her words. The young female needed to get out for once, do something active at least. Literally other than homework whenever she was at home was either play on her Gameboy, run around her street, or bug the neighbors. Which got boring after a while. Sadly. Cinder waved at the people who just arrived, smiling slightly. She plopped back down onto the Beanbag, it moving under her weight, but it didn't fall back this time.
  18. c a s p e r .

    Soon after Takumi responded with "Leftovers from the photoshoot," others began to come in. They were late, but nobody really minded - it was a very relaxed club, after all. Veronica bounced in mentioning she had cake with her, which certainly got Casper's attention - he rolled his eyes at her little comment. He was a good boy, he did his exercise. He doubted that. Katherine and Jaxon came in soon after, each greeting the rest and going to their own places. It was then that he heard Cadence begin to speak, and Casper's attention moved to her immediately as she announced the big news to the rest.

    She went on to talk about a trip this weekend. To a beach, with a private villa to stay at. Oh, wow, that sounds pretty neat. He was starting to finish the piece of pizza in his hands as he listened. His mother was very lenient when it came to this club - he talked about it a lot and she seemed to recognize how much he actually enjoyed it. He was pretty sure she'd let him go. He was becoming an adult, anyways.

    Before he could speak, Veronica went on a short ramble about the things they'd 'need' for the trip. He watched her, chuckling quietly under his breath. She was always so enthusiastic, it was so funny to him. It was rather contagious, too. Soon after, Nori and Klarissa came in late, but nobody really minded. It was a very relaxed environment in the club room. They greeted everyone and Cadence got to explaining the situation again.

    Cinder then spoke up, saying it was a good idea and she'd gladly go. She always had herself sucked into her Gameboy, but she was a cute girl when she was out of it for a little. Casper finished the last bite of his pizza, looking down at his hands and deciding he needed a napkin. He went over to where they were stored and opened the cabinet carefully, pulling one out and wiping off his hand thoroughly before dunking it into one of the trash cans.

    He then turned back to the group. The quiet kid remained that way, simply drifting to where Cinder sat - and spotting the red glasses she had apparently lost as he walked. They had been pushed pretty far away from her spot .. funny. The boy crouched and took the glasses gently, standing and walking a little more before he sunk down next to Cinder's beanbag. The floor was kinda dusty, but he didn't mind. He reached out and placed the glasses on Cinder's lap before retracting his hand and glancing at Veronica. "I'll have some of your cake in a little, I promise." He offered a half grin, heartfelt, but still a bit shy, as per usual for Casper.

    He glanced back at Cadence and said, "Oh, and that sounds lovely, Cadence." He perked up a little, remembering what had been announced suddenly. "My mom should be fine with me going. I'm seventeen, anyways - y'know, close to the adult thing. It should work out." He glanced down at his hands, fingers now woven together in his lap.
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  19. Veronica was frustrated, just staring at the paper with the combinations of tea and snacks. She was thinking carefully and thoughtfully what she'll be bringing to the trip. Should she bring macaroons or bake them at the villa? Will she have time? Do they have tea sets? All these questions are bothering her but she was too preoccupied by her thoughts to ask her president "Hmmn...”

    As the door opened, she looked up and waved at Nori, followed by Klarissa. Hearing Cadence statement, her eyes twinkled and shined with anticipation and excitement "Yay sleepover!!!" she squealed and quickly fished out her phone, calling her parents. "Hi Daddy! I just want to ask you if I can go to trip with my friends? It will be at the beach...yes daddy, I'm fully aware of that...I'll make sure that I'll have my medicine with me at all times...Really?! Thanks Daddy! Have fun in Switzerland!" she said and hug up with a huge smile on her face.

    Her parents wasn't really strict around her as long as she keeps her grades high and be the good and perfect daughter. They always spoil her of whatever she wants, as long as she's reasonable of course and her parents are rarely around, going on business trips around the world.

    "Daddy said I can go!!!" she declared enthusiastically and turned her attention to Casper after hearing him say cake "Really, Casper? Even though you already ate a pizza and I said you'll get fat?" she asked with her eyes sparkling and suddenly pounced on him for a hug "Aww~ I'm sorry I called you fat. I'll give you as many cake slices as you want~" she said, nuzzling her cheeks to him.
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  20. Klarissa

    Klarissa stayed near the back of the room, listening to the excitement of the others. I little trip to the beach sounded a bit fun to Klarissa.
    Getting away from everything seemed to be a great idea.
    She knew her mother wouldn't really care, she was always out working and barely had the time to take care of Klarissa anyway. It was as though she had no parents, therefore, the teen didn't care for whatever rules in the house there were, if there was any.
    "I'll be able to go as well," she stated after Veronica, though there was less enthusiasm in her voice than in Veronica's.
    It wasn't that she didn't find the trip interesting, she just wanted to make sure that she doesn't say much that would cause people to either look at her, question her, or just simply judge her.
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