Love, Sex, and the Male Brain

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  1. So I was told to take a look at the article and I read it. It actually makes quite a bit of sense and was wondering if you would all agree on the solution at the bottom. Also what are you thoughts on the Male and Female mind set? Do you think males are really more emotional but chose to hide it better? Let me know everything.

    The Article:
  2. i agree with the article and think women should read it. it is an insight into how simple men really are.
    (this is all my opinion)

    it is actually quite true about how "Men look at attractive women the way we look at pretty butterflies. They catch the male brain's attention for a second, but then they flit out of his mind. "
    some of us hide it better but we all appreciate a beautiful woman, but that doesn't mean the majority of us want to drop who we're with and go pork the other girl. personally i admit to checking out women. i do it on a constant basis in a discreet manner so its not offensive (and mostly not noticed) by any lady i'm with. it's in our programming to seek out women with qualities we want our children to have. and if we're in a relationship with you ladies, its because we want to be (aside from the occasional dit) so don't worry so much that we want to drop you for that other girl.

    emotions. men are the biggest drama-whatevers i have ever met. we hide it mainly due to social stigma's against "men who cry". but when we're around close friends it all comes out and it sounds like a soap opera, no shit. "dude, did you see her with him? i thought she was going with this guy but apparently......" sound familiar?

    and we really do care about your problems. it may not seem like it but we are. when any of my female friends is telling me about a problem they have my first response is to plan out a way to fix it and it usually starts with "who should i kill?" or "what needs to be obtained?" its ingrained deep to be protective of those we care about and to make sure they are happy no matter what. keep that in mind when you don't think we really care about your problems.
  3. It seems like one of those "common sense" articles, but that may just be me. XD A good article to clue in the clueless, though. >:D
  4. Very interesting, pretty spot on too I might add.
  5. I just think that article is bullshit, but then again I didn't read it because I think anyone who goes beyond "Men and women like to fuck, some people don't like to fuck as much as others do, some people don't give a shit about it, some people do it a lot, lots of social shit about picking up chicks and shit, and most people like to feel the warmth of someone else's body specially if they're hot." is trying to sell me the kind of shitty books that women love to buy.

    But hey, that's just me.
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  6. I dunno...I think it's kind of funny how everyone's always trying to study the opposite sex like a completely different species, trying to figure out EVERYTHING about them. I think that's the fun part. Every individual, regardless of sex, is different. Making generalizations like this isn't fun. Who's to say this holds true for all males? The fun part is finding out all the quirks and stuff as they come.
  7. I could see how this might be true for the majority of men. Most of my guy friends fit this bill to the letter, but It doesn't fit me completely.

    When they talk about turf, that simply goes beyond me. I'm oblivious to the surroundings around me unless I'm at work, or concentrating on a problem. It's more so a situation of if it affects me, then I'm not usually aware, but if it affects someone else, then I'm usually tuned in.

    The 'Doting Daddy Brain': Another topic that doesn't apply to me. Having been an uncle since a young age, and due to my personality, I tend to act like a father. You can ask a few of the members here, if they're willing to admit it, but I tend to try to teach, and learn rather than go on a stake out for a good day of pillow swimming.

    His emotions run deep: This one hits home to me. It applies... but unlike the article. I don't race to a solution immediately. I often listen... longer than I should, and then my guy mode kicks in. Often it works out to where I tend to be better off than most guys, but I honestly think of it as luck.

    'Lovable Grandpas' and 'Grumpy Old Men': Can't say that I've hit this part yet, but from it says, I would certainly like to end up as a loving grandfather. I'd hope I'm as fair, and kind to my own kids before I hit his stage.

    The 'Lonely Hearts Club': I can certainly see this as applying to me, but I'm still very young at the age of 23. Since I've been working nights for the last seven years, and due to my current outlook in general I tend to be a loner. Lately in the past years, there's an odd comfort that is growing from it as well. Bonds of any sort for men, are usually something that's almost pack like. Or that's my opinion.

    I'd say this lady isn't too far from the truth, but in all reality there is no certainty. Everything will always be different for whoever is involved. This is a very good read though. It can save some trouble in the long run.
  8. So what do you think applies for male drama? We have a good comprehension as to how to control our emotions so sometimes it might be hard to tell. Also how different is this from female drama? Do you think male is more in depth or is it drawn out longer or both?

    So that means you already knew well over half of this stuff then. Was there anything that surprised you about the article even the smallest bit? Were there any examples of this happening to you that you would like to share?

    Spot on so you have seen a good portion of this stuff happen before. Was it with friends? Or were you able to observe it from a third person view? What is your mindset you use when you deal with any problems that you have or your friends have?

    So there is no value in the words at all? (even though you haven’t read it) You don’t think that some of this could apply to you? (Even the first paragraph or so might hint into something)

    So generalizing people isn’t right? How much of this actually applies to yourself? Do you think that some of this could be a good representation of males you know?

    So you would listen to a problem then have that “What should I do to make it better?” mode? Do you ever go down the path of the hug? Have you ever gotten into some fights because of these deep running emotions? (optional)
  9. For your first question, the answer is generally a yes. I have gone down the road of knowing there isn't anything I could do, other than provide some support, such as a hug, or just some verbal reassurance. Lastly, no. I've never gotten into a fight because I know that I can have a very violent eruption of anger if I'm set off. That's why I do just about anything in my power to avoid anything that can aggrivate me... well other then trying to help people sometimes.

    Does that answer your questions, or was I completely off the mark?
  10. Yes you answered them quite thoroughly thank you.
  11. Ehh, I have to agree with Diana on this one. I read the article and it just sounds like another "ladies! don't understand your man? well, here's why!" article. So I guess this article applies to women who are dumb as shit to understand XD
  12. I absolutely agree with this. I've witnessed it in my own brother. Recently, around four and a half months ago, him and his wife had their first child, a little boy. He has changed so very much in that little amount of time.

    I've also observed the other behaviors in my relationships with guys...I use the term guys, instead of men, but now I think I should use the term "boys", as it's more accurate. The way they react to things is actually with very strong emotion and, as the article said, they learn to hide it. However, I've also met guys who haven't learned to hide it and they were relationships that were too intense for me to handle. After reading this, I have the feeling that I might have more testosterone than the average female as I have a tendency to hide my emotions and to try to fix things, then to just listen. I can understand the male psyche just a little bit better.

    This might explain why my friends throughout grade-school, high school, and even college have been guys. The few friends that have been girls have been much like myself, with a tendency to not show much emotion.