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  1. "On a seclusive Island out in the Bahama's a giant 5 star hotel has been built and set up to host guests of all kinds. But not just any guests. The guests of the new game show Love or Run!! where 20 contestants will be paired up with a member of the opposite sex to compete for the ultimate prize of 1 Million dollars!! now here's your host! Chris Jones!!"The camera swings down to the docks on the Island to pull up on Chris Jones the host of the new game show love or run."Hello everyone its nice to meet you all. My name is Chris Jones and welcome to our little paradise in the tropical islands of the Bahama's here we will have 20 contestants paired together to compete for the ultimate prize of one million dollars. the team that wins will split the cash prize evenly at 50 50 so the winners will receive a cash prize of 500,000 each! If I wasn't hosting the show I know I'd be competing in it haha! now the whole point of the game is to find love and make it to the end of the show without killing your partner or anyone else on the island haha but I'll explain the rules later for now lets meet the contestants!" With that he waves his hand over to the end of the docks where a large boat would slowly pull up. a crew would quickly tie the boat down to the docks and set up the gang plank so the contestants could walk down without falling in (hopefully). The contestants had been instructed to head to the main hall that was just at the end of the docks and take a seat there once they had been introduced. Once everyone had been introduced Chris would follow them up and explain the rules and everything else that involved with the game. "now since I'm a man of character we will start with the ladies. Will all the ladies please come down to join me on the dock! ladies and gentlemen I present to you the lovely ladies that will be joining us for season one of Love or Run! Ren Kennagi! Alex Cross! Lillica Seaborn! Peyton Rosales! Cora Cristalhaze! Marianna Finch! Abigale Watson! and Vannessa Cardona! Let's hear it for the lovely ladies!"

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  2. ~* Peyton *~

    Peyton was amongst the first out of the boat, pushing her hair back through her long dark blue hair as she moved gracefully along the plank and onto the dock. Her eyes scanned her surroundings, looking from the cameras to Chris and then to everything else. The ocean was beautiful, glittering waves as far as the eye could see and she knew she was going to love swimming in it. It was the one thing she was actually looking forward to doing now that she was here. Her best friend, Amber, had signed her up because she'd known that Peyton never would but when she'd found out her reaction had been far from excited.

    ~* FLASHBACK *~
    The bi-weekly swim practise was long over, so the pool was empty of all but one girl who was still doing laps. With bright lights shining down from above, and her face is mostly covered by the water and her dark hair as she swam fast and precisely, every movement strong and powerful, she was preoccupied enough not to notice the others by the stands. Two of them, a tiny girl with auburn hair and a taller man with a full beard and thick glasses. It's then that the smaller, preppier girl jumps in front of the camera held by the bearded man. "Hi there," she says excitedly, beaming widely so that she's showing a full set of pearly white teeth. "My name's Amber, but I'm not actually doing this video for me. The girl in the pool, that's who this is for! She's my bestfriend, and we've known each other since we were children which is how I know that she'll be perfect for 'Love or Run'. You see, she'd never do this kind of video herself, so I'm doing it for her. So her name is Peyton, she's eighteen and she loves to swim!" Amber said, her curly auburn hair bouncing as she spoke excitedly. She opened her mouth to say more, but there was a quick hand in front of the camera and then a shot of Peyton, the girl from the pool, herself climbing out of the pool.
    "What's going on?" Peyton asked, her voice quiet as she caught her breath and measured her pulse. She was wearing a swimsuit that hugged her abs, and her hair was tucked back behind her ears, as she looked between the camera and her friend.
    "It's... errr.... It's a media studies project. Introduce yourself to the camera!" Amber chirped and Peyton looked like Amber had grown another head.
    "But you don't take media studies," she said accusingly and Amber rolled her eyes.
    "Would you just do it?"
    Peyton's lip twitched and the camera zoomed in on her face. "Errr... Hi I'm Peyton," she said giving the camera a small wave as water droplets began to roll down off of her skin.

    It took her two weeks to find out exactly what it was for. Peyton wasn't naturally inquisitive, though she certainly suspected something was up, but what the video was actually for hadn't even made her list of possibilities. It might not have even mattered if Peyton hadn't gotten in, but as soon as the acceptance notice came Amber knew she had to tell her. Luckily she'd thought to tell Peyton's mother, Sara, first so there was no way that Peyton could back out. Unfortunately, that meant that Sara was going a little overboard with all new clothes and excitement which left Amber less than a few hours to tell her best-friend what she'd done. The response wasn't encouraging.
    "You did what!" Peyton said, her eyes wide with surprise. She'd just finished swim practise, and she was in the changing rooms standing in front of her locker when Amber had told her about the competition.
    "It's not a big deal, Pey. I just entered you into that 'Love or Run' show. You'll have fun!" Amber chirped happily in reply, but Peyton didn't reply. She was stunned into silence, just staring at her forgetting that she was supposed to be changing out of her swimming costume. "And you got your acceptance letter this morning, so you can't let them down now!" she continued making Peyton's jaw twitch in annoyance slightly. "Besides, what's the worst that could happen?"

    What indeed was the worst that could happen? Her mind could come up with perhaps a million suggestions, and after seeing and spending a short amount of time with the other contestants she could see that this was going to be a an experience she would never forget. They hadn't had much opportunity to talk on the boat, not that she was really looking forward to introducing herself, but some of the others gave her the impression of being quite... overconfident, loud or downright intimidating. Most aspects of which would directly contrast with her own personality, but then looking at Amber and Peyton together you wouldn't immediately see them as friends so Peyton always thought that anything could happen. Even if she was now regretting her friendship with Amber slightly. But even so, there was no turning back now and she was determined not to waste this oppertunity. Even if it just meant swimming in the ocean every morning.
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  3. Lillica Seaborn
    | Interacting with: Peyton (@Vaila) |
    | Mentioned: Derek |
    Lillica jumped off the boat excitedly, she balanced on the plank which connected to the dock. In a few short springy steps the landed onto the dock. She walked slowly onto the dock, looking around at everything. She looked at the sky, the sand but more than all the ocean. She hoped that she would be able to swim in it that day. Her hair was pulled into a messy bun atop her head, she was wearing a tank-top, shorts with galaxy patterned leggings under them and a pair of converse sneakers. Underneath it all she was wearing her bathing suit. It clung tightly to her skin, reminding her constantly of her desire to jump in the water. She pulled the sunglasses away from her eyes and pushed them on top of her head to get a clearer look everything. After taking in a deep breath of the sea air she headed closer to the end of the deck. On the boat, she'd heard a lot of people talk about winning or loosing. Lillica didn't expect the win and honestly didn't know requirements for winning. She really just wanted to have a good time as long as she could.
    On the boat, Lillica sat between Derek and another girl whom she didn't know. Derek and Lillica didn't talk though, Derek sat cooly with his headphones in and his eyes closed. The other girl left the boat before her, and while she was on the boat she seemed very serious and didn't talk much. She had this dark blue hair that Lillica thought was beautiful, she was serene. She almost looked like a mermaid to Lillica.

    Lillica walked next to the mermaid girl, figuring she should get to know the people she'd be spending all of her time with. "Hey, I'm Lillica, don't you just love the ocean? It's so refreshing! I hope they let us jump in soon." Lillica gave a small smile in order to be inviting. The girl was just a little scary, because she was so serious. On such a beautiful island she didn't look mesmerized or excited at all. She looked in thought, but Lillica couldn't see how she could find time for thinking in such an amazing place.
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  4. [​IMG]

    ll Outfit ll Interaction: Chris Jones @Andy

    Abigale walked out of the boat, paused, pushed her boobs together in the black romper and walked half way down the plank before almost missing a step and falling over. Luckily, she caught herself, and walked down the rest of the way, where two girls already stood. "Uh-oh, looks like you almost took a tumble," said Chris.

    Abi smirked and arched an eyebrow at him. "If I did would you save me and give me the kiss of life," she winked and chuckled softly, "It would totally be worth it," she blew him a kiss and laughed.

    Looking at the other girls, she waved and didn't bother hiding the fact she was checking them out. After a few seconds of silence, she moved to the side and looked around. It didn't take her long to look at the most of the island, and realized it was only the girls. She bounced slightly in excitement, more than a few things jiggled and she sighed softly. "God, hurry up, I wanna see who is lucky enough to get with me," she smirked slightly and looked back up at the boat.​
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  5. | Ren |

    Ren got to the deck and hopped out of the boat, calmly stepping onto the wood. She was wearing long, blue trousers and a white tank-top longer on the back, long enough to brush her tights. Her steps were light and slow, a couple of other girls jumped far ahead of her but she didn't care. She had found out she was to be paired up with a male and was thinking about the awkward time together. What kind of wolf would be assigned to her? How funny would have been relate to him.

    On the boat there were other girls, and the host, conversing leisurely... how could they? Didn't they know how low men could be? Right, it was girls she was talking about... wolves worst than the lowest of men. It would have been SO much work to spend time there... but she wanted the money. She needed the money. If Ren was to get back to Japan she had to win. No one would stand a chance. She would have won. No buts.

    The wind was blowing her top, making it flutter at her back, and her short hair followed it. The ocean. That big, majestic blue water, the sea birds flying up high, free. The girl got to her spot and looked around her: a fired up long haired girl and a blue haired one where already there and it seemed another one couldn't wait to meet her new victim... She almost felt pity for him... almost.

    'Smile, Ren, smile' and Ren smiled to the camera, waving lightly, her contacts perfectly put on, and the wonderful smell of the sea around her.

    | Cora |
    Cora couldn't wait to get to destination, during all the journey she kept reading books, guides and pamphlets regarding the island. If only she had a tail everyone could see her wagging like a puppy. It was the first time she traveled somewhere without her father but her goal was still being the heir of her family and as such she couldn't afford any mistake. The president was clear: she wasn't there to play but to make the company famous... more than it already were anyway.

    Now, the girls was looking at the ocean with bright eyes, excited to see so much blue all at once, that color was so near to her eye color that, reflecting in them, the sea seemed without limits.

    Once arrived she got out from the boat, careful not to trip, careful not to shame herself on the first second. She followed a short haired girl, trying to find a good moment to talk to her but she didn't know how to start so Cora remained silent and just took her place envying a bright and funny white haired girl that was so natural at approaching a stranger. Would she be able to make friend? 'My... friends... how bold I am...' she thought blushing and lowering her gaze. She stood there, smiling shyly there, with her books tight on her chest.
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  6. -|Alex|-
    Alex sighed as she watched the cameras turn on, the rest of the girls covering of their previous emotions with smiles. 'Smiles won't get you anywhere in the real world....' Alex thought, flipping her long blond hair over her shoulder as she stepped down from the boat with the rest of the females. Unlike them, luxury was nothing new to her. Her tall heels clicked with every step she took down the steps. She was already tall, but wearing heels made her figure even more commanding and important. 'Always be a lady, but a lady ready to do business....' she reminded herself, keeping her chin up as she approached Chris. "Flattering won't get you anywhere." She said flatly, looking at him then the camera. "I am Alex Cross, there is nothing more
    you would need to know." she said firmly
    This show was just something she had joined by chance, submitting a video on a whim. Her father was estatic, since it would make for good company publicity. Heaving a sigh, Alex fell back
    in line with the other ladies, staying as far away from the one who was so anxious to see 'who was good enough to be with her. Honestly it repulsed Alex to the core. Shaking her head, A;ex leaned back, crossing her arms as she waited.
    Ann watched as she prissy lady went onto the screen, her attitude just giving off sass every move she made. 'God, so, pretentious....' Ann thought, staring at her before moving forwards. She was one of the second to last people, but she didn't care that much. She fiddled with one of her piercings, looking out at the camera. She was probably the scariest looking of the bunch, and the tallest. Her lanky limbs flopping around everywhere, Ann let her necklace swing and her hands slide into her pockets, staring at the camera. Slouched in a large black sweatshirt and a pair of ripped jeans, Ann looked frumpy compared to everyone else, not that she cared.

    Rolling her eyes, Ann gave a little smile and a curt wave. "Ann." was all she said before retreating from the camera, fading into the rest of the girls. She wasn't much of a social person, but she didn't mind making an awkward statement with her frightening appearance.

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  7. ~* Peyton *~
    | @Brøken_Serenity |​

    Peyton turned to the girl speaking to her with wide eyes, surprised by the interruption of her thoughts. Lillica was walking beside her along the dock, both of them looking out at the water appreciatively. She couldn't help but agree with the girls assessment. The ocean really was beautiful. "Yes," Peyton replied. "It looks..." she trailed off thinking of the word. Beautiful. Refreshing. Peaceful. Serene. All of those words would have fit the sight before them, or at least they did in her opinion but she didn't choose any of them. "Great," she said, deciding to just go with something simple after less than a few seconds had passed. "I love swimming. I'm Peyton by the way," she said, with a small smile. She knew that Amber would have been proud of this small communication between her and another human being, in fact she probably would have squealed loudly at the mere idea. She'd always wanted Peyton to be more social, but she was always so determined to focus on her swimming that it never really came up.

    She turned and watched as the others trailed out of the boat mostly one by one, and she even watched as a girl almost stumbled off of the dock, but most of them did actually seem fairly normal. Or at least she assumed they were normal. It was hard to tell, but if life had taught her anything it was that looks could be deceiving. However by the looks of the last girl, the blonde one currently jogging to catch up with the others, she wondered if that was true at all.


    ~* Vanessa *~
    Vanessa was last off of the boat, as usual. She'd been so caught up looking up all the different kinds of plants on this island in her book that she'd completely missed everyone getting up and leaving. It wasn't a surprise though, or at least not one to her, because she was always late. For everything. She'd lost count of the number of detentions she'd earned in school simply for turning up to class late. She joined the back of the queue, looking a little flustered with pink stained cheeks grateful that she'd decided to wear her hair down for once. The girls in front of her weren't exactly all warm and fuzzy but she was grateful that they hadn't turned around to stare at her, and were instead focussed on their surroundings. She straightened out her dress nervously, brushing down the cream fabric as she straitened herself up ready to take part in this contest.​
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  8. Chris smiled as each girl came off the boat and watched them carefully to make sure nothing funny least that the cameras would miss. One girl almost did take a tumble off the plank and into the water below and he had been sure that the camera's were ready in case she had fallen in drama like that before the show actually started was pure gold. However unfortunately she didn't fall in leaving him to his comment and her to her flirting towards him. He for the most part ignored that and instead he did a quick mental check in his head to make sure that all the women had left the boat before he clapped his hands "And these ladies and gentlemen are our lovely female contestants! for the men watching at home don't you just feel jealous of the men who will get to stay with them on this island now? Well ladies don't get too upset because now that we have met them let's meet the strapping young men that will also be competing for the cash prize and the chance for love! Ladies as you have been instructed! please make your way towards the end of the docks and towards the main lobby. The boys will join you there as they exit the boat! and now let's meet our men! First we have Justin miles! Then we have Will Treaty! Then we have the twins Kyle and Mrina Dagon! Then we have another set of brothers Haru and Ishida Chikafusa! and last but not least we have Derek Seaborn!"
    Justin Miles
    As soon as Justin heard his name called he let out a loud Whoop! of excitement and all but jumped off the boat and onto the docks. He had a two duffel bags that we're clearly filled with musical instruments as well as clothes. Justin was wearing a white undershirt with a green tshirt over it along with a pair of jeans and a pair of black converse. Across his back he had a guitar case strapped around it what kind of guitar would be anyone's guess. He ran up to Chris and grabbed his hands and shook it vigorously "Hi Chris! it's great to be here! nice to meet you! Can't wait to get started! Wooo!!" He laughed and ran to the end of the docks to catch up with the girls as they all made their way towards the lobby for the rest of their instructions and the rules of the game. "nice to meet you all. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all better hopefully we'll all be good friends by the end of this show if not..well then I suppose that's just how the guitar string breaks!" It was obvious that Justin was quite the ball of energy and fun. Sitting on that boat for the long hours to get to the island had been driving him crazy since he couldn't do anything. He had really wanted to break out one of his instruments and start playing his heart out..but the crew members had kinda confiscated his music instruments until they had arrived at the island. It didn't matter now though! He had his instruments back! He was on the island! and he was ready to go out there win the money and find love!
    Will Treaty
    When Will heard his name called he smiled to himself. He was ready to get this competition going and he was ready to get to know the other contestants. The boat ride had been long and quite uneventful. None of his competitors had even considered talking to each other. Which was fine..they were probably all nervous or something. They all saw each other as potential friends and at the same time enemies. To think that the goal was to try and find love during this game. After their names were called he watched another guy all but jump off the boat and land on the docks and immediately start making all kinds of greetings and warm welcomes. Not a bad strategy if that was what the guy was thinking. Get in friendly with the women right away then again..the guy could just be that kind of a guy and want to be friends with everyone. Either way it would be better not to let him take all the attention. He thought to himself. With that he grabbed his own bags one was clearly filled with nothing but sports gear footballs, basketballs, baseballs, etc etc. the other just had his clothes. He was currently wearing his favorite basket ball jersey that displayed his muscular arms from all the years of practice and training he had put in and a pair of blue jeans with with a pair of black and white sneakers. He walked off the boat with a basketball spinning on his finger and his bags hanging from his shoulder and back. "Nice to meet you Chris look forward to working with you" He quickly caught up to Justin and the girls and gave them his warmest smile "nice to meet all of you as well"
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  9. Lilica Seaborn
    | Interaction: Derek, All Girl's On Dock |
    | Mentioned: Abi, Alex |

    Lillica stopped to look at some girl who nearly stumbled off the dock. She blew the host a kiss and said something Lillica couldn't hear, she was too far away. When she came to the part of the dock all the girls had started gathering on she said something that gave Lillica pause. I wonder who's going to be lucky enough to get with me? She definitely has a high opinion of herself. Lillica easily identified with the girl. Lillica, somehow, was adopted by the clique at her school and they were all like that girl. Lillica didn't like her current friends at first, because frankly they all came off like total bitches like the redhead just did. Though, Lillica found their upfront personality was a little different from their real personality. Behind all that elusive, seductive charm there was a real person. She could imagine Victoria, if she were on the show she'd of walked on the dock, her soft pink lips forming a seductive smirk, her thick mass of glossy brown spirals bouncing behind her and her eyes focused in front of her- not paying anyone else mind. Then she would of came to a slow stop in front of the camera, pretend to be going in her bag for something then pretend to just notice the cameraman. She'd narrow her eyes teasingly and say something like 'I'm kicking ass and taking names, bitches. The name's Victoria York. Don't worry about forgetting it, no-one ever does.' then catwalk down the dock as if she were getting paid for it. She'd then start asserting her authority by pitting some contestants against the others and gathering a close group of friends whom she made feel special. Without a doubt she's win, how could a girl like that not win. She'd probably leave with the money and every single male's number then brag about it over the lunch table, keeping everyone entranced with the way she would tell the story better than the show could. That was Victoria, and it made Lillith feel a little doubtful.

    "Time to find out who we'll be spending the rest of this competition with." Lillica said, looking at all the girl's on the dock. It was a general statement, not directed towards any one person. "May the odds be ever in our favor, right?" She grinned, making a Hunger Games reference. She then began walking towards the dock with the rest of the girls as they were instructed. She glanced over at the girl who'd told the cameraman her name was all he anyone needed to know about her. She was kind of scary, but scary in the really cool way that made Lillica want to follow her around like a lost puppy trying to be friends with her and see if she was always so cool. Along the way to the dock a couple guys caught up to them, one of them being her brother. She lingered a little to try to catch up with him, taking slow steps then stopping every few seconds to look behind her. Soon he caught up, after a brief conversation Lillica walked ahead of him and soon they were in the main lobby which was gorgeous- like the entire island honestly.

    Derek Seaborn
    | Interaction: Camera, Lillica |
    | Mentioned: Will, Justin, Peyton |
    Derek had earbuds in during the boat ride, leaning back against his seat with his eyes closed. Lillica, his darling sister, sat next to him. Without looking he knew that she was staring at him, she was giving him a puppy dog look with those large black eyes of hers. Black, because that as the true color of her eyes but she insisted on the colored contacts. She said white hair and black eyes was weird, somehow she'd decided having natural white hair and artificial red eyes was less weird. Derek sat between her and some other girl, he'd nodded at her and giving her his best attempt at a polite smile but otherwise he hadn't talked to anyone.

    He got out of the boat after two guys, one who seemed a little too excited about this show. It was the kind of excited that left a mild distaste in his mouth because he got the impression of it being to suck up to the host. Then he used a guitar string analogy Derek found strangely irritating. It wasn't that the reference, or phrase, was irritating though- it was simply his bubbly and lively personality. He walked close behind someone he guessed was Will because of the smile once his name was called. Even though the man was spinning a basketball on his finger when he came out, the man was calm- relaxed. Derek figured he might like the guy later on.

    He caught up with the girls heading into the lobby, not actually recognizing Chris like the others did. Instead he looked at a camera, he flicked it a head nod and said, "Derek, Derek Seaborn." then walked next to his sister.

    "D.K, do you think you're going to find l-o-v-e?" Lillica spelled out the word love, saying each letter slowly and teasingly. She then gave Derek a suggestive wink.
    "What about you Lily?" Derek easily reflected the question then rolled his eyes at even the thought of it. It wasn't that he was completely uninterested in love. He was just completely uninterested in love. Lillica gave him a scowl then purposefully kept one step ahead of him, a step or two behind a blue haired girl. It wasn't Derek's fault that he couldn't be any less interested in love. He didn't want to fall in love with some girl on a game show then they live miles apart and never see each other again. It sounded like a waste if he'd ever heard of one. Though, if he did fall in love, he'd definitely try to make it work no matter what. He was just that kind of guy.
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  10. [​IMG]

    Aidan hated boats, the rocking made him sea sick, so most of the trip was spent with him in the bathroom with the window opened. Finally, it came to a stop and people were getting off. Once it at least felt empty, he half ran, half sped walked off the boat and only paused when he was on the dock. Looking around, a very small tint of red appeared on his cheeks. Clearing his throat, he snapped his fingers and fixed his coat before giving his best charming smile he could pull off after running off a boat. "Hello ladies," he turned to the camera and winked, "The camera doesn't do these ladies justice, they are straight up gorgeous!"

    Waving, he took a spot next to the other guys. He didn't bother trying to hid the fact he was checking out everyone. The guys because, well, they were the enemy, and the ladies, because, they really were gorgeous. Normally, he would never judge someone without actually talking to them, but even he could somewhat admit, each girl seemed VERY different from the girl next to them. Coughing softly, he looked at the guys again. "Who are we missing anyway? I cannot be the only one excited to see who their partners are, and then see what the house is like?!"​
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  11. [​IMG]
    Mrina and Kyle
    Mrina had been having a grand old time on the boat. Unlike Kyle, whom he could tell was on edge, he was very comfortable and calm about the whole situation. His brother was such a worrywart. He might still not have a strong body, but he knew, by now, how not to get picked on. Even if it came out on live television that he was a boy, he severely doubted he'd lose many fans, and it would still be easy to spite those who made fun of him. He knew exactly where his place in this world was by now, and he wasn't going to let anything tear him down from there at this point. So, he didn't even bother to look at the people around him to wonder what they thought when he didn't walk onto the docks with the girls, nor did he have eyes for anyone but the camera when his name was called and he bounced up. He stepped off of the boat in wedge high heels that matched his eyes with a natural, unspoken confidence, a slightly mischievous, slightly flirtatious smile on his face. The heels clicked sharply against the dock. He'd seen the blonde girl walk off, and had been impressed by her presence, especially with the way she walked. He'd tried normal heels with the thin, pointy ends and honestly could not understand how anyone could even walk in them, much less exude cold confidence, but that wasn't the vibe he was trying to give off.​

    Looking straight at the camera, he gave a wave and smiled, unafraid, "I'm Mrina Dagon, and in case you're wondering, yes, I'm a boy." Without really thinking about it, he ran a hand through one long pigtail in an elegant motion to brush it behind his back. "But don't worry, I don't bite. Well, maybe just a little." He winked casually and looked about to saunter off, but then twisted on his heels with his hair fluttering around him in a dramatic fashion. "Oh, I almost forgot to mention," he grabbed Kyle's arm and dragged him closer, "this is my brother, Kyle. He's a worrier, but he's such a sweetheart, so take care of the two of us!"

    Kyle disentangled himself as Mrina really did walk off to join the girls and the other boys already on the dock. He brushed himself off with a little sigh, then smiled at the camera. They really were twins, and one could see remnants of Mrina's smile in his, but his, while still charming, was gentler, softer somehow, less puckish. "Well, as he says, I'm Kyle. I look forward to the rest of the show." And with nothing more than that, he swiftly followed his brother.

    The two of them reached the lobby with no more contact after that. Kyle kept half an eye on his brother at all times, but he really was looking forward to the show. All the girls were pretty, and many of the other boys seemed nice. He was sure he'd make some good friends here, maybe find someone else who was interested in singing, too. Mrina, on the other hand, had been sizing up both the ladies and the guys. He wasn't really interested in the potential prettiness of his partner, and while most of the people there seemed decent enough, there were always snakes in the grass. Yes, this would definitely be fun, but Mrina knew better than to hope he'd make any real friends, much less find "love" or whatever it was Kyle was expecting. He'd leave that kind of thing to his more gullible twin and would rather take this game as exactly that: a game. Win or lose, all's fair in Love or Run, after all.
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  12. Meet The Chikafusa

    '' Then we have another set of brothers Haru and Ishida Chikafusa! ''

    '' ... That's it for the presentation? Excuse me?''

    " Stop being always so full of yourself, Brother. ''

    '' No, but I'm just saying. That OTHER set of brothers? Are we just like any other commoners of the country? It's ridiculous.''

    * Sight *

    '' Anyways, get your ass up. It's time for ShowBiz! ''

    And as he said that, Haru stood up as fabulous as ever. His blonde hair was flawless, the smell of cologne sweetly flowing around his aura, his clothes sharp and clean and in fashion, as always. Their was almost sparkles around him as the crew of camera following them religiously. Which, couldn't be as evident when it came to Ishida, the second son of the Chikafusa family.

    Haru Winking At Abigale
    You see, the Chikafusa wasn't an ordinary family. They were rich, famous, and all over the lifestyle channel's. They had at least two shows on them, mainly Meet The Chikafusa and occasionally, whenever a big event happened, their would be a special edition show such as Following Haru in Miami. Honestly, they were basically monopolizing the first spot on the channels as the most watched reality shows.

    Everyone knew them. And if they didn't, they probably lived under a rock, literally.

    Walking off with his moody brother, Haru looked at all of the boys and girls. He couldn't deny how some of them were beyond cute, but goodness did some of them look horrible.

    '' Ladies, Ladies~ What a lovely day to meet so many gorgeous beings in such a beautiful island! I must say, Chris. Good choice in the island''
    he said glimmering under the sun, literally - thanks to some beauty products that were just as fabulous as him :3

    Haru shifted his weight on one side as he looked at a particular girl in the crew. She had crimson red hair, sky blue eyes, and one hell of a big pair of boobs.

    He thought.
    '' Why hello, gorgeous.'' he then said checking her out without shame whatsover.

    Ishida Having a Word With His Brother, On The Boat
    Ishida simply looked at everyone noticing a certain Aidan McFlary. He looked beyond seasick and had the perfect portrait of the type of guy Haru Hated. Something about him made him feel odd and he looked away just to notice how everyone was all happy and ...weirdly social.

    He wasn't sure if that was because of all the camera crew following the brothers with a hectic director following them as he shouted at the crew, it probably was why so many of them looked at them either in excitement or disdain - cause you know, most celebrities had haters. But haters gonna hate, as Haru said.

    He saw them approaching Haru, as always, Haru... The famous brother and his little emo brother - him. Well, it didn't matter. They would get more action from the Queen of Showbiz. He always was a prodigy when it came to entertaining people and making his parents proud.

    Ishida rather prefered staying on the side lines, he still looked dashing and had equal attention - despite him not putting much effort - he just crossed his arm, and looked at everyone else with an aura of superiority. He was cold, ice cold. And he just looked at the girl right next to him, Ren Kanagi. But he didn't say anything and just looked ahead boredly just wanting to end this.

    Honestly, why would they participate in this type of things. It's not like they didn't CONSTANTLY have the spotlight on them. It was already hard enough having a quiet and chill life. They HAD to join this type of ridiculous reality show.

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  13. Chris
    Chris smiled as the last boy finally made it off the boat. He watched each of them carefully and chuckled at the entertainment that he would surely find with this clash of personalities. He turns to the camera and smiles "And that folks is all of our contestants. And as you can see things are already getting exciting so without a moment to waste Contestants! please follow me up to the main lodge where I will explain the rules, the housing conditions, and the pairings!" He turned on his heel and began walking up the docks as he called over his shoulder to them "Your all on your own now! there will be no one to take care of you except when it comes to your meals otherwise you do everything yourself so don't be expecting anyone to be coming to wait on your every need!"

    He chuckled as he made his way into the main hall. There were several long tables set up and a large TV was set up at the front of the all that was just waiting to be turned on. Chris walked over to the TV and turned to the contestants that would have followed him up. "everyone take a seat and we can get started right away because I know how eager you all are to get things started!" Chris looked over at the contestants as they filed in and sat down. When it appeared that almost everyone had walked in he clapped his hands to get their attention "ok first order of business I will say this. The hotel/resort is very expensive and we want to keep it in good condition so you break it you buy it. Now to explain the rules. Some of you may be thinking that this is some kind of game kind of like Survivor. Where you win challenges to get immunity and stay here for another day until the next challenge. That is not the case. In this game no one is voted off nor does anyone go home this game is judged on a point system value. After each challenge the winning team will receive a set amount of points and each team afterwards will receive points of a lower value depending on the place they took. I warn you though If you are caught cheating in any way you will not only be disqualified from that challenge but you will lose points depending on the severity of your cheating."

    "Now as you can see there are two housing units set up outside this main hall. The left unit will be for the boys and the right unit for the girls. You are welcome to use any of the facilities in the resort as much as you wish for no charge. There are game rooms, spas, swimming pools and all other kinds of things. You will not be required to cook your own meals for we have an extensive crew of chef's waiting to give you their best dishes. You are however responsible for your own laundry and other things of the like. Every day you will report here for your challenge if you or your partner does not show up for the challenge briefing you will be disqualified however no points will be deducted. Now some of you might be wondering what if we get tired of this and choose to go home? good question behind me there is a phone that is connected to the boat that brought you here. If you ever wish to withdraw from the competition you only need to pick up the phone and request to go home. If your partner does decide to drop out from the game you will not be forced to leave with them however you will be instead partnered into a group of three that will be decided by the judges until a new contestant has been selected to be your partner."

    "Now for the moment you've all been waiting for as I'm sure you have you will now discover the partners you have been paired with. The tv behind me is connected to a computer which will randomly select your partners as soon as I turn it on the teams will be selected. After the teams have been selected you will have a few hours to get to know your partner a bit more and get settled in after that your first challenge will begin. Now lets find out the teams!!" He turns and flicks the tv on and a screen with a picture of all the contestants faces are shown appear. The images start shuffling around the screen for what seemed like ages before they finally stopped shuffling "and we have our teams! team one will be Justin Miles and Peyton Rosales! Team two is Will Treaty and Abigale Watson! Team three is Kyle Dagon and Alex Cross! Team four is Haru Chikafusa and Ren Kennagi! Team five is Ishida Chikafusa and Lilica Seaborn! Team six is Derek Seaborn and Cora Cristalhaze! Team seven is Mrina Dagon and Vannessa Cardona and last but not least team eight is Aidan Mcflary and Marianne Finch! These people will be your partners! your teammates! And your competition! Remember just because you weren't matched with someone..doesn't mean you can't comb the seas and do a little fishing so cast your line out wide and see what you can catch! This game is all about love and money people! So if you can't get both..shoot for at least one of them!" With that he turned the TV off and walked down the hall and out of sight.

    @B l u E s @Nay-nay @Vaila @EmiHarned @firejay1 @IceQueen @Brøken_Serenity
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  14. [​IMG]
    The twins both had a good memory for names, but as Kyle was looking around for his partner, it was Mrina who pointed him in the right direction. He started slightly, as he'd stopped focusing on Mrina to search for the lady, and hadn't expected to hear the familiar voice right next to his ear. "It looks like you got that one." Mrina's voice was something of an oddity. When they'd still been young, neither of them had really thought about it, but once he'd hit puberty, his voice had become deeper - more masculine - and it had been a hindrance to his girl masquerade. So when he was talking to Kyle or their parents, that was the voice he used: a regular, though not particularly high, masculine voice. That was the voice he was using right now, and it was quiet and soft. It was nothing like the voice he used for the cameras earlier: clear, reverberating, high, and most definitely feminine. It hadn't been easy to develop it, but with his level of determination, he had managed to perfect it within one summer.

    "Which one are you talking about, Mrina?" Kyle asked, having gotten over his surprise and responding in a voice nearly identical to Mrina's normal one. He smiled in an absent-minded fashion as his eyes continued to scan the crowd.

    The cross-dresser's slender arm reached out to gesture at the elegant blonde lady. "Alex Cross. That formidable woman," he grinned in what appeared to be half-admiration, "who sure knows her way around a pair of heels." Mrina leaned in closer to Kyle and rested one elbow against his twin's shoulder. "If anyone's a match for her, I'm sure you are." He gave a little laugh and tilted his head towards Vannessa, his pigtails falling softly with the motion. "In the meantime, I've got that little slip of a thing. She looks like if I just bared my fangs at her, she would faint. Not that I'd need to with a lovely, innocent lamb like herself. I could probably swallow her whole." He was still grinning, and Kyle took his eyes off of Alex for a moment to step away and look back at his brother. Mrina looked... it had to be a cross between disappointed and a bit malicious.

    "When will you stop evaluating people by prey or predator?" Kyle asked, lifting one hand to lightly touch Mrina's chin. Mrina responded by leaning forward so their faces were just a little too close for comfort. The two of them tended to pretend to flirt without really thinking about it. They had started it initially to keep guys away from Mrina, and by now it had become something that they just did out of sheer habit. How odd it must have looked to anyone else looking on, not that it seemed like anyone else cared.

    Mrina was still grinning in a flirtatious yet slightly malicious manner, their faces still just a little too oddly close together. He used his girl's voice to respond, his own hand reaching up to smooth back his brother's messy hair in an overly familiar manner. "It's just my survival instinct, dear brother. You should know that by now. Now." He kissed the tips of his fingers and lightly bopped his brother on the nose with it. "Time to go meet your lady love."

    With that, Mrina twisted away from Kyle and elegantly danced towards little miss innocent, who hadn't even really introduced herself when she'd stepped off the boat. He'd figured out who she was, quite honestly, through process of elimination. "Hi there!" He said, chirpily, looking and sounding precisely like a girl. "Nice to meet you. My name is Mrina. I'm your partner. Aren't you just the sweetest little thing!" He emphasized the last word with a squeal, taking both her hands in both of his and squeezing them gently. "Let's be friends." He batted his turquoise eyelashes sweetly.

    Kyle, on the other hand, had turned back and headed straight to Alex Cross. True, the girl seemed to give off a very mature and almost scary feel, but he'd seen nothing to suggest to himself that she was in any way a truly bad girl, so he was simply looking forward to getting to know her better. When he finally stood in front of her, it did not escape anyone's attention that she dwarfed him in her tower-like shoes, though perhaps she would still be taller than him even without them. His calm confidence was perhaps not of the same flavor as hers, but at the very least, he wasn't intimidated by her. He didn't believe in looking at people with the black and white view his cynical twin took. He looked up at her with a calm smile and introduced himself. "My name is Kyle Dagon. Are you Alex Cross?"
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  15. Lilica Seaborn
    | Interaction: Ishida (@B l u E s) |
    | Mentioned: Abi, Haru, Derek, Alex |
    Lillica looked at the guy she was assigned to. He looked extremely familliar, she could have sworn she'd seen him a million times but couldn't remember where. The names sounded familiar too Haru and Ishida were just names when separated. Together, the names sounded completely natural. As if it was the name of some show or something. She squinted at both Ishida and Haru for a second before it came to her. Victoria was always ranting about some sort of Haru in Miami show. She was constantly fangirling over how amazingly hot Haru is or whatever. Apparently Victoria and Haru modeled for the same magazine once and he winked at her. Victoria told that story every single time anybody asked her for romantic advice. Lillica turned her head and let out a small laugh, when Victoria told the story she said looking at Haru in person was like looking at a million glittering angels. She wasn't surprised though, Victoria was known to be an exaggerator.

    Lillica stood, straightening out her galaxy patterned tights. She then walked over to Ishida. "Hey, I'm Lillica. Lillica Seaborn and um," Lillica looked at him, she knew who he was at this point but she was still going to let him introduce himself. "For the win, right?" She tacked on, giving him two thumbs up before sticking both thumbs in the pockets of her shorts. She floated a look to Derek, expecting him to be extremely awkwardly associating with his partner. Instead he was giving Ishida a classic I'm-an-overprotective-brother-and-if-you-hurt-her-i-hurt you death stare. Lillica rolled her eyes, as if Ishida and I would work out. More like Ishida and Abi. Or someone really cool like..... Alex, she thought to herself.
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  16. -|Alex|-
    Alex could feel a heavy sigh lifting through her lungs as the entire group entered the hall. All of them gazing at the wonders like they had never touched something like this in their life, Alex strut strait past them and took a seat, crossing her legs and setting her folded hands neatly onto his lap. Whatever this game was, she wasn't about to go falling in love with anyone. She was just here to test herself. This was a mere fraction of her life, it's not like anything would change because of it. Flicking her long blond hair over her shoulder, Alex waited patiently for Chris to start the announcements.

    After the man had stopped waiting for people to settle, the presentation continued. 'I have to do my own laundry? How does one even do laundry?' She thought to herself, her brain quickly entering a panic as she thought about how she was supposed to do that. Alex had never had to do her own laundry, her own meals, etc. This was going to be a tougher challenge than she thought. Half of these kids were good looking, or looking for a romance, Alex was here to win. The girl had been in the ring before, the time were everything is do or die. Where every second, every move, every word counts. And this was no different. Standing from her seat as the final announcement was given, Alex brushed off her skirt and looked around for the man who was supposed to be her partner.

    Alex could see the two twins talking to each other, and she heaved a sigh. One of those men was her partner, and she hoped to dear god it was the girl. Alex could handle a bitch, but men was another story entirely. Sure, the girl was technically a guy, but if he had the balls to look and act like a girl, Alex could take him down like one. Heaving a long sigh as she saw the actually male looking one of the pair walking towards her, Alex knew she was doomed. Not only did she stand tall over him with her heels, he was giving her that kind smile. He was looking for a friendly relationship, and Alex was looking for a way out of here. She couldn't quit, she knew that. Her father would go livid and she was sure she would never hear the end of it. Heck, she might even be disowned. Then were could she go? She didn't have many friends, so there wasn't much option there. Looking down at the man, Alex nodded. "I am Alex, nice to meet you Kyle." she said calmly. She was quite surprised none of them had recognized her yet. Being that she did fight on television, and was second in line for her fathers company, it was kind of hard not to know her. "I look forward to working with you. All I ask is that you leave physical work to me, I can handle it much better than you." She pointed out blatantly. "You would only slow us down."

    Ann looked around her and sighed soundlessly as she looked around. All these people were so, unblemished, so camera ready. There was defiantly one girl who looked like she was hiding something, besides her male gender, which she wasn't really hiding at all. There was a lot of open people, a few shy ones, and one that just downright looked like her, but dressed up in heels and a skirt. Ann didn't need heels or a skirt to demand the attention from the room, her look did that already. Crazy piercings, baggy clothes, blank expression, she looked like a walking nightmare to most, and that didn't bother her in the slightest. Being this way meant people were smart enough to stay far enough away were they couldn't be hurt if she went into her crazy mode. And then there was those lucky few that got to know the slightly goofy, kind and caring side of Ann, the ones she vowed never to touch.

    Slumping herself in a chair, Ann listened to the announcer guy, she thought Chris was his name, drone on about points system, staying in pairs, how to leave yada yada yada. It didn't matter to her, and she just stared at her necklaces, her slim fingers fidgeting with the small chains around her neck. She could care less about this announcer, she was more interested in the people around her. The tall girl in heels was probably one of the more athletic ones. She had seen her in competitions, and there was a reason this girl was called The Queen. She almost never lost. Fighting was her life, besides business. The woman didn't do much else. Ann on the other hand was a little more interested in parkour, being strong, flexible and fast enough to outrun cops, and smart enough not to trip and fall trying.

    Finally hearing a clatter of chairs, Ann was finally jolted awake from her people watching and her eyes quickly darted up to the screen. 'Aidan, huh... I think that was the muscular guy....' She thought, standing up form her chair. Ann started looking through the crowd until she found the guy with white hair, almost like her slightly grey hair. 'Funny.' She thought as her long limbs made their amble stride over to the man. A small smile pulled onto her face as she looked at him, waving hello to her partner as she strolled up.
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  17. [​IMG]

    ll Outfit ll Interaction: Haru @B l u E s; Will @Andy

    She somewhat ignored the other females, while she had her lez moments, most of them seemed a bit stuck up. A blonde walked out of the boat and while she did admire her cat walk, she hated her attitude. Being herself, she secretly stuck her tongue out at her. Another girl followed her, a mousy kind of girl who looked swallowed up in her clothes. She couldn't help but give a small smile while looking at her. She could easily tell she was hiding herself, and she couldn't help but be curious as to why. However, as Chris said the boys name, she couldn't help but refocus on the boat. Her eyes watched as each male came off the boat, scoring them in her mind and placing them in boxes. The good, the bad, the ugly. As they whittled down to the last two, a pair of twins. Different as night a day, as one practically lived for the camera, and other observed. How interesting, her left eyebrow arched slightly, going into her bangs. Her attention when the blonde one said hello, and checked her out. She smirked, pushed her boobs together and blew a kiss. "Hello yourself, you tasty thing," she winked and let go, her chest bounced back into place.

    Her attention didn't stay on him for to long as they were shuffled off the dock, and into a rather nice big room. Finding a table, she sat on in rather than a chair. Her legs crossed and her practically painted on romper squeezed her more, making her waist look smaller and her chest bigger. Oh yeah, this was the perfect outfit for her first day, she smirked. As Chris told them all the rules, she couldn't help but drown him out and look at the obvious star quality guy who said hello. Only refocusing as he started to call out the pairs, come on Chris, be a good boy and give me the candy! She couldn't help but pout when he paired him with some else. Tease, she thought slightly, as if she accused him of knowing and getting her all perky to tease her. When he called out her partner, she looked at the sports guy, which is what his nickname was in her mind, and shrugged. Could be worse, at least he was cute. She smirked slightly as a far amount of ball jokes came to mind. Once he was done talking, she made her way to Will. Slowly walking, moving her hips maybe a bit to much as they swayed like a Newton's Cradle. She pulled on her more seductive smile as she closed in on him, almost looking like a predator found its prey. Leaning a little two close to him, she spoke loud and clear enough for him to hear but no one else unless they were spying on them. "Nice balls," she couldn't help the twitch of her lip from laughing slightly at her obviously terrible joke, "I'm Abigale, but call me Abi, or Abs if you really wanna."
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  18. [​IMG]

    Aidan scrunched his nose at Haru, he wasn't a big fan of other flirty guys. Why? Because, they were competition. However, he didn't normally go after redheads, who seemed just as flirty as he was. Damnit! What if she is lesbian, and steal all the ladies! His attention swung back to Chris, and they all moved to a meeting room. He merely stood against the wall, and watched the female go into the room. His eyes wondered over everyone, and hoped to god he didn't get some up tight woman. God help him if he did! He actually payed attention to everything Chris said. Even he knew that sometimes you needed to focus on the rules, it would score him the win. Aidan was the type that looked and acted like a flirty laid back guy, but he wasn't stupid either. He was a planner, and he could easily focus his brain on strategizing, and then ladies. Once he finished, and called out the couples. He was paired with Ann, a girl who hid in her clothes. She came over to him and gave him a small smile. Cute, she was cute. Even as she hid herself, she was adorable. He gave her a big smile in return. A smile the almost reached ear to ear. "Hello beautiful, how lucky am I? I get this gorgeous woman to team up with. Well, tell me a bit about yourself lovely. Or, we could play 100 questions! I will start, what's your favorite piecing?"

  19. |-|Ann|-|
    As soon as Ann approached the man, she was sort of glad she had gotten him. Sure, he was a little flirty for her taste, but it's not like he was rolling his eyes at her, or looking at her as if he had expected to be paired up with someone who didn't pretty much stand at his height if not taller. But of course, like most people who flirted, he loved to talk. That was going to be a problem. Ann did not like to talk at all. In fact, finding a voice for the camera had taken the entire boat trip there to master, and she shook like a leaf before she even got to the camera. It was one of the perks of having baggy clothing on, they couldn't see her hands trembling as she walked onto the camera as she had them shoved into her pockets. Smiling at her partner, she pointed at the piercing at the top of her ear, and then the one just below that. They had a small chain connecting them, and she hadn't taken the piercing out in days. She loved that one. Bringing out a small pad of paper and a pencil from her hoodie, Ann let her hands scribble neatly on the paper what she wanted to say before showing it to Aidan. "Nice to meet you too~ I'm sorry about not speaking up, I am selectively mute and I have a hard time talking to strangers." She had scrawled neatly onto the paper. "I hope this is an ok form of talking for the both of us, and I hope we can get along~" She had put down, a soft smile still apparent on her face as she waited for him to respond.
  20. ~* Peyton *~
    (Sorry about the small amount of god-modding.... I couldn't think of another way to do it. If you don't like it just lemme know and I'll edit.)
    Peyton glanced around, watching as the others paired themselves off. She was with some guy called Justin, and she internally prayed that it wasn't one of the louder ones but to no avail as the others began to pair off. She did a quick scan of the others, looking over them all. She knew a fair few of them from conversations she'd overheard on the boat until she was left with only one. She looked him over, from head to toe. Blonde hair, blue eyes, with what she would call a loud personality. She'd heard him talking to Chris when he'd first stepped off the boat, and he seemed a little excitable which she knew she might find a little annoying, but it wasn't a quality that she would dismiss him for. Her best friend, Amber, was extremely excitable, but it had taken her a while to learn when to tone it down. She walked over to him quickly, chewing on her lip as she hoped that she'd found the right person "Hey, I'm Peyton... you're Justin right?" she asked when she reached him, and she even managed to smile a little. She'd promised her friend when she'd been chosen for the competition that she'd try to be nice, and she couldn't really see the harm.

    Although she didn't really have a type when it came to her romantic interests, she couldn't deny that he was cute. But it didn't change anything, because she still didn't really know what to say to him. She was stuck on this island, that while beautiful was also her prison for the duration of this contest. She was stuck here with strangers, unable to stick to her normal schedule. And boy did she already regret agreeing to join.

    ~* Vanessa *~
    Nessa's eyes widened as Mrina spoke to her. "Sounds good," she said, her bright bubbly personality shining through as she grinned and gently squeezed his hands back. "So tell me about yourself. That guy with you before was your brother right? You guys look really alike," she said brightly, eager to know more about her new partner. She knew that if they was going to win, they would have to get along so she wanted to see what kind of person her new partner was. And she really did want to win. She wasn't interested in love, especially since she had her boyfriend back home. Well she didn't really, especially since they had broken up just a few days earlier but Vanessa was hopeful that they would rekindle their relationship when she returned back home.​
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