Love or Hate?

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    Seiji first rose as a celebrity due to his charisma and band named The Gazette. He quitted that band to start a solo career and to no ones surprise, he did even better. Since then, he featured in many talk shows and animated singing reality shows like Tokyo Has Talent or The Voice-Japan Edition.
    It didn't take time until he tried a new type of Art. He wanted, and when he wants he gets, a role in a movie. Not any movie, but the next blockbuster. A whole Drama serie based on a novel.
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    Sakura Tamehama
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    Sakura started out acting in small commercials as a kid to help keep food on the table for the rest of her family.
    She continued and eventually found a love for acting. Her agent pulled her into singing later
    and is currently stopping her music tour to star in the latest blockbuster.​
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  4. Sakura sighed as she sat down in a chair. She was going to be auditioning for a movie today, or at the least, she thought it was a movie. It was a romance action movie, she knew that much, but that was about it. She sighed, placing a hand to her forehead as she looked at the script. She had already memorized the lines but staring at the paper helped calmed her nerves a bit. She heard a buzz and moved one seat over, the next person going into the auditioning room.
  5. Seiji Honda, a young prodigy with an unknown past. The mysterious and idolized celebrity. Seiji couldn't help, but laugh as he read those lines in the latest magazines. It was so wrong in so many levels. Not that it mattered anyway. Seiji looked around at the audition room, some were crying due to stress or because they believe there audition was terrible. Maybe they were, maybe not. It didn't matter for Seiji. He wasn't stressed whatsoever. He as very confident after practising day and night, and really getting in the role.

    Seiji was auditioning the role of the bastard son of a wealthy men. He was the son of a mistress that her heart was played by this man and the son swore venges. He was the main protagonist of the drama/romance movie. It was perfect for him.

    Seiji placed back the magazine on a table not too far from him as his name was called up. His frame screamed fame and influence. With a smirk, he entered the audition room. It took maybe ten minutes before he came with the same smirk. Obviously, everything went perfectly well and Seiji knew that he got the role the moment one of the manager came out.

    '' No more audition for the role of Daichi Fukui! '' the young women shouted. Many males groaned as they stood up and left the waiting room angry. Seiji didn't care much and simply walked to one of the office one of the jury told him to wait in.
  6. Sakura was surprised by the sudden lack of need for anyone, but seeing as the man over there with a smirk, she knew someone had already gotten the part. She smirked herself and folded up the script, shoving it into her bag as she walked into the auditioning room. A few minutes later, she came out with a smile and they announced "No more auditions for Ayumi Yasashiro!" they called, causing the rest of the females to leave the room as she walked towards the one where her co star was waiting.