Love on the Run (HSD & Lanos)

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    Name: Shianne Mitchel

    Age: 19

    Occupation: College student

    Family: Olivia Wilson (Mother) Edward Wilson (Stepfather)

    History: Shianne was a normal little girl, raised by loving parents who thought the world of her. All of that changed the day he father died in a car accident the day before her 8th birthday. Her mother became depressed, and barely acknowledged her daughter, often leaving the little girl to fend for herself while she went out to drink herself into a stupor to forget the pain of losing the only man she had ever loved. When Shianne was 13, her mother came home with a strange man and told the girl that the man was going to be her new father.

    Shianne accepted the new man in her life with eagerness, hoping that with a new husband her mother would return to the way she was and they could all be a happy family. Those hopes faded the day of her mother's wedding. It was only hours after the [SIZE=3]ceremony when Shianne learned how cruel her new step[SIZE=3]father could be. When the new family returned home after [SIZE=3]celebrating the couple[SIZE=3]'s wedding, Shianne made the mistake of spilling some j[SIZE=3]uice on the countertop. In an uproar [SIZE=3]over the me[SIZE=3]ss, the man that Shianne had believed she would call dad [SIZE=3]jumped over the kitchen table and [SIZE=3]knocked the [SIZE=3]poor girl upside the head with his fist. From that day forward every day was nothing but misery and torture.

    She had hoped that with college approa[SIZE=3]ching she [SIZE=3]would find an es[SIZE=3]cape, but because of her continuous absen[SIZE=3]ce[SIZE=3]s from school due to the abuse she [SIZE=3]received at the hands of her stepfather, Shianne's grade were barely good enough for her to graduate, let alone consider getting into a decent school far from hom[SIZE=3]e.

    Now she is stuck [SIZE=3]living with her parents, and although she is [SIZE=3]considered an adult, the abuse continue[SIZE=3]s. She's tried to escape[SIZE=3], tried to report it, but every attempt has failed. Now she is struggling to find a way out[SIZE=3]. [SIZE=3]Desperate to flee her [SIZE=3]home before she ends up just another c[SIZE=3]halk outlin[SIZE=3]e on the ground. [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
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    Name: Hotrod (George)
    Age: 22
    Occupation: College graduate, Army Reserve Sergeant (ret.)

    Typically, you wouldn't expect much from the man calling himself Hotrod. He recently graduated from college and ended his time in the Army Reserve as well looking forward to beginning civilian life for once. He tends to be a shy person despite being raised in relative privilege but managed to make it through everything and become a decent member of society. He became friends of the Wilson family, especially Shianne, when Edward asked him to help out one summer during his time off from the Army. The two became friends but fearful of provoking her father's rage after seeing her with bruises on her face after one night. He's caring for Shianne but he's nowhere near the breaking point of doing something to stop her father's abuse...until things are pushed too far.
  3. The throbbing in her head was only overshadowed by the stabbing pain in her back. A pale hand rose to touch the knot forming on the back of her head tentatively; another gift from her ‘daddy’ as he liked to refer to himself. ‘Some daddy…’ She thought bitterly, with a wince. Even the act of thinking caused another throb of pain to shoot through her skull.

    Shianne was desperate to get up from her bed, but every move she made only increased her pain that was raging havoc on her body and causing her stomach to twist and gurgle with nausea. Rolling over onto her stomach, she panted for air, taking note of the burning pain in her chest with each intake of breath. Blue eyes shimmered with unshed tears as she struggled to find a position where the pain faded, but the position of the bruises and scratches that covered her body made it impossible for her to find comfort.

    She thought back to what had led to her current state, but no matter how hard she tried, Shianne could not find any cause for the attack; but that was often the case these days. Her stepfather would find any little reason he could to put his hands on her, even if it was something he invented inside the confines of his own mind. Once he had broken her jaw just because he thought she had crept in his room and fondled him while he slept. The accusation had caused her to laugh at the absurdity of it, but that was the last time the woman had ever laughed at the ridiculous dribble that spilled out of her stepfather’s mouth. He had punched her so hard, Shianne had actually seen stars, and she believed that for a minute or so she had blacked out. When she finally became aware again, her stepfather had been yelling for her mother to take Shianne to the emergency room, claiming that she had fallen against the kitchen cabinet and broken her jaw. Her dimwitted mother of course had believed them, and called Shianne a liar when the girl tried to say otherwise.

    Today’s beating had been just a case of walking into the house at the wrong time. Her stepfather, now unemployed and bitter by the loss of his job had been sitting at the kitchen table when she had entered the house. Shianne had taken every precaution to make sure she didn’t make a sound as she tiptoed past the man and headed to her bedroom. She had thought she had gotten off lucky and actually made it to the safety of her room without encountering a fist, but her luck had been a figment of her imagination. No sooner had she placed her books on her desk and turned to change out of her clothes did she find herself topless and pinned to her bed by an extremely angry and disturbingly aroused man.

    For the first second she had been completely stunned and had no clue what was going on, but that shock faded the second a fist began pummeling her head and back. The hand that wasn’t beating her was creeping along her body, fondling and squeezing her exposed breasts and pinching her flesh. He had called her a slut, and accused her of trying to seduce him. She had managed to stay silent and not say a word, hoping that is she lay there and took it he would hurry and leave her alone. Unfortunately for her, her silence had only egged him on further.

    Nails had torn into the skin of her back, as he scratched her, screaming that he would scar her until no man would ever want her. It was after the fifth…maybe sixth blow to the head that the girl had passed out. When she finally came to, her stepfather was gone and Shianne was lucky enough to still have her pants on and fastened. It was the only blessing that she had to be thankful for, but she held onto it.

    Now she was struggling to get up from her position on the bed, the need to get to her phone motivating her to ignore the pain and move. It took all the strength that she had, but she managed to sit up and slowly push herself off the bed. Using her chair for support, Shianne shoved her books to the side in search of her phone which she had dropped off along with her books. Finding the device, she lowered herself down into her chair and unlocked the screen.

    Skimming over her contacts, she stopped at the number of the only person who had ever believed her; the only person that she trusted. Swiping her finger across the screen, she chose the text option and began to type in her message. [Please, hurry and get me. He’s gone and I need to get out of here.]

    She hit the send button and slouched back against her chair. Shianne knew she should probably finish getting changed, but she couldn’t for the life of her convince herself to move from her spot. The pain was too much, and knew if she moved the wrong way she would end up vomiting all over her floor, giving her stepfather yet another reason to knock her around. So she waited, her head resting against the back of her chair, and her knees pulled up to her chest. Her eyes gradually grew heavy, and after several minutes of fighting off her fatigue, she fell into a light, but troubled sleep.
  4. Hotrod was also unemployed but he had a generous stipend from the Army and wasn't abusive. He and Shianne were friends, more than friends for sure but they didn't tell her stepfather to keep her being beaten again, but of course they wanted to live together away from him. At least he wasn't abuse like the stepfather he had to deal with when it comes to Shianne. Well at least he didn't know they were intimate and he didn't lay a hand on her when Hotrod was around. Unlike Edward, Hotrod had the physical strength to overpower him if required. Thankfully, he didn't have to since he never saw Shianne abused or with any injury on her. Until today. Hotrod got Shianne's text and this was worrying. Never did he get a message like this and this time would be different. He got his things, and his old combat helmet and uniform, just in case. He also laid out things for her when she came to his apartment.

    He arrived at the Wilson house and entered cautiously and make sure no one else was there. He entered Shianne's room and found her in the chair, topless and curled up in her state of being passed out. He tried to wake her carefully knowing she was beaten as he could visibly tell. He contained his rage but his worry for Shianne was more prevalent right now. "Shianne? Baby please wake up."
  5. Hearing a male voice, Shianna was jerked out of her sleep in a panic. Covering herself with her arms, her eyes scanned over the room until they landed on Hotrod. Relieved that it was him and not her stepfather, she relaxed and motioned him forward. "I'm awake." She said weakly and managed to smile sadly up at him. "I don't know if I can get up. I feel sick and every time I move I feel like I'm going to throw up."

    She hated that he had to see her like this, but she needed his help and she knew that he would take care of her. Lowering her legs to the floor, she covered her chest with her arms, not out of modesty, but to cover the bruises that she was sure her stepfather had left behind with his pinches. "Could you help me at least get a shirt on. I don't want to go into the bathroom and risk him coming home."
  6. Hotrod cocked his pistol just to be sure it was loaded. "Sure..." He grabbed a shirt that he knew would fit her. "Here Shianne...we'll get you out of here and then we can see what he did to you..." Not that he wanted to see her topless now. He loved her and he couldn't believe her stepfather did that to her. He put the shirt on Shianne carefully. "My place is set up for you to long as you need...and he won't dare follow me there..." He kissed her cheek and picked her up, trying to see if she can walk. "You think you can manage?" Then he heard another car pulling up and prayed it wasn't who he was praying wouldn't be there.
  7. Placing her hands on his shoulders, she tested her weight on her own two feet. She could stand, but she felt dizzy when she finally let go of him to take a step. Closing her eyes, she waited until her dizziness subsided and slowly opened her eyes. Casting a glance up at him, she grabbed a hold of his shirt at the sound of the car door closing in the driveway. Eyes filling with panic, she tugged on his shirt and pulled him closer. "Just get me out of here, please. Don't listen to anything he said, let's just leave."
  8. They both rushed out as fast as they could and he barely managed to get Shianne out the door until he went Edward getting out of his car. He kept walking Shianne to his truck and got her in before locking the doors. Hotrod stayed out in order to confront Edward to make sure he knew that this time, she would be moving out forever and he would come later to get her stuff. "I saw what you did to her. What the hell?" He wasn't confrontational but her stepfather would be. "What did you do to Shianne?" He was cool but he could go over if he had to.
  9. "No!" She shouted when Hotrod left her in his truck and went out to confront her stepfather. Crawling across the seat to the driver's side, Shianne pounded against the window to get his attention. "Please!" She cried out, hoping that he could hear her through the glass. "Please, just get me out of here. Let's go. Don't bother with him." She could see her stepfather walking walking toward Hotrod and she pounded even harder, now screaming as loud as she could manage despite the pain in her head. "Please babe, just forget about him.[SIZE=3]" She was desperately trying to get [SIZE=3]Hotrod's attention, [SIZE=3]hoping that if she pleaded enough he would ignore her ste[SIZE=3]pfather and take her away. [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
  10. Hotrod wanted to kick the man's ass so bad but his love didn't want him to confront the man. He simply decided to get in the truck and leave. "If you ever come by my place...and try to get with her again...I swear...I will kick your worthless ass." He pointed to Edward and the man could see his handgun. "So for your sake, stay away from us." He unlocked his door, got in the truck and quickly locked the doors to keep anyone else out. If the man tried, the truck was bulletproofed. Hotrod drove off calmly as if nothing was wrong. Well, he had to keep Shianne calm so he laid his hand on her to keep her calm.

    It wasn't until that they got back to his place did he take her out carefully and laid her on the couch. He got her some Advil and an icepack and asked, gently, to see what he did to her. "My dear, may I see what he did to you this time?" Never before had he seen what happened to her right after an attack but he could guess. He never believed his stories and Shianne always told him what happened after the fact. When they were first intimate, when she turned 18, he couldn't find anything. Thankfully, her stepfather didn't beat Shianne after he brought her home that time.

  11. Shianne took the Advil obediently, but shook her head when he asked to see what was done to her. Taking Hotrod's hand in hers, she entwined their fingers together and tugged his arm until he was sitting down with her. "Don't ask me to show you. Please?" Her bright blue eyes stared into his, silently pleading with him to spare her from having to relive the abuse.

    Sliding her arms around him, she rest her chin on his shoulder and closed her eyes, letting her body relax as his presence calmed her. "I don't want to think about it, at least not now. Can we just forget about it for now?" Opening her eyes, she leaned back to look into his eyes. "I promise, I'll t[SIZE=3]ell you about it tomorrow. Right now I just want to get in the shower, get cleaned up and forget about everything [SIZE=3]for a little bit."[/SIZE][/SIZE]

  12. He hugged her and began to tear up. "I'm sorry for asking..." He didn't mean to ask but he was caring after all. "Sure...we can wait my love." He kissed Shianne and took to the shower and let her be by herself while he waited on the couch, preparing something to eat. All the while, he made sure his apartment was locked to prevent anyone getting in that he didn't want to get in. He waited with a small slice of pizza when she came out, her hair damp but everything else about her dry. He motioned for her to sit down next to him and when she did, Hotrod cuddled Shianne in a tender embrace. He genuinely cared for her and did not want to see her hurt in any way.
  13. Taking the plate from him, she leaned against Hotrod's side while she ate. She ate slowly, waiting to see how her stomach handled the food when it hit her stomach before taking another bite. When she was finished, she lay back against her arms going back around him. Kissing his cheek, she smiled up at him. "Thank you for taking care of me."

    Wanting to be closer to him, she pulled her arms away and climbed into his lap, curling up against him with her head resting on his shoulder. "I don't know what I would do if it weren't for you." Brushing a kiss over his lips, she snuggled up against him, her eyes drifting shut and her body relaxing as much as it possibly could. Her back and head still ached, but the pain was dulling thanks to the Advil and the fact that she was not tensing up as she would have if she was at home. Sighing quietly, she peeked open one eye to stare up at Hotrod. "I hope you don't mind being a bed for a while, you're a bit too comfy for me to want to get up."
  14. "I never mind." Hotrod let Shianne cuddle on her and he began to hold her back and play with her red hair. He kissed her back on the forehead and began to think about what the two of them would do now that she was finally free from her stepfather. He began to think of the happy times they would have together but inadvertently he began to get hard. He noticed and tried to get himself down but he was failing and he hoped Shianne wouldn't notice. Hotrod knew it was probably bad timing to so anything sexual now but he just hoped she would pass if off. He held her anyways and embraced his love. "Too bad I can't get out the air mattress this time. It's busted."
  15. Shianne noticed his arousal, but instead of saying anything to him about it, she kissed him deeply, cupping his face in her hands. Pulling back a bit, she smiled and nudged her nose against his jaw. "I'm not worried about it, as long as I'm with you that's all that matters." Turning carefully, she straddled his lap and placed another soft kiss on his lips. "I doubt I'll be able to sleep anyway. My back doesn't hurt as much as before, but my head is still achy." Grinning at him, she slid her arms around his neck and pulled his body closer against hers. "Maybe you can help me get rid of my headache."
  16. He grinned. "Of course Shianne. I think I know how." He readied himself and kissed her back for a few minutes of making out that was deeply passionate. His chest felt her breasts and he instinctively reached and cupped her breasts. "So you want to..." He paused, letting her finish what he was going to ask. He remembered the first time they had sex. It was completely accidental and it wasn't supposed to happen. They were at his place and she walked in on him in the shower but then she joined in and things were wild. He hoped this time would be just the same.
  17. Shianne sucked his lower lip into her mouth, nibbling gently on it before releasing it. Reaching for the bottom of his shirt, she slowly pulled it up over his head, her eyes sweeping over his chest before lifting back to his. Trialing kisses along the side of his neck, she nipped and sucked on his skin, working her way down to the junction where his neck and shoulder met.

    She wanted to pull her own shirt off so that she could feel his skin against hers, but the thought of what she must look like caused her to freeze and pull back away from him. "Wait...I don't want you to see me like this."
  18. He frowned but he didn't let his dick get ahead of his emotions and brain. He got up and held her, being tender while his hard on disappeared. That didn't bother him. Just that his Shianne was uncomfortable and distressed. That bothered him. Very. Hotrod held Shianne while gazing into her eyes. "What he did to you will not happen again." He held her tighter but enough to breathe. "I promise...from now on...nothing will happen to you from that man. He is nothing." He hoped his words would help. They always had. "Think of the days we're together..."
  19. "I know you won't let anything happen to me." Brushing her fingertips along his jaw, inching his face closer to her own. Pressing another kiss to his lips, she groaned miserably, wishing that things had worked out differently. Closing her eyes, she pressed her face into his shoulder, fighting off the urge to kiss his neck. "Babe..." She said quietly, sliding off his lap to stand in front of him. "I promise that I'll do whatever I can to make you happy." Taking his hands in hers, she pulled him up to his feet and kissed him. [SIZE=3]"For now, let's just pre[SIZE=3]tend that everything is normal and carry on like [SIZE=3]we're ma[SIZE=3]d[SIZE=3]ly in[SIZE=3] love[SIZE=3]."[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
  20. He obliged and began to kiss her passionately and getting his hard on back. His shirt was still off but he hoped she would take hers off so he could see her breasts. It didn't matter if her stepfather hurt her, all that mattered that she was safe and in his arms. He kissed her for a good while before using his eyes to beg her to take her shirt off and/or blow him. He knew it was a long time since she last tasted him and he would generously supply her with cum. He kept caressing her breasts and he felt her grab his hard cock. If they were going to do it, there was nothing stopping them.