Love on 24th Street

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  1. October was walking down a street in the bright sunshine. It was winter, despite the sun, and cold outside but he was dressed lightly in jeans and a long sleeve gray t-shirt. He wore sunglasses to protect his eyes and even then everything seemed horridly bright. The cold wind hardly registered on his radar but the sun...he needed to get out of the sun. He passed a sign labeling the street he was on as 24th street and ducking into the first door he could find with an open sign. He stood in the doorway for a moment seemingly dazed as his eyes adjusted. Finally, after a lot of blinking, he saw that he walked into some form of...eatery? caffeteria? mess hall? He didnt really know the word but people were eating.

    Another sign told him to have a seat so he walked quietly to a corner and sat down at a table. He observed for a bit and took note of people exchanging currency at the counter. He remembered being told once that in the outside world people had to use money to purchase food as well as other things. Money was something he knew nothing about beyong its existance and it was something he had none of. Deciding he would think about that later he turned his attention to the large windows.

    The bright sunlight, something he was entirely unuse to from his time in the ward, was blocked by an awning that dimmed it to a tollerable level. He finally removed the sunglasses and sighed in relief. He watched people in coats scurry about in the cold and wondered what they were doing. They were dressed much...better, than he was as well as warmer. To be expected. He had swipped the clothing from one of the millitary lockers during the escape. He had stolen the sunglasses from a man off the street before he even knew they were gone. Bonus to good reflexes.

    Beyond the insistant blinking to ease his eyes, his face never changed. It stayed unusually passive as he took in the world. No sense of feeling, not even a wrinkle in his forhead or at the corner of his mouth, flitered across his face. He would have looked like a statue if his stomach hadnt growled. He was going to have to figure out how this money thing worked.
  2. Leona was doing her afternoon shift at the local diner. She was walking around and taking orders, smiling at familiar faces, and humming the tunes that were coming from the radio. Everything was going like clock work. Checking on customers, smiling, taking orders. Checking on customers, smiling and taking orders. Nothing changed and she loved that. But sometimes It got pretty boring. She wanted something cool to happen. Maybe the Queen would walk in and she would invite her to her castle for tea for serving her so well. She giggled to herself on how she let her mind wander off so easily. If only that didn't happen while she was taking someone's order. Now she looked like some kind of weirdo. She grinned again at herself and took the order.

    As she gave the cook the order and took more out, she spotted a strange man she'd never seen before. Everyone she saw in that diner were regular. Maybe there's something going on in town, she thought to herself as she gave a table there order and a smile. She could see the guy blushing. She was used to it. She walked over to the mystery man getting ready to take his order when she got this weirdest feeling. She shook it off and continued to the man.

    "How may I help you today, Sir?"
    She asked with the usual smile. She noticed the small scar he had on his cheek and as she waited, she started to ramble off in her mind how her could've gotten in. He could've fell when he was a little boy, got into a fight a while before he got there, cut himself while shaving......The list went on and on while she waited.
  3. Well this was interesting. He hadnt been expecting someone to ask how he needed help, because if he was being honest with himself he probably needed assistance somehow. Then again it could be part of a plot to capture him. He would need to be careful. He looked the girl over, barely a flicker of his eyes, and realized she had been walking around the room delivering food and other things to the people here. This was where she worked, he remembered learning about jobs. People got paid money to do them. Money was what he didnt have. Things were clicking in his head ever so slowly. Maybe a few questions were to be had...

    "Ugh..." he wasnt sure what to say. He had never had a conversation with anyone outside the ward. He spotted her name tag "Leona, what would you call this establishment?" he had no clue how weird that sounded. "And is there anything here I could have without the exchange of money?"

    His stomach growled quietly again. He ignored it, looking at Leona with a rather blank expression and waiting for an answer.
  4. She looked at the mysterious man with the weirdest look on her face. People have never asked her what this 'establishment' was, or what they could get here for free. Maybe he was homeless, an instant thought that came to her head. But that wouldn't explain the establishment part. She decided to just brush it off and help the man, which she couldn't help but stare a little. He was pretty handsome, even with the scar. She was a sucker for green eyes.
    "Um, this is the local diner, hun. And for the free part I can help you there. You usually have to pay, but I'll do you a favor and give you a free meal. How does that sound?"
  5. So the term for things that didnt require money was free and this was called a diner. Interesting. More interesting was the fact that this woman was going to give him free food when most people didnt get free food. The alarm bells sounded in his head. This could easily be a trap, but everything he had whitnessed so far told him it wasnt and his instincts told him the same. It just didnt make any sense. She didnt know who he was and had no connection to him so feeding him made little sense.

    "Why would you give me a free meal?" he asked. "Its appreciated, but I dont understand it."

    No one had ever given him anything the more he thought about it. When he was a small child he had been given food, he was too little to work for it, but once he was older he had been forced to perform tasks or do other things...he was far too use to others having motives behind their actions.
  6. "Well I would just feel awful sending you away without knowing you had a good meal. I'm not asking for anything in return, this is to just ease my crazy mind." She babbled to the mystery man. She really did still think he was homeless. But then BAM another idea hit her. Maybe he was in an accident before her came here and now he has short term memory loss. That would explain why he would act this way. Now she really wanted to get him to the hospital. Something could've been wrong with him.
    "And don't worry about a thing. I'll take care of my boss." She jot down a meal with steak and fries and went to the back to give the cook the meal ticket. She went back to the man, totally forgetting about other people that were coming into the diner and sat down across from him.
    "So what brings you here to these parts?"
  7. So she didnt have any reason except for being helpful...He had never met a single person in his entire existance that had done something souly to help. Even in the compound when he had made a tenative 'friendship' with December there was a mutual understanding that they were friends for their own good and sanity. He wasnt sure how to take the turn of events that had unfolded in the diner. Leona wrote something down and disapeared for a moment. She returned quickly and asked him why he was there. That was an interesting story, and one he really didnt need to be telling to be vauge.

    "Well...I had a bit of a falling out with my family. I am sort of, shall we say...avoiding them?" thats when he realized he was likely being rude by normal standards. He knew her name, even if it was off of a tag, but hadnt given his. "My name is Ben by the way." best to give her his alias. "and thank you for the meal."

    Thats when he took note of the people who had walked in. "I believe those people may be waiting on you."
  8. "Oh, I'm sorry about the falling out with your family. I hope that it can be resolved soon," she said with a small smile. She kept hearing the little bell on the door dinging, dinging, dinging. That was the first time the noise was actually annoying her. She knew that the noise meant the welcoming of new customers and she'd always loved that. But now she just wish that they would go away. She didn't know why she was feeling this way but she didn't care. She just wanted to talk to the handsome stranger that was sitting across from her.
    "It's very nice to meet you Ben," she says as she holds out her hand in a hand shake, "and don't worry about. The pleasure is all mine." She even ignored the fact of him pointing out the fact of all the people that kept walking in but she blocked it out, as if it was never said.
  9. He decided that if she was ignoring them he might as well ignore them too. He shook her hand the action unusual for him. He was surprised to find her hand was warm. He had adjusted to the fact that his own hands were cold now, the bionics looked like normal hands but they held no body heat. He also forced a smile. The expression was so foreign it almost hurt but he felt like he had pulled it off well enough. "Well, thank you again, but I dont see my family issues getting resolved. Its ok though, I didnt exactly like them either...well, I liked one. I think he died though."

    Another person brought the food out for him and gave Leona a funny look but didnt say anything before walking away. 'Ben' examined the steak and fries. He wasnt use to eating things like this but started eating. He ate a french fry and his eyes popped wide. The expression was quickly controlled but it had been there. He swallowed the first piece of fried food he had ever eaten. "What are these?" he asked suddenly. It was a humerous reaction, if strange.
  10. She winced a little at how cold his hands were. He was wearing a thin layer of clothing and she would admit that maybe it was a little chilly...what was she thinking. She was sweating! But it was probably from working so she just shrugged it off. Her eyes popped open at his comment on his friend being dead. He said it so calmly, like it wasn't a big deal. She imagined if Ben had died. She would be really sad. She knew that they had just met a while ago but she felt something about him. It was oddest and most foreign feeling she's ever felt. She couldn't explain it.
    When she saw Mark, the cook, bring out the food for him she gave him an apologetic smile and knew that she was forgiven instantly. She turned her turned her attention back to Ben and watched him examine the food. She didn't even think of asking him if he was a vegetarian, or if he was on a diet. She was about to apologize and ask him if he wanted something else when she say him eat a fry. She laughed at his expression and said, "That's a french fry, silly. I see that you really like them. That's okay, I love them too," she said with a soft smile and just watched him as she leaned her head on the palm of her hand.
  11. He almost jumped when she laughed but didnt. It was...he had never heard a laugh... he had to look at her closely to make sure she was ok. Upon inspection he found that she was indeed fine and...whatever this was it was some expression of...happiness? He wasnt sure. If he said emotions werent his thing it would be the understatement of the century. She finally said what he had eaten and she had called him silly...whatever that ment. He watched as she leaned her head against her hand and...something about her just sort of struck him. He didnt know what it was, a normal person would have recognized that he found her attractive, but he didnt understand the feeling himself.

    He ate some more to settle his mind and give him a reason to be quiet for a minute. The french fries were amazing...and the steak, which he was more familier with, was the best one he had ever eaten. When he had finally cleared all of the jumbled thoughts and 'feelings' from his head he spoke up again.

    "So how often are you here?" he asked. It was a weird question to him, how often Leona was at the diner wasnt important information. He needed to know how to get a job, where to stay, what was considered normal so he could blend in. Clearly frech fries were normal...that was a bonus. He almost shook his head. It had been a long time since he had rambled like that in his head. "Do live nearby?" he added, once again unsure why he asked.
  12. With her head still in her hand she answers, "I'm here every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Even though I'm not here for long on those days, this feels like a second home to me." She looks around, looking at all of the familiar posters and sports memorabilia. When her eyes fall upon the clock she sees how fast the time had pass and realizes that her shift had ended 30 minutes ago. This made her smile. She could take him out of there and take him somewhere they could talk in private. But then she remembered that she still needed to take him to the doctor. She looked him over again and thought about it. He didn't look like he was in an accident, just a scar, which she believed that it was just a scar from his childhood. She looks back at him and presses on.
    "I live on campus a couple blocks away." She answers as she stands up and takes the plate. "I'll be right back." She almost runs to the back and drops the plate in the sink, so hard that she had to look back to make sure that she didn't break it. When she saw that it wasn't she runs to the break room and clocks out. She says good-bye to everyone in the break room while she takes off her apron and hang it on the hook. She walks out back to Ben with a smile on her face and says, "My shift is over, I can show you around town if you want. I have nothing else to do." Which was so not true. She was suppose to be getting ready for a test that she had the next day but in his presence, that all seemed irrelevant.
  13. He waited patiently for her to return. He was wondering what she ment by campus. When she explained that she was done with her shift and could show him around town he felt something close to relieved. He was so horribly lost. He had escaped a litteral living hell but was clueless about where to go from here.

    "I would love for you to show me around town. Im new here I guess you would say, and kind of lost." he said before standing up. He motioned for her to lead the way.

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    "Oh, okay newbie. I guess you're gonna be stuck with me for a while." She jokes. As she leaves she says good-bye to everyone that's in the diner and receives many in return. She leaves the diner and takes a left. She start to show him the many shops and restaurants that they pass as she heads for campus. She was exhausted and she just wanted to take a nap, but that would have to wait until later. "Over there is the park, and over there is the Movie Theater, and over there........," she keeps on until she finally reaches the college grounds.
    As they head for her dorm, she waves and smiles to many people that she heads for her dorm. She notices how a lot of the girls are checking out Ben and she gets a little upset. What do they keep looking at? It's not like they have other attractive guys at this school. Why can't they just hers alone. Her eyes pop wide open at how she said that he was hers. This was just not like her. What was going on with her?
  15. Ben followed along making a mental roadmap of everything. He didnt understand most of it but he would remember it all the same. Every now and then he asked a question and she would ramble off an answer. When they arrived on campus, which turned out to be a facility for higher education, he was surprised to see the number of people his age strolling about. A lot of them kept looking at him too. It was a bit strange. They were all ladies staring at him too. Finally he had to ask. " something, wrong with how I look? All of the girls keep looking at me. Do I need to dress differently?"

    He wanted to blend in, he really did, so changing clothes was a must if he stood out for some reason. Another thought crossed his mind then. "What does someone have to do to go to college here? Talk to someone or something?" he asked. He had been paying attntion when she had rambled slightly over the college upon their arrival. Staying here would make it amazingly easy to blend in because everyone was his age. It also would put him close to Leona. He wanted to stay with her. Something about her made him comfortable and she knew the in's and out's of this town. She could help him. He had never wanted to just stay with someone before, but he did was weird, but he did...
  16. "There is nothing wrong with how you look. All the girls just think that you're incredibly handsome." 'So do I,' she whispered to herself before she arrived to her dormitory building. She opened the door and climbed up the stairs to the 3rd floor, and then walked through the maze of hallways until she got to her dorm. She pulled out a pair of keys out of her back pocket and unlocked the door. He room looked like any other dorm room, except she only had one bed in the room. She belly flopped onto her bed and hugged her pillow. She motioned for Ben to sit down at her desk while she unwind.
    "To answer your question about coming here, you have to have a GPA of at least 2.9 or you just need the money to pay to go. I can help you with all the paper work and whatever you need help with, I'm here for you. Don't be afraid to ask," she said as she sat up, crossed her legs and put her pillow in her lap. She really did want him to think of her as a life line whenever he needed someone. "You can probably stay here for tonight. Thank goodness I got a full mattress when I learned I would have no roommate. It might be a little snug with your height and build but I think we can make it work." she said with a small chuckle.
  17. Ben wasnt sure what to think when she said the girls thought he was handsome. For one he was only slightly sure of the defenition and for two he simply hadnt been raised to really consider his looks. He did pick up on the slight whisper at the end of her sentence. It vaugly sounded like 'so do i' but he wasnt really sure.

    He followed her into a building and up to her room memorizing the path as they went. That had been a talent of his, being able to map out an area in his head. When they came to the room and she motioned him to have a seat he did. She vaugly answered his school question. "A GPA?" he asked after letting the information soak into his head. He wasnt sure, but it sounded like he would have needed prior education then. Which he didnt have. Maybe there were other options though. He racked his brain over everything he had read in class about the outside world, there wasnt much, but they had gone over school systems. A light bulb finally clicked on. "Will they let you take placement tests?" he asked, fairly sure he had the right words this time.

    Thats when she offered to let him stay the night. There was only one bed and if her words were any indication they would be sharing it. He was ok with that, in fact he didnt see any issue with it. Namely because he didnt understand the fact that staying alone in a girls room and sharing her bed was an intimate thing, at least not yet...She said it might be a snug fit but it looked more comfortable than anything he had slept on recently or anything at the compound. He smiled again, it was getting easier and he was starting to pick up on when it was appropriate, "Snug isnt an issue, thank you for helping me so much. I didnt know where I was going to go tonight."
  18. A placement test? Hmm, she had to let that rack her brain a little. She's heard of it on very rare terms, but she has heard of it. He didn't seem uneducated. He actually seemed mentally bright. "I'll tell you what. We'll go talk to the dean later today and see if you're qualified to take the test. But first I want to go out and take you shopping for some clothes. It doesn't look like you have much," she says with a small chuckle. She looked at what he was wearing now and thought about what store they should go to. "What brand of clothes so you like to wear? Calvin Klein? Abercrombie & Fitch? There's a lot of clothing shops around her that I think you'll like." She listened as he started to thank her and she smiled. "It was honestly a pleasure. It'll make me sleep easier tonight to know that your safe and warm," she says with a smile. She goes to her closet and looks through some clothes that she could change out of. It wasn't hot or cold out. It was just the perfect temperature. Which was weird since they were dead smack in the middle of winter. She settled for a blue satin summer dress with a jean jacket over it. "Um do you mind shielding you eyes for a sec while I change?" She said with an awkward smile.
  19. Shopping. Now that was completely foreign. He didnt let it show though, and as she rattled off designer names he tried not to look confused. This was a situation in which he would just have to learn as he went. He watched as she went over to a smaller door in the room and started going through clothing. He had never seen so many clothes. In the compound they had been dressed in the same outfit everyday. They all wore simple jean pants but different color shirts. His had been orange. Aparently things were very, very different on the outside. He definently needed more clothing.

    He liked the color of the blue dress she chose. Thats when she asked for him to shield his eyes. It confused him. He had been naked for every experiment and had regular full body physicals in the compound. Not to mention he was constantly watched, so her aversion to being naked in front of him was puzzling but he closed his eyes and turned around all the same. He decided to answer her eailer question. "I dont know what store I want to go can decide, but wont I need money for shopping?" he had quickly learned nothing was 'free' in this world...unless you happened to get food from a diner girl who also happened to take you home.
  20. When he closed his eyes she took off her shirt and then slipped on the dress. Then she unbuttoned her jeans and kicked into the air, catching them and throwing them in the hamper. She tapped his shoulders as she passed him to get back to her bed to tell him that he can open his eyes. "Okay. This'll be fun. I always wanted a doll that I could dress all day. You should be scared," she said as she began to laugh at her own joke. She found a purse on her over bed shelf that would go perfect with her outfit and lucky enough her wallet was already in there. She had a couple hundreds in there but she took her credit card that her parents gave her just in case. "Don't worry about the money, I'll cover everything and you can just consider them as your Christmas gifts." Aa she said that she remembered that Christmas was just days away and she hadn't done her Christmas shopping yet. She slapped her forehead and grabbed a small notepad off from her desk and shoved it in her purse. She skips to the door and opens it before she grabs her keys.
    "Ready to go?"