Love of Blood

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  1. In the village of Isuapac....

    A sleepy little town in the outskirts of London in 1879. Including little shops, inns, and little common manors. Stories of creatures of the night disturb the peace of humanity in the village. More night creatures means less humans in existance. According to religion, vampires have been the agents of Satan responsible to the sacrifice of blood from a mortal. From fear, humans become hunters against the undead blood eaters. All vampires serve the master by sacrificing a mortal for their blood during a satanic ritual every three days. Hunters will kill and protect the village from the creatures. All vampires will kill a human except one. Someone touched his cold heart from a killer to protector to one girl he fell in love at first sight. Since thier relationship got discovered, his whole kind will hunt this girl down and make her the Satan's princess by only one drop of her blood. Will the protected vampire help this girl and love her or will her sacrifice make them lose each other forever?
  2. Name: Claire Flare

    Species: Human

    Bio: Claire was born a common villager. When she was thirteen during the vampire attacks on the village, she was left poor and lived on her own. When she was seventeen, she worked as a waitress to earn money for her needs. Everyday, she leaves in the morning for work, go shopping for food, collect apples from trees, and sit near a stream. But at night, she gets uncomfortable and always wears a hood to calm her fear. Due to attacks, shes even scared to sleep at night. That's until someone fell in love the moment he saw her. But she doesn't see him because of him hiding in the dark. He is a vampire but who is he really?

    Personality: Shy, kind, sensitive, and curious.

    Appearance: Tan skin, long wavy back-lengthed dark brown hair, brown eyes, white and light blue commoner long sleeve village dress, and wears a hood at night.

    Age: 17
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