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  1. The night was just about to arise as everyone in the city could see the sun setting. this City was not like your every day modern cities no this city has a vampire. that vampire's name is Dante Nero, he has been running rapid on the city sucking the blood of over 16 people thus far. On top of the tallest building in the city which stood bout 10 stories high stood Dante. His demonically black hair waved in the air, as he smelt the air his eyes glowed red having now found a brand new scent that had his vein's pumping. He took a few steps back wards before bolting into a full sprint and jumping off the end of the building free falling for 1.7 seconds before summoning his vampire wings onto his back allowing him to gain altitude and fly towards the person who had his senses crazed.

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  2. Annabelle which was a human that just moved into this town. She smiled softly before she looked around. She got out of her car before she headed inside. It was late, she hasn't eaten dinner yet.. Hm. What to make. She got into the fridge as she opened the windows to let in some air. Her bright red long hair moved as the wind blew. She smiled as she thought. She was happy. She tilted her head thinking. She yawned. She then glanced around before she went o the oven and started making some mac and cheese. She had heard that this town had a vampire, but whatever. She was a powerful human, not like others. She had a mark on her wrist to tell her that she had powers that a human shouldn't possess like telekinesis and the power to control weather. She glanced over to the window and smiled.
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  3. Dante, was flying over top of Annabelle's house, he sniffed the air once more to make sure this was the exact place the smell was coming from. He moved slowly to the ground pulling his wings back into his back. He looked around getting the full view of the place. He then walked up to the door and saw some open windows. 'Those might be useful later tonight' he thought to himself. Dante blink several time before hiding the red tint in his eyes. He then reach his right arm up and knocked on her door. He knew this might not see very smart, but Dante was one who wanted to play with his next meal.
  4. Annabelle sighed as she thought. She bit her lower lip as she looked at the windows. She continued to eat the food after she had made the food. She was so happy to get food in her stomach. She then put it in the sink, before filling up her cat's bowl full of food. She smiled lightly. She tilted her head thinking. She yawned and grinned at the thought of her meeting the one. She was hoping that day will come. She heard a sudden knock. She tensed before she walked over towards the door. She yawned after she closed one of the doors since it was getting cold. She smiled softly. She gulped nervously. She then glanced around, before opening the door, fixing her shirt. She looked up, " hello." She raised an eyebrow to see it was a male, " Who are you?" She asked.
  5. Dante smiled at her and the scratched the back of his head. "I'm sorry if i interrupted you but i was just walking around town and i saw new car which means we had a newcomer and i just wanted to let you know that you should be more careful with leaving your windows open our little vampire friend could easily sneak in and attack you" Dante said. smiling as he then moved his eyes to see what he could from inside her house. Dante then heard feint 'meow'. "oh so you have a cat?" Dante asked to try and keep the conversation going until he as invited in or made a good acquaintance with her.
  6. Annabelle smiled lightly over at him, She was curious. He seemed odd. She raised an eyebrow and sighed. She looked over at him and smiled. She tilted her head thinking. She didn't know what to do. She closed her eyes softly before smiling. " Thank you for letting me know." She said softly. She smiled lightly. She gulped nervously. She glanced at her two other windows in her house that were open. She blinked over at him before hearing her cat, " Snickers I already fed you." She looked between her legs as her cat that was a calico come between her legs. She smiled and then said, " Yeah I do.. It's Snickers. " She picked the small cat up. She wrapped her arms around her cat and smiled. She was happy. She tilted her head and smiled. She said, " So what's your name? "She asked the male. She was iffy about it.
  7. Dante, smiled and laughed at her remark to the cat just eating. "snickers, its a very unique name" Dante told her a he nodded and sighed. "My name is Dante Nero, and if i may ask who might you be? because you already introduced me to the cat." he then remembered he of his time before he was a vampire how he was when he was human....... because Dante was a new blood vampire. that's why he still drinks human blood preferably. he then shook his head lightly trying to forget about his past, because he is a vampire now nothing more than a demonic monster.
  8. Annabelle thought about her life. It was going to change. She glanced over at him, ' Dante? IS that french?" She asked. She then said, " My name is Annabelle." She smiled lightly. She tilted her head softly. She felt bad that he was standing outside in the cold. She shivered and said, "Are you cold? Why don't you come inside." She said softly. She glanced up at him moving to the side so he can get inside of her home. She smiled at him. She moved, " can you close the door behind you." She set her cat down and moved to close the windows.
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  9. Dante, walked on inside and shut the door behind him. "No its Latin for lasting and thanks for inviting me inside and i am sorry for the intrusion" her told her smiling. "You know Annabelle is a really beautiful name." Dante said just standing right near the door still not wanting to step inside for some reason he did not want his hungry urge to take over. He then looked around the room with his eyes even more but he got a little to watchful, the red pigmentation in his eyes were showing again.
  10. Annabelle smiled, she went to go and sit down. She lightly glanced over at him and said, ' thank you, Dante." She said softly. She glanced over at him thinking about what she should talk about. " So when did you move here?" She asked. She smiled softly, She then noticed that he was having red eyes. Was something wrong? She fixed her belly shirt walking over to him, " Are you okay, Dante?" She asked. " don't be sorry, you were just letting me know about the vampire and my windows." She smiled.
  11. "No, i need to apologize to you, for........" Dante stopped himself from finishing his sentence. His lips quivered as he turned around breathing heavily. He reached his hands towards the door but his hands slipped. "I need to get out of here....." he said silently. He could get his hands to grip the door, because his hunger was hurting him and making him woozy. He passed out in front of the door his mouth open showing the fangs of his teeth.
  12. Annabelle was nervous, she noticed how he passed out. She tensed and frowned, she went to go to him, set him on her bed. She didn't know what to do. She noticed that there was fangs. She tensed. He was... the.... She looked down. Maybe he was different, he didn't try to bite her. She looked at the body thinking. did he need blood. She went to go get a knife, so she can cut her to give him the blood. She felt weird with him. She sat on the chair, will he wake up, shall she cut her wrist and put it in his mouth? She gulped nervously, hopefully he won't take her life.
  13. He was breathing rather heavily, he was hungry, he needed blood since he is still a young vampire. He was able to get up for a little bit. He then looked and saw he holding the knife he tried to grab it out of her hands but he fell forward falling on top of her. "Don't please don't........ hurt your...... self......" he said before passing out yet again his head falling right on her shoulder breathing heavily.
  14. Annabelle smiled softly. She was so happy. She tilted her head and gasped feeling him on her " um okay " she gulped n ervouslym. She smiled lightly and said " oh my goodness are you okay" she then cut her shoulder nd smiled.she gasped as she moved the knife and glanced at the body.
  15. Dante smelt the blood and jumped into a mad hunger and suck the blood dripping from her shoulder. Biting her shoulder, once Dante had enough to handle which wouldn't have been enough to kill her but just enough to freak her out a bit if it did. Dante then backed away freaked out "Im.... so.... sorry.........." he then looked at his hands seeing them shake. Dante then go up and started to run towards the door. he then stopped at the front door, waiting to see if she would come to stop him. he did not know why he had stopped there.
  16. Annabelle smiled softly. She happy that he took her blood but she gasped as she fet the bite. She sighed and said, " take as much as you need" She whispered. She closed her eyes but then felt him back away, ' Wait I want to help" She said to him. She glanced at him worriedly. She gulped nervously before running to go follow him. She was happy. She said, " Please don't leave me. I can take care of her"
  17. "But, im a monster i dont want to hurt you for some reason when i met you i knew i could never hurt you but...... now i have........." he said holding his arms. he was shaking he was freaked out this was the first time he was fighting this hard to hold back his urges. this was something that was new to him something he did not know what to do..........
  18. Annabelle smiled softly. She was so happy. " You are no monster... " She smiled lightly at him. Shee tilted her head thinking. She was os happy. She grinned and said, " Look, its not your fault and you didn't hut me, Dante." She said softly. She rubbed where he bit her. " It's okay.. Don't be afraid. "
  19. He moved closer to her and he looked at her as his fangs grew back and his mouth opened wide. He then grabbed her shoulders moving his head at her neck and then biting her neck. his fangs entered her neck deeper the blood now coming into his mouth, he could feel the warm ting from the blood moving against his fanged teeth. As he drank the blood his frenzy got more and more wild. he needed to be stopped now or he wouldn't.
  20. Annabelle smiled and watched him. She theb felt him movexcloser and she felt hos fangs which shocked her at first. She smiled but then wrapped her arms around his neck and soon she felt how she was being drained " no not please dante... " she gulped nervously grabbing his shirt on his chest. She groaned as she felt weak.
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