Love of a Vampire (Looking for Male)

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  1. Emyrald had spent many years listening to girls rave over Edward Cullen, the vampire who sparkles. So emo, so nauseating. She may have never been a girl that was a part of the goth crowd but she had a love for vampires. The ones that could get a severe sunburn not one that could make you think of a fairy throwing up. She never shared her love for the traditional dark vampires and would never admit she had the biggest crush on Anne Rice's Lestat. That was her own personal world. One she didn't want the Twi-hards to muck up.

    On the outside world she was just your everyday normal college girl. She studied hard and had her own individual style. She didn't like sharing her tips on her looks and didn't take others tips. She took pride in her creations.

    On this particular night she was doing one of her favorite activities. Writing in the forest under the full bright moon. She always took her precautions when she went but she always did her best writing at night when all you heard were the crickets. Nature was going to sleep and the world became a soft quiet place. The velvet night complemented by the silvery moonlight.

    Tonight though her life would change. She just didn't realize it.


    Alright, I need someone to play a male vampire. Be creative with them as you want but absolutely no Twilight vampires. Mostly plot but will lead up.
  2. I'm always online so I would post on a daily basis.
  3. Oh, I would love to get back to my vampiric roots. How technical are we going for with the lore, though? Cuz I can pull damn near every stop if you want.
  4. All the original lore
  5. Welp, time to brush up on my info. :awesome:
  6. Alright, think I'm set. Glad I did that, too; forgot about some of the older myths ^^'
  7. Haha ok I'll create the thread and send you the link