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  1. "Come on! We've gotta make you look decent so you can become a slave like the dirtbag you are," a man said to Seraphine as she was shoved through a set of doors, her hands tied behind her back and a fist knotted in her hair in order to keep her there. "Get moving!" He yelled through clenched teeth and narrowed his eyes. Seraphine couldn't help but cry out from the pain as she moved forward and into a smaller room. Being forced to sit down in a chair, she allowed a few tears to fall, thinking of how she got there as they worked on her.

    She was walking through the streets as she did everyday, going from store to store, shopping like she enjoyed to do occasionally. She hadn't known then but someone was watching her as she moved about. Just before lunch, a man had come up behind her and placed a hand over her mouth and one around her, picking her up with ease and shoving her into a car. She remembered thrashing around and trying to get out, then a fist coming across her face then nothing for a while.

    When she woke back up, she was in a dark room with her hands and feet bound tightly. She had screamed for help but no one would come. Three days she had been unconscious. It wasn't often, but when she did get to go out, she heard about her parents and brother looking for her though she knew they wouldn't find her. She remembered being told of the auction and ever since then, she saw it as an opportunity to get free. So now she sat in this chair, tear-streaked face and all as she stared at her hair that was brushed and left around her shoulders. No makeup covered her face and she was forced to stay in her jeans, tank top and blue flannel from when she had gotten kidnapped just over a week ago.

    "Get up! You're on," he said as he pushed her to the backstage, waiting for her number to be called before shoving her up the stairs, his hand gripping her arm being the only think keeping her from falling on her face as he stood with her. She yanked her arm away furiously as she took a step away and clenched her jaw as she stared at the crowd silently.
  2. East watched in awe and disgust as the girl was brought onto thw stage. It was horrific that such a woman had been degraded to such depths, made property. At the same time he couldn't help but marvel at her beauty. This could cause complications as he knew full well some tycoons wouldn't let this angel among humans slip through their hands cheaply. Better to start off strong.

    "$15 million" he called out. The response was both quick and strong. "20 million" called another. "30" shouted yet another. East gritted his teeth. This would be tough.
  3. Seraphine quickly found the voice of the first and kept her eyes on him. She could tell he was different because when she looked at everyone else, she saw hunger in their eyes but not him. Feeling the man's hands on her lower back. "Get your damn hands off me!" She yelled as she pulled away so he couldn't see her back.

    As she listened to the bids, she worked stealthily on untying her hands, though she made sure that he couldn't see it. She glanced around only briefly, her few tears drying up as she held her head high.
  4. East noticed her concealed struggle against the ties. He stares her straight in the eyes. He shook his head once. She needed to trust him and not try anything, or else she would simply be shot. While they liked money, these people would quite happily kill an attempted escapees. "150" million dollars" he called out. The room feel silent. The guards eyes lit up. A few people stared at him but many just began to examine the description of the next 'item'. It was no bearing to them. The two counter bidders weren't exactly mad, just suprised. He walked onto stage and was handed a breifcase. She was gagged and the guard escorted them both back to East's boat. There East payed and they boarded. They were alone.
  5. Seraphine slowly stopped messing with the ties and kept her eyes down. When she heard the much higher bid, her head snapped up and met his gaze once more, her jaw dropping a bit. He was paying 150 million dollars for her. It took everything she had not to start thrashing around when she was gagged and forced towards the exit and then to a boat. She bit down on the gag silently, staring straight ahead until the guards were away. As far as she was concerned, she was free. She gazed down at the ground as she bit down on the gag even harder, silently waiting for some kind of outburst.
  6. East produced a fairly large serrated flick-knife, slicing the bindings and gag with an experienced expertise. "Sorry about all this, you'll be home soon enough" He said to her, standing with his arms on her shoulders , smiling kindly. He hoped she hadn't already been damaged in anyway, physically or otherwise.
  7. Seraphine slowly looked up at him after he untied her and cut the gag. She thought for a minute before shaking her head. "I don't see why...they all think I'm dead anyway," she said softly as she looked back down, noticing the bruises on her arms and wondered what the rest of her body looked like. "Thank you," she whispered shakily, her eyes starting to tear up.
  8. East gently pulled her close to him and hugged her, softly stroking her long black hair. "It's ok now, I've got you, I've got you" He whispered to her. She was obviously hurting.
  9. Seraphine hesitated for only a brief moment before wrapping her arms tightly around him, returning the hug as she finally broke down and started crying uncontrollably.
  10. "Are you hurt?" He asked, creating a little bit of distance between them so as to look down into her eyes. His hand gently caressed the side of her face, comforting her as best he could. She really was beautiful.
  11. "Mentally, to the point that I don't know if I'll ever be the same again...physically, I just have a bunch of bruises that I can see. I don't know about what I can't see underneath my clothes," Seraphine stuttered a bit as she looked down and let out a small sniffle. "I'm sorry..." She added quietly.
  12. "Listen to me. It's not your fault. There is no need to apologise, you hear me? Now, what's your name?" He asked, cuddling her a little closer and patting her back for comfort. It was likely she needed to recover physically before she could begin to tackle the emotional trauma.
  13. Seraphine looked up at him and took a deep breath to calm down. "S-Seraphine... Seraphine Miller," she said softly as she brought her knees up to her chest and held them tightly despite the pain that it brought. Sure she wanted to go home, but she couldn't see the point if they thought she was already dead.
  14. "Seraphine" He said, crouching beside her. "What do you want to do now?" He asked, trying to keep her focused and to stop her regressing into a closed bubble. "You're free now, I will support you no matter what you want but what do you want to do" he repeated.
  15. "I want my family to know I'm okay now but then it's up to you what I do. I was sold to you," Seraphine said quietly as she looked down, her hands tightening around her knees.
  16. Oh God, why did she have to say something like that? East thought to himself. Surely she knew how irresistibly gorgeous she was? He was having to find the strength not to do something that would be immoral. He had freed her and it was going to stay that way. If anything was going to happen it would be by her will. "If you want to go back to your family I can arrange that" East said. "And don't think too much about me 'owning' you" he said with a weak smile, probably betraying his own internal struggle. A beautiful girl who would obey his every command? Seemed like something too good to pass up. But no. He had to do the right thing.
  17. Seraphine took a shaky breath and shook her head. "No. I want them to know im okay but I don't want to go back or it'll be just as bad," she whispered softly as she put her head in her hands and tried her best not to start crying again. "Besides I don't know why you say that. You do own me," she added as she looked back up at him.
  18. "I may own you but I don't want that to mean anything. I... I would rather we just got to know each other" He admitted, looking a little bashful. "A-anyways, if you don't want to go home again which is understandable, you could um... stay with me for a while" he offered, getting a little nervous
  19. Seraphine looked at him, slowly nodding before she could stop herself. She didn't want to go home, but she also knew she wouldnt be able to find a place to stay being out of a job and all. She leaned over and pulled him into a hug without a mother word besides, "thank you."
  20. East smiled contently. This was the reason he did this. So that it could relieve a little of the guilt he felt for being literally filthy rich. He hugged her back, treasuring the embrace. "You should probably take a shower and get out of those old clothes" he said softly. "Pick some stuff out of the second room on the right" He added "It's got girl's clothes in"
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