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  1. Miyuki Hiroko Is you're nearly everyday girl she had a part time job and all that but she never really had time for herself in a way. she was always working and it wasn't always for her. it was for her fiend that has asked her a few years ago to join him into going to Tokyo. it made her heart smile with joy and she did follow him, and to this day she helps out as much as she can.

    "would you like a drink with that sir?" she asked a young man at the counter at a small fast food place. that is where she was working at today. The guy said yes and she gave him a small bow before leaving just as she was getting done with that order it was her time to leave. she let out a sigh before getting change out of her outfit and heading home it was late and she was so tired. she wonders if he was home tonight she hadn't seen her friend in a long time it was cause he was so busy.

    she rides her bike back to her place that she was using with her Friend Ren his been so busy lately. she ever wonders is he misses her like she misses him. she smiles as she think about making him something yummy tonight if he was home. She remember that day when he asked her to go with him to Tokyo and help him follow his dream of being a star.
  2. Ren had gotten to his place after his band, Blast, played a performance at the music center at Yoyogi Park, in Harajuku. He was tired, and wondered where Miyuki was. The apartment, located in upscale Azabu, was pretty well kept and had not gathered any dust since he was last there, so he assumed Miyuki was around, but not at the moment. He was getting a little impatient; if she didn't show up soon, he might just go out to the bars to drink himself into a stupor.

    He liked Miyuki, his friend for a long time now, but didn't like it when she wasn't around when he expected her to be. He sat on his couch, and just thought of whether to just leave or wait a little longer.
  3. Miyuki had a long trip to get back to her place it took her like maybe thirdly minuets to get there. she had a smiles on her face she was just so happy but also tired, when getting to the apartment she looked up to see the lights were on that means that he was home which makes her smiles even more because even if she don't put make-up on or look pretty that doesn't mean that she was living with a Prince. she quickly rise her bike faster before hoping her moving back and moves to lock it up and quickly runs inside she didn't take the elevator because it would take to long.

    she runs up the steps before getting to her door. she stop before reaching out and grabbing the handle and turn it which opens up so he was home she didn't need to use her key's. she throws the door up and look inside "Ren?!!" she yells out all happily she hasn't seem in a long time and she was boiling with Joy.
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  4. "Miyuki", Ren coldly, smoothly said as she entered. "How have things gone here since I've been away?" He was watching the television, a news program. He was sitting on the couch, his legs propped up on a chair, and had the remote control in his hand, but he was still wearing his "business" outfift, his rock band garb. "Please prepare something for dinner."

    He liked the way Miyuki prepared food, it was something he was familiar with, something that reminded him of the past, and their hometown, far away from the hustle and bustle of Metro Tokyo. It was something he especially missed while away from Tokyo, so he was a little impatient, anxious, to taste her food again.
  5. Miyuki smiled at him as she walk in before closing the door. she quickly takes her shoes off before walking into the Kitchen "Things have been good i'm guessing you haven't eaten yet huh hahaha" she says with a giggle before getting started on cooking something for him, after a near hour she let out a sigh as she wipes the sweat off her brow. she grins at her masterpiece of food as she picks it up and takes it to Ren and set it down before sitting on the ground "So Ren how is everything?"
  6. "Things are going well as normal", Ren said as he said, "thank you for the wonderful meal". He started to eat, and spoke of things. "Our road trip in western and central Honshu ended this afternoon, at Yoyogi Park." He smiled. "We have a day off tomorrow, before we resume some initial work on our next album", he added.

    "What about yourself", he asked Miyuki. "How were things while I was gone?"
  7. she looks up at him before smiling like a fan girl "oh wow really!! that's so cool!" she says as she kid of fan girl of him before sitting back looking down "oh nothing much Ren heh my life isn't all that fun un like yours" she said with a laugh before letting out sigh than all of a sudden on the tv a bunch of girl starts to scream out in joy. Miyuki looks over as show was about a interview with the hottest actor Kyo Akihiro. she stared at the Tv kind of take back at how many girl there were. she slowly look back at Ren she knew that he had to be mad about that he always seem to be mad then Kyo comes on.
  8. Ren frowned. "I don't know what you see in the guy. I met him once, he seemed like so much of a womanizer and very arrogant. I doubt that you would be a fan girl of his if you ever meet him in person." He put down his chopsticks, and stood up. "I'm finished", he said, as he went to to the window, to look outside.

    While looking outside, Ren said to Miyuki, without looking in her direction, "life's fun, but I feel I might be missing something. I don't know what it is, but I hope to find it soon."
  9. Miyuki looks over at Ren shaking her head "no no I don like I think he suck and the worse actor I know!" she says trying to cheer him up she didn't like him he was a bad actor and only got into acting because of his looks. she watches Ren get up and walk over to the window and look out it. she smiles at him when hearing him talk to her "I hope so too I mean you i'll help you with anything Ren" she said to him hoping that will cheer him and she will help him in anyways she can. "So Kyo we hear that you have really long legs and you're so cute too if you don't mind me saying" the Female host said Miyuki looks back at the tv before kind of looking back at Ren "hahaha yeah I bet I mean to tall its like his a giant and his looks just proves me point you know" she says laughing nervously hoping that the Tv isn't pissing him off more than he already is.
  10. "We've known each other for a long time," Ren answered to Miyuki, actually turning towards her to look at her this time. "But I can't be seen with you in public because the media and paparazzi will think I'm... taken. And according to my agent, my star value will go down because of that."

    He went closer to her. "I would like to take you out in the city. I haven't done that since we first got here, it would be difficult. But I have an idea."

    He brought out a costume. "We can go out tomorrow if you wear this costume. If you're dressed like a maid from Akihabara, people will think you're just guiding me around the city for a fee, and not my love interest or anything like that. Would you be interested in doing that tomorrow?"
  11. Miyuki looks up at Ren before nodding her head when he was talking about then being friend but her smile fades when he pulls out a maid outfit it was so cute and she didn't mind saying yes to him "haha sure Ren ill wear it for you and I agree with you' she says she didn't seem to really mind after all she will do anything for him seeing as he was her childhood friend and they did a lot together.

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  12. Ren smiled at Miyuki. "Okay," he said, "it's settled then." He stretched his arms out and yawned. "I'll go to bed now, I need the rest badly. And I am excited about going out to the city, especially to Akihabara and maybe Odaiba. I haven't had a chance to be a tourist here yet, and tomorrow is the day to finally do that."

    "Good night Miyuki", he said gently, "we'll leave here at 9:00. Breakfast time, 8:00 okay?" He then would walk into his bedroom, though he never closed the door, as Miyuki never made a lot of noise in the living room area, and the apartment was two bedroom and she had her own room.
  13. Miyuki smiles at him before nodding her head as she gets up to her feet and take his place before cleaning it and doing a few things before heading for bed. she just plops down on it tired all the to heck. she passes out as she cant keep her eyes open when he morning light hits her on the face she slowly wakes up before slowly sitting up on her knees rubbing her eyes. she looks over at her clock and see that it is almost eight. she inwardly screams out and pulling on her hair with a horror look on her face, quickly jumping to her feet she changes clothes before running it the kitchen and starts to makes breakfast for Ren. She was wearing the Maid outfit like he asked her to wear today when they go out she look really cute but sadly she didn't have any make-up on she never really did wear make-up.
  14. Ren woke up, and walked out to the living room area. He saw Miyuki scrambling around frantically in the kitchen, so he thought to check on her. "Is everything okay?" he asked, curiously. He went to the coffee maker to start brewing some coffee, he liked doing that himself because, while growing up, everyone from his family to friends, liked the way he made coffee, so it was the one thing he routinely did for himself even with Miyuki working for him.

    "You look very nice in the maid costume", Ren commented. "It's like, I don't need to visit the maid café anymore to experience what it's like, since I had one in my home now!" he said, and laughed a little. Then, he added again, "I am serious though, you look very nice in the costume, like a Maid Idol, if that exists or makes sense."
  15. Miyuki let out a sigh before looking up at Ren with a faint smile on her face "yeah im ok Ren don't worry about me hehe" she says before getting back to making breakfast for him. she watches him as he made coffee he always did make good coffee. she makes him and her a plate of food before bring it to him and set it down on the table. she looks up at him when he hears him talking about the outfit she lightly blushes before siting down on her knees " think so Ren?" she says with a smile when hearing him say that she looks like a maid idol if that was a thing.

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  16. "Yes", Ren said as he gave a mug of the coffee he made, and started to eat the breakfast Miyuki prepared. "You look very nice in the maid outfit. I imagine the maids in Akihabara will see you and feel insecure, because you look that stunning in it." He drank from his mug of coffee. "Are you excited about today?" he asked. "I hope the weather won't be too rainy or too windy."
  17. she smiles at him sweetly before turning the Tv on when hearing him ask he hopes it doesn't rain or be windy she checks on the tv it will and so far she doesn't "well it says it would today but later on night it will" she said looking back a Ren as she slowly eats her Food, it brings a smile to her face everytime she was always a good cook and she loves her own masterpiece.
  18. Ren finished his breakfast food, and looked at Miyuki. "Wonderful breakfast as always," he said, as he sipped the remaining coffee in his mug. He looked at the clock, and they had around 25 minutes before 9:00, which is when Ren wanted to head out. "I'll take a shower and change, and we can go out and be tourists together. Although you'll look like the tour guide. But you understand."

    He then got up, and walked to his room, closing the door behind him this time. He typically left the door open when he was simply sleeping, but closed it if he was to change or shower.