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  1. Siren was woken by the sunlight streaming in through her windows.
    Groaning loudly, she turned over and sighed, throwing a silken pillow onto the floor.
    The damn maid had opened her curtains, even though Siren always left very clean instructions not to.
    She disliked waking up with sunlight. It was too bright for her.

    Sighing, Siren sat up and licked her lips.
    "Draw me a bath!" She called out loudly, crossing her arms tightly across her chest.

    Two maids ran into the room, carrying buckets of hot water to fill the basin in her bathroom.
    They looked frazzled, but Siren didn't care.
    It was their job, after all.

    When the tub was filled, she climbed in, and the maids washed her hair and body gently, and dried her off once she'd gotten out.
    They brushed her long blonde hair until it was like silk, hanging in loose curls down her back, and then they helped her into her gown for the day.

    Today she'd chosen to wear a dusty rose colored silk gown with a low neckline.
    The sleeves were white lace, and it had matching dusty rose slippers to go with it.
    Choosing her favorite necklace, Siren clipped it on, smiling at her reflection in her looking glass.
    She'd chosen the silver necklace with emeralds in it- a present from her brother, Caim, on her seventeenth birthday.

    Waving the maids away, Siren made her way to the dining hall, where her parents sat, eating breakfast.
    Popping a grape into her mouth, Siren smiled at them.
    "Do you know where Caim is?" She asked curiously, smoothing out her gown.

    "I saw him in the library, last." Her mother answered, and Siren was off, on her way to the library.
    Opening the large oak doors, she entered, spotting Caim right away.
    "Caim!" She called out, a grin on her face.
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  2. Caim raised his chin as he watched himself buttoning up his white shirt in the mirror. His shirt heavily contrasted his black trousers and leather boots, but worked with his messy blond hair. Once he had finished buttoning himself up, he smiled at himself, before walking towards the door. He recalled having a conversation with his mother the night before, instructing him to head straight to the library so that she could tell him something. He wondered what it could possibly be, especially if it was going to be in such a quiet and usually vacant area of the palace. Perhaps she was going to ask him to do something shifty or illegal, or to join some conspiracy. He was intrigued, leaving his room and heading straight to the library. Once he arrived, pushing open the oaken doors, he could see his mother, dressed in a long navy-coloured dress standing in front of a tall book stand reading something.

    "Good morning," he called out, heading towards her. "What is it you wanted?"

    "You spend too much of your time training with your sword and lance rather than in the library training your mind," his mother said, quickly closing her book as he approached. He groaned, looking down at the title of the book she had closed, but she quickly moved her hand to cover it and glanced at him. "To be a good commander in war, one must be well-versed with both the sword and the mind. You are agile and strong-willed and have the potential to be a brilliant soldier if war should ever befall us, but you are also intelligent yet foolhardy, and must learn how to master the art of strategy." She walked over towards a higher shelf and removed a book titled Arraspere's Guide to Strategy, handing it to him to read.

    "Mother," he complained, opening the book to the first page and sighing. He knew this book all too well. "How many times will you have me read this before I die of boredom?"

    "Until you learn it off by heart," she smiled, taking her own book and walking towards the large oaken door.

    Caim sighed again as he walked over towards one of the tables in a more open space of the library. Dusting off the page, he began to slowly read it, and had reached the thirtieth page or so before he heard footsteps approaching him. He looked up, expecting his mother to have returned already to inform him that he had to read some other book he had probably already read a thousand times, but he smiled softly when he saw that it was his sister Siren instead. "What are you doing here?"
  3. Siren smiled softly and took a seat next to him.
    "I just woke up, and wanted to see you."
    She shrugged, and looked down to see what he was reading.

    "What are you reading that for?" She asked in a voice full of disgust.
    It seemed like a boring book, in her opinion.
    Siren preferred romance or mystery. Something... Entertaining.

    Of course, she could never let anyone know about her romance story hoard.
    It was improper for a lady to read such... Lewd things.

  4. Caim smiled when Siren told him that she just wanted to see him, and gazed deep into her eyes. He had always been in awe of the way her eyes reflected in light, beautifully and passionately. He then looked down at his book, showing her the cover and huffing to emphasise how bored he really was. "It's some sort of strategy guide by that mage Alain Arraspere. Mother wants me to read it 'master the art of strategy', although I know it all already." Reopening the book to the page he was on, he began to read it for a few seconds or so before deciding he was bored again, and closing it once more. Suddenly, a thought sprung to his mind, and he turned to face Siren with a small grin. "Do you want to go and do something more interesting?"
  5. Siren smiled and nodded.
    "I would love to." She stood and straightened out her gown, a large smile on her face.
    She loved going out with Caim, it was always calming and fun.

  6. Standing up, he pushed the book into the middle of the table and watched his sister as she straightened up her dress, before taking a look at her outfit. He smiled, taking a quick look at who was around, before moving towards her and softly kissing her on her lips when he was sure that nobody was around. He could feel his heart rushing as it had always down while he was in her presence.

    "You look as amazing as ever," he said with a soft smile, gazing into her eyes momentarily. "Come, take my hand. Let's go for a walk."
  7. When Caim kissed her, Siren melted. Sure, she'd kissed other boys, but none made her heart flutter like Caim.
    She knew it shouldn't be this way. She should have fallen in love with a nice royal from town, or even a knight.
    But instead, she'd fallen for her brother.

    Smiling, a faint blush on her cheeks, Siren took his hand gently, happy that such a simple thing would never be seen as indecent.
    The people in town, and here in their castle knew that the two of them were close, so hand holding, hugging, all of that was seen as sweet.
    If they knew the truth, though...

    "Can we go to the gardens? Mother had a new flower planted, and I've been dying to see it."
  8. As she took his hand, he laced their fingers together and began to walk towards the exit. "Of course, we can go the gardens." He smiled softly - just being in her presence made his heart beat faster. He loved his sister more than any person in the world, in ways that no brother ever should, and was often irritated by how much he had always wanted to kiss her in public when he couldn't. However, with their hands intertwined with each other's, he knew that holding her hand was fine. Nobody ever suspected a thing. "I think Mother was reading some erotic novels," he said with a laugh, as he opened the oak doors for her. "She was trying to hide it from me earlier."
  9. Siren's eyes widened and for a moment, she looked horrified.
    But then she laughed, her cheeks turning pink.
    "Well.. I mean, she has to get something from somewhere. Father is too interested in younger women and war."

    Honestly, Siren felt bad for their mother.
    She loved their father, but as most royals, he had plenty of young women to sleep with.
    Sure, he loved his wife, but she wasn't as young as she had been.

    "I hope... I hope that never happens to us." She whispered, frowning.
  10. He laughed with her, although he had to sigh when she mentioned how their father often engaged in multiple affairs with younger women. As the king of a country, he had the ability to sleep with whoever he pleased - any woman would consider themselves lucky to have the honour. He smiled softly when he heard her next line.

    "Of course that will never happen," he reassured her, squeezing her hand a little to let her know that he was there for her. However, he was well aware of their parents' plans to get them married. He blinked hard. "Although we're both betrothed to other people. It should be us."
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