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  1. Alright, so I'm not looking to GM this idea. Let me start by saying that because I only want to be a part of this. I just came up with this idea and will pass it on to someone else as theirs. I'm already GMing an RP and I would prefer that I only GM that single one. So, if anyone is interested in GMing this RP, please let me know (Below or PM, whatever works for you). And now, I will share this idea with you.

    You turn the corner on a newly made street entitled "Cherry Lane". All of the houses and various shops on both sides of the street seem depressing and grey. The sky is grey because you believe it's about to rain.

    And then you feel a raindrop or two. "Aw... Really? Right now?" You're far away from your house and you have no umbrella, so you decide to take shelter inside one of these completely boring, grey shops. But before you go inside, you suddenly notice that there's something different about this building you were about to walk into. The building is bright red with a small pink awning above the door. There are hearts on the windows and the furniture inside the building looks small and cute from the windows. "When did this get here? I just looked at all the buildings and I didn't see anything like this."

    Reluctantly, you walk in. A small golden bell rings behind you as you slowly open the door. A cheerful woman comes from behind the counter to greet you. "Well hello there. Are you he- Oh..." She pauses and looks you up and down. She smiles cheerfully and does a small dance as she pops behind the small counter at the back of the room. "You hold it right there. I'll be back in a second. I just have to go get some paperwork for you!" You look around confused. Paperwork? What's she getting me paperwork for?

    The woman appears from the back room after a few moments, holding one single piece of paper. She takes a deep breath before looking you straight in the eyes. "Hello. And welcome to the Love Love Company. We help make relationships work from behind the scenes and we love... love!" She laughs at her own little joke and continues her strange explanation of this unknown place. "We work in many different ways, whether it be changing the weather forecast or making sure someone has enough money in their wallet to give that special someone their special present." She pauses. You give her a questioning look and turn to leave because you're a little freaked out by this woman. There's no way something like this is possible. Love doesn't happen because of people. It happens because... It happens.

    The woman smiles at you. "Well... I bet you're wondering 'There's no way something like this is possible. Love doesn't happen because of people. It happens because... It happens.' Am I correct in assuming this?" You turn back around, astonished by her words. "H-How did you eve-" The woman puts a hand on your shoulder. "I've done this explanation hundreds and hundreds of times." The woman laughs, a small, gentle laugh. "Now... You have a talent. A really good talent. So great that it can change the forces of nature. And what I mean by 'forces of nature' is love. I'd like you to come work here." You look at the woman like she's insane and turn to walk towards the door. "I'm sorry, but I don't think I c-" When you look at the door, you can see two teenagers making out right in front of you. The woman looks at you. "See? You did that." You shake your head. No way. That happened on its own. You push on the door and the teenagers move away from each other quickly. They both look embarrassed and you push through them to sit on a park bench outside the building.

    You're getting wet and you rethink what just happened inside that red building with the strange, cheery woman inside. You keep thinking over and over that she can't be right. That you could never do anything like that in the first place. You know what? I've never even been in a relationship myself, so what does she know? Changing the weather... That's crazy. Speaking of, I wish this stupid rain would stop, it's bothering the hel- And the rain stopped.

    You look over at the buildings on the street and you don't see anything, but grey businesses and sad looking houses. You stand up and find a note on your lap.

    Athena - Goddess of Love
    14523 Cherry Lane
    *Only available to visit on rainy days*

    Okay. So that's the idea. This is basically meant to be a fun opportunity for people to meddle in others relationships. For the better. I hope. And it's a company run by a god. (This is actually up for speculation. You may change the boss of it. It can also probably be run by someone with an extremely high talent for matchmaking.) The people who work there will have to meet the following criteria:
    1) They have never been in a relationship before.
    2) They're not aware that they possess any kind of power. (This doesn't mean that they haven't played matchmaker before.)
    3) They mustn't hate love. They must be in love with love. Whether they're conscious of it or not.

    Alright. That's my little thing, so please let me know below if you're interested in joining. I enjoy this idea very much and I'll cooperate with the GM to figure out more details.

    I'd really like this to take off, so someone awesome... PLEASE GM THIS.

    Thank you for reading this~​
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  3. This is amazing and I'm kind of in awe. It takes the idea of Cupid to another level. I'd love to GM it, but I don't know if I'm worthy of that honor. I also have a few questions.
  4. Alright~ You're welcome to PM me your questions.
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