Love Like You a (FxM & MxM search thread)

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  1. If I could begin to be,
    Half of what you think of me,
    I could do about anything,
    I could even learn how to love.

    *Key* BOLDED-Characters I would play ; Strike- I already am doing this pick another
    *Searching for Dominant/Seme/Top*

    Bully x Boy
    *Searching for male*

    Forest Spirit x Magician/Human
    Pairings MxM (open)

    *Searching for Dominant/Seme/Top*

    Prince x Unruly Prince
    Teacher x student
    Popular x Outcast
    step brother x Younger Stepbrother
    Best friend x Best friend's brother
    Best Friend x Best Friend
    Childhood friend x singer
    Antifan x Singer
    Bestfriend x Bestfriend
    Police Officer x Kidnapper
    Criminal x Police Officer
    Flight attendant x customer
    Prince x Servant/Slave
    Unruly Prince x Slave/Servant
    x Kidnapper
    Owner x Pet
    x Student
    Kidnapper x Rich Boy
    Richboy x Punk
    Black Mailer
    x Victim
    Boy next door x Boy
    x Flirtatious Learner
    Best Friend's Brother x Younger Brother
    Boss x Worker's Son
    Boss's son
    x Worker
    Demon x anything
    angel x anything
    Human x anything
    vampire x anything
    neko x anything

    Pairings FxM (open)

    *searching for male*
    Prince x Unruly Princess
    Teacher x student.
    Popular x Creepy Girl

    step brother x Older Stepsister
    Best friend x Best friend's sister
    Childhood friend x singer
    Antifan x Singer
    Bestfriend x Bestfriend
    Police Officer x Kidnapper

    Prince x Maid
    Master x Slave
    Kidnapped x Kidnapper

    Demon x anything
    angel x anything
    Human x anything
    vampire x anything
    neko x anything

    Ideas MxM (open)

    *Searching for Dominant/Seme/Top*
    Idea 1
    (Rival Companies)
    The Suzuki business is a prominent business in Japanese society, but rumors of it going bankrupt hit news lines. Was this true. Quite true to be in fact. The Suzuki heir is doing anything in his power to save his father's company. To save it he seeks help from a rival company. Upon a meeting with a rival company the Suzuki heir catches the eye of the son of the rival company. The next day a year contract is sent to save the company. Really? How could this happen? They have done nothing to talk of a contract. A message is sent to the Suzuki heir to to meet the son of the rival son at 7pm. When the Suzuki heir meets the son of the rival company, the son of the rival company proposes an idea. To save the Suzuki company he would have to give himself as a slave/maid to the son of the rival company or face bankruptcy of his company.
    I would like to play Suzuki Heir.
    Idea 2
    A young man twenty years old falls in love with a widow in her forties who has a son from a previous marriage. They get married, but the woman dies and leaves her son. The son is four years older then the father. They live together and the young man feels he needs to support him. The son is actually the C.E.O of his dead father's company. The son allows for the stepfather to believe he is supporting him. The step-son actually has secret feelings for the father, but the father dense unable to realize this or discover he is a C.E.O of a large company.

    Ideas FxM (open)

    *Searching for Male*
    Idea 1

    When I see the way you act,
    Wondering when I'm coming back,
    I could do about anything,
    I could even learn how to love like you.
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  2. [​IMG] Likes/Kinks [​IMG]
    Love/Hate Relationships
    Unexpected turn of events

    [​IMG]Hate/No Goes[​IMG]
    Bathroom Play
    All Smut no Plot(I like a little plot at least)

    Character Skeleton

    *for fantasy Race*
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  3. [​IMG]
    Searching NOW!​
  4. I would be interested in the mxm plot you have there, but I would also do any with a supernatural touch, pairings with friends or family members (liks stepbrother x stepbrother) or the one you crave with the rich kid and kidnapper. So PM me if you are still looking or with what you crave most?
  5. I'd be willing to do the forest spirit x magician/human story
  6. alright pm with the dets
  7. Hey if your still looking I would like to do a thread with you
  8. I am what would you like?
  9. Perhaps something along the lines of a social outsider who gains a crazy admirer.
  10. oooo sounds fun FxM or MxM
  11. which role would you like to play
  12. Hey! I'm looking for somebody to play sub so I can practice my seme characters and your ideas sound fun! :)

    I would love to play the prince/unruly prince x servant/slave with you, or the demon x anything. Maybe even a combination of both! :D

    I do have to ask, what specifies as bathroom play? xD I haven't heard that term yet
  13. i meant the outsider or the crazy admirer.
  14. How about a demon prince and a unruly demon prince in a different region?

    Bathroom play is when some people use scat and urine in sexual ways...ex peeing on lover...I don't like it.... :lipsrsealed:
  15. Yeah that could work. I'd like to implement the slave/servant part at some point though. Maybe my characters country/kingdom attacks the other for some reason and your char is kept as a prisoner of war by mine.
    My char could be all harsh against yours, but protect him from others that say things ^^

    Oh no, I'm totally not into that either D:
  16. oooooo okay sounds good.
  17. Awesome ^^ could you pm me your form?
  18. Oh I wanted to be the outsider.