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  1. [size=+1]What's your Love Language according to this test?
    Do you think that you got an accurate result? Have you taken this quiz before (are the results the same?)?
  2. [h=4]Your Scores[/h]
    • 10 Words of Affirmation
    • 6 Quality Time
    • 6 Receiving Gifts
    • 6 Acts of Service
    • 2 Physical Touch

    I agree wholly with this being my primary love language. It means the world to me when someone can speak to me with sincerity. Words are always kept close to my heart. When people break their promises or say something that hurts my feelings, I get depressed real quickly. v__v

    I'm amused by those other 3 being exactly the same. Of them all though, I'd say 'Receiving Gifts' is my secondary. It's not because I'm a material girl, I'm just super sentimental. I love it when someone gives me a thoughtful item, no matter what the price is. It's a treasure when I can have something special to hold while I reflect on fond memories. <3 I'm even protective of the two dollar Spongebob cards my littlest sister gave me for Xmas. lol

    And yep, I'm not surprised by Physical Touch being the least. I get weirded out when people sit so close to me, kiss me, whatever... >__>; I have to have a really tight bond with somebody to not feel uncomfortable. Plus I never needed hugs and physical affection to feel loved. Unless it's my SO, but that's obvious.

    I'm done analyzing now. I don't know why I'm making such thoughtful posts lately. ~___~
  3. [h=4]Your Scores[/h]
    • 6Words of Affirmation
    • 11Quality Time
    • 1Receiving Gifts
    • 3Acts of Service
    • 9Physical Touch
    • I totes agree ^.^ I've taken it before I been uber excited about it.
  4. [h=4]Your Scores[/h]
    • 5Words of Affirmation
    • 7Quality Time
    • 5Receiving Gifts
    • 9Acts of Service
    • 4Physical Touch

    Hahahaha I'm not at all surprised by the Acts of Service. Sorry but when I've had a long day or a day full of errands, it really would mean a lot to me if someone would help clean. It means a lot more to me if they do it without me having to tell them to do it. I'm a big Quality Time person too. XD
  5. 7 Words of Affirmation
    8 Quality Time
    3 Receiving Gifts
    6 Acts of Service
    6 Physical Touch

    I guess I just about like it all? I'm not sure, maybe I need another test. Haha. But I do like spending time with people I enjoy and care about.
  6. 3 Words of Affirmation
    9 Quality Time
    7 Receiving Gifts
    5 Acts of Service
    6 Physical Touch

    Odd I've taken this before and gifts were on the bottom and touch higher. I must be having a funny morning cause I know quality time & touch are my two highest priorities.
    • 8 Words of Affirmation
    • 10 Quality Time
    • 2 Receiving Gifts
    • 5 Acts of Service
    • 5 Physical Touch

    Yeah. I really don't care about receiving gifts. Nice if I get one, but I'd much rather spend time with you than have you blow your money on me. :P

    I've taken this thing before, and "acts of service" was much lower the last time, and physical touch higher.
    • 7 Words of Affirmation
    • 7 Quality Time
    • 9 Receiving Gifts
    • 3 Acts of Service
    • 4 Physical Touch

    This sounds about right. XD The gifts thing is definitely about little gestures for me. I always have happy warm fuzzies when he brings me home a donut, or orders a book for me, finds me a song. It means he's thinking about me during the day. t___t Words and Quality time being high up there cause despite my bubble-issues I still want to do us things and hear that I am important. >>
  7. Your Scores

    5 Words of Affirmation
    9 Quality Time
    4 Receiving Gifts
    7 Acts of Service
    5 Physical Touch

    sounds about right actually.
  8. [Cammy]
    • 10 Receiving Gifts
    • 9 Quality Time
    • 5 Words of Affirmation
    • 4 Acts of Service
    • 2 Physical Touch

    This was about how I expected. This was really popular at our church when it first came out, especially with the teens and married couples. This test was mostly about how you receive love, though. And having done this quite a few times, I know that I receive love and show love in very different ways.

    I definitely receive love through gifts, quality time and words of affirmation, but I tend to SHOW love much more through acts of service and physical touch. I'm not very good at TELLING people how I feel, so I tend to show them.
  9. Lala, I'll post mine too~
    And, yeah, all the questions seem geared toward what you like to receive, so that doesn't surprise me, Cammy :D

    12 Words of Affirmation
    7 Quality Time
    1 Receiving Gifts
    3 Acts of Service
    7 Physical Touch

    I really like to talk with the people that mean a lot to me (even if I'm forgetful and sometimes hard to grab because of business!). Talking generates happy feelings for me and makes me feel connected, romantically and otherwise. Spending time with people I care about and physical touch come in second place as a tie. From the people that I like, hugging or just resting my hand on their shoulder also makes me feel close with them, but in return it means that I see random people touching me as a little weird and am highly suspicious of it.

    I'm pretty sure that the results last I took this were more or less the same.... but I don't remember.
    • 5 Words of Affirmation
    • 10 Quality Time
    • 5 Receiving Gifts
    • 2 Acts of Service
    • 8 Physical Touch

    Seems pretty close, actually. Although, the acts of service could be a bit higher. They were all phrased in a way that was off putting, to me. It was more of a, "I like it when people do things for me." If there were a few stated as, "I like doing things for/helping the ones I love," then I think it would be much higher.
  10. 5 Words of Affirmation
    9 Quality Time
    2 Receiving Gifts
    7 Acts of Service
    7 Physical Touch

    Close, though less in acts of service. I mean, I appreciate them, but it bugs me when people go out of their way to do something for me. I dunno why. It's not like I don't want to feel like I owe them or anything, I'd do for a loved one regardless. I'm just weird about it. Otherwise, yes. Physical contact and quality time are amazing, and being affirmed is great too <3.. I'm not much for recieving gifts, but I love to give them when I can.