Love Kills

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  1. "Are you joking? What am I to you?
    Am I easy to you?

    Are you playing with me?

    You’re in danger right now.
    Why are you testing me?

    Stop confusing me."

    It was another day, another job. His breath fluttering over the polished side of his gun as he was staring into the scope, he didn't even dare to blink. Every breath he took made his vision move slowly up and then slowly down, though he was slowing his breath down to a crawl and only taking in the minimum amount of oxygen he needed. His finger was resting on the trigger, his legs were almost going numb from how long he had been laying down on his stomach, but in this job he knew that patience was key. He had done this countless of times, at this point he would be able to do it in his sleep, and a part of him was pretty sure that he already had. Leo blinked once as he retreated a bit from his rifle, letting it rest on its own little stand he had brought with him, making the aim more steady than if he was to hold it himself.

    His black gloved hand dug into his jacket pocket to pull out a little notepad. The picture he had been given was so bad. It was blurry and very hard to make out any distinguishing characteristic except from his striking white hair color, it was kind of hard to miss in the crowd of people with either brown or blonde hair which was the more common hair color. What he really had to go off was the schedule he was given by his contractor. A man he had never really met before, but Leo never cared much for relationships, not anymore. What mattered was to be able to meet the person, get his assignment, get half of the payment before the job, do the job and then get the rest of the money. Money was a thing that nobody really liked, everyone had an attitude towards money. No one liked it, but everyone needs it. They don't like it because they know it's not clean, but that is just how the world works.

    There is no way to live without dirtying your hands.

    A sigh escaped past his lips as he looked right back into the scope and into the busy streets. He gave one slow blink to refresh his eye, his other eye closing, his finger resting back on the trigger as he watched people pass by. There was a man shouting angrily in his phone. A woman that was struggling dragging a heavy pink suitcase after herself. Some kids that were laughing at something the one in the middle was showing off her smartphone, and then there was--

    "Got'cha," He murmured as he could clearly see the person in his scope. A slow breath was given as he blinked one more time, and then half a second before he pressed the trigger, he stopped. Leo had to fight back throwing his gun away, his blinks becoming rapid as he continued to stare at the person through the scope. The scope went from a prey-seeker to a one-eyed binocular in a heartbeat, his eye staring at his "target". They looked the complete same. This "target" and Henry. Henry, also known as his last lover. The only lover he had. They weren't lover, they were only friends, but Leo had a crush that he never managed to confess before Henry was ripped from his hands. Henry was a place where Leo wouldn't be granted access to anymore, not even if he begged for forgiveness in front of God or whatever religious entity one respected.

    Quickly he scampered up on his feet and grabbed all of his equipment in the matter of seconds. Everything that had previously been on the top of the roof of the apartment building was now in a neat gym bag that he threw over his shoulder. His hands grasped onto the hoodie of his jacket to pull it over his own brown locks. This was bad. He knew what he was doing was wrong, but for some reason he needed to do it. Logic was no longer in his mind, the logic he had been trained to do was gone. The same training that had literally been beaten into his skull just vanished, just by seeing that one person. Dammit all. Leo's inner voice was screaming, letting off all sorts of alarms to make him stop and turn back. Make him run up those stairs, get settled again and then shoot, pull the god damn trigger.

    But in the matter of minutes he was already on the street, waiting in the same back alley where he had climbed up the fire escape earlier. It reeked of alcohol and he spotted a few --what he presumed to be-- used syringes and scoffed. He may do the "dirty" jobs of society, but he did not want to stand in this alley for too long. His heart was punching against his rib cage, closing in on breaking his rib cage from inside of his chest. He swallowed and counted inside of his head.

    One. Two. Three. Four. Five-- Now!

    His hand reached out to close around his "target's" wrist and pulled him right off the streets and into the darkness of the alley, using it to hide the two of them. His hand clasped over his mouth, while the other dug into his pocket to hold his handgun against the boy's abdomen.

    "Listen to me closely. I got an Astra-A 60 pointed into your abdomen. If I decide to fire I'll shoot and kill you right in this spot. I'm going to remove my hand from your mouth in exchange that you don't make a sound. If you scream I will fire, do you understand me?" Leo whispered into the white haired one's ear as he let his breath flutter there for a little while, allowing the other to nod before slowly removing his hand.

    "Follow my instructions and nothing will happen, but if I suspect you're going to do something stupid I will fire without hesitation. You understand?" He asked again and waited for yet another nod. "Now hold onto my arm, I'll lead the way, all you need to do is walk. I want to see both of your hands clearly," Leo instructed the other before he put his gun away from now.

    What the hell was he doing?
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    The sun was up high, as Sam was walking the streets with his bag across his shoulder. He wore one of his printed t shirt, and some jeans, as he sighed out. What had he gotten himself into recently? It all started when he met that guy at the party, and he was pretty drunk then. That's all how it started; one night of underage drinking and there he was. He had just broken that relationship with that guy who he found out he was drug dealer, and sometimes was abusive to that. He did leave, but that guy did find something about Sam. Sam dad's was big cop, who did organize raids so that did make him worry. Maybe he was just worrying over something that shouldn't be worried about.

    That was when Sam felt something grab him around by his wrist, and into the alley that was dark. His bag came off him, as some of its contents came out. Textbooks, school work and even his phone was in there with his wallet. Sam looked at the man, as he blinked as i he felt the hand go over his mouth then heard the threat. He could feel the gun, he could feel how close was to him. He would be dead if that went off. Feeling the hand came off his mouth, he looked at him at he slowly nodded in understanding.

    Hearing what was next, Sam only nodded again to show he was indeed listening. Sam gaze went to his bag and then back to man who was threatening with the gun with him. This was just great for him. Sam kept his mouth shut, as he moved to hold onto his arm. There was silence, as he watched the man put the gun away before leading them out of the alleyway and into the streets. To most people, they thought they were a cute couple but no one had idea that Sam was getting held captive at gun point. What was he gonna do, he couldn't scream out. Would this guy hurt these people? Then something else came into his mind.

    What if they ran into one of the officers that his dad worked along side with sometimes. They would want to talk with him, and he had no idea what this guy would do. He just prayed to the gods, that they would not run into any cops onto where this guy was taking him.
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