Love is Red like Blood

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    The night owls spoke to her, the soft wind bristled through her hair. Was she to be home on a night like this, where the wind kissed every visible bare part of her skin, like angels. Her skin seemed to glow under the light of the full moon like the moons reflection on the water of a stream. The trees whispered her name in the rustled banches. The grass beneath her feet flowing with the wind that washed it around. Her blue eyes scanned across the area, seeking something out of the ordinary to amuse her curiosity. Juliet closed her eyes and felt the air on her face, flustering her cheeks. She opened her mouth and sung a lulliby, soft and slow. The voice of an angel as some had called it, she never knew her voice sounded good to people other than her mother. Who was now far from earth and Juliet. Her mother had been dead for three years, her father had been so depressed about the issue he had commited suicide in the bathtub. She wasnt home at the time, she was out partying. Something her father warned her about and after that she still disobeyed. She had gotten drunk and slept over at her friends, who ended up raping her in her unconsious state. She had been raped by her best friend, and she remembered every possible smell, touch and sound. It made her skittish, she had never told anyone so the fact she wont let anyone touch her and she tensed up was sort of a normal thing that people learned to ignore in school. Juliet could hear her fathers voice when she was born. My sweet Juliet, he would call her. She realized now as she closed her eyes, she missed them both to the point of crying, if she wasnt with her abusive uncle, she would run away. Her aunt being the only family member she had alive, the rest were killed by vampires. Drained of their blood to feed a monster. The grass felt soft and wispy against her skn and she fell fast asleep, the night protecting her like a blanket.
  2. Lucy "Hecate" Cliff wasn't a normal girl - for one, she preferred to be called by her middle name, which was incidentally the name of a dark witch, and for another thing, she was a vampire. A fanged girl with pale white skin and beautiful yet frightening features. She loved it.

    She darted through the forest, leaping from one side of the river to the other, and scented her new prey - a girl. She could immediately locate the person, and ran to the clearing where the scent was strongest, using all her vampiric speed. She paused at the edge of the clearing, and peered around the tree.

    It was a young girl lying in the grass of the clearing, sleeping. Hecate moved forward, prowling like a cat. She moved silently, her crimson eyes on the sleeping girl.
  3. Juliet slept what she considered to be soundly. Her mind running wild, dreaming of the night she dissobeyed her father. The hot breath in her face, the rough touch that shoved into her so violently. She remembered how she wasnt supposed to scream, she didnt. She couldnt, as her clothes were being ripped off, her skirt being lifted, fingered. The pain, like a thousand burning needles, not at all pleasurable. She lashed out in her dreams, she called for her mother, for her father who had already been dead in the tub, covered in his own blood, for the past two hours and she had no clue. She screamed in her dreams. The noise coming out as a whimper in the field. Tears streaming down her face, she found it impossible to move, just like the day she got raped, she couldnt move.

    Juliet cried out in her sleep, the weather of the odd feeling that she was being watched didnt phase her out of the nightmareish memory she couldnt escape from. She could still remeber her best friends face, he had chosen never to be her friend again. She shouldnt have walked home with him, shouldnt have let him whisper her name as they watched movies, holding her hand. The extremely close touches he gave her. Never again.
  4. Hecate now stood over her, looking down at the girl. She knelt down, and pulled the hair away from the girl's face. Suddenly a loud cry ripped through the night, and had Hecate been human, she would have jumped.

    She gazed down at the sleeping girl, and something happened to her - she hesitated, and felt an odd feeling in her hut - like someone had wrenched it out and twisted it. She had never felt like that before.
  5. Juliet had finished her fit of crying though tears still pulled at her. She shook her head and sighed, her breath so shaky it barely sounded like a breath at all, but a puppy whimpering as a new born. She clutched her hands close to her heart, suddenly feeling the chill of the wind and something else but she dare not open her eyes.

    Grace help her. Grace was her mothers name, she always loved it. Her mother was the fanatic of Sheakspere, always had been. She loved Romeo and Juliet, when Juliet was born her original name was Juliet Marie Grace Hubbard. She loved her name, always had. And even know as she had escaped her abusive father, she felt a sense of security through the chill.
  6. Hecate bit her lip, and then quickly grabbed the girl, putting her over her shoulder and running off with her. She would get far away from there, and then kill her. She could smell the sweet, untainted blood, and her mouth watered, but she managed to retain it.

    She ran over the border into the next country, and found a forest where she stopped.
  7. The motions had made Juliet sick to the stomach, she coughed up blood, maybe she was having internal bleeding. She always did when she was sick. Seeing where she was she screamed and flipped herself off the woman, landing on her feet. A pocket knife her father had given to her glistening in the moonlight. Clearly lethal "Who are you!?" Juliet screamed towards Hecate. The knife had dry blood on it, the wrist that hold it covered in scars, some of which had reopened and trickled the scarlet juice onto the grass, from her father killing himself that she couldnt cope with. The rape she had been put through that refused to leave her dreams. Her mothers memories that haunted her. She was shaking and tears fell down in streams.
  8. Hecate stood back and held up her hands. "You don't want to know my name, or anything about me, except that I am able to kill you if I wished." She placed heavy emphasis on the word "if."
  9. "What do you think I'm stupid? I know you can kill me!" Juliets face changed from anger to serenity "Then do it" She whispered, hoping her parents might finally see her, her father could call her a princess again. And her mom would still be alive, it was her fault for both of their deaths. Her fathers had to do with her mother. If she hadnt been a hastle to him, wanting him to do this and that for her. Yet she never thought about helping him. She dropped to her knees, the knife dropping and tears falling. Sitting in a pile of her own blood, she hadnt meant to reopen the wounds.
  10. Hecate looked at the sobbing girl, and her cold heart wrenched in her chest. She then realised that she couldn't kill this beautiful human girl. She knelt down beside Juliet, and tipped the girl's chin up so her crimson eyes met Juliet's.

    "I am not going to kill you - but I am not going to let you escape me. You will come with me back to my castle in Southern Germany." Her voice was deceptively calm, because inside she was quivering - this was like nothing that had ever happened to her, not in her vampire life or her human one.
  11. "W-what?" Juliet couldnt believe it. Why couldnt the woman just end her life right there, what was there to regret. Germany, she had never been to Germany, heared about the wars in school, the holocaust. Trying to make Germany feel like the bad guys. Juliet didnt want to complain, she had always wanted to leave her uncle. The bastard was abusive and she was suprised the verbal abuse didnt worsen. Not going to let her escape, why was she so important to this vampire, what use would she be. The vampire must plan to kill her at the castle, Juliet couldnt believe her eyes or her ears, her mind running wild, she wanted to see where a vampire lived.
  12. "Germany." Hecate repeated. "You will come to live with me in my castle in Germany. I assume you don't want to stay here." She raised an eyebrow at Juliet.
  13. Juliet had been told never to argue with a vampire, they wernt to be trusted and Juliet knew why, her grandfather devoted his life to killing vampires. He knew how sneaky and decietfull they were. Juliet would stay, because she was ordered, but she wasnt going to loose her grip on reality.
  14. Hecate smirked, and held out her hand to Juliet. "Come - I will run us to my castle." She brushed her long black hair from her face, and smiled.
  15. Juliet nodded and took her hand gingerly, shaking and trying to grasp the concept of force to keep her hand there. She was scared, the coldness she felt outside made her shiver more than was fortold.
  16. As soon as Juliet's hand touched hers, Hecate shot off. As she ran, she pulled Juliet easily but carefully onto her back, and secured the legs around her waist. This simple motion though, shot a bolt of feeling through Hecate and she felt so.... electrified.
  17. Juliet wrapped her arms around Hecate's neck, she held on tightly, and breathed into her hair. She didnt like the feeling of running, it made her dizzy and out of breath. She closed her eyes and wanted it to end. She felt a sudden false sense of security, she didnt like that either, she felt needy.
  18. Hecate was a fast runner -even by vampire standards - so they arrived outside Hecate's large castle on the edge of the Black Forest in Germany. "You ok there?" She asked, gently releasing Juliet.
  19. Juliet hung on even after she was released, until her feet touched the ground then she fell. He legs unable to keep her up, vibrating like an earthquake happened. Juliet held herself, "please dont do that again" she heaved for air and tried to calm herself all at one moment so it wasnt halping. Juliet eyed the castle with marvelous looks, it was the most beautiful.
  20. "Well, this is your new home. Hexe Castle." Hecate smiled - Hexe was the German word for witch. She walked forward up the stairs, and unlocked the door. "Are you coming?"