love is it real?

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  1. [​IMG] Rima
    age: 14
    We are in a world were just about anything is possible.
    my character has been through a lot and so her past makes her not to believe in love can someone make her see love is real?
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    Age: 14

    Rico wasn't one to pay much attention to anything, in fact he had most of the things he did to be absolutely boring. He only really attended school just to get out of the house and for a somewhat free meal.

    But the one thing that did catch his attention was that one girl in particular in his class seemed uninterested in relationships. Now he didn't think it was bad thing, it was just kinda weird since almost every girl had a boyfriend at their school.

    He started to wonder if she didn't think she was pretty enough or had what it took to get a lover, though in his honest opinion she was beautiful!

    He watched her for a moment as he fretted over her name 'What's her name? Runa? Ranea? RIMA!' her name exploded into his memory like coke and pop rocks.

    He stood up and stepped toward her, hesitant he reached out and placed his hand on her desk to play as the cool guy. His imagination ran as he said in a cool tone "You're Rima...I see you in the halls but I can't help but notice you're always alone...come with me after school and we can hang out...."

    That's how he pictured it happening, he pictured her stunned but eyes shining and a soft blush coating her cheeks as she simply lifted her hand to him to be kissed.


    But in reality, the second his hand contacted her desk and he leans forward his hand slides to the left as he unexpectedly placed it over a sheet of paper, with a undignified girly yelp of "Mama help me!" He falls clumsy to the floor in a tangle of himself, he pictured himself as one of his favorite character toon characters laying in overly dramatic pool of blood and stars swirled over his head like a halo.

    Boy did that plan backfire.
  3. Rima was working on her homework to hurry up and get done when suddenly there was a hand on it, then the hand and the person it belongs to go to ground with a very girly "mama help me!".
    Confused Rima looks down to the person and see's a boy, who sort of look familiar but at the same didn't.
    With her cheeks a little color pink and her voice quite but filled with a little concern she asked, "Are you alright?"
    'This is new, usually the other classmates try and avoid me. So why did he come over here.' She sighed at her thoughts and got out of her chair to help the boy up.
  4. Rico thanked her and straightened out his shirt and looked humiliated, his cool guy act failed horribly.

    He bet she thought he was an idiot now "Sorry about that...this didn't go as planned." He admitted before he gave a soft smile.

    "So, how are you?" He asked trying to make light of the situation.
  5. Rima looked confused when he had said 'planned' and tilted her head to the side.
    The boy smiled at her, and asked a question to which she didn't hear, she was too busy in her thoughts.
    'oh come on Rima think of his name! He is in your class, how can I not remember it?? hmm,' Putting her hand on her chin she goes a dark shade of pink from thinking to hard.
    'I know it starts with a 'r' right? hmm, maybe rye? No that doesn't sound right. maybe it's Ray, nope still wrong. Oh! I know it it's....'
    "Rico!" Rima said with happiness that she remember it.
  6. Surprised but her sudden spark and announcement of his name, Rico by habit said "Yes?" as he mentally slapped himself for his dumb response.

    "She wasn't calling you, idiot!" He lectured himself mentally and he puffed out his cheeks "Yeah?"
  7. A bright blush covers her face, her eyes widen a slight bit.
    "Did I say that out?" before anything else, the bell rings loudly.
    Still concerned that he hurt himself she asked:
    "Do you want me to take you to the nurse?"
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