Love Is A Mystery

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    I am sitting my room so bored, lying there doing absoultly nothing.I am staring at my room. My mum is downstairs either watching Tv or writing more of her book Forbidden Love, she writes adult books but gets my opinion at first, she's writes 3 others, Death can't conquer, Magic upon one night and friendly Love. My dad is a fashion editor he designs mens clothes so he pays the bills round here. My brother Adam is off to college though he comes to visit on holidays like Christmas, Easter etc. So its just me here on my own and im still waiting for a special letter, a letter i've been waiting for 3 months, it may not be special to you but its special to me anyway i'm waiting for it. Its 12:00 in the afternoon time for mail. The mail man gave me 4 letters and one package. 2 for mum, 1 for dad and 1 package for him and 1 for me. I left everything for mum and dad on the table and went to my comfortable chair to read my letter. It was from Queens University but there was only 1 page, very suspious . Their were 4 paragrahes. I was excited but disappointed at the same time because it was the university that i wanted to go to and its come after 3 months, i thought it would have probably taken really long. It said i the 1st 3 paragraphes that my GCSE grades were good and my A levels were excellent, also my extra-curricular activities were great like swimming, yoga, gymastics, babysitting etc. But the last paragraph made me scream I GOT IN, i fely like i was going to jump off walls i was that excited. I went to tell my mum because my dad was at work so my mum is the only one at home as well as me.

    "Mum i've got something exciting to tell you," i said.
    "What honey?" she said.
    "I got into Queens University," i said screaming.
    "That is very exciting. I'll tell your father and the we can go celebrate at your favourite restaurant china china," my mum said.
    "Okay mum i was wondering could you and daddy maybe give me some money to go shopping with Tori this weekend to buy new clothes - T-shirts, jeans etc oh and make up for university next year," said me.
    "Okay how does £1000 sound," my mum said.
    "Perfect thank you mum i'm going to call Tori now okay," said i.
    "Okay honey," my mum said.
    I went into my bedroom to get my phone which was on charge.
    Ring Ring
    " Hey girlfriend," said Tori.
    "Hey i've got some exciting news," i said.
    Tori said" What? What?".
    "I got into Queens university," said me.
    "Ahhh that is exciting," Tori said.
    "I was wondering Tori, my parents are giving me £1000 to buy new clothes for university and i was wondering do you want to go shopping this weekend with me?" i said.
    "Yeah i'd love to, this weekend would be great," Tori said.
    "Okay maybe you could meet me at the bus stop down the street okay," i said.
    "Okay see you then bye," Tori said.
    "Bye," said me.
    Conversation ended.
    I just went to sit on my bed to do more sketching, i am sketching a dragon. In the past i've drawed loads of fantacys vampires, witches etc. I got really bored at this point.I decided to go for a run in the park for a hour or two.
    "Mum i'm going for a run," i said.
    "Okay honey be back for 5.00pm okay for dinner we're going to china china okay," my mum said.
    "Okay," said me.
    I went through the door, took out mt ipod and put on my ipod. I started listening to last friday night by Katy Perry. I started running.
    There's stranger in my bed
    There's a party in my head
    DJ passed out in the hours
    I forgot last friday night
    I run up town down hills and ran to the park. I started to get thirsty, I ran to the water fountain but as soon as i walked to the fountain somebody else walked up to it too. A really cute boy.
    "Hi, after you," he said letting me go first.
    "Thank you ," I said siping it .
    Then he did.
    "Thanks um my name is Jasper, you," he said.
    " Im Melody nice to meet you,"i said.
    "Melody thats a nice name," Jasper said.
    " Thanks, I was wondering do you want to exchange email addresses," i said.
    "Okay i would love too mine is Jasper600@hotmail.come,"I said.
    "Okay thanks i'll email you later gotta go bye,"Jasper said with a smile on his face.
    "Bye,"i said.
    I started running home for dinner with my parents. Im glad i've made more than one friend. When i got home, my mum told me to get changed at china china.
    i changed into my silver mini top shorts and sandals. I curled my hair and put make up on. I came downstairs.
    "You look gorgous honey," my dad said.
    "Thanks dad,"i said to him.
    "lets go," my mum said.
    "i just stood there smiling.
    After Dinner
    We went home, I needed to work on my dance routine because im a dancer, something you didnt know about me. I would usually go up or my studio to practise. But today i just felt exausted so i decided to email Jasper on my laptop.

    me: Hi
    Jasper: Hi
    me: How u doing?
    Jasper: Good u?
    me: exausted back from dinner with parents.
    Jasper: good let me guess u love to run
    me: yeah and dance
    Jasper: cool i dance too maybe we could meet up and dance together.
    me: Yeah maybe
    Jasper: What type of dance do u do?
    me:hip hop u
    Jasper: hip hop
    me: class
    Jasper: can i tell u something?
    me: yeah
    Jasper: I know we just met but i feel like i know u, u know
    me: yeah me too
    Jasper:cool so how about we meet up on Saturday to dance?
    me: i cant sorry
    Jasper: Why?
    me: me + my friend Tori are going to buy new clothes for university i got into Queens today
    Jasper: cool me too i got into Queens too so how about Sunday?
    me: Sundays great where should meet?
    Jasper: How about at the park at the fountain?
    me: yeah
    Jasper : im going to sleep now bye
    me : bye see u sunday
    Jasper : u too

    We finished our conversation and i read my book kiss and break up by kate kingsley and then went too sleep.